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Strickland (Hugh Edwin). Ornithological Stuart. See, also, Stewart.

synonyms. Edited by Mrs. H. E. Strickland Stubbe (Henry). A justification of the present and Sir W. Jardine. v. 1. Accipitres. xlvi, war against the United Netherlands. By an 222 pp. 89. London, J. Van Voorst, 1855. S. English man. [anon.] 4 p. I. 80 pp. 5 pl. (No more published).

sm. 4o. London, H. Hills, 1672. Stringfellow (Rev. T.) Two letters on cases

A further justification of the war against of cure at Fauquier white sulphur springs, the United Netherlands. 12 p. 1. 136 pp. 6 pl. [and] mineral waters in general. 16 pp. 80. sm. 4o. London, H. Hills, 1673. Washington, Union office, 1851.

( With the preceding). Ström (Hans). Physisk og oeconomisk besk

Stucley or Stukeley (Sir Lewis). Humble rivelