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Smith (Rev. Thomas, of Falmouth, Me.) Ex-Smithsonian institution (Washington, D. C.)

tract from [his] journals kept from 1720 to Annual reports of the board of regents, 1853– 1788, with an appendix. 164 pp. 21. 154 pp. 67. 15 v. 8°. Washington, 1854–67. 1 l. 12o. Portland, Thomas Todd & Co.f. A. Catalogue of publications of societies, Shirley, 1821.

and of periodical works belonging to the and Deane (Samuel, D. D.) Journals, Smithsonian institution, Jan. 1, 1866. Dewith notes and biographical notices; and a posited in the library of congress. iv, 591 pp. summary history of Portland, by William 89. Washington, Smithsonian inst. 1866. S. Willis. 483 pp. 1 map. 3 pl. 8o. Portland, Smithsonian contributions to knowledge. Joseph S. Bailey, 1819.

v. 14. 4o. Washington, Smithsonian inst. 1865. Smith (Thomas). Every man his own house


BACHE (A. D.) Discussion of the magnetic and mepainter and paper hanger. [anon.] 80 pp.

teorological observations made at Girard college 1 pl. 12°. St. Louis, J. J. Daly, 1866.

in 1840–45. 3d sect. pts. vii-ix. Vertical force.

(No. 175). Smith (Truman, senator of the U. S.) Inquiry

Same. 4th sect. pts. x, xii. Dip and total forco.

(No. 186). into the origin of modern anæsthesia. 165 pp.

DRAPER (H.) On the construction of a silvered glass 1 pl. 89. Hartford, Brown & Gross, 1867.

telescope, 51 in. aperture, and its use in celestial

photography. (No. 180). Smith (T. Marshall). Legends of the war of LEIDY (J.) Cretaceous reptiles of the United States.

(No. 192). independence and of the earlier settlements in

MEEK (F. B.) and HAYDEN (F. V.) Palaeontology of the west. 397 pp. 8o. Louisville, (Ky.) J. F.

the upper Missouri. Invertebrates. Part 1. (No.

172). Brennan, 1855.

Smithsonian miscellaneous collections. Smith (William, chief justice of the province of v. 6. 89. Washington, Sm. inst. 1867. New York). The history of the province of

CONTENTS. New York, from the first discovery to the Art. 1-2. Monograph of the diptera of North America,

by H. Löw. Parts 1-2, edited, with additions, year 1732. 2d ed. 276 pp. 89. Philadelphia,

by R. Osten-Sacken. Mathew Carey, 1792.

3. List of the coleoptera of North America. Part 1,

March, 1803-April, 1866, by John L. Leconte. The same. From its discovery to the 4. New species of North American coleoptera, by

John L. Leconte, March 1863-April 1866. appointment of gov. Colden in 1762. 2 v.

- The same. v. 7. 89. Washington, Sm. xvi, 390 pp; 4 pl. 390 pp. 89. New York,

inst. 1867.

s. Historical society, 1830.


CONTENTS. Smith (William, LL. D. of the London unirer

Art. 1. Monograph of the bats of North America, by sity). Dictionary of the Bible. American

H. Allen, June, 1864. edition; revised and edited by prof. H. B. 2. Land and fresh water shells of North America.

Part ii. Pulmonata limnophila and thalassoHackett, D. D. [and] Ezra Abbot. Parts i

phila, by W. G. Binney. vii. A-Euphrates. vi,784 pp. 8°. New York,

3. The same. Part iii. Ampullaridæ, valvatidæ,

viviparida, fresh-water rissoidæ, cyclopho. Hurd & Houghton, 1867.

ridse, truncatellidæ, fresh-water neritida,

helicinidæ, by W. G. Binney. Smith (Rev. William, F. L. S.) A synopsis of

4. Researches upon the hydrobiinae and allied the British diatomaceae; with remarks on

forms, (etc.) by Wm. Stimpson.

5. Monograph of American corbiculada (recent their structure, functions, and distribution.

and fossil), by Temple Prime.

6. Check list of the invertebrate fossils of North The plates by Tuffen West. 2v. xxxiv, 89 pp.

America, eocene and oligocene, by T. A. 31 pl; xxx, 107 pp. 36 pl. 89. London,


7. The same. Miocene, by F. B. Meek. Smith & Beck, 1853–56.


8. The same. Cretaceous and jurassic, by F. B. Smith (William W.) A complete etymology


9. Catalogue of minerals, with their formulas, etc. of the English language; containing the Anglo

by T. Egleston.

10. A dictionary of the Chinook jargon, or trade Saxon, French, (etc.) roots, and the English

language of Oregon, by George Gibbs. words derived therefrom, accurately spelled, 11. Instructions for research relative to the eth

nology and philology of North America, by accented, and defined. 323 pp. 80. New York,

George Gibbs. A. S. Barnes & Co. 1867.

12. List of works published by the Smithsonian

institution. The juvenile speller; or, speller's new

Smollett (Tobias George). The history of manual. 168 pp. 120. New York, A. S.

England, from the revolution to the death of Barnes & Co. 1858.

S. Smith. See, also, Smyth.

George ii. Designed as a continuation of Smithers (Henry). Observations made during

Hume. [With lite, by R. Anderson]. 5 v. 80. a residence in Brussels, and several tours

Edinburgh, Hill and Doig, 1810.

The same. through the Netherlands. 3d ed. 282 pp.

(With HUME (D). The history of England. ed. 1832. 2 pl. 8o. (Brussels, ] Author, (1819.]

pp. 821-1354).



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Smuts (Jan). Dissertatio zoologica enumera- objects” and its “Hartwell continuation," on

tionem mammalium capensium continens. vi, the colors of multiple stars. 96 pp. 89. Lon108 pp. 3 col. pl. 4o. Leidae, J. C. Cyfveer, don, author, 1864. 1832.

$. Smyth (William M.) Poems on several occaSmyth (Mrs. A. Gillespie). The romance of sions, written in Pennsylvania. [anon.] 141

diplomacy: historical memoir of queen Car- pp. 1 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Enoch Story, 1786. olina Matilda of Denmark. With memoir Smythe (Charles W.) Our own primary gramand a selection from the correspondence of mar for the use of beginners. 3d ed. 72 pp. Sir Robert Murray Keith. 2 v. xvii, 493 pp; 16o. Raleigh, Sterling, Campbell, & Albright, ix, 484 pp. 4 pl. 89. London, Hogg d: 80ns,

1863. 1861.

Snelgrave (Captain William). A new account Smyth (David William)., A short topograph- of Guinea and the slave trade. 12 p. 1. 288

ical description of Upper Canada, [with] a pp. 1 map. 80. London, J. Wren, 1754. provincial gazetteer. 2d ed. 123 pp. 80. Snellaert (Ferdinand Augustijn). Vlaemsche London, W. Faden, 1813.

bibliographie, of lyst der nederduitsche boe[With GRAY (H.) Letters from Canada, 1809). ken van 1830 tot 1855 in Belgie uitgegeven. Smyth (Thomas, D. D.) Calvin and his ene- [Nieuw uitg.] xiv, 230 pp. 16o. Gent, E.

mies. A memoir of the lite, character, and Vanderhaeghen, 1857. principles of Calvin. New ed. 180 pp. 160. (Uitgaven van het Willems'-fonds. Nr. 26). Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publica- Snow (Edwin M. M.D.) A report upon suntion, 1856.

dry documents relating to Asiatic cholera. Obedience the life of missions. 170 pp. 13 pp. 89. Providence (R. I.) City, 1865. s. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of pub- Snow (The) angel; a tale of life-land and lication, 1858.

dream-land, by mistress [Frigida] Knutt. Smyth (Warington W.) Treatise on coal and [pseudon.] 261 pp. 5 pl. 16o. New York,

coal-mining. vi, 253 pp. 12o. London, Virtue J. Miller, 1867. bros. & Co. 1867.

Snowden (Richard). The American revoluSmyth (William, prof. in Bowdoin college).

tion; written in the style of ancient history. Elementary algebra, [etc.] 236 pp. 12o. Port- [anon.] 2 v. xii, 226 pp; 216 pp. 16°. Philland, [Maine], Sanborn f. Carter, 1851.

adelphia, Jones, Hof & Derrick, etc. 1793–94. The same. New elementary algebra.

(Imperfect: v. 2 wanting tablo of contents).

The same; written in scriptural or an312 pp. 12o. Portland, Bailey & Noyes, 1866.

cient historical style. 6 p. 1. 360 pr. 16o. Smyth (William, prof. of modern history, Cam

Baltimore, W. Pechin, [about 1800]. bridge, Eng.) Lectures on modern history,

Columbiad; or, a poem on the American from the irruption of the northern nations to the close of the American revolution. 2 v. xx,

44 pp. 16o. Baltimore, W. Pechin,

[about 1800]. 433 pp; 494 pp. 89. London, Pickering,

[With SNOWDEN (Richard). American revolution. 1840.

