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Silver (The) cup. [A story for children. [anon.] 2 v. 276 pp; 244 pp. 120. New

anon.] 316 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Am. York, Harpers, 1835. S. S. union, (1865).

Simon (John). A physiological essay on the Silver (The) wreath; a choice collection of se- thymus gland. xvi, 100 pp. 40. London,

lected songs, ballads, etc. arranged with an H. Renshaw, 1845. accompaniment for the piano-forte. 216 pp. On the comparative anatomy of the thy

4o. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1866. roid gland. [Extract.] 11 pp. 49. London, Silvermere annals. By C. E. B. [anon.] 109 Royal soc. 1844.

pp. 189. London, John Morgan, [about 1850). [With his Physiological essay, etc. 1845). Silvestre de Sacy (Antoine Isaac, baron). Simon (Jules François Simon Suisse, dit). Anthologie grammaticale arabe; ou, mor

Le travail. 420 pp. 89. Paris, Lacroix, Verceaux choisis de divers grammairiens et scho

boeckhoven & Cie. 1866. liastes arabes, avec une traduction française Simon (Richard). Critical inquiries into the et des notes; pouvant faire suite à la chres- various editions of the Bible, with animadvertomathie arabe. x, 521, 186 pp. 89. Paris,

sions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac VosImprimerie royale, 1829.

sivs, concerning the oracles of the sibylls.

Translated into English (from the Latin), by Béidhawi; Hariri ; Ebn-Héscham; Abou'l Fath Na

N. S. 8p. 1. 207 pp. 4°. London, Tho. Bradsir Motarrézi; Zamakhschari; Ebn-Malec; Siba- dyll, 1684. waih; Ebn-Khaldoun. [Catalogue de sa] bibliothèque. v. 1.

Simond (Louis). Journal of a tour and resiImprimés : philosophie, théologie, sciences

dence in Great Britain, 1810–11. [anon.] 2 v. naturelles. v. 3. Manuscrits, tables générales.

xiii, 382 pp ; 360 pp. 21 pl. 8°. Edinburgh,

Ramsay & Co. 1815. [Redigé par R. Merlin. Avec une notice

Simonds (William). Whistler; or, the manly historique sur la vie et les ouvrages de Sil

boy. By Walter Aimwell. [pseudon.] 308 vestre de Sacy par M. Daunou.] 2 v. in 1. 12, liv, 436 pp; 4 p. l. 63 pp. 89. Paris, Im

pp. 16o. Boston, Gould f. Lincoln, 1856. s.

Simpson (Sir George). An overland journey primerie royale, 1842. Chrestomathie arabe; ou, extraits de

round the world, during the years 1841 and divers écrivains arabes, tant en prose qu'en

1812. 2 v. in 1. 273 pp; 230 pp. 89. Phil

adelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1817. vers, avec une traduction française et des notes. 2e éd. corrigée. 3 v. 89. [Paris),

Simpson (Henry J.) Three weeks in the gold Imprimerie royale, 1826–27.

mines, or adventures with the gold diggers of California, in August, 1848. 30 pp. 1 map.

80. New York, Joyce of Co. 1848. v. 1, Makrizi; Ebn-Khaldoun ; Abd-Alkader. v. 2. Khalil Dhahéri; Makrizi; Livres des Druzes ;

Simpson (Rev. John, of Baldock, Eng.) InterEbn-Khaldoun; Schanfara; Nabéga Dhoby. nal and presumptive evidence of christianity,

ani; Ascha; Tantarani. v. 3. Moiénabbi; Abou'lala ; Ebn-Faredh; Hariri; considered separately, and as uniting to form

Hamadani; Lettres et pièces diplomatiques;

one argument. xii, v, 635 pp. 89. Bath, Simes (Thomas). New military, historical, and

R. Cruttwell, 1801. explanatory dictionary. 1481. 120. Phila- Simpson (Joseph Cairn). Horse portraiture;

delphia, Humphreys, Bell & Aitken, 1776. embracing breeding, rearing, [etc.] With Simms (William Gilmore). Donna Florida.

an appendix containing the performances of A metrical tale. [anon.] 97 pp. 18o. Charles

Dexter. 458 pp. 1 pl. 12o. New York, ton, Burges & James, 1843.

W. A. Townsend f. Adams, 1868. Guy Rivers, the outlaw. 213 pp. 80. Simpson (Stephen, M. D.) Practical view of London, 1841.

homeopathy. xvii, 352 pp. 80. London, J. (Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 2).

B. Baillière, 1836. The kinsmen; or, the black riders of Simpson (Stephen), and Wise (Edward). Congaree: a tale. [anon.] 2 v. 241 pp; 275

The readiest reckoner ever invented for findpp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lea d Blanchard, ing the amount, at any given price, of any 1841.

number from one to ten thousand. 189. LonThe life of Francis Marion. 8th ed. 347 don, Sharpe and Hailes, 1811. pp. 120. New York, G. F. Cooledge, 1846. Simson(Robert). See Euclides, Lond.ed.1834.

Lyrical and other poems. 198 pp. 3 1. Simson. See Symson. 16o. Charleston, Ellis & Neufville, 1827. Sincerus (Theophilus, pseudon.) See SchwinThe partisan: a tale of the revolution.

del (G. J.)


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183 pp.

Sinclair (Catherine). The lives of the Cæsars ; | Sismonda (Eugenio). Elementi di storia na

or, the juvenile Plutarch. Translated into turale generale. v. 1. Regno inorganico. Gujarátí. 301 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Bombay, Tract viii, 247 pp. 169. Torino, Stamperia reale, and book society, 1852.

1853. Shetland and the Shetlanders; or, the Sismondi (Jean Charles Léonard Simonde northern circuit. 2d ed. iv, 423 pp. 1 map. de). Histoire des républiques italiennes, du 12o. Edinburgh, W. Whyte & Co. 1840. moyen age. 4e éd. 12 v. 89. Bruxelles, A.

Sir Edward Graham ; or, railway spec- Wahlen, 1826. ulations. 208 pp. 89. N. York, Harpers, 1850. Julia Sévéra; ou, l'an quatre cent quatreSinger (George John). Elemente der electri- vingt-douze. 3 v. 180. Paris, Treuttel et

cität und elektrochemie. Aus dem Englischen Würtz, 1822. üb ersetzt mii anmerkungen von C. H. Müller. Sivers (Jegór von). Ueber Madeira und die xxx, 502 pp. 4 pl. 89. Breslau, W. A. Antillen nach Mittellamerika. ReisedenkwürHoläufer, 1819.

digkeiten und forschungen. xii, 388 pp. 80. Singer (Samuel Weller). Some account of the Leipzig, C. F. Fleischer, 1861.

book printed at Oxford in 1463, under the Cuba, die perle der Antillen. iv, 364 pp. title of Exposicio Sancti Jeronimi in simbolo 89. Leipzig, C. F. Fleischer, 1861. apostolorum. ii, 44 pp. 89. London, Ballin- Six hundred dollars a year; a wife's effort at tyne & Byworth, 1812.

low living, under high prices. [anon.] vii, Single (A) gentleman. Designs by the author.

180. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, By Timothy Thistle. (pseudon.] Illustra- 1867. tions by J. Hyde. 182 pp. 7 pl. 16o. Bos- Skene (William F. editor). Chronicles of the ton, 0. Ellsworth, 1867.

Picts, chronicles of the Scots, and other early Singleton (John). A general description of memorials of Scottish history. cxcv, 499 pp.

the West Indian islands, as far as relates to 2 pl. 80. Edinburgh, H. M. general register to the British, Dutch and Danish governments house, 1867.

S. from Barbados to Saint Croix, in blank verse. Sketch of a descriptive journey through Switz159 pp. 4o. Barbados, Esmand & Walker, erland. [anon.] iv, 78 pp. 1 pl. 89. Berne, 1767.

J. J. Burgdorfer, 1816. Sinnett (Mrs. Percy). Herdsmen and tillers of Sketch (A) of the life and public services of

the ground; or, illustrations of early civiliza- Wm. H. Harrison. [anon.] 36 pp. 89. Philtion. x, 150 pp. 4 pl. 16o. London, Chap. adelphia, 1836. man & Hall, 1847.

Sketch (A) of the politics, relations, and staHunters and fishers; or, sketches of tistics of the western world, and of those charprimitive races in the lands beyond the sea. acteristics of European policy which most imx, 146 pp. 4 col. pl. 16o. London, Chapman mediately affect its interests. [anon.] 200 pp. & Hall, 1846.

89. Philadelphia, R. H. Small, 1827. Siret (Adolphe). Dictionnaire historique des Sketch (A) of the reign of George the third,

peintres de toutes les écoles, depuis l'origine from 1780 to 1790. [anon.] 6th ed. 206 pp. de la peinture jusqu'à nos jours. 2e éd. 1155 89. London, J. Debrett, 1791. pp. 80. Bruxelles, Lacroix, Verboeckhoven et

[With HENDERSON (John). Letters and poems. Lon. Cie. 1866.

don, 17861. Sirtema de Grovestins (C. F. baron). Histoire Sketch of the Seminole war, and sketches dur

des luttes et rivalités politiques entre les puis- ing a campaign. By a lieutenant of the left sances maritimes et la France durant la se- wing. [anon.] ix, 311 pp. 12°, Charleston, conde moitié du xviie siècle. 8 v. 8o. Paris, (S. C.) D. J. Dowling, 1836. Amyot, 1851–54.

Sketches and recollections of Lynchburg, Sirven (Alfred). Journaux et journalistes. [Va.] By the oldest inhabitant. [anon.] 363

La gazette de France. 4 p. 1. 337 pp. 1 pl. pp. 12o. Richmond, C. H. Wynne, 1858. 16. Paris, Cournol, 1866.

Sketches for the fireside; or, anecdotes for Le journal des débats. 2 p. I. the family, selected from history and biogra354 pp. 2 pl. 16°. Paris, Cournol, 1866. phy. By a clergyman. [anon.] Illustrated.

La presse. La liberté. 2 p. 1. 448 pp. 1 pl. 89. Hartford, Brainard & 5, 370 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Paris, Cournol, 1866. Sampson, 1867.

Le siècle. 2 p. 1. 396 pp. 2 pl. Sketches from Cambridge. By a don. [anon.] 16°. Paris, Cournol, 1866.

144 pp. 120. London, Macmillan & Co. 1865.




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Sketches in Greece and Turkey: with the sons. xxiii, 441 pp. 80. London, Longpresent condition and future prospects of the

man, etc. 1836. Turkish empire. [anon.] vii, 266 pp. 80. Sloan (Samuel). Homestead architecture; deLondon, J. Ridgway, 1833.

signs for villas, cottages, and farm houses; Sketches of the city of Detroit. [anon.] 63 with essays on landscape gardening, furniture,

pp. 8o. Detroit, R. F. Johnstone & Co. 1855. etc. 2d ed. 355 pp. 53 pl. 80. Philadelphia, Sketches of the higher classes of colored socie- J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1867.

ty in Philadelphia. By a southerner. [anon.] Slobod (Daniel). Rostlinnictví, cili návod k 116 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Merrihew de snadnému urcení a pojmenování rostlin v Thompson, 1841.

Cechách, Moravě a Jinych zemích rakouského Sketches of the war between the United States mocnárství domácích. xlviii, 733 pp. 12o.

and the British isles, from 1812 to 1815. Praze, F. Rivnáce, 1852.
[anon.] 2 v. in 1. iv, 496 pp. 80. Rutland, (Malá encyclopedie nauk, v. 8).
(Vt.) Fay & Davison, 1815.

Sluyter (Peter). Journal of a voyage to New Sketches of the West; or, the home of the

York, etc. in 1679–80. See Dankers (J.) badgers: an early history of Wisconsin. and Sluyter (P.) [anon.] 48 pp. 1 map. 89. Milwaukie, J. A. Smart (Benjamin Humphrey.) Beginnings of Hopkins, 1847.

a new school of metaphysics. 2 p. l. 518 pp. Sketches of Yale college, with numerous anec- 8o. London, J. Richardson, 1839.

dotes. [anon.] 192 pp. 3 pl. 16o. New York, Smeaton (John). Experimental enquiry conSaxton & Miles, 1843.

cerning the natural powers of wind and water Skinner (Andrew). Maps of the roads of Ire- to turn mills and other machines depending

land. See Taylor (G.), and Skinner (A.) on a circular motion, etc. iv, 110 pp. 5 pl. Skinner (John). Amusements of leisure hours; 89. London, I. & J. Taylor, 1794. poetical pieces, chiefly in the Scottish dia

The same. lect. 144 pp. 16o. Edinburgh, S. Cheyne, [With TREDGOLD (T.) Tracts on hydraulics). 1809.

Smedley (Rev. Edward). Poems; with a Skinner (J. E. Hilary). After the storm ; or,

selection from his correspondence, and memoir Jonathan and his neighbours in 1865–6. 2 v.

of his life. XX, 457 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, xv, 312 pp; v, 369 pp. 120. London, R. Baldwin & Cradock, 1837. Bentley, 1866.

Smedley (John). Practical hydropathy. InSkinner (John S.) Introductory remarks on

cluding plans of baths, and remarks on diet, the cow and the dairy.

clothing, and habits of life.

7th ed. 444 pp. [With GUÉNON (F.) Treatise on milch cows).

12°. London, J. Caudwell, 1864. Supplement to Mason and Hind's popu- Smedley (Miss M. B.) Lays and ballads from lar system of farriery. 101 pp. 129. Phila- English history, etc. By S. M. [anon.] New delphia, Grigg, Elliot & Co. 1848.

ed. 178 pp. 16o. London, E. Lumley, (1845). [With BELL (J). Farriery, 1848).

Smee (Alfred). Elements of electro-biology, Slaughter (Philip). A history of Bristol parish, or the voltaic mechanism of man; of electro[Petersburg, Va.] 51 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Richmond,

pathology, especially of the nervous system; B. B. Minor, 1846.

and of electro-therapeutics. xii, 264 pp. 2 tab. Slave songs of the United States. [Compiled 89. London, Longman, etc. 1849. by W. F. Allen, C. P. Ware, and Lucy McK.

Elements of electro-metallurgy. 2d ed. Garrison). xliv, 115 pp. 89. New York, A.

xxx, 338 pp. 89. London, E. Palmer, 1843. Simpson & Co. 1867. Sleeper (Jacob S.) Mark Rowland; a ta le of

The sources of physical science. An the sea. By Hawser Martingale. [pseudon.] introduction to the study of physiology 206 pp. 16o. Boston, Loring, 1867.

through physics. xx, 296 pp. 89. London, Tales of the ocean, and essays for the H. Renshaw, 1843. forecastle. By Hawser Martingale. Lpseu- Smethurst (Gamaliel). A narrative of an don.] 130 pp. 80. New York, Samuel French, escape out of the hands of the Indians, in the [about 1840).

gulph of St. Lawrence; also, a providential Slingsby (Sir Henry). Diary,[1638–48]; trial; escape after a shipwreck in said gulph. Like

his rare tract “A father's legacy," and extracts wise, a plan for reconciling the differences from family correspondence, with notices and between Great Britain and her colonies. 48 a genealogical memoir by Rev. Daniel Par

pp. 4°. London, J. Bew, 1774.

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406 pp.


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Smidsor Smidt (Ludolf, or Lodewick). Smith (Rev. Elias, of Portsmouth, N. H.) Life, Pictura loquens; sive heroicarum tabularum etc.

16°. Portsmouth, (N. H.) Hadriani Schoonebeeck enarratio et expli- 1816. catio, e poetis latinis. 7 p. 1. 240 pp. 81. 61 pl. [Imperfect; title-page and 12 leaves wanting).

18o. Amstelaedami, H. Schoonebeeck, 1695. Smith (Elisha). Cure of deism; or, the meSmidth (Jens Hansen). Arboretum scandin- diatorial scheme by Jesus Christ the only true avicum, fasc. i. 160 pp. 12°. [Kjöbenhavn,

religion, in answer to [Tindal, Shaftesbury, Schubothe, 1831.]

and Morgan. anon.] 2d ed. 2 v. 8 p. I. xxxii, (Title wanting: no more published).

