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56 PP.

30 maps.

Spain. Estado militar de España é Indias. Juillet, 1865, Sept. 1867. 36 série. v.1-9.

Año de 1852. 247 pp. 16o. Madrid, Imprenta 89. Paris, [E. Martinet], 1865-67. nacional, [1852].

Speculum regale. Konungs-Skuggsjá. Kon( With MADRID. Guia de forasteros, 1852).

ge-speilet; et philosophisk-didaktisk skrift, Indice de manuscritos de la biblioteca forfattet i Norge mod slutningen af det 12te nacional. 90 1.

aarhundrede. xxii, 204 pp. 2 col. pl. 8°. (Appendix to v. 2 of Gallardo (B. J.) Ensayo de una Christiania, C. C. Werner & Co. 1848. biblioteca española. Madrid, 1866).

Speed (John M. D.) Commentary on sea See Great Britain. Convention with

water. See Russell (Richard), and Speed. Spain at the Prado, 1739.

Speed (John). The history of Great Britaine Spalding (Martin J. D. D.) Miscellanea; com- under the conquests of ye Romans, Saxons,

prising reviews, etc. on historical, theological, Danes, and Normans. From Ivlivs Cæsar and miscellaneous subjects. 4th ed. 2 v. v. 1. to king lames. 3d ed. revised. 6 p. 1. 155– 1xi, 807 pp. 80. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. 921 pp. 25 1. fol. London, G. Humble, 1650. 1866.

A prospect of the most famovs parts of Spanheim (Ezechiel). Epistolæ tres. See the world. 1 p. l. 48 pp. 22 maps. fol.

Liebe (Christian Sigismund). Gotha nvma- London, G. Humble, 1631. ria. Amstelædami, 1730.

(With SPEED (John). Theatre of Great Britain,

16271. Spaniards' (The) cruelty and treachery to the

The same.

New ed. With description English in time of peace and war discovered;

of his majesty's [ American ] dominions being the council of a person of honour to abroad. 1 p. I.

fol. king James, then upon treaty of peace with London, T. Basset, 1676. them, for to insist upon a free trade in the ( With SPEED (John). Theatre of Gt. Brit. 1676. ImWest Indies. With expedients for the sub

perfect: 1 map wanting).

The theatre of the empire of Gt. Britaine. jecting of the Spaniard in America to the obedience of England. [anon.] 2. p. 1. 56 pp.

7 p. 1. 146 pp. 67 maps. fol. London, G. sm. 4o. London, L. Lloyd, 1656.

Humble, 1627.

The same. New ed. 7 p. 1. 154 pp. Sparrow (Anthony, D. D. bishop of Exeter, and Norwich). Collections of articles, injunctions,

6 1. 67 maps. fol. London, T. Basset, 1676.

Spelman (Sir Henry). Archæologvs in modvm canons, orders, ordinances and constitutions

glossarii ad rem antiquam posteriorem: conecclesiastical of the church of England. 3d

tinentis, latino-barbara, peregrina, obsoleta, et ed. 7 p. l. 406 pp. sm. 4o. London, Robert

novatae significationis vocabvla, etc. (pars Pawlet, 1675.

prima, A-L.] 3 p. l. 452 pp. fol. Londini, Spayth (Rev. Henry G.) History of the church of the united brethren in Christ. 1st ed. Spence (William). Introduction to entomol

J. Beale, 1626. 344 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Circleville, (0.) conference

ogy. See Kirby (W.) and Spence. office un, brethren, 1851.

Spencer (Albert J. editor). Book of comic Spear (Mrs. C. H.) Brief essay on the position

speeches and humorous recitations. 192 pp. of woman. 37 pp. 18o. London, Trübner, 1866.

160. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, (1867]. Specimens of the British poets who flourished Spencer (Cornelia Phillips). Last ninety [from] Henry viji (to] George iii. 2 v. xiv,

days of the war in North Carolina. 2d ed. 287 456 pp; vi, 460 pp. 24°. London, W. Suttaby,

pp. 16o. New York, Watchman pub. Co. 1866. 1809.

Spencer (Rev. George, called father Ignatius, Speck-Sternburg (Maximilian von). Lands

of St. Paul). Life of father Ignatius, of St. wirthschaftliche beschreibung des ritter

Paul, passionist. Compiled chiefly from his guts Lützschena bei Leipzig, mit seinen ge

autobiography, journal, and letters. By the werbszweigen. viii, 232 pp. 4 pl. 89. Leipzig,

Rev. Father Pius. xxx, 525 pp. portrait. K. Tauchnitz, 1842.

