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Rigaud (Stephen Peter, editor). Correspond- be put. 107 pp. 14 pl. 120. Vew York,

ence of scientific men of the 17th century, in- Dick & Fitzgerald, 1867. cluding letters of Barrow, Flamsteed, Wallis, Riley (H. H.) Puddleford papers; or, humors and Newton; from the collection of the earl of the west. 359 pp. 120. New York, Redfield, of Macclesfield. 2 v. xv, 375 pp; 610 pp. 1857. 89. Oxford, Unirersity press, 1841.

Riley (James). An authentic narrative of the Rigby (Edward, M.D.) An essay on the uterine loss of the American brig Commerce, wrecked

hæmorrhage which precedes the delivery of on the western coast of Africa, in 1815, with the full-grown fætus. With a memoir of his the sufferings of her surviving officers and life, by John Cross. 6th ed. lxi, 267 pp. 80. crew, enslaved by the Arabs. xiv, 554, xxi Norwich, Hunter, 1822.

pp. 1 map, 9 pl. 89. New York, T. & W. Right (The) of a state to grant exclusive pri- Mercein, 1817.

vileges in roads, bridges, navigable waters, Rimestad (C. W.) Zwei weltbegebenheiten. etc. vindicated by examination of the grant [China; die eroberung Pekings. Nordamerfrom the state of New York to Robert Living- ika; der zerfall der union). Deutsch von H. ston and Robert Fulton for exclusive naviga- Helms. 280 pp. 160. Leipzig, L. Wiedetion of vessels by steam or fire, on the waters mann, (1862). of said state. [anon.] 44 pp. 80. New York, Ringland (Johın), und Gelston (John). ReE. Conrad, 1811.

port of a deputation from the national assoRight (The) of tithes re-asserted. [anon.] 24 ciation for the education of the deaf and dumb

p. I. 486 pp. 160. London, H. Brome & R. poor of Ireland, who visited several instituClavel, 1680.

tions for the deaf and dumb in Great Britain. Right (The) way. [A weekly political news- 80 pp. 1 tab. 16o. Dublin, association, 1856.

paper]. Nos. 1–62. Dec. 18, 1865, to March 2, 1867. 2 v. in 1. fol. Boston, Impartial Rio (C. Andres del). Elementos de orictognosuffrage league, 1365-67.

sia, ó del conocimiento de los fosiles, segun el (No more published).

sistema de Bercelio, y segun los principios de Rights and wrongs of the north and the south:

A. G. Werner. 24 ed. vii, 680 pp. 89. Filaoil on the waters. [anon.] 436 pp. 12o. delfia, J. F. Hurtel, 1832. Boston, J. E., Tilton f. Co. 1867.

Rios (José Amador de los). Se Los Rios. Rigoley de Juvigny (Jean Antoine). De la Ripa (Cesare). Iconologia, overo descrittione

décadence des lettres et des meurs, depuis d'imagini delle virtv', vitij, affetti, passioni les Grecs et les Romains jusqu'à nos jours. humane, corpi celesti, mondo e sue parti. 16. 2e éd. vii, 552 pp. 16°. Paris, Merigot, 1787. p. 1. 552 pp.


Padova, P. P. Tozzi, Rig-Veda-Sanhitá: the sacred hymns of the 1611.

Brahmans, together with the commentary of The same. Iconologie. Tirée des reSayanacharya. [Sanskrit text]. Edited by cherches et des figures moralisées, par J. Max Müller. v. 1-4. 49. London, W. H. Bavdoin. 2 pts. in 1 v. 12 pl. 204 pp; 196 Allen & Co. 1849-62.

pp. fol. Paris, M. Grillemot, 1644. The same. A collection of ancient Hindu Risso (G. Antonio). Histoire naturelle des prinhymns, constituting the third and fourth Ash- cipales productions de l'Europe méridionale, takas, or books of the Rig Veda. Translated et particulièrement de celles des environs de from the Sanskrit. By H. H. Wilson. (v. 3.] Nice et des Alpes maritimes. 4v. 89. Paris, xxiii, 524 pp. 89. London, W. H. Allen of: F. G. Lerrault, 1826. Co. 1857.

Ritchie (Anna Cora Mowatt). The clergyThe same.

The Aitareya Brahmanam man's wife, and other sketches. A collection of the Rigveda, containing thy earliest spec- of pen portraits and paintings. 384 pp. 120. ulations of the Brahmans on the neaning of New York, G. W. Carleton f. Co. 1867. the sacrificial prayers, and on the origin, per- Ritchie (J. Ewing). Here and there in Lonformance, and sense of the rites of the Vedic don. 228 pp. 16o. London, W. Tweedie, religion. Edited by Martin Haug. With 1859. Sanscrit text. 2 v. ix, 89, 216, vi pp; vii, Ritson (Joseplı). Ancient songs, from the time 535 pp. 12o. Bombay, gor, central book depót, of Henry the third, to the revolution. [With 1863.

a preliminary dissertation. anon.] 1 p. I. Riley (Harvey). The mule. A treatise on the lxxx, 332 pp. 120. London, J. Johnson,

breeding, training, and uses, to which he may 1790.

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Ritson (Joseph). Robin Hood: a collection of composés par des femmes. 6 v. 89. Paris,

all the ancient poems, songs, and ballads rela- l'auteur, ct La Grange, 1786–89. tive to that outlaw; with anecdotes of his life. Robert (Nicolas). Histoire particulière des xii, xxiv, 240 pp. 16o. London, Longmans, oiseaux de la ménagerie du roi peints d'après etc. 1820.

nature, etc. Ritter (Abraham). Philadelphia and her mer- (With JONSTON (J.) Histoire naturelle des oiseaux..

v. 1. 1773–74). chants, as constituted fifty and seventy years Robert (T.) Life of Rev. George Whitefield. ago. 223 pp. 20 pl. 89. Philadelphia, author,

259 pp. 16o. London, [n. d.] 1860.

Robert-Dumesnil (Alexandre Pierre François). Ritter (Carl). Comparative geography of

Le peintre-graveur français; ou, catalogue Palestine and the Sinaitic peninsula. Trans

raisonné des estampes de l'école française, lated and adapted to the use of biblical stu

[etc.] ouvrage faisant suite au Peintre-graveur dents by W. L. Gage. 4 v. 89. New York,

de M. Bartsc. 7 v. 8°. Paris, G. Warée, Appletons, [printed at Edinburgh), 1866.

etc. 1835–44. Géographie générale comparée ; ou, Roberts (David). Historical discourse on the étude de la terre dans ses rapports avec la na

life, deeds, and character of Mathew Cradock. ture et avec l'histoire de l'homme. [Afrique)..

16 pp. 80. Salem, W. Ives, 1856. Tr. de l'Allemand par E. Buret et Edouard Roberts (Emma). Descriptions. See Views Desor. 3 v. 80. Paris, Paulin, 1836.

in India, China, etc. London, 1835. (No more published).

Roberts (Lewis). The merchants' mappe of Die Stupa's (Topes); oder, die architec

commerce: wherein the vniversall manner tonischen denkmale an der indo-baktrischen königstrasse, und die colosse von Bamiyan.

and matter of trade is compendiously handled. viii, 272 pp. atlas. 1 map. 8 pl. 89. Berlin,

7 p. 1. 235 pp. 10 l. 262, 192 pp. maps.

fol. London, R. Mabb, 1638. Nicolai, 1838. Rivarol (Antoine, comte de). Esprit de Riva

Robertson (Rev. Abram). Elements of plane rol. [Précédé d'une notice par F. J. M.

and spherical trigonometry.

(With EUCLID. Elements, etc. by Robert Simson. Fayolle.] xli, 258 pp. 16°. Paris, Perron

London, 1834).

Robertson (T. pseudon.) Whole French lanRiver (The) Plate as a field for emigration:

guage. See Lafforgue (P. C. T.) its geography, agricultural capabilities, etc. Robertson (William). An historical disquisi[anon.] 35 pp. 89. London, Bates, Hendy &

tion concerning the knowledge which the anCo. 1866.

cients had of India; and the progress of trade Riverside (The) magazine for young people.

with that country prior to the discovery of An illustrated monthly. Jan. to Dec. 1867.

the cape of Good Hope, with appendix. 4th v. 1. iv, 576 pp. 89. New York, Hurd &

ed. viii, 369 pp. 189. London, T. Cadell, jr. Houghton, 1867.

