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Shakespeare (William). Poetical works. 68 pp. 8o. Springfield, (IU.) Johnson & Brad

With illustrative remarks, (and) a sketch of ford, 1865. the author's life [ by W.C. Oulton]. 2 v. xlvi, Sharland (Joseph B.) The grammar school 183 pp; 247 pp. 5 pl. 189. London, C. Chap- chorus. See Hullah (John), and Sharland ple, 1804.

(J. B.) Oeuvres complètes. François Victor Sharp (Granville). An account of the ancient Hugo traducteur. 18 v. 80. Paris, Pagnerre,

division of the English nation into hundreds 1859-66.

and tithings. 370 pp. 89. London, Galabin CONTENTS.

& Baker, 1784.

The case of Saul, showing that his disv. 1. Les deux Hamlet; (essai). Le premier Hamlet.

order was a real spiritual possession. [With] Le second Hamlet.

a short tract wherein the influence of demons v. 2. Les féeries; (essai). Le songe d'une nuit d'été.

[is] illustrated by remarks on 1 Timothy iv, La tempête. v.3. Les tyrans; (essai).

1-3. [2d ed.) iv, 187, xv pp. 16o. London, Macbeth.

Vernor & Hood, and others, [1807).
Le roi Jean.
Richard iii.

- A declaration of the people's natural right v. 4. Les jaloux; (essai).

to a share in the legislature. 2d ed. xl, 279 Troylus et Cressida. Beaucoup de bruit pour rien.

pp. 120. London, B. White, 1775. Le conte d'hiver. v. 5. Les jaloux ; (essai).

Dissertation on the supreme divine digCymbeline.

nity of the Messiah. 64 pp. 16o. London, R. Othello. v. 6. Les comédies de l'amour; (essai).

Edwards, 1807.
La sauvage apprivoisée.

( With SHARP (G.) The case of Saul. 1807).
Tout est bien qui finit bien.
Peines d'amour perdues.

Inquiry, whether the destruction of Babyv. 7. Les amants tragiques; (essai).

lon, in the 18th chapter of Revelations, agrees Antoine et Cléopatre. Roméo et Juliette.

perfectly with Rome as a city. With appendix v. 8. Les amis; (essail.

of notes. xxxiii, 69, 114 ; xxv pp. 16o. LonLes deux gentilshommes de Vérone. Le marchand de Venise.

don, W. Calvert, 1805. Comme il vous plaira.

(With his REMARKS on the uses of the definitive artiv.9. La famille ; (essai).

cle. 3d ed. London, 1803).
Le roi Lear.

Remarks on the opinions of some of the v. 10. La société ; (essai).

most celebrated writers on crown law [on] Mesure pour mesure. Timon d'Athènes.

the distinction between manslaughter and Jules César. v. 11. La patrie; (essai).

murder. xviii, 76 pp. 120. London, B. White Richard ii.

& R. Horsfield, 1773. Henry iv, (le partie).

Remarks on several very important Henry iv, (2e partie). v. 12. La patrie; (essai).

prophecies. In five parts. 2d ed. 271 pp. Henry v. Henry vi, (le partie).

120. London, B. White, 1775. v.13. La patrie; (essai].

Remarks on the uses of the definitive
Henry vi, (2e partie).
Henry vi, (3e partie).

article in the Greek text of the new testament; Henry viii. v. 14. Les farces; (essai).

containing many new proofs of the divinity Les joyeuses épouses de Windsor.

of Christ. 3d ed. xxxviii, 148 pp. 16o. LonLa comédie des erreurs. Le soir des rois; ou, ce que vous voudrez.

don, Vernor & Hood, etc. 1803. v. 15. Préface de la nouvelle traduction, (par Victor

The same. 1st Am. from 3d London ed. Hugo). Sonnets; poëmes; testament. v. 16. Les apocryphes; (essai).

xxxvi, 150 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, E. B. HopTitus Andronicus.

kins & Co. 1807.
Une tragédie dans l'Yorkshire.
Les deux nobles parents.

Remarks on the two last petitions in the v. 17. Les apocryphes; (essai). Périclès.

Lord's prayer. 25 pp. 160. London, Richard Édouard iii.