120. Dublin, J. Duffy, 1866. Zweites verzeichniss der gemälde samm- Spencer (George). Latin lessons, with exerlung, sowie der vorzüglichsten handzeichen,

cises in parsing. 2d ed. 196 pp. 120. New kupferstiche, kupferstichwerke, und plasti

York, Pratt, Woodford & Co. 1845. chen gegenstände. Herausgegeben (etc. ) vom Spencer (Herbert). Principles of biology. v. 2. besitzer. 3 p. 1. 186 pp. 20 pl. 4o. Leipzig, 120. New York, Appleton, 1867. K. Tauchnitz, 1837.

Education: intellectual, moral, and physSpectateur (Le) militaire. Recueil de science, ical. 283 pp. 12o. New York, Appleton, d'art, et d'histoire militaires. 400-42e année. 1861.

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v. 1. Introduction. Spencer (Oliph Leigh). Life of Henry Chi

Vie de Spinoza, (par Jean Coler). chelé, archbishop of Canterbury. xi, 232 Théologie de Spinoza.

v. 2. Ethique. pp. 89. London, J. Walter, 1783.

Réforme de l'entendement. Spencer (Rev. O. M.) Indian captivity: a

Correspondance. true narrative. Written by himself. 160 pp. Spirit (The) of the martyrs revived. [anon.] 16°. New York, Lane & Tippett, 1846.

4 p. 1. 648 pp. 89. London, J. Sowle, 1719. Spencer (William Robert). Poems. viii, 240 Spirit (The) of Partridge; or, the astrologer's

pp. 1 pl. 89. London, T. Cadell & W. Daries, pocket companion and general magazine. 1811.

[Aug. 5, 1824-Jan. 15, 1825. Nos. 1–xvii.] Spenser (Edmund). Poetical works. 80. Ed- iii, 356 pp. 120. London, Astrological 80inburgh, 1792.

eiety, 1825. ( Anderson's British poets, v. 2).

Spiritualist (The): being a short exposition Sperry (J. Austin). Fothergill; or,

the man

of psychology based upon material truths, of enterprise. 118 pp. 89. Cincinnati, The and of the faith to which it leads. By D. F. great westoffice, 1849.

G. [anon.] xvi, 111 pp. sq. 169. London, Spilbergen or Spielberg (Georg von). L. Booth, 1857.

Specvlvm orientalis occidentalisqve Indiæ Spirk (Anton). Geschichte und beschreibung navigationvm; quarum una Georgii a Spil- der k. k. universitäts-bibliothek zu Prag. bergen, altera Jacobi Le Maire auspiciis im- (Extract.] 109 pp. 1 pl. 89. Wien, Öst. perioque directa (est), annis 1614-18. 175 blätter für lit. und kunst, 1844. pp. 25 pl. obl. 4o. Lugduni Batauorum, N. Spix (Johann Baptist von), and Martius a Geelkercken, 1619.

(Carl Friedrich Philipp von). Reise in BraSpiller (Philipp). Handbuch der physik. 2 v. silien, 1817–1820. 3 v. 4o. München, Ver

568 pp; 560 pp. 89. Berlin, L. Oehmigke, fasser, 1823–31. 1865-66.

(Wanting 3 atlases). Spindler (Carl). Lenzblüthen. Erzählungen Spofford (Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Prescott). und novellen. 2 v. 390 pp; 368 pp. 180.

The amber gods and other stories. 432 pp. Stuttgart, Hallberger, 1834.

16o. Boston, Ticknor 8. Fields, 1863. The jesuit: a picture of manners and

Azarian: an episode. 251 pp. 16o. Boscharacter from the first quarter of the 18th

ton, Ticknor & Fields, 1864. century. Translated from the German. 2 v. Spofford (Jeremiah, M.D.) A family record 292 pp; 261 pp. 120. London, E. Bull,

of the descendants of John Spofford, and 1839.

Elizabeth his wife, who came from England Schildereien. 2 v. in 1. 166 pp; 167 pp.

to America, and settled at Rowley, in 1638. 18°. Stuttgart, Hallberger, 1855.

64 pp. 80. Haverhill, (Mass.) B. G. FrothSpinola (Massimiliano, marchese). Insectorum

ingham, 1851. Liguriæ species novæ aut rariores. 2 v.

