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The same.

105 pp.

Pradt (Dominique Dufour de). Mémoires his- dica milanese. xvi, 693 pp. 89. Milano, M. toriques sur la révolution d'Espagne. xxiv, Carrara, 1857.

89. Paris, Rosa & Perronneau, Premunire: a ballad, relating the doughty 1816.

deeds of the knight Decanus, or dean; his Prætorius or Schultheiss ? (Johann Augus- horse Capitulum, or chapter: and his squire,

tin). Diascepsis juridica de philallilia con- Canonicus. By D. Bird, esq. [anon.] 12 . nubiali. Von ehelicher gegen-liebe. 94 pp. 9 pl. fol. London, T. McLean, 1848.

sm. 4o. Jenæ, Cassiler Müller, 1579. Prenties (S. W.) Narrative of a shipwreck Prato (Catharina). Die süddeutsche küche on the island of Cape Breton, in a voyage

auf ihrem gegenwärtigen standpuncte, mit from Quebec, 1781. iv, 115 pp. 189. Lonberücksichtigung des thee's für anfingerin. don, 1782. nin sowie für practische köchinnen zusam- Presbyterian church of the U. S. Constitumengestellt. 2° ausg. 89. Gratz, 1861. tion, adopted May 16, 1788; containing the - The same. 4o ausg. 4 p. 1. 664 pp. 80.

confession of faith, the catechisms, the govGratz, A. Zimmermann, 1864.

ernment and discipline, and the directory for Pratt (Rev. Josiah, and Rer. John Henry). worship. 4 p. 1. 215 pp. 16°. Philadelphia,

Memoir of Rev. Josiah Pratt. xv, 501 pp. 1 7. Bradford, 1789. pl. 89. London, Secleys, 1849.

4 p. I. 215 pp. 169. PhilaPratt (Parley P.) A voice of warning; or, in- delphia, T. Bradford, 1792.

troduction to the faith and doctrine of the Larger catechism; as received by the latter-day saints. 3d ed. 180 pp. 18o. New associate reformed church in North America. York, J. W. Harrison, 1842.

180. Salem, Dodd & Rumsey, Pratt (Samuel Jackson). Harvest-home: con- 1812.

sisting of supplementary gleanings, original Present (The) state of the British court; or, dramas and poems, contributions of literary an account of the civil and military establishfriends, etc. 3 v. 1 pl. 89. London, R. Phil. ment of England. To be published annually. lips, 1805.

[anon.] 4 p. 1. 200 pp. 120. London, A. Pratt (Zadock). Biography of Z. Pratt, of Bell, 1720.

Prattsville, N. Y. [with] a portion of his Present (The) state of the British empire in addresses, letters, congressional reports, and Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. [anon.] speeches. xx, 506, xi pp. 89. [n. p. about 3 p.. 486 pp. 5 maps. 1 pl. 89. London, 1853].

W. Griffin, 1768. Pratten (Henry). Systematic catalogue of Present (The) state of the controversy between birds of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

the states of New York and New Hampshire [With OWEN (D. D.) Report of a geological survey on the one part, and the state of Vermont on of Wisconsin, etc. 1852).

the other. [anon.] 16 pp. 16o. Hartford, Prayer (A) book in the language of the six

(Ct.) Hudson f. Goodwin, 1782. nations of Indians, containing the book of Present (The) state of the parties in Great common-prayer of the protestant episcopal

Britain ; particularly an inquiry into the state church; with forms of family and private de- of the dissenters in England and the preshyvotion. By the Rev.. Solomon Davis. 168 terians in Scotland. [anon.] 4 p. I. 352 pr. pp. 12o. New York, Swords, Stanford & 120. London, J. Baker, 1712. Co. 1837.

Present (The) state of the protestants in Prayers and hymns for the church and the

France. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 31 pr. sm. 4o. Lonhome, with selections of psalms. 122, 600 pp. don, John Holford, 1681.