Edwards, 1807. Arden de Feversham. v. 18. Les apocryphes; (essai).

(With SHARP (G.) The case of Saul. London, 1807). La tragédie de Locrine.

Serious reflections on the slave trade and
La vie et la mort de Thomas Lord Cromwell.
Le prodigue de Londres.

slavery. 46 pp. 16o. London, W. Calvert, La puritaine ; ou, la veuve de Watling Street. 1805.

[With SHARP (G.) The case of Saul. 1807). Sham (The) patriot unmasked. [anon.] 143

System of colonial law compared with pp. 24°. Hudson, Sampson, Chittenden f. Cros

the eternal laws of God, and with the princiwell, 1802.

ples of the English constitution. 20 pp. 16o. Sharland (George). Knapsack notes of Sher

London, Richard Edwards, 1807. man's campaign through the state of Georgia. ( With SHARP (G.) The case of Saul. 1807).



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Sharp (Granville). Three tracts on the syntax or, the eagle of the Mohawks. 2 v. 234 pp;

and pronunciation of the Hebrew tongue; with 284 pp. 18o. New York, R. Price, 1841. an appendix. 106, 32, 146, 36 pp. 16o. Lon- Shedd (William Greenough Thayer, D. D.) don, W. Calrert, for V'ernor & Hood, etc. 1804. Homiletics and pastoral theology. vi, 429 pp.

Tract on duelling. 2d ed. xix, 75 pp. 80. New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1867. 16o. London, B. White & son & C. Dilly, Sheffield (John, duke of Buckinghamshire). 1790.

Poetical works. 80. Edinburgh, 1793. (With SHARP (G.) The case of Saul. London, 1807]. (Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 7).

A tract on the law of nature and princi- Sheldon (Miss Ann). Memoirs. See Archer ples of action in man. 2d ed. 467 pp. 12o. (Mrs. Ann). London, 11. Calvert, 1809.

Sheldon (Henry Olcott). The Sheldon maga• Tracts concerning the ancient and only zine; or, a genealogical list of the Sheldons true legal means of national defence by a free in America, etc. 4 nos. in 1 v. 11 pp. 113 1. militia. 3d ed. 141 pp. 12o. London, Dilly, 89. Londonville, (Ohio), 1855–57. and others, 1782.

Shelley (Mary Wollstonecraft). The last man. Sharpe (Daniel). Description of the fossil [anon.] 2d ed. 3 v. 120. London, H. Col

remains of mollusca found in the chalk of burn, 1826. England. Pts. 1-3. [Cephalopoda). 2 p. 1. 68 Shelley (Percy Bysshe). Alastor; or, the pp. 27 l. 27 pl. 4°. London, Palæontograph- spirit of solitude; and other poems. 16o. ical society, 1853–56.

London, Baldwin, 1816. (No more published).

The Cenci, a tragedy. xiv, 104 pp. 89. Sharswood (George). Essay on professional Italy, for C. & J. Ollier, London.

ethics. 2d ed. liv, 158 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, (With his Rosalind and Helen. 1819 ed.] T. & J. IV. Johnson & Co. 1860.

Prometheus unbound, a lyrical drama; Shattuck (Lemuel). Blank book forms for

with other poems. 222 pp. 89. London, C. family registers, [etc.] 12 pp. 28 1. 4o. Bos

& J. Olier, 1820. ton, author, 1846.

The revolt of Islam : a poem, in 12 Shaw (Elijah). A short sketch of his life by

cantos. xxxii, 271 pp. 89. London, C. & himself. 87 pp. 16o. Rochester, Strong &

J. Ollier, 1818. Dawson, 1843.

Rosalind and Helen, a modern eclogue ; Shaw (James). Plans, elevations, and sections,

with other poems. vii, 92 pp. 89. London, with observations and explanations, of forcing

C. & J. Ollier, 1819. houses in gardening. 151. 11 pl. fol. Whitby, Shelly (A. Fishe, pseudon.) See Gerhard 7. Webster, 1794.