1802. Robbins (Thomas, D.D.) An historical view

The history of America; [with] the hisof the first planters of New England. x, 300

tory of Virginia to 1688; and of New Engpp. 16o. Hartford, Peter S. Gleason,

land to 1652. 2d ed. 2 v. 306 p

pp; 293 pp. 1815.

89. Philadelphia, S. Probasco, 1821. A series of sermons on the divinity of Robin (Charles Philippe). Des végétaux qui Christ. 172 pp. 180. Hartford, Silas An- croissent sur l'homme et sur les animaux drus, 1820.

vivants. viii, 120 pp. 3 pl. 80. Paris, J. B. Robert (A. C. M.) Fables inédits. See La

Baillière, 1847. Fontaine (Jean).

Robin (—). New travels through North Robert (Louis Joseph Marie). Nouvel essai

America, exhibiting the history of the camsur la mégalantropogénésie, ou l'art de faire

paign of the allied armies under general des enfans d'esprit, qui deviennent des grands Washington and the count de Rochambeau, hommes ; suivi des traits physiognomiques in 1781. 95 pp. 120. Boston, F. Battle, propres à les faire reconnoitre, décrits par

1784. Aristote, Porta, et Lavater, avec notes. 2e éd. Robins (Benjamin). Mathematical tracts. Pub2 v. xxxvi, 47, 395 pp ; 463 pp. 80. Paris, lished by James Wilson. 2 v. xlvi, 341 pp. Le Normant, 1803.

2 pl; 380 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, J. Nourse, Robert (Louise Félicité Guinement de Kéralio). 1761.

Collection des meilleurs ouvrages françois, (Tracts on ordnance, gunnery, ammunition, etc.)

пеаи, 1808. .

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Robinson (Edward, D.D.) Biblical researches Robyn (Henry). Thorough description of the

in Palestine, Mount Sinai, and Arabia Petræa. Braille system for the reading and writing of

3 v. 80. Boston, Crocker f Brewster, 1841. music; also, all characters of the English, Robinson (Fayette). California and its gold French, and German language, cyphering,

regions, with a geographical and topographi- and algebra. 48, 8 pp. 8 pl. 120. St. Louis,
cal view of the country, its mineral and agri- A. Wiebusch & son, 1867.
cultural resources. 137 pp. 1 map. 80. Rocha (Pio Bustamente). Compendio elemental

New York, Stringer & Townsend, 1849. de zoologia. 248 pp. 131. 13 pl. 16o. Mexiro,
Robinson (Horatio N.) Elements of geometry, Munguia, 1854.

plane and spherical trigonometry, and conic Roche (Jean Antoine, called Antonin), and sections. 270, 65 pp. 12o. Cincinnati, J. Chasles (Philarète). Histoire de France, Ernst, 1850.

depuis les temps les plus reculés. 2 v. vii, Elements of natural philosophy. 287 604 pp; 447 pp. 89. Paris, Didot, 1847. pp. 12°. Cincinnati, J. Ernst, 1848. Roche Flavin (Bernard de La). See La Roche

Elements of plane and spherical trigo- Flavin. nometry, with problems (and tables of loga- Rochefort (César de). Histoire naturelle et rithms). pp. 243–383; 70 pp. New York, morale des îles Antilles de l'Amérique. Avec Irison & Co. [1867].

vn vocabulaire caraibe. 8 p. I. 527 pp. 61. The progressive primary arithmetic. 80 1 pl. 4o. Rotterdam, Arnould Leers, 1658. pp. 16o. Boston, Sanborn & Carter, 1858. 8.

(NOTE.—This work, though commonly attributed to A treatise on astronomy, descriptive,

Rochefort, or to L. de Poincy, was probably writ.

ten by neither). physical, and practical. ix, 302, 53 pp. 80. Cincinnati, J. Ernst, ete. 1849.

Rochester (earl of). See Wilmot (John).

Rochet, known as Rochet d'Héricourt, (Charles A new treatise on the elements of differential and integral calculus. Edited by J. F.

Xavier). Second voyage sur les deux rives de

la Mer Rouge, dans le pays des Adels, et le Quimby. 472 pp. 80. New York, Irison,

royaume de Choa. xlviii, 406 pp. 12 pl. 80. Co. 1868.