16o. Boston, N. E. univ. pub. house, 1865. Present (The) state of the republick of letters. Prechtl (Johann Joseph). Praktische dioptrik [Edited by Andrew Reid). 1728-1736. 18 v.

als vollständige und gemeinfassliche anleitung 12°. London, W. Innys, 1728–36. zur verfertigung achromatischer fernröhre. Pressencé (Edmond de). The Redeemer : a xii, 296 pp. 4 pl. 89. Trien, J. G. Heubner, sketch of the history of redemption. Trans1828.

lated from the 2d ed. by Rev. J. H. Myers, Précieuses (Les) qualités et propriétés de la D.D. 412 pp. 12o. Boston, American tract

petite poule noire, pour la découverte des 800. [1867]. trésors cachés. [anon.] 108 pp. 1 pl. 18o. Pressler (Max Robert). Der messknecht und Paris, 1843.

sein praktikum. 3° aufl. xiv, 459 pp. 1 tab. Predari (Francesco). Bibliografia enciclope- 120. Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1862.







Preste! (M. A. F.) Das astronomische dia- et recentiorum. [Ed. Franciscus J. Noël]. 6

gramm; ein instrument mittelst dessen der p. I. vi, 188 pp. 16o. Lutetiæ Parisiorum, C. stand und gang einer uhr, das azimuth ter- F. Patris, 1798. restrischer gegenstände, die mittagslinie, die Price (Edmund E.) The science of self-defence. abweichung der magnetnadel, der auf und A treatise on sparring and wrestling, [etc.] untergang der gestirne bestimmt, und andere 130 pp. 16o. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, aufgaben der astronomischen geographie und [1867). nautischen astronomie, ohne rechnung gelöst Price (Capt. Joseph). (Tracts on India politics, werden können. xxi, 404 pp. 89. Braunsch- chiefly in connection with Warren Hastings' wrig, Vieweg, 1859.

government.] v. 1-3. 89. London, 1783. Die periodischen und nicht periodischen Price (Owen). England displayed. fol. Lonveränderungen des barometerstandes, so wie don, 1769. See Russell (P.), and Price. die stürme und das wetter über der hanno- Price (Richard, D. D.) Observations on the verschen nordseeküste, als grundlage der nature of civil liberty, the principles of gove sturm und wetter-prognose. 3 p. 1. 150 pp. ernment, and the justice and policy of the 2 pl. 4o. Emden, Verfasser, 1866.

war with America; [with] State of the naPreston (Margaret J.) Beechenbrook; a tional debt. 5th ed. 4 p. 1. 104 pp. 16o.

rhyme of the war. 5th thousand. 106 pp. Charlestown, (S. C.) D. Bruce, 1776. 12o. Baltimore, Kelly & Piet, 1867.

The same. Anmerkungen über die natur Preston (Rev. Thomas S.) The purgatorian der bürgerlichen freyheit, über die grundsätze

manual; or, selection of prayers and devo- regierung, und über die rechtmaszigkeit und tions, with appropriate reflections, for the use politik des krieges mit Amerika. 108 pp. 89. of the members of the Purgatorian society in Braunschweig, F. Waisenhaus, 1777. the diocese of New York. viii, 453 pp. 1 pl. ( With REMER (Julius August). Amerikanisches ar.

chiv. v. 1.) 189. New York, P. O. Shea, 1866.

Prichard (James Cowles). Researches into the Prétendu (Le) enfant supposé; ou, mémoires

physical history of mankind. 3d ed. 5 v. 80. de la jeunesse du comte de Letaneuf. Par Mr.

London, Sherwood, Gilbert &: Piper, 1836–47. S. D. de Vaubreton. (pseudon.] 5 p. 1. 263 pp. 24o. La Haye, au dépens de la compagnie, 1740.

v. 2. African races. Prevention (The) of panics; or, suggestions

v. 3. Europe. for an economical system of national finance v. 5. Oceanic and American races. in connection with the construction of public Prideaux (Humphrey). The old and new tesworks, without subscriptions, loans, etc. By tament connected, in the history of the Jews a civil engineer. [anon.] 3d ed. revised. 58 and neighboring nations, from the declension

pp. 89. London, A. H. Baily & Co. 1866. of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the Prévost (Florent). Mammiferes.

time of Christ. 2 parts in 1 v. xvi, 259 pp. With LEFEBVRE (C. T.) Voyage en Abyssinie, v. 6). 61; xii, 288 pp. 20 l. fol. Dublin, A. Rhames,

and Lemaire (C. L.) Histoire naturelle 1719. des oiseaux exotiques. Avec 80 planches rep- Prideaux (Matthias). An easy and compenrésentant 200 sujets peintes d'après nature dious introdvction for reading all sorts of hispar Paquet. [Avec appendice: de la chasse et tories. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. 351 pp. 19 1. sm. 4o. de la préparation des oiseaux.] 156 pp. 80 Oxford, L. Lichfield, 1650. col. pl. xii pp. 2 pl. 89. Paris, F. Savy, The same. 3d ed. with synopsis of coun[1864).