(J. W.) Shaw (John, lecturer on anatomy in London). Shenstone (William). Works, in verse and A manual for the student of anatomy; ele

prose. With decorations. 3 v. 120. London, mentary views of anatomy, and their appli

J. Dodsley, 1777. cation to pathology and surgery. Revised,

CONTENTS. with notes by William Anderson, M. D. 1st

v. 1. Poetical works. Verses to Mr. Shenstone. Am. from last London ed. 355 pp. 2 pl. 12o.

v. 2. Description of the Leasowes. Essays on men Troy, J. Disturnell, 1825.

v. 3. Letters. Shaw (John Robert). A narrative of his life

Poetical works. 80. Edinburgh, 1794. and travels, by himself. 180 pp. 5 pl. 80.

(Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 9). Lexington, (Ky.) Daniel Bradford, 1807.

Shepard (Rev. Thomas, of Cambridge, Mass.) Shaw (Thomas B.) Complete manual of Eng

Autobiography, with notices of his life and lish literature. Ed. with notes, by W. Smith,

character, by N. Adams. 129 pp. 180. Boston, LL. D. With a sketch of American litera

Pierce & Parker, 1832. ture, by H. T. Tuckerman. 540 pp. 120.

Certain select cases resolved, specially New York, Sheldon & Co. 1867.

tending to the right ordering of the heart. Shea (John Gilmary). Relations diverses sur

32 pp. 160. London, John Rothwel, 1655. la bataille du Malangueulé, gagné le 9 juillet,

(With SHEPARD (Rev. Thomas). Theses sabbaticæ. par les François sur les Anglois (sous le com- London, 1655). mandement du col. Braddock). Recueillies The cleare sun-shine of the gospell, breakpar J. M. Shea. 51 pp. 8o. Nouvelle York, ing forth upon the Indians in New-England. Cramoisy press, 1860.

s. 3 p. I. 38 pp. sm. 4o. [London, 1618 ?] Shecut (J. L. E. W.) Ish-noo-ju-lut-sche; [Imperfect; title page wanting).


and manners.



Shepard (Rev. Thomas, (of Cambridge, Mass.) 1 portrait. 80. Washington, the author,

The first principles of the oracles of God. [printed in N. Y.] 1825. 17 pp. 16o. London, John Rothwel, 1655. Sherer (major Moyle). Notes and reflections (With SHEPARD, (Rev. Thomas). Theses sabbaticæ. during a ramble in Germany. [anon.] iv, London, 1655).

400 pp. 89. London, Longman & Co. 1826. The parable of the ten virgins. Opened Sketches of India. [anon.] 4th ed. iv, and applied : being the substance of divers

297 pp. 89. London, Longman & Co. 1826. sermons. [2 pts. in 1 v.] 3 p. I. 232, 190 Recollections of the Peninsula. [anon.] pp. 3 1. fol. Reprinted, London, 1695. 4th ed. 358 pp. 8o. London. Longman & Co.

Select cases resolved; first principles of 1825. the oracles of God; and a private diary. With Sheridan (Richard Brinsley). The duenna: some account of the author. 176 pp. 18o. a comic opera. New ed. [anon.] ii, 43 pp. Boston, Rogers & Fowle, 1747.

120. London, E. Johnson, 1776. Theses sabbaticæ, or the doctrine of the Sheridan (Thomas, D. D. father). Essay upon sabbath. xiv, 320 pp. 16o. London, J. the immortality of the soul. xxxix pp. Rothwel, 1655.

(With DAVIS (Sir John). Poem, etc. Dublin, 1733). Shephard (Charles). Historical account of Sheridan (Thomas, A. M. son). A complete

the island of Saint Vincent. 89. London, dictionary of the English language, to which is 1831.

prefixed a prosodial grammar. 4th ed. 2 v. Shepherd (Rev. Edward John). The history 12 p. l. cviii pp. 231 1; 302 l. 89. London,

of the church of Rome to the end of the C. Dilly, 1797. episcopate of Damascus, A. D. 384. xi, Sheriff (D.) Cultivation of flax as a national 541 pp. 89. London, Longman, Brown & Co. advantage. 16 pp. 160. Sheffield, (England), 1851.

Social science association, 1865. Shepherd (lady Mary). Essay on the perception Sherlock (Thomas, D. D. bishop of London).

of an external universe, and other subjects Arguments against a repeal of the corporation connected with the doctrine of causation. and test acts. iv, 73 pp. 89. London, G. G. J. xvi, 416 pp. 12o. London, Hatchard & son, 8. J. Robinson, 1787. 1827.