A gazetteer of Massachusetts. 348 pp. in 1. xvii, 159 pp. 2 pl; ii, 262, v pp. 5 pl.

1 map. 160. Newburyport, C. Whipple, 1828. 4o. Genuæ, auctor, 1806–08.

Spon (Jacob). Tractatvs novi de potv caphé; Spinoza (Baruch or Benedictus de). Opera

de Chinensivm thé; et de chocolata. 3 p. 1. qvæ svpersvnt omnia. Itervm edenda cvravit,

202 pp. 2 1. 2 pl. 18o. Parisiis, P. Muguet, præfationes, vitam avctoris, qvæ ad historiam

1685. scriptorvm pertinent addidit Henr. E. G. Pav- Spooner (Lucius H.) Suggestions on town lvb. 2 v. xxiv, 724 pp; xl, 680 pp. 80.

sewerage and its application to land by gravi. Jenæ, in bibliopolio academico, 1802-03.

tation. 30 pp. 89. London, R. Hardwicke,

1865. v. 1. Principia philosophiæ cartesianæ. Tractatus theologico-politicus.

Spotswood or Spottiswoode (John, abp. of Epistolæ.

of St. Andrews). The history of the church of Tractatus politicus.

Scotland, beginning the year 203, and conDe intellectus omendatione.

tinued to the end of the reign of king James Compendium grammatices linguæ Hebraeæ. De vita Spinoza.

vi. 11 p. 1. 546 pp. 61. fol. London, R. (Euvres, traduites par Emile Saisset.

Royston, 1655.

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v. 2. Ethice.




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Spottiswoode society publications, viz: 27 col. maps. obl. fol. Gothae, J. Perthes, 1. KEITH (rt, rev. Robert). History of the affairs of

1855. church and state in Scotland, from (1527) to

Historisch-geographischer hand-atlas 1568. With biographical sketch, (etc.) 3 v. 80. Edinburgh, 1844–50.

zur geschichte der Staaten Europa's vom 2. SAGE (rt. rev. John). Works; with memoir and notes. 3 v. 89. Edinburgh, 1844-46.

anfang des mittelalters. 2e aufl. 73 col. maps. 3. Spottiswoode miscellany : a collection of original obl. fol. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1854.

papers and tracts, chiefly illustrative of the civil
and ecclesiastical history of Scotland. 2 v. 89.

The same. Erläuternde vorbemerkun-
Edinburgh, 1844.

gen. [2€ aufl.] 58 pp. 4o. [Gotha, J. Perthes, Sprague (Homer B.) History of the 13th in- 1854). fantry regiment of Connecticut volunteers,

(Text of, and bound with the preceding). during the great rebellion. 353 pp. 120.

Historisch-geographischer schul-atlas. Hartford, Case, Lockwood & Co. 1867.

5 p. l. 22 maps. 4o. Gotha, J. Perthes,

1856. Sprat ( Thomas, D. D. bishop of Rochester ). Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 1793.

Spurgeon (Rev. Charles Haddon). “The

modern Whitfield.” Sermons. With an in. (Anderson's British poets, v. 6).

troduction and sketch of his life, by E. L. Sermons on several occasions. 440 pp.

Magoon. xxxvi, 320 pp. 1 pl. 12o. New 89. London, 1722.

York, Sheldon, Blakeman & Co. 1856. (Title wanting).

Spurzheim (Johann Gaspar). Examination A true account and declaration of the

of the objections made in Britain against the horrid conspiracy against the late king, his

doctrines of Gall and Spurzheim. 99 pp. 12o. present majesty, and the government. [The

Boston, Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1833. rye-house plot. anon.] 2 p. 1. 167 pp. fol.

Squibb (Robert). Gardener's calendar for the London, T. Newcomb, 1685.

states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and The same. 2d ed. 2 p. I. 167 pp. fol.

Georgia. With appendix. 4 p. 1. 176 pp. 12o. London, T. Newcomb, 1685.

Charleston, (S. C.) P. Hoff, 1827.
The same.
3d ed. 4 p. I. 221 pp. 160.

Squier (Ephraim George). Monograph of London, T. Newcomb, 1686.

authors who have written on the languages Sprengel (Curt). Geschichte der botanik. 2 v.

of Central America, or composed works in 4 p. l. 424 pp; 8 p. I. 396 pp. 89. Altenburg

the native dialects of that country. 90 pp. & Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1817-18. Versuch einer pragmatischen ges

4o. New York, C. B. Richardson, 1861. S.