cels, by J. Prideaux. 4o. Oxford, 1655. Prévost d'Exiles (Antoine François). The life Priest's (The) turf-cutting day. A historical

and entertaining adventures of Mr. Cleveland, romance. By T. C. M. [anon.] 82 pp. 120. natural son of Oliver Cromwell. [anon.] 2d New York, author, 1841. ed. 3 v. 16o. London, T. Astley, 1741. Priestley (Joseph, LL. D.) Discourses on

Manon Lescaut. [English translation.] various subjects. 385 pp. 8°. Northumber80. Boston, 1845.

land, (Pa.) John Binns, 1805. Preyer (William), and Zirkel (Ferdinand). Experiments and observations on diffe

Reise nach Island im sommer 1860. Mit wis- rent kinds of air, and other branches of natusenschaftlichen anhängen. viii, 499 pp. 1 pl. ral philosophy connected with the subject.

1 map. 89. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1862. s. 3 v. 89. Birmingham, T. Pearson, 1790. S. Priapeia. Erotopægnion, sive priapeia veterum Primaudaye. See La Primaudaye.

CONTENTS. v. 1. Introduction.

v. 4. Asiatic nations.

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Prime (Temple). Monograph of American Prior (Matthew). Miscellaneous works; poems

corbiculadae. (Recent and fossil.) xi, 80 pp. on several occasions ; [with verses sent to 89. Washington, Sm. inst. 1865.

Mr. Prior). Copied for the press by Adrian (Smithsonian miscel. coll. v. 7).

Drift. 2d ed. x, 380, xcv pp. 1 pl. 120. Prince (L. Bradford). Articles of confederation London, A. Drift, 1740.

vs. the constitution. The progress of nation- Priscianus grammaticus. Libri omnes, etc. ality among the people and in the government. Rufini item de metris ionicis, et oratoriis nu125 pp. 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam f- son, meris, etc. 14 p. 1. 231 l. 80. Venitiis, Aldus, 1867.

1527. Prince (Rev. Thomas). A chronological his- Pritchard (Andrew). Natural history of ani

tory of New England in the form of annals. malcules. 196 pp. 7 pl. 89. London, IThittaker 1602–1730. v.1. and v. 2, no. 1-2 in 1 v. 5 p.). & Co. 1834. xi, 20, 104, 254 pp; 64 pp. 1 1. 16o. Boston, Pritzel (Georg August). Iconum botanicorum S. Gerrish of S. Kneeland, 1736-[55].

index locupletissimus. An alphabetical regis[Imperfect; No. 3 of v. 2, and 9 pp. of table of sub- ter of upwards of 86,000 representations of scribers wanting). Some account of those English ministers,

phanerogamic plants and ferns, etc. xxxi, who have presided over the work of gospel, Private letters from an American in England

1183 pp. 80. Berlin, F. Nicolai, 1855. izing the Indians on Martha's Vineyard and

to his friends in America. [anon.] 163 pp. the adjacent islands. [anon.] 34 pp. 8o.

189. London, J, Almon, 1769. London, Samuel Gerrish, 1727.

Privileges (The) and practice of parliaments ( With MAYHEW (Rev. Experience). Indian couverts. London, 1727).

in England. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 44 pp. 1 pl. sm. Prince (Thomas, jr. editor). See Christian 4o. London, Robert Harford, 1680. (The) history. Boston, 1744.

Probus grammaticus. De octo orationis memPrince Edward island. The parliamentary

bris ars minor. reporter; or, debates and proceedings of the With EICHENFELD (J. von). Analecta grammatica. house of assembly, for the year 1861. D. Laird

pp. 227-452.

Vindobonae, 1837). and J. D. Gordon, reporters. 137 pp. 40. Probus or Frommann ? (Antonius). Oratio Charlottetown, G. T. Haszard, 1861.

de monarchia regni Israelis. Principles of English grammar and idiomatic Proceedings of the convention of congrega

[With HELWIG (Christoph.) Elenchi judaici, 1702). sentences, in English and Maráthí. [anon.]

tional ministers of the commonwealth of 2d ed. 12o.