Sherman (John). A description of Trenton Sheppard (Mrs. Edwin). “Judge not”; or, Falls, Oneida county, N. Y. 23 pp. 18o. New

Hester Powers' girlhood. 224 pp. 12o. Bos- York, W. H. Colyer, 1847. ton, Loring, 1868.

Sherwin (W. T.) Sherwin's political regisSheppard (Furman). The constitutional text- ter, April 5th, 1817, to May 1, 1819, 4 v. 80. book:

: a practical and familiar exposition of London, W. T. Sherwin, 1819. the constitution of the United States, and of Sherwood (Adiel). A gazetteer of the state portions of the public and administrative of Georgia, [with appendix of biographical law of the federal government.

sketches, etc.] 2d ed. 300 pp. map. 24°. 120. Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes & Potts, Philadelphia, J. W. Martin, 1829. (1855).

Sherwood (Henry Hall, M. D.) Manual for The first book of the constitution: a fa- magnetizing, with the vibrating magnetic mamiliar exposition of the constitution of the chine, and for the magnetic or duodynamic United States. Revised ed. 210 pp. 12o. treatment of diseases. 14th ed. 375 pp. 24°.

Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes & Potts, 1866. New York, Fowler & Wells, 1850. Sheppard (W.) Notes on some of the plants Sherwood (Mrs. Mary Martha Butt). The life of lower Canada.

of Mrs. Sherwood, abridged for the Presbyte(With QUEBEC. Lit. and hist. soc. transactions, v. 2.

rian board of publication. 152 pp. 1 portrait. pp. 39-64.]

12°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of pubSherburne (Andrew). Memoirs of A. S. a

lication, 1857. pensioner of the navy of the revolution. 262 Sherwood (William, M. D.) General papp. 16o. Utica, W. Williams, 1828.

thology. Sherburne (Henry). The oriental philan

(With JONES (J. G.) American eclectic practice of thropist, or true republican. 215 pp. 16o. medicine, v. 1, 1857). Portsmouth, (N. H.) William Treadwell, Sherwood (William, teacher of elocution). Self1800.

culture in reading, speaking, and conversaSherburne (John Henry). Life and character tion. 383 pp. 12o. New York, A. S. Barnes

of the chevalier John Paul Jones. 364 pp. 8: Co. 1856.

324 PP.

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Sheville (John), and Gould (James L.) Mr. de Lanségüe. viii, 478 pp. 89. London,

Guide to the royal arch chapter: a complete Logographic press. 1791. monitor for royal arch masonry; [also] moni- (Imperfect: all after 478th page wanting). torial instructions in the order of high priest- Short (A) description of the Tennasee governhood. 272 pp. 1 pl. 12o. New York, Ma- ment, or the territory of the United States sonic pub. co. 1867.

south of the river Ohio, to accompany and Shew (Joel, M.D.) The cholera; its causes,

explain a map of that country. [anon.] 20 prevention, and cure, showing the inefficacy

pp. 80. Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1793.

(Imperfect; map wanting). of drug-treatment, and the superiority of the

Shrimpton (Charles, M. D.) Cholera; its water-cure. 98 pp. 16o. New York, Fowlers

seat, nature, and treatment. viii, 109 pp. d Wells, 1848.

1 pl. 80. London, Churchill & sons, 1866. Shimeall( Rev. Richard Cunningham). Christ's Shrimpton (Charles). The black phantom; second coming: is it pre-millenial or post

or, woman's endurance; a narrative (of ] the millenial? With a reply to prof. Shedd on

early history of Canada and the American "eschatology." 320, 153 pp. 80. New York,

revolution. 358 pp. 120. New York, Crowen J. F. Trow, 1865.

& Co. 1867. Shipley (Conway). Sketches in the Pacific. Shriver (James). An account of the surveys

The uth Sea islands. 181. 26 pl. fol. Lon- and examinations, with remarks and docudon, McLean, 1851.

ments relative to the projected Chesapeake Shipmaster's (The) medical directory. By an and Ohio, and Ohio and lake Erie canals.

experienced physician. [anon.] xiv, 77 pp. 116 pp. 80. Baltimore, F. Lucas, jr. 1824. s. 16o. Boston, J. G. Nichols, 1854.