Paris, A. Bertrand, 1846. Robinson (J. H.) The Boston conspiracy;

or, the royal police. A tale of 1773-75. 110 Rockwell (Rer. Charles). The Catskill mounpp. 12o. Boston, Dow & Jackson, and Glea

tains and the region around. Their scenery,

legends, and history: with sketches by Cooper 1847. son, Robinson (Mrs. Sara T. L.) Kansas; its in

and others. xii, 351 pp. 6 pl. 12o. New York, terior and exterior life. ix, 366 pp. 2 pl.

Taintor, bros. & Co. 1867. 12o. Boston, Crosby, Vichols & Co. 1-56.

Roda (Thomas). Catalogue of books of voyages Robinson (Solon). Facts for farmers, also for

and travels in various parts of the world, inthe family circle, about domestic animals and

cluding an extensive series relating to Amerdomestic economy, farm buildings, orchards,

ica. 95 pp. 89. London, Compton P: Ritchie. and vineyards, etc. 2 v. in 1. 1050 pp. 22 pl.

1843. 80. New York, A. J. Johnson, 1867.

Rodwell (James). The rat: its history and
The same.

Thatsachen für landwirthe destructive character; (with hints on the
sowie für den familienkreis. Deutsch bear- management of poultry). New ed. xii, 299
beitet von H. Grube. 2 v. in 1. 996 pp. 22 pl. pp. 16o. London, Routledge & Co. 1858.
89. New York, A. J. Johnson, 1863.

Roe (Rer. A. D. and Mrs. Marion H.) The
Robinson (Rev. Stuart). Discourses of redemp- months and seasons : a cantata, in four parts.

tion; a popular method of exhibiting the ( With PALMER (H. R.) The song queen. pp. 71-96).
divers” revelations through patriarchs, Roemer. See Römer.
prophets, Jesus, and his apostles. 483 pp. 89. Roeper. See Röper.
New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1866.

Rogeard (A.) Pauvre France! [poème, avec
Robison (John). Anleitung zur verfertigung une préface). xxvii, 104 pp. 160. Bruxelles,

achromatischer fernröhre: aus dem Englis- J. H. Briard, 1865.
chen von Dr. Friedrich Körner. viii, 221 pp. Roger de Hoveden. Annales. In Savile (Sir
5 pl. 12o. Jena, A. Schmid, 1828.

Henry). Rervm anglicarvm scriptores, etc.
Roby (John). Seven weeks in Belgium, Swit- 1601.

zerland, Lombardy, Piedmont and Savoy. Roger (Charles, of Quebec). The rise of Canada 2 v. xi, 420 pp; viii, 424 pp. 120. London, from barbarism to wealth and civilization. v. 1. Longman, Orme & Co. 1838.

viii, 412 pp. 89. Quebec, P. Sinclair, 1856.




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Rogers (Rev. Ammi). Memoirs. By himself. 3d a complete code of signals. Translated from

ed. 268 pp. 16o. Middlebury, (Pt.] J. W. the Danish by H. B. Dahlerup. 2d ed. Copeland, 1830.

xxviii, 174 pp. 89. London, A. W. Webster, Rogers (George). Explanation of the painting 1835.

by James Burns, of Washington crowned by Rohrer (Louis). Definitions and explanations three angels, emblematic of equality, fratern- of the science of book keeping; with commerity, and liberty, etc. 16 pp. 89. New York, cial correspondence. Counting-house ed. 324 author, 1850.

pp. 89. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. Rogers (Henry Darwin). First annual report 1867.

of the state geologist (of Pennsylvania). 32. Roijaards. See Royaards (Herman Jan). pp. 89. Harrisburg, E. Guyer, 1836.

Rolevinck de Laer (Werner). Fasciculus Second annual report of the geological temporum omnes antiquorum cronicas com exploration of the state. 92 pp. 1


plectens. (anon.] 9 p. 1. 64 1. 4o. Spirae, P. Harrisburg, Packer, Barrett & Parker, 1838. Drach, 1477. (With the preceding).