Baltimore. Ed. about 1800). Lectures on history. Second series, on Snowe (Joseph). The Rhine, legends, tradithe French revolution. 3 v. 374 pp; 448 pp; tions, history, from Cologne to Mainz. 2 v.

431 pp. 89. London, Pickering, 1840. xii, 511 pp; viii, 468 pp. 22 pl. 89. London, Smyth (William Henry, admiral, R. N.) Ædes F. C. Westley, 1839.

hartwellianæ; or, notices of the manor and Sobieski (Jan, king of Poland). Lettres du mansion of Hartwell : [its apartments, paint- roi de Pologne à la reine Marie Casimire, ings, library, museum, numismata, and Egyp- pendant la campagne de Vienne. Traduites tian antiquities). vii, 414 pp. 13 pl. 4o. Lon- par M. le comte Plater, et publiées par N. A. don, printed for private circulation, by J. B. de Salvandy. xxvii, 224 pp. 1 pl. 89. Paris, Nichols & son, 1851.

Michaud, 1826. Nautical observations on the port and Socher (Georg). Grundriss der geschichte der maritime vicinity of Cardiff, with strictures philosophischen systeme von den Griechen on the 9th report of the Taff Vale railway bis auf Kant. 5 p. 1. 339 pp. 8°. München, directors, and some remarks on the commerce J. Lentner, 1802. of Glamorganshire. viii, 100, 12 pp. 89. Social science: selections from John Cassell's Cardifi', (Wales,) W. Bird, 1840.

prize essays, by working men and women. Sidereal chromatics: a reprint, with ad- xix, 360 pp. 120. London, Cassell, Petter & ditions, from the “ Bedford cycle of celestial Galpin, 1861.

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Social (The) and political dependence of wo- pp. 80. Cambridge, (Eng.)J. & J.J. Deighmen. [anon.] 2d ed. vii, 92 pp. 89. London,

ton, 1839. Longmans, 1867.

Some observations on the charge by hon. Society (The) of arts, and of the institutions James De Lancey, chief justice of the province

in union. Journal, Nov. 1865 to Nov. 1867. of New York, to the grand jury, January 15th,

v. 14-15. 89. London, Bell & Daldy, 1866–67. 1733. [anon.] 18 pp. fol. New York, J. Peter Socinus or Sozzini (Fausto). Epistolæ ad Zenger, 1733.

amicos, in quibus variæ de rebus divinis Some reasons that influenced the governor to quæstiones expediuntur. 695 pp. 31. 180. take, and the councillors to administer, the Racoriæ, Sebastian Sternac, 1618.

oath required by the act of parliament, comEpistolæ ad Andream Dudithium, ex monly called the stamp act. [anon.] 14 pp. Italico in Latinum conversæ a M. R. H. 82 80. Hartford, Thomas Green, [about 1766]. pp. 18o. Racorice, S. Sternac, 1635.

Some remarks on a pamphlet [by John ( With the preceding).

Fletcher] entitled, A third check to antinoSocrates Scholasticus. Historia ecclesiastica.

mianism. [anon.] 16 pp. 89. London, Edward (With HISTORIAE eccl. scriptores graeci. J. Christo. phorsono interprete, 1381 ed.)

& Charles Dilly, 1772. The same. Versa ab Epiphanio.

[With HILL (Sir Richard). Apology for brotherly [With AUCTORES hist. eccl. fol. Basileae, 1523).

love. London, 1798). The same. Ecclesiastical history, trans- Some transactions between the Indians and lated and abridged by [Samuel] Parker. Friends in Pennsylvania, in 1791–92. [anon.] [With ECCLESIASTICAL histories, etc. 3d ed. 40. 14 pp. 12o. London, James Phillips, 1792. London, 17:29).

Somerset (Edward, earl of Glamorgan, and 2d Soden (Theodore). Elements of the German

marquis of Worcester). A century of the names language: a manual of reading, speaking, and

and scantlings of such inventions as I can call composing. 319 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Cincinnati,

to mind to have tried and perfected. xxvii, Applegate of: Co. 1856.

76 pp. 24°. Glasgow, R. f. A. Foulis, 1767. Soemmering. See Sömmerring. Sohm (Rudolph). Die lehre vom subpignus. Somerville (Mrs. Mary). On the connexion of

v, 152 pp. 89. Rostock, H. Schmidt, 1864. S. Sohncke (L. A.) Bibliotheca mathematica.

the physical sciences. 2d ed. xvi, 493 pp.

S. Verzeichniss der bücher über die gesammten

5 pl. 12o. London, J. Murray, 1835.

The same. 9th ed. xvi, 523 pp. 10 pl. zweige der mathematik, welche in Deutsch

12°. London, J. Murray, 1858. land und dem auslande, vom Jahre 1830 bis

Somerville (Thomas). The history of political mitte des jahres 1854 erschienen sind. Mit

transactions, and of parties, from the restoraeinem vollständigen materien register. xviii,

tion of king Charles ii. to the death of king 388 pp. 89. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1854.

William. xxviii, 755 pp. 89. Dublin, P. Soldier's (The) daughter. [anon.] 296 pp. 16o.

Byrne & others, 1793. Boston, R. A. Ballou, 1866.

Somerville (William). Poetical works. 89. (Prize series). Solera (Maurizio). Essai sur les valeurs.

Edinburgh, 1793. (SCRITTORI class. ital, di econ. pol. v. 39).

(Anderson's British poets, v. 8). Solignac (Pierre Joseph de la Pimpie, chevalier

The chase. A poem.

[With Blane de). Les amours d'Horace. [anon.] 18°. (William). Cynegetica. London, 1781). Cologne, Marteau, 1728.

Sömmerring (Samuel Thomas von). AbbildSolinus (Caius Julius). De memoralibys ungen des menschlichen

auges. x, 110 pp. 16 myndi. 46 1. 4o. Venetiis, 1493.

pl. fol. Frankfurt am Main, Varrentrapp & - The same. Liber de memorabilibus mūdi Werner, 1801. diligenter annotatus et indicio alphabetico Abhandlung über die schnell und langprenotatus. 4, 44 l. 4o. Spire, C[onra]d, sam tödtlichen krankheiten der harnblase 1512.

und harnröhre bey männern im hohen alter. Solis y Ribadeneyra (Antonio de). Historia xiv, 146 pp. 4°. Frankfurt am Main, Varren

de la conquista de Mexico, poblacion, y pro- trapp & Werner, 1809. gressos de la America Septentrional, conocida Über das organ der seele. viii, 86 pp. 11. por el nombre de Nueva España. 10 p. 1. 2 pl. 4o. Königsberg, Nicolorius, 1796. S. 151 1. 1 map. 12 pl. fol. Brusselas, Francisco Über die wirkungen der schnürbrüste. Foppens, 17114.

Neue aufl. 844 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Berlin, V'088, Solly (Thomas). A syllabus of logic. x, 164 1793.

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Sömmerring (Samuel Thomas von, and Reis- | 168 pp. 19 1. 24o. Vienne, J. Van Ghelen,

seisen (Fr.) Über die structur, die verrich- [1680]. tung, und den gebrauch der lungen. Zwei Sorel (Charles, sieur de Souvigny). De la conpreisschriften. iv, 126 pp. 89. Berlin, Voss, noissance des bons livres; ou, examen de 1808.

plusieurs autheurs. [anon.] 5 p. I. 429 pp. Sommers or Summers islands company. 18°, Paris, André Pralard, 1671. S.

Orders and constitvtions; ordained by the L'histoire comique de Francion. [anon.] gouvernour

and company of the city of Lon- Nouv. éd. 3 v. 24°. Maestricht, J. Delessart, don, for the plantation of the Svmmer islands; 1714. for the better gouerning of the actions and NOTE.-Other editions of this popular book bear the

name of Nicolas de Moulinet (sieur du Parc). The affaires of the said company and plantation, 6 work was never acknowledged by Sorel. Febr. 1621. 83 pp. sm. 4o. London, Felix Sosare Itomeio (pseudon.) See Imperiali Kyngston, 1622.

(Francesco). Somner (William). The antiquities of Canter- Soter (Joannes). Epigrammata græca vetervm

bvry; or, a svrvey of that ancient citie, with elegantissima, eademque latina ab utriusque the sybyrbs and cathedrall. [1st ed.] 7 p. 1. lingua uiris doctissimis uersa. 366 pp. 16o. 516 pp. 7 1. 1 pl. sm. 4o. London, R. Thrale, Friburgi Brisgoioe, $. M. Grauius, 1544. 1640.