The states of Central America, [etc); chichte der arzneikunde. 2e aufl. 5 v. 80.

and the Honduras inter-oceanic railway. 782 Halle, J. S. Gebauer, 1800–03. Sprengel (Joachim Friedrich). Beschreibung

pp. 5 maps, 8 pl. 80. New York, Harper & der harzischen bergwerke nach ihrem ganzen Squier (Miles P. D. D.) Reason and the

brothers, 1858. umfange. 32 l. 110 pp. 160. Berlin, Buch

the truth of religion. 340 pp. 12o. handlung der realschule, 1753.


New York, C. Scribner, 1860. Sprenger (Aloys, M. D.) A catalogue of the

Squire (Rev. Francis). An answer to some Arabic, Persian and Hindústány manuscripts

late papers, entitled, The independent whig, of the libraries of the king of Oudh. v. 1.

so far as they relate to the church of England. Persian and Hindústány poetry. viii, 648 pp.

xvi, 188 pp. 120. London, W. & J. Innys, 80. Calcutta, Govt. of India, 1854. s.

1723. Spring (Gardiner, D. D.) First things; lectures Stabbert (Carl Ludvig Franz). De echinoon the great facts and moral lessons first re

cocco. 32 pp. 89. Berolini, G. Lange, 1867. s. vealed to mankind. 2d ed. 2 v. 395 pp; 296 Stabile (Giuseppe). Mollusques terrestres vipp. 120. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1851.

vants du Piémont. 141 pp. 2 pl. 8°. Milan, Memoirs of Rev. Samuel J. Mills. 247

Bernardoni, 1864. pp. 80. New York, Evangelical miss. 80c. 1820. Stacions of Rome, (in verse from Ms. ab. 1370 A tribute to New England; sermon

A. D. and in prose from Ms. ab. 1460–70 A. D.) preached before the New England society of

and the Pilgrims sea-voyage; with Clene New York, Dec'r 22, 1820. 44 pp. 80. New

maydenhod (from Ms. ab. 1370). A suppleYork, L. f. F. Lockwood, 1821.

ment to “Political, religious, and love poems," Sproat (P. W.) The savage beauty ; a satiri

and “Hali meidenhad." Edited by F. J. cal and allegorical novel. 12°. Philadelphia,

Furnivall. xvi, 40, 8 pp. 89. London, N. S. Roberts, 18:22.

Trübner d Co. 1867. Spruner (Carl von). Atlas antiquus. Ed. 2a.

(Early English text society publications, No. 25).



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Bible; or,

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Stacke (Henry). The story of the American don.) 320 pp. 120. New York, Harpers,

war, 1861–65. viii, 264 pp. 1 map. 180. 1850. London, Warne & Co. 1866.

Stanhope (Philip Dormer, 4th earl of Chester. Stackhouse (Rev. Thomas). A new history field). The elements of polite education; se

of the holy Bible, from the beginning of the lected from the letters of the late earl of Chesworld, to the establishment of christianity. terfield, by G. Gregory, D.D. 6 p. 1. 456 pp. 2d ed. 2 v. Ixviii, 1650 pp. 25 l. 5 maps. 16o. London, R. Phillips, [1800 ?]

31 pl. fol. London, S. Austen, 1742. Stanhope (Philip Henry, 5th earl Stanhope, Stadnitski (Pieter). Voorafgaand bericht we- formerly lord Mahon). History of England,

gens eene negotiatie op landen in America. from the peace of Utrecht to the peace of Ver37 pp. 120. Amsterdam, 1792.

sailles, 1713-1783. 3d ed. 7 v. 16o. Boston, Staelin. See Stälin.

Little, Brown & Co. 1853–54. Stagg (John). Miscellaneous poems. vii, Stanley (Henry). Rouman anthology; or,

256 pp. 16°. Wigton, R. Hetherton, 1808. selections of Rouman poetry, ancient and Stählberg (Georg). An history of the late modern, in the original; with translation of

revolution in Sweden, [of] the 19th Aug. some of the poems. xx, 226 pp. 80. Hert1772. By a gentleman who was a Swede. ford, S. Austin, 1866.