Shrubs (The) of Parnassus. Poetical essays, Shippey (Josiah). Specimens; or, leisure moral and comic. By J. Copywell. [pseudon.]

hours poetically employed on various subjects. 21, 154 pp. 189. London, J. Newbery, 1770. With notes. 238 pp. 160. New York, J. B. Shuck (J. Lewis, editor). Portfolio chinensis; Allee, 1841.

or, a collection of authentic Chinese state Shipping and commercial list (and New York

papers illustrative of the history of the presprice current). v. 50–52. 1864-66. 3 y. fol. ent position of affairs in China. With a transNew York, Autens & Bourne, 1864-66.

lation, notes, and introduction, [Chinese and Shirley (pseudon.) See Nugae criticae. English]. xvi, 194 pp. 89. Macao, F. F. Shively (J. M.) Route and distances to Oregon

De Cruz, 1840.

Shuckard (William E.) British bees. 12o. and California, with a description of watering places, crossings, dangerous Indians, etc. 15

London, Reeve, 1866. pp. 8°. Washington, W. Greer, 1846.

Shumard (Benjamin Franklin). A catalogue

of the palæozoic fossils of North America. Shoberl (Frederick). Narrative of the most

[i. Echinodermata. Extract.] 75 pp. 80. St. remarkable events which occurred in and

Louis, Acad. of sciences, 1865. near Leipzig, before, during, and subsequent

Local details of geological sections on to the engagement between the allied armies

the St. Peter's, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Barraand the French, 14th to 19th Oct. 1813. 3d

boo, Snake, and Kettle rivers. ed. xvi, 104 pp. 2 maps. 89. London, R.

( With OWEN (D.D.) Report of a geological survey Ackermann, 1814.

of Wisconsin, eto. 1852). Shores of Vespucci; or, romance without fic

Geology of Kentucky. See Yandell tion. [anon.] 244 pp. 16o. Lexington, (Mass.)

(Lunsford P.) and Shumard. M. Tufts, 1833.

Shute (Samuel M.) A manual of Anglo-Saxon Short catechism for the use of the Catholic for beginners; comprising a grammar, reader, church in the U. S. of America. 64 pp. 320.

and glossary, with notes. xxi, 195 pp. 120. Baltimore, F. Lucas, [1836]?

New York, Leypoldt & Holt, 1867. Short (A) collection of the most remarkable Siber (Thaddæus). Grundlinien der experi

passages from the originall to the dissolution mental physik. x, 226 pp. 11 pl. 80. Münof the Virginia company. 20 pp.

chen, G. Franz, 1837. London, Edward Husband, 1651.

Sibley (John Langdon). A history of the

town of Union, Lincoln co. Maine; with a (With Sommer islands company. Copy of a petition. London, 1651).

family register of the settlers before the year Short (A) compendium of ancient and modern 1800, and of their descendants. ix, 540 pp.

geography, translated from the French by 1 pl. 12o. Boston, B. B. Mussey & Co. 1851.


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Xx, 564

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Sichel (Jules). Catalogus specierum generis general court of proprietors, 1794. 175 pp. 1

scoliæ, etc. 1864. See Saussure (H. F. de), map. 120. London, J. Phillips, 1794. and Sichel.

Signorelli. See Napoli-Signorelli. Hymenoptera. 1867. See Wüllerstorf- Sigonio (Carlo). Historiarvm de occidentali Urbair (B. von). Reise der Novara.

imperio libri xx. [A. D. 284-565]. 358 pp. Nouveau recueil de pierres sigillaires 9 1. fol. Francofurti, Haeredes A. Wecheli, d'oculistes romains, pour la plupart inédites. 1593. (Extrait des Annales d’oculistique). 119 pp. Sikes (George). The life and death of Sir 80. Paris, Victor Masson et fils, 1866.

Henry Vane. [anon.] 162 pp. 11. sm. 4o. Siddons (Sarah Kemble). Siege of Mansoul,

[London], 1662. a drama. vi, 82 pp. 80. Bristol, W. Bul- Silbernagl (Isidor). Albrecht iv, der weise, gins, 1801.

herzog von Bayern, und seine regierung. 109 Story of our first parents. See Milton

pp. 89. München, J. Deschler, 1857. (John).