120. Bombay,

Massachusetts, 1792. 18 pp. 4°. Boston, American mission press, 1853.

S. Hall, (1795). Pringle (Sir John, M. D.) Discourse upon Proceedings of the fifth convention of Amer

some late improvements of the means for pre- ican instructors of the deaf and duinb, at serving the health of mariners. 4°. London,

Jacksonville, Ill. 1858. 376 pp. 8o. Alton, 1784.

(I.) Courier printing house, 1859. (With COOK (James). Voyage towards the south pole, etc. v. 2. pp. 365-396).

Proceedings of the fifty-sixth anniversary of Prior (James, R. N.) Narrative of a voyage

the settlement of Hudson, (0.); with tables in the Indian seas, in the Nisus frigate, to the showing the longevity of the pioneer settlers. cape of Good Hope; isles of Bourbon, France, 36 pp. 80. Hudson. E. F. Chittenden of bro. and Seychelles; to Madras; and the isles of 1856. Java, St. Paul, and Amsterdam, 1810–11. Proceedings of the R. W. grand lodge of 112 pp. 2 maps. 1 pl. 8°. London, Phillips, Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, March 6th, [about 1815].

1865, A. L. 5865, in reference to the death · Voyage along the eastern coast of Africa, of George Mifflin Dallas. 37 pp. 1 pl. 8o. to Mosambique, Johanna, and Quiloa ; to St. Philadelphia, King & Baird, 1865.

Commentarius in PlaHelena; to Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Pern- Proclus Diadochus. ambuco in Brazil, in the Nisus frigate. 114,

tonis Timaeum; græce recensebat C. E. Chr. 2 1 pl. 89. London, Phillips

Schneider. vi, 876 pp. 80. Vratislariæ, E. maps. and Co. 1819.

Trewendt, 1847. Prior (Matthew). Poems on several occasions. Proeve over de middelen die tot bescherming

20 p. I. 506 pp. 3 1. portrait. fol. London, van de zeevaart en koophandel en tot verdé. J. Tonson, 1718.

diging van de binnen en buitenlandsche beThe same. Poetical works. 80. Edin- zittingen der republicq in de Oost Indien en burgh, 1793.

op't vaste land van America. [anon.] 256 (Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 71.

pp. 80. Amsterdam, E. van Harrevelt, 1783.

xi, 284 pp.


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Profits of panics: showing how financial storms facture of paper and boards. With additions,

arise; who make money by them; who are by L. S. Le Normand. Translated from the the losers, and other revelations of a city French, with notes, by H. Paine. [Also) a

By the author of “ The bubbles of chapter on the manufacture of paper from finance.” [anon). 108 pp. 160. London, wood, in the United States. By H. T. Brown. S. Low, son, & Marston, 1866.

285 pp. 6 pl. 89. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, Prognostication (A) forever, made by Erra 1866.

Pater, a Jew, born in Jury, with a list of the Protestant episcopal church in the U. S. principal fairs of England and Wales, the Episcopal common praise. [A book ] of month, day, and place where they be kept, psalms, hymns, [etc.] licensed for use in the and the distances from one notable town to protestant episcopal church, by the general another, over all England. [pseudon.] 24o. convention of 1865. Set to music. 600 pp. London, [1653]?

89. New York, A. S. Barnes & Co. 1867. Progress of her majesty queen Victoria and Proud (Robert). The history of Pennsylvania

prince Albert, to Burghley house, Northamp- in North America, from the original institution tonshire, Nov. 1844. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 54 and settlement of that province, [etc.] in pp. 3 pl. 4o. Northampton, Abel & sons, 1681, till after the year 1742; with an intro1844.

duction respecting the life of William Penn, Pröhle (Heinrich). Feldgarben. Beiträge zur [etc.] With an appendix. 2 v. 508 pp. 1 por

kirchengeschichte, literaturgeschichte und trait; 373, 146 pp. 1 map. 89. Philadelphia, culturgeschichte. xix, 476 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Z. Poulson, jr. 1797-98. G. Gräbner, 1859.