[anon.] xv, 370 pp. 89. Edinburgh, 1776. Stannius (Friedrich Hermann ). Animaux Stahr (Adolf Wilhelm Theodor). Life and vertèbrés. works of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. From (SIEBOLD (C. T. E. von), and STANNIUS.

manuel d'anatomie comparée, v. 2). the German, by E. P. Evans. 2 v. 120. Bos

Das peripherische nervensystem der ton, Ticknor f. Fields, 1866.

fische, anatomisch und physiologisch unterStaiger (B.) Landwirthschaftlicher katechis

sucht. iv, 156 pp. 5 pl. 4o. Rostock, Stiller, mus. 2o aufl. vi, 172 pp. 11 pl. 12o. Augs

1849. burg, Verfasser, 1861.

Stanton (Robert Livingston, D.D). The Stainton (Henry Tibbats, and others). Nat

church and the rebellion: a consideration of ural history of the tineina. vol. 9. 80. Lon

the rebellion; and the agency of the church, don, J. Van Voorst, 1865.

north and south, in relation thereto. xiv, 562 Stälin (Christoph Friedrich). Zur geschichte

pp. 120. New York, Derby & Miller, 1864. und beschreibung alter und neuer bücher

Staples (William R.) The documentary hissammlungen in königreich Würtemberg,

tory of the destruction of the Gaspee. Com[etc.] 96 pp. 16°. Stuttgart, Cotta, 1838. S.

piled for the Providence journal. 56 pp. 80. Stallard (J. H.) The female casual and her

Providence, Knowles, Vose dAnthony, 1845. lodging; with a scheme for the regulation of

Starck (Johann Friedrich Christian Ekhardt). workhouse infirmaries. iv, 143 pp. 12o.

De hydrocephali paracentesi. 290, vii pp. 3 London, Saunders, Otley & Co. 1866.

tab. 120. Rostochii, auctor, 1841. Stalsberg (F.) Udsigt over de væsentligste Staring (W.C. H.) De bodem van Nederland.

forbedringer ved ierntilvirkningen i de seneste decennier. xx, 213 pp. 89. Christiania, J.

De zamenstelling en het ontstaan der gronden

in Nederland. v. 1. xii, 441 pp. 1 map. 7 pl. Dahl, 1866.

89. Haarlem, A. C. Kruseman, 1856. Stamler (Johann). Dyalogvs de diversarym

Stark (Augustin). Beschreibung der meteorgencivm sectis et mundi religionibvs. 3 p. I.

ologischen instrumente, nebst einer einleitung xxxi l. 2 1. folio. Auguste, E. Oglin &

zum gebrauche desselben bey den beobachNadler, 1508.

tungen. 4 p. I. 79 pp. 5 pl. 4o. Augsburg, Stammer (Carl). Lehrbuch der physik. 2 v. in 1. xi, 279 pp; vi, 194 pp. 80. Lahr, M. Stark (John, F. R. S. E.) Elements of natural

Verfasser, 1815. Schauenburg f. Co. 1858–59.

history. 2 v. vi, 527 pp. 4 pl; 515 pp. 4 pl. Stanbury (George). Practical guide to litho

80. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1828. graphy, and the various uses of the materials supplied by him. 89. London, Houlston, 1851.

v. 2. Invertebrata. Standish (Frank Hall). The shores of the Starke (Mariana). Letters from Italy, 1792–

Mediterranean. xii, 339 pp. 89. London, 1798. 2 v. in 1. XV, 383 pp; x, 409 pp. 89. C. Roworth f sons, 1837.

London, R. Phillips, 1800. Standish, the puritan. A tale of the American Starkey (Benjamin). Menoirs of his life. 14

revolution. By Eldred Grayson, esq. (pseu- pp. 1 pl. 80. Newcastle, W'. Hall, 1818.

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CONTENTS. v. 1. Vertebrats.

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Stars (The) and the earth; or, thoughts upon

Part 2. Locality, relation, superficies, and population

of each county, section, district, and colony, space, time, and eternity. [anon.] From the births and deaths, and the resources and condi. 3d English ed. (With preface by Thomas

tion of each, 1790-1831 ; with a like display for

Europe, the United States, and China. Hill). 88 pp. 16o. Boston, Crosby & Nichols, Part 3. Finances, navigation, and commerce, 1693

1831. 1849.

The same. 7th ed. 98 pp. 189. London, Statius (Publius Papinius). [Opera omnia), H. Baillière, 1861.

denuo ac serio emendata. 356 pp. 320. AmStartling facts for native Americans called sterodami, Joannes Jansonius, 1630.