Rolfe (William J.) and Gillet (Joseph A.) Third annual report on the geological

The Cambridge course of elementary physics. survey of the state. 118 pp. 89. Harrisburg,

Part 1. Cohesion, adhesion, chemical affinity,

and electricity. viii, 324 pp. 12o. Boston, Boas do Coplan, 1839.

Crosby & Ainsworth, 1868. ( With the preceding).

Roll of honor. Names of soldiers who died in Fourth annual report on the geological survey of the state. 215 pp. 80. Harrisburg,

defence of the American union, interred in

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, W. D. Boas, 1840.

New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ore[With the preceding). Fifth annual report on the geological

gon, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, survey of the commonwealth. 156 pp. 1 pl.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, the 89. Harrisburg, Elliott & M'Curdy, 1841. S.

military division of the Mississippi, and the

territory of Dakota. 244 pp. 89. Washington, (With the preceding).

govt. printing office, 1866. Rogers (Samuel). Jacqueline: a tale. [anon.] 95, 128 pp. 18o. London, J. Murray, 1814.

The same. Names of soldiers, victims of ( With BYRON. Lara. Ed. 1814).

the rebellion, buried in national cemeteries in Rogers (William B.) Report of the geological

Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, Pennsylvania, reconnoissance of the state of Virginia, made

Rhode Island, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, under the appointment of the board of public

Louisiana and Colorado. 138 pp. 89. Washworks. 52 pp. 1 pl. 4o. [Richmond, public ington, govt. printing office, 1866. printer, 1836).

The same.

Names of soldiers who died Report of the progress of the geological in defence of the American union, interred in survey of Virginia for the years 1839–[40]. 2 Arkansas, California, Indiana, Michigan, Minv. in 1. 161 pp. 1 pl; 132 pp. 8o. Richmond, nesota, and Nerada, and the territories of S. Shepherd, 1840–41.

s. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Rogers (W. R. M. D.) An examination of the Mexico, 126 pp. 89. Washington, govt. print

evidence relative to cow-pox, with letter from ing offiee, 1866. John Birch. pp. 105–133.

The same. Interred in Wisconsin, New (With BIRCI (John). Vaccination. Cow.pox tracts. v. 3.)

York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, MisRoggeween (Jakob). Dagverhaal der ontdek

souri, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas and kings-reis met de schepen den Arend, Thien

Dakota territory. 212 pp. 89. Washington, hoven, en de afrikaansche galei, 1721-22. 205, govt. printing office, 1866.

1 map. 2 pl. 89. Middelburg, Abra- The same. Interred at Fortress Monroe hams, 1838.

and Hampton, Va. 56 pp. 89. Washington, Rohde (Levin-Joergen). Système complet de govt. printing office, 1866.

signaux de jour et de nuit, à l'usage des nav- The same. Interred in eastern district of igateurs de toutes les nations. Traduction Texas; central district of Texas; Rio Grande française de MM. C. Vilsoët et Meldola. district, department of Texas; camp Ford, xxviii, 245 pp. 8o. Paris, Eberhart, 1835. S. Tyler, Texas, and Corpus Christi, Texas, 35

The same. The universal sea language: pp. 8°. Washington, govt. printing office, 1866.


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row, 1857.

Roll of honor. Names of soldiers who died oolithen-gebirges. 218 pp. 16 pl. 4o. Han

in defence of the American union. (No. xi). nover, Hahn, 1835-36. Interred in the national cemeteries at Chatta- Ronaldson (James). Specimen of printing nooga, Stone river, and Knoxville, Tenn. type. 54 l. 89. Philadelphia, 1822. 442 pp. 89. Washington, gort. printing office, The same. 56 l. 89. Philadelphia, 1822. 1866.

[With BRUCE (D. & G.) Specimen of printing types.

1820). The same. (No. xiii). Interred in New York, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Mis- Ronge (Johannes). Reformation of the 19th cen

tury. Part i. Historical development, 1844–52. souri, and the territories of Colorado and Utah, 135 pp. 80. Washington, govt. printing ofice,

x, 93 pp. 16o. London, Deutsch f. Co. 1852.

The same. 1867.