Silius Italicus (Caius). Punicorum libri sepSidney, or Sydney (Algernon). Discourses

temdecim, [cum notis variorum]. Fr. Modii, concerning government, [with] the paper Casp. Barthii, [Dan. et Nic. Heinsii], curante deliver'd to the sheriffs immediately before

A. Drakenborch. 16 p. 1. 880 pp. 131. 8 his death. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. 424 pp. 24 1. 1 pl.

pl. 4o. Trajecti ad Rhenum, G. Van de Water, fol. · London, T. Atkinson, 1705.

1717. Essence of Algernon Sydney's work on Sill (Edward Rowland). The hermitage, and government, [with] his essay on love. By a

other poems. 152 pp. 169. New York, Leypoldt student of the inner temple. xxii, 287 pp.

& Holt, 1868. 89. London, J. Johnson, 1795.

Silliman (Benjamin). A journal of travels in Sidney (Rev. Edwin). The life and ministry

England, Holland, and Scotland, and of two of Rey. Samuel Walker. 2d ed.

passages over the Atlantic, in the years pp. 89. London, R. B. Seeley & W. Burn

1805-6. 2 v. 347 pp; 372 pp. 80. New side, 1838.

York, Ezra Sargeant, 1810. Sidney (Sir Philip). Aphorisms, with remarks

Outline of the course of geological lecby Miss [Jane] Porter. 2 v.

tures given at Yale college. 128 pp. 89. New pp; vi, 225 pp. 2 pl. 189. London, Long

Haven, H. Howe, 1829.

( With BAKEWELL (R.) An introduction to geology. Siebold (Carl Theodor Ernst von). Die süss- 1829).

wasserfische von Mitteleuropa. viii, 431 Silliman (Benjamin, jr.) First principles of pp. 2 col. pl. 89. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, chemistry. 492 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Loomis 1863.

& Peck, 1847. On tape and cystic worms, with an in- [Silliman's] American journal of science and troduction on the origin of intestinal worms. arts. Conducted by B. Silliman, J. D. Dana, Translated by T. H. Huxley. 88 pp. 8o. [and others). Jan. to Nov. 1867. 2d series. London, Sydenham society, 1857.

v. 43-44. [Complete series, v. 93–94.] 89. New (With KÜCHENMEISTER (F.) Animal and vegetable

Haven, editors, 1867. parasites. v. 21.

and Stannius (Friedrich Hermann). Silva; or, the triumph of virtue. By the author Nouveau manuel d'anatomie comparée. Trad.

of “Lorenzo.” [anon.] Translated by a sister de l'Allemand par A. Spring et Th. Lacordaire.

of charity. 212 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Baltimore, J. 2 v. in 3. 18o. Paris, Roret, 1850.

Murphy & Co. 1858. (Wanting v. 1, part 2].

Silva (Innocencio Francisco da). Diccionario Siemssen (Adolph Christian). Handbuch zur bibliographico portuguez. Estudos applicasystematischen kenntniss der meklenburgis

veis a Portugal e ao Brasil. 7 v. 89. Lisboa, chen land und wasservögel. viii, 272 pp.

Imprensa nacional, 1858–62. 16o. Rostok, etc. C. C. Stiller, 1794.

Silver (J. M. W.) Sketches of Japanese manDie fische Meklenburgs. Zum behuf ners and customs. Illustrated by native drawvaterländisch-akademischer vorlesungen syg

ings, reproduced in fac-simile. 4 p. 1. 51 pp. tematisch verzeichnet. 112 pp. 16o. Rostok,

28 pl. 4o. London, Dayd 1867. etc. C. C. Stiller, 1794.

Silver (Joseph S.) Philos: · vil, show[ With his landbuch, etc. 1794).

ing its uses and its una necessity. Sierra Leone company. Substance of the re- [anon.] 183 pp. 1 pl. 16° kelphiu, G.

port delivered by the court of directors to the B. Zicber & Co. 1845.

xv, vi, 222


mans, 1807.

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