Prout (John Skinner). The castles and abbeys Pröll (Gustav). Gastein. Erfahrungen und of Monmouthshire. 20 pp. 29 pl. fol. London,

studien aus wissenschaftlichem standpunkte. 1838. viii, 330 pp. 1 tab. 3 pl. 12°. Wien, W. Proverbs; or, the manual of wisdom. [With] Braumüller, 1862.

the wise sayings, maxims, etc. of the anPrometheus in Atlantis; a prophecy of the cients. [anon.] 2d ed. 2 p. 1. vi, 146 pp. 18o.

extinction of the christian civilization. [anon.] London, Tabart f. Co. 1804. 318 pp. 120. New York, G. W. Carleton & Co. Providence (R. I.) City documents; June, 1867.

1865, to June, 1867. 2 v. 89. Providence Promis (Carlo). Cinque dissertazioni dell'arte

press co. 1855-67. dell'ingegnere e dell'artigliere in Italia, e Directory for 1866-67. 2 v. 270, 82 pp; degli scrittori di essa dal 1285 al 1560. 4o. 424 pp. 89. Providence, (R. I.) Sampson, Torino, 1841.

Davenport & Co. 1866–67. [With MARTINI (Francesco). Trattato di architet. Provoost (William, and others). Report of the tura. v. 2).

committee of the council of New Jersey to Prony (baron Gaspard Clair François Marie Hon. Jno. Hamilton, in regard to the claims

Riche de). Instruction élémentaire sur les of Lewis Morris to the governorship of the moyens de calculer les intervalles musicaux,

province. [2 pp. of New York Gazette, Oct. etc. 107, ii pp. 2 tab. 4°. Paris, F. Didot

18-25, 1736. fol. New York, W. Bradford, frères, 1832. Propertius (Sextus Aurelius). Propertii mo- Prussia. Statistische nachrichten von den

nobiblos; or, that book of the elegies of Pro- preussischen eisenbahnen. Bearbeitet von pertius, entitled Cynthia. Translated into dem technischen eisenbahn-büreau, genannten English verse, with classical notes, by G. F. ministeriums. 4 v. 4o. Berlin, Ernst & Nott? [Latin and English]. xix, 140 pp. 120. Korn, 1855–58. London, H. Payne, 1782.

Prynne (William). An exact chronological Elégies, traduites (en prose) par [P. de] vindication and historical demonstration of Longchamps. [Avec le texte latin en regard. ] the supreme ecclesiastical jurisdiction of our xxiv, 610 pp. 80. Amsterdam, et se trouve à kings, in all matters, spiritual, as well as temParis chez Le Jay, 1772.

poral. v. 3. 48 p. 1. 1307 pp. fol. London, Proposals to amend and perfect the policy of Ratcliff and Daniel, 1668. the government of the United States of

The same. [2d ed.] The history of America. [anon.]

16. [n. p.] king John, king Henry iii, and king Edward 1782.

i. 46 pl. 1307 pp. fol. London, P. Chet. Proteaux (A.) Practical guide for the manu- wind, 1670.


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36 pp.



unp. 60 1.

Prynne (William). The treachery and dis- Ptolemæus (Claudius). The same. The tetra

loyalty of papists to their sovereignes; with biblos; or, quadripartite. From the copy of Leo the sovereigne power of parliaments and Allatius, with notes by J. Wilson. [xxviii], kingdomes. 2d ed. 2 p. l. 603 pp. sm. 4o. 224 pp. 1 pl. 16o. London, W. Hughes, [1828). London, M. Sparke, 1643.

Public (The) spirit: a monthly magazine of Ptolemæus (Claudius). Cosmographia. [Lat- choice literature. April to Sept. 1867. 8°.

ine reddita a Jac. Angelo]. 144 l. unp. fol. Troy, (N. Y.) Le Grand Benedict, 1867. Vicencive, ab Hermano Leuilapide, 1475. Publications relative to the difference of opinThe same.

Geographia. Cum schem- ion between the governor and the council (of atibus correctio a Marco Beneuentano et trac- Maryland) on their respective powers. iv, tato de tribus orbis partibus a Ioanne Cotta. 138 pp. 120. Annapolis, Frederick Green, 141 l. unp. 34 maps. fol. Rome, Evangelista

1803. Tosinus, 1508.

Publisher's (The) circular and general record The same.