Sotheby (Samuel Leigh). Specimen-notice for Songs of the free, and hymns of christian free- the disposal of Principia typographica, on the

dom. 227 pp. 16o. Boston, I. Knapp, 1836. block-books issued in Holland, Flanders, and Sonnenkalb (Hugo). Anilin und anilinfarben Germany during the 15th century. xvi, 12 l.

in toxikologischer und medicinalpolizeilicher 8 pl. 4o. [London, 1845). beziehung. v, 61 pp. 89. Leipzig, O. Wigand, The typography of the fifteenth century: 1861.

being specimens of the productions of the early Der strassenstaub in Leipzig. 31 pp. 8o. continental printers ; fac-similes from one hunLeipzig, A. Förstner, 1861.

dred works. 63 pp. 4°. London, T. Rodd, Statistische tabelle der in der stadt Leip- 1815. zig vom anno 1595 angetrauten, getauften Unpublished documents, marginal notes, und gestorbenen, sowie der einwohner. sheet and memoranda in the autograph of Philip folded in 80. Leipzig, L. Rocca, 1864.

Melancthon and of Martin Luther. With nuSonnini de Manoncour (Charles Nicolas Sigis- merous fac-similes. 34 l. 35 pl. fol. London,

bert). Travels in upper and lower Egypt. for the author, 1840. Undertaken by order of the old government Soto (Hernando de). Letter to the magistrates of France. Translated from the French by H. in Santiago de Cuba, July 9, 1539. Translated Hunter. 3 v. 89. London, J. Stockdale, 1799. S. from the Spanish by Buckingham Smith. 10

and Latreille (Pierre André). Histoire pp. 4o. Washington, privately printed for G. naturelle des reptiles, etc. 4 v. 189. l'aris, W. Riggs, jr. 1854. Déterville, 1799.

Soubeiran (Eugène). Précis élémentaire de Sophocles. Tragedies ; literally translated into physique. 2e éd. 2 p. 1. 420 pp. 13 pl. 80.

English prose. 2d ed. 2 v. in 1, 278 pp; 187 Paris, l'ortin, Masson & Cie. 1844. pp. 89. Oxford, D. A. Talboys, 1828. Souder (Mrs. Edmund A.) Leaves from the The same.

A new literal translation battle-field of Gettysburg; a series of letters with copious notes. 315 pp. 12o. Cambridge, from a field hospital; and national poems. (Eng.) J. Hall, 1844.

144 pp. 1 pl. 120. Philadelphia, C. Sherman, Sophocles (Evangelinus Apostolides). A son f. Co. 1864.

Romaic grammar, accompanied by a chresto- Soulavie (Jean Louis Giraud). Historical memmathy, with a vocabulary. x, 264 pp. 12o. oirs and anecdotes of the court of France, Hartford, H. Huntington, jr. 1842.

during the favor of madame de Pompadour; Sopwith (Thomas). Description of a series of from original papers preserved in the port

geological models, illustrating the nature of folio of madame la maréchale D'***. 2d ed. stratification, valleys of denudation, succession vii, 415, iv pp. 89. London, W. Lindsell, 1811. of coal fields in the Newcastle coal field, the Soule (Richard, jr.) Memorial of the Sprague effects produced by faults, [etc.] 84 pp. 12 family ; a poem, with the family genealogy

pl. 160. Newcastle-on-Tume, author, 1841. s. and biographical sketches in notes. xii, 191 Sorbait (Paul). Consilium medicum, seu pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, James Munroe & Co.

dialogus loimicus de peste viennensi. 3 p. I. 1847.



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Souligné (N. de). Old Rome and London of Spanish and Portugueze poetry. Xx, 551

compared. By a person of quality. [anon.] pp. 80. Bristol, J. Cottle, [and others,] 1797. 2d ed. 2 p. I. 158 pp. 16o. London, J. Hard

Madoc. 2 v. 258 pp; 320 pp. 89. ing, 1710.

Boston, Munroe and Francis, 1806. Sousa Farinha (Bento José de). Summario da Southworth (Mrs. Emma D. E. Nevitte). The

bibliotheca luzitana. [anon.] 3v. 18o. Lisboa, bride of Llewellyn. 550 pp. 129. PhilaA. Gomez, 1786.

S. delphia, T. B. Peterson & bros. 1866. Bibliotheca luzitana escolhida. [v. 4 of · Retribution; or, the vale of shadows. preceding). 189. Lisboa, A. Gomez, 1786. s. 108 pp. 80. New York, Harpers, 1849. South Carolina. The debates which arose in Souvenirs historiques. i. Correspondance se· the house of representatives of South Carolina crète de Marie Antoinette avant et après le on the constitution framed for the United

voyage de Varennes. Documens adminisStates by a convention of delegates assembled tratifs relatifs à l'adoption de la guillotine. at Philadelphia. 95 pp. 89. Charleston, A. E. Mélanges. 116 pp. 80. Leipzig, W. Zirges, Miller, 1831.