Part ii. Religion of humaniRolle (Richard, of Humpole). English prose

ty: principles. vii, 93 pp. 16o. Manchester,

Oswald f. Covacs, 1852. [religious] treatises. Edited from Robert Thornton's Ms. (Cir. 1440 A. D.) by George

Rönne (Ludwig von). Das unterrichts-wesen G. Perry. xxxiii, 49 pp. 89. London,

des preussischen staates, etc. 2 v. xxviii,

967 pp; xx, 663 pp. 80. Berlin, Veit & Co. Trübner & Co. 1866.

1854-55. (Early English text society publications, No. 201. Rollin (Charles). The ancient history of the

(Die Verfassung und verwaltung des preussischen

staates. Ser theil. 2e band.) Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, and Persians, Grecians and v. 1. Allgemeiner theil. Privat-unterricht-volksschul. Macedonians. [With] life of the author by

v. 2. Ilöhere schulen, universitäten, sonstige kultur. Rev. R. Lynam. Translated from the French.

8v. 16o. Hartford, Andrus & Judd, 1833. Ronzelen (J. J. van). Beschreibung des baues Rolt (Richard). Memoirs of the life of John des Bremer leuchtthurmes an der stelle der

Lindesay, earl of Crauford. [anon.] 336 Bremerbaake in der Wesermündung. 52 pp.

pp. 16o. London, T. Becket & Co. 1769. 2 pl. 1 map. 4o. Bremerhaven, L. 2. VangeRoman des sept sages de Rome. Paris, 1838. (See LOISELEUR DESLONGCHAMPS (A. L. A.) Essai Roorbach (Orville A.) Supplement to the sur les fables, otc.)

Bibliotheca americana : a list of books pubRomani (Giovanni). Dizionario generale de' lished in 1849. vii, 124 pp. 89. New York,

sinonimi italiani. 3 v. 80. Milano, G. Sil- G. P. Putnam, 1850. vestri, 1825–26.

Root (Harmon Knox). The lover's marriage Romans (Capt. Bernard). Annals of the light-house: a series of sensible and scientific

troubles in the Netherlands, from the acces- essays on marriage and free divorce, etc. 511 sion of Charles V, emperor of Germany. pp. 89. New York, author, 1858. 2 v. in 1. 3 p. l. cxx, 160; 243 pp. 120. Röper (Johannes August Christian ). EnuHartford, Watson of Goodwin, 1778–82. meratio euphorbiarum quæ in Germania et

A concise natural history of east and Pannonia gignuntur. viii, 68 pp. 3 pl. 4o. west Florida. vol. i. viii, 342, lxxxix pp. Göttinge, C. E. Rosenbusch, 1824. 2 1. 1 map. 7 pl. 16o. New York, 1775.

Zur flora Mecklenburgs. 2 v. 160 pp ; (No more published).

296 pp. 80. Rostock, Adler's erben, 1843–44. Römer (Ferdinand). Die kreidebildungen von Roscher (Albrecht). Ptolemæus und die han

Texas und ihre organischen einschlüsse. Mit delsstrassen in Central-Afrika. viii, 114 pp. einem die beschriebung von versteinerungen

2 maps. 80. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1857. nus paläozoischen und tertiären schichten en- Roscommon (earl of ). Sce Dillon (Wentthaltenden anhange. viii, 100 pp. 11 pl. worth). 4o. Bonn, A. Marcus, 1852.

Rose (Gustav). Elemente der krystallograTexas. . Mit besonderer rücksicht auf

phie, nebst einer tabellarischen uebersicht der deutsche auswanderung und die physischen mineralien nach den krystallformen. vi, 173 verhältnisse des landes nach eigener beobacht- pp. 10 pl. 89. Berlin, E. S. Mittler, 1833, s.

ung geschildert. 80. Bonn, A. Marcus, 1849. Rose (Heinrich). Ausführliches handbuch der Römer (Friedrich Adolph). Synopsis der

analytischen chemie. 2 v. xiv, 968 pp; vi, mineralogie und geognosie. xiv, 464 pp.

1,070 pp. 8°. Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1851. 8. 4 pl. 8°. Hannover, Hahn, 1853. [With LEUNIS (J.) Synopsis der drei naturreiche.

v. 1. Qualitativen chemisch-analytischen untersuch. 3e theil).

Die versteinerungen des nord deutschen v. 2. Quantitativen chemisch-analytischen untersuch.


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