431 pp; 5 p. 1. 352,84 pp. 141. 120. London, Smiles (Samuel). The huguenots: their set- Innys & Manby, 1737.

tlements, churches, and industries in England Smith (Rev. Ethan). View of the Hebrews; and Ireland. With appendix relating to the

or, the tribes of Israel in America. [In fahuguenots in America. 448 pp. 12o. New

vour of the natives of America being the York, Harpers, 1868.

descendants of Israel.] 2d ed. 285 pp. 120. Smiley, (Thomas T.) The new federal calcu

Poultney, (Vt.) Smith of Shute, 1825. lator; or, scholar's assistant, [etc). 180 pp. Smith (Francis H.) My experience; or, foot16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co.

prints of a presbyterian to spiritualism. 232 1851.

pp. 12o. Baltimore, [author], 1860. Smith (Adam). Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations. 7th ed. 3 v.

Smith (George, upholsterer). Collection of de

signs for household furniture and interior X, 499 pp; vi, 521 pp; v, 465 pp. 251. 8o. London, A. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1793.

decoration. xiv, 33 pp. 158 pl. 4o. London,

J. Taylor, 1808. Smith (Albert). Wild oats and dead leaves. 2d ed. vi, 359 pp. 120. London, Chapman &

Smith (Rev. George Charles). Bob, the sailor Hall, 1860.

boy. [In Cherokee.] Lawinv nugvwiyusaSmith (Asa). An abridgment of Smith's illus

deginotsiyuganitohi. pp. 57–67. 24°. trated astronomy, [etc.] 5th ed. 72 pp. 11 pl.

( With RICHMOND (Logh). Dairyman's daughter.

In Cherokee). 120. New York, Cady & Burgess, 1850. S.

Smith (George Henry). Outlines of political Smith (Buckingham). Documents in the Span

economy. v, 70 pp. 89. London, Longmans, ish and two of the early tongues of Florida,

1866. (Apalachian and Timmquan). 10 l. fol. Washington, 1860.

Smith (Goldwin). Three English statesmen An inquiry into the authenticity of docu

[Pym, Cromwell, and Pitt]: a course of lecments concerning a discovery in North Ameri

tures on the political history of England. ca claimed to have been made by Verazzano.

112 pp. 80. Manchester, Macmillan & Co.

1867. 31 pp. 1 map. 80. New York, J. F. Trow,

The same. 1864.

298 pp. 120. New York, The same. 40.

Harpers, 1867. Smith (Col. Charles Hamilton). The natural Smith or Schmidt (H. I. prof. in Penn. coll.)

history of the human species. 464 pp. 35 pl. Education. Part i. History. Part ii. Plan of 12°. Edinburgh, W. H. Lizars, 1848.

culture based on christian principles. 310 pp. Smith (David S. C. H.) Reptilia of Massa- 189. New York, Harpers, 1845. chusetts.

S. (Harpers' family library, v. 158). [With HITCHCOCK (E.) Catalogue of animals, etc. of Smith (Col. James). Narrative of the most Massachusetts).

remarkable occurrences during his captivity Smith (Denis E. M. D.) Leaves from a phy

among the Indians, 1755-59. sician's journal. 336 pp. 12o. New York, ( With METCALF (Samuel S.) Collection, etc. 1821. N. Y. publishing co. 1867.

pp. 163—257). Smith (Edmund). Poetical works. 80. Edin- Smith (Sir James Edward). Sketch of a tour burgh, 1793.

on the continent. 2d ed. 3 v. xxxi, 372 pp; (Anderson's British poets, v. 6].

iv, 415 pp; iv, 376 pp. 89. London, Longmans,

1807. Smith (Edward, M. D.) Account of a journey Smith (Jerome Van Crowninshield). Fishes through northeastern Texas, in 1819, for the

s. purposes of emigration. 188 pp. 2 maps. 120.

of Massachusetts.

[With HITCHCOCK (E.) Catalogue of animals, etc. London, Hamilton, Adams & ('0. 1819.

of Massachusetts).

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Smith (Capt. John). The generall historie of of adventures and sufferings in the Miranda

Virginia, New England, and the Summer expedition, etc. 1806-1811. 124 pp. 160. isles; with the names of the adventurers, Brooklyn, Thomas Kirk, 1812. planters, and governours from their first be- The same. 146 pp. 3 1. 16o. Albany, ginning, 1581, to this present, 1624. Engraved Packard & Van Benthuysen, 1814. title. 6 p. 1. 248 pp. 4 maps. fol. London, Smith (Nathan Ryno, M. D.) Treatment of Michael Sparkes, 1624.