“know-nothings ;" or, a vivid presentation of The Thebaid. Translated into English the dangers to American liberty to be appre- verse, with notes and observations, by Wm. hended from foreign influence. [anon.] 112

L. Lewis. 80. Edinburgh, (1792]. pp. 80. New York, 1855.

(Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 1). State tracts : being a collection of several Staunton (Howard). Memorials of Shakes

treatises relating to the government. [1671- peare; comprising the poet's will, the inden81]. Privately printed in the reign of king

tures of conveyance and mortgage of [his) Charles ii. ii, 468 pp. fol. London, 1689.

house in Blackfriars, and photographs of the The same. Being a farther collection,

Droeshout and Chandos portraits, with anno1660–1689. [v. 2). 4 p. l. 499 pp. fol.

tations. 11 pp. 2 pl. 5 facs. fol. London, London, R. Baldwin, 1692.

Day, [1864). ( With the preceding).

Staunton (Rev. William). The book of comState (The) triumvirate: a political tale; and mon praise : a collection of music adapted to

the epistles of brevet major Pindar Puff. the book of common prayer, according to the (pseudon. With separate title-page: Dr. use of the protestant episcopal church in the Busby's edition of the Bucktail bards. In U. S. 336 pp. oblong 80. New York, F. J. part by Gulian C. Verplanck?] 215 pp. 180. Huntington & Co. 1866. New York, J. Seymour, 1819.

Stearns (Charles). The national armories. A States (The) and union [Washington daily). review of the systems of superintendence,

Jan. 2, 1860, to Apr. 20, 1861. v. 1, no. 45- civil and military, particularly with reference v. 2, no. 94. in 3 v. fol. Washington, J. P. to economy and general management at the Heiss & J. S. Holland, 1860–61.

Springfield armory. [anon.] 3d ed. 82 pp. Statesman's (The) year-book for 1867–68. A 1 pl. 8°. Springfield, author, 1853.

statistical, genealogical, and historical account Stebbins (J. E.) Our departed friends ; or, of the states and sovereigns of the civilized glory of the immortal life. Illustrated. 559 world. By Frederick Martin. 2 v. 120.

pp. 80. Hartford, L. Stebbins, 1867. London, Macmillan, 1867-68.

Steczkowski (Jan Kant). Astronomija sposoStatistical (A) account of the Schuylkill per- bem dla ka’zdego dostepnym wylo’zona. xv,

manent bridge. [anon.] 84 pp. 1 pl. 80. 608 pp. 1 pl. 8o. Kraków, D. E. Friedleina, Philadelphia, Jane Aitken, 1807.

1861. | With PHILADELPHIA society for promoting agri. culture. Memoirs. v. 1. 1808).

Elementarny wyklad matematyki. 5 v. Statistical illustrations of the territorial extent

89. w Krakowie, w drukorni c. k. uniwersytetu, and population, commerce, taxation, consump


8. tion, insolvency, pauperism, and crime of the British empire. xx, 88, xi pp. 89. London, Czesc 1. Arytmetyka. xvi, 321 pp. 1851. J. Miller, 1825.

Czesc 2. Algebra. 4 p. I. 327 pp. 1 pl. 1852.

Czesc 3. Geometryja. Statistical society of London. Journal. v. 29–

(v.1). Planimetryiz stereometryja. 5 p. 1. 398 30. For the years 1866-67. 80. London,

pp. 11 pl. 1858.

(v.2). Trigonometryja prostokreslna i sfery. E. Stanford, 1866–67.

czna. 4 p. 1. 231 pp. 2 pl. 1858.

(v.3). Geometryja analityczna wraz z linijami Statistical summary of the progress of the

i powierzchniami krzywemi drugiego colony of Victoria to the year 1865. [anon.]

rzedu. 4 p. I. 484 pp. 10 pl. 1859. 24 pp. 89. Melbourne, J. Ferres, 1865. Stedman (C.) The history of the origin, proStatistics of the British empire. [anon.] 3 gress, and termination of the American war.

pts, in 1 v. 415 pp. 4o. (London, R. Wilkes, 2v. xi, 446 pp; xvii, 502 pp. 131. 89. Dublin, 1832?]

P. Wogan, etc. 1794.

Steed (J. M.) Grammatical steuography; or, Part 1. Account of the population in 6,000 towns and short-hand. 16 pp. 18o. Washington, F. S. parishes, with the annual value of real property,

Myer, 1828.

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