Geographie opus [cura of British and foreign literature. Jan. to Philesii, i. e. Matthiae Ringmann] castiga- Dec. 1867. v. 30. 89. London, S. Low, 1867. tissime pressum. [Accedit J. Cottae de tribus Pückler-Muskau (Hermann Ludwig Heinrich orbis partibus tractatus). 2 p. 1.

von). Tour in Germany, Holland, and Eng1416 1. unp. 46 maps. fol. Argentina, Io. land, 1826–27. By a German prince. [AbSchott, 1513.

ridged translation. anon.] 2 v. xvi, 384 pp; The same. Geographiae libri viii. Quo- x, 389 pp. 1 pl. 12o. London, E. Wilson, rum primus noua translatione Pirckheimheri 1832. et accessione commentarioli illustrior redditus The same. Mémoires et voyages. Letest. Succedunt tabulæ ptolemaicæ, et com

tres posthumes sur l'Angleterre, l'Irlande, la pendium geographicae descriptionis opera S. France, la IIollande, l'Allemagne, et l'Italie, Munsteri. 27 p. 1. 195 pp. 54 maps. fol.

traduites de l'édition allemande par J. Cohen. Basilee, H. Petrus, 1545.

6 v. in 3. 189. Bruxelles, J. P. Meline, The same. Geographiæ, libri viii, par

1833-34. tim a B. Pirckheymero translati ac commen- Pugh (Mrs. Eliza Lofton). Not a hero. A tario illustrati. 106 p. 1. 155 pp. 54 maps.

novel. 131 pp. 80. New York, Blelock of fol. Basilec, H. Petrus, 1552.

Co. 1867.
The same.

Cum amplissimis ejusdem Pugin (Augustus). Paris and its environs, discommentariis. Redacta a los. Moletio. 4 p. 1. played in a series of two hundred picturesque 112, 286 pp. 32 1. 64 maps. sm. 4o. Venetiis, views, with topographical and bistorical deV. Valgrisius, 1562.

scriptions. 2 v. in 1. 100 pp. 100 pl ; 102 pp. The same. Vna cum tabularum expo- 102 pl. 4o. London, Jennings & Chapin, sitionibus, quibus singulæ orbis partes, etc. 1833. describuntur. Auctore Jo. Ant. Magino. 2 Pugliatti (Carmelo). Cenno critico sulle opere v. in 1. 4 p. l. 47, 184 pp. 19 1; 292, 28 l. medico-chirurgiche di Placido Portal. 63 maps. sm. fol. Arnhemii, Jo. Janson, 1597. (With PORTAL (P.) Memorie medico-chirurgiche, v.21.

The same. Geografia, nuouamente tra- Pulsifer (David). Guide to Boston and vicinity. dotta di Greco in Italiano, da G. Rvscelli. viii, 293 pp. 1 pl. 2 maps, 1 fac sim. 16o. 4 p. 1. 358 pp. 241. 63 maps. sm. 4o. Venetia, Boston, A. Williams & Co. 1867. V. Valgrisi, 1561.

Pulszky (Terezia Walder), and Pulszky The same. Ricorretta da G. Malombra. (Ferencz Aurelius). Memoirs of a Hungarian 39 p. 1. 350 pp. 64 maps. sm. 4o. Venetia, lady. With a historical introduction. 375 pp. G. Zilletti, 1574.

12°. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1850. The same.

Ricontrati et corretti da Pulte (J. H. M. D.) Homeopathic domestic G. A. Magini. Tradotta L. Cernotti, 2 v. in physician; containing the treatment of diseases; 1. 2p. I. 83 pp. 151. 2121. 301. 64 maps. fol. with popular explanations of anatomy, physiVenetia, G. Battista & G. G. Fratelli, 1597–98. ology, hygiene, and hydropathy; also, an

The quadripartite; or, four books con- abridged materia medica. 12o. Cincinnati, cerning the influences of the stars. Rendered H. W. Derby & Co. 1850. into English, with notes, by John Whalley.

The same.

2d ed. 120. Cincinnati, [With Ms. notes by J. Turton?] 2d ed. v. H. W. Derby & Co. 1851. 219 pp. 107 blank 1. 189. London, M. Sibly,

The same.

120. Cincinnati, H. W. 1786.

Derby & Co. 1852.

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