1835. The report of the committee of both Souvestre (Émile). Causeries historiques et houses of assembly, appointed to inquire into littéraires. 3 v. 16°. Paris, Lévy, 1861. the causes of the disappointment of success in See Bretagne toresque. the late expedition against St. Augustine, Sowerby (George Brettingham, jr.) Conchounder General Oglethorpe. 112 pp. 12o. logical illustrations. 200 pl. 89. London, London, J. Roberts, 1743.

Sowerby, 1841.

8. South Carolina jockey club. [Racing memo

CONTENTS. randa from 1734 to 1857. Compiled by officers of the club-E. P. Milliken, J. C. Cochran,

Amphidesma. 2 pp. pl. 17-19.

Bulimus. 4 pp. pl. 21-23, 26–27, 30-31, 34-35, 137-146, Henry C. King]. 211 pp. 89. Charleston,


Cancellaria. 8 pp. pl. 9-13. (S. C.) Russell f. Jones, 1857.

Cardium. 8 pp. pl. 46-51, 149-150, 177–184. South Carolina legislative times; being the

Chilina. 2 pp. pl. 135–136.

Chiton and debates and proceedings in the legislature, at Chitonellus.

38, 10 pp. pl. 38–45, 159–176.

Conus. the session commencing November, 1855. 4o.

4 pp. pl. 24-25, 28-29, 32-33, 36-37, 54-57,

147-148, 151-158. Columbia, (S. C.) 1856.

Cypræadæ. 20 pp. pl. 1-8, 101-131.

Eburna. South (The) Sea islander; containing interest- Erato. See Cypræadæ. ing facts relative to the state of society in

Eulima. 2 pp. pl. 52-53.

Fissurella. 10 pp. pl. 68–78, 80. Otaheite. (anon.] 175 pp. 16o. New York, W. Margarita. 2 pp. pł. 132-134.


2 pp. pl. 79, 81-83. B. Gilley, 1820.

Murex. 12 pp. pl. 58–67, 187-199. Southard (Lucian H.) Lyra Catholica. See Neritina. 6 pp. pl. 86–89, 90–91, 94-100.

Nucula. 4 pp. pl 14-16. Wilcox (J. H.) and Southard (L. H.) Ovulum. See Cypræadæ. Southard (Samuel L. LL.D.) An address

Ranella. 2 pp. pl. 84-85, 88–89, 92-93.

Typhis. 2 pp. pl. 240. before the societies of the College of New Jersey, 1837. 50 pp. 80. Princeton, R. E. Sozomenus (Hermias). Historia ecclesiastica.

(HISTORIAE eccl. scriptores graeci. J. Christophor. Hornor, 1837.

sono interprete, 1581 ed.) Southern (The) botanic journal, devoted to

The same. Versa ab Epiphanio. the Thomsonian system of medical practice.

(AUCTORES hist. eccl. fol. Basileae, 1523). Edited by D. F. Nardin and J. L. Wood.

The same. Ecclesiastical history, transv. 1 and 2. sm. fol. Charleston, (S. C.) 1838. lated and abridged by [Samuel] Parker. Southern (The) cultivator. A practical and [With ECCLESIASTICAL histories, etc. 3d ed.

London, 17291. scientific newspaper, for the plantation, the garden, and the family circle. Designed

Sozzini (Alessandro). Novelle. to

With NOVELLE di autori senesi. v. 2. 189. Milano, improve the soil and the mind. D. Redmond, 1815). W. N. White, and J. Camak, editors. Jan. Sozzini (Fausto). See Socinus. to Dec. 1867. v. 25. 8o. Athens, (Ga.) Spafford (Horatio Gates, LL.D.) A gazetteer W. N. White, 1867.

of the state of New York. 334 pp. 1 map. Southey (Robert). The early naval history 80. Albany, H. C. Southwick, 1813.

of England. 366 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, A pocket guide for the tourist and travCarey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1835.

eller, along the line of the canals, and the Letters written during a short residence interior commerce of New York. iv, 72 pp. in Spain and Portugal. With some account 24°. New York, F. & J. Swords, 1824.

2 pp. pl. 20.

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