fractures of the lower extremity by the use of True travels, adventyres, and observa

the anterior suspensory apparatus. 70 pp. 80. tions in Europe, Asia, Affrica, and America, Baltimore, Kelly & Pict, 1867. 1593—1629. Together with a continuation of Smith (Noah). A speech delivered at Benningof his generall history of Virginia, etc. since

ton, on the anniversary of the 16th of August, 1624, to 1629. 6 p.). 60 pp. fol. London,

1777. 8 pp. 120. Hartford, (Ct.) Watson Thomas Slater, 1630.

d Goodwin, 1779. A true relation of Virginia. With an

(pp. 5-6 imperfect). introduction and notes by Charles Deane. [Reprint of London ed. 1608.] xlvii, v, 88 Smith (Oliver, A. M.) Outlines of nature. 193

pp. 120. New York, [author], 1847. pp. sm. 4o. Boston, Wiggin & Lunt, 1866. (Virginia series, No. 1).

Smith (Richard, esq. F. R. S. L.) Notes made Smith (John, M. D.) The portrait of old age.

during a tour in Denmark, Prussia, Poland, A paraphrase upon the 12th chapter of Eccle

[Germany), and France. ii, 504, xxiv pp. siastes. 3d ed. 4 p. I. 237 pp. 31. 160.

89. London, C. & J. Rivington, 1827. London, E. Withers, 1752.

Smith (Robert). Universal directory for taking Smith (John Gordon, M.D.) Analysis of med- alive and destroying rats, and all other kinds ical evidence, and an appendix of professional

of four-footed and winged vermin, in a method testimony. xix, 386 pp. 89. London, T. & hitherto unattempted. vii, 218 pp. 160. LonG. Underwood, 1825.

don, R. Smith, 1768. Smith (John Jay, editor). Letters of Dr. Smith (Roswell C.) New arithmetic. Arithme

Richard Hill and his children; or, the history tic on the productive system, [etc.] 312 pp. of a family, as told by themselves. xlv, 466 12o. New York, Cady & Burgess, 1850. pp. 9 pl. 89. Philadelphia, privately printed English grammar, on the productive for the descendants, 1854.

system. 150th ed. 192 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Smith (J. Lawrence). Minerals (of Chile). Marshall & Co. 1840.

(With GILLISS (J. M.) U. S. astronomical exped. v. 2). The same. Stereotype ed. 160. Hartford, Smith (John Russell). Bibliographical cata- J. Paine, 1842. logue of books on angling.

The same. New stereotype ed. 16o. [With BLAKEY (Robert). Historical sketches of the Philadelphia, Butler & Williams, 1845. angling literature of all nations. pp. 293–335.

Quarto, or second book of geography. London, 1856).

A concise and practical system of geography. Smith (John Y.) History of Madison, Wisconsin. See Madison (Wis.) City directory

84 pp. including 32 maps. 40. New York, D.

Burgess & Co. 1855. for 1866, pp. 9–78. Smith (Jonathan S.) The siege of Algiers; or, Smith (Rev. Samuel Abbot). Christian lessons the downfal of Hadgi-Ali-Bashaw: a tragic

and a christian life : sermons. With a memoir comedy. 140 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. Max

by E. J. Young. Ixi, 289 pp. 1 pl. 16o. well, 1823.

Boston, Nichols & Noyes, 1866. Smith (Joshua Hett). An authentic narrative Smith (Samuel Harrison). History of the last

of the causes which led to the death of major session of Congress, [commencing] Dec. 7, André.

24°. New York, Evert 1801. 195 pp. 89. Washington, Samuel H. Duyckinck, 1809.

Smith, 1802. Smith (Josiah W.) The divine law; or, the Memoir of the life, character, and writ

scriptural duty and happiness of man. xi, ings of Thomas Jefferson; delivered before

256 pp. 180. London, Rivingtons, 1866. the Columbian institute, 6th Jan. 1827. 38 pp. Smith (Rev. Matthew Hale). Universalism 89. Washington, S. A. Elliot, 1827.

examined, renounced, exposed. 12th ed. 396 Smith (Mrs. Spencer). First lessons in English

pp. 16o. Boston, Tappan & Dennet, 1844. composition. 131 pp. 120. Boston, Hickling, Smith (Moses, of Huntington, L. I.) History

Swan & Co. 1856.




106 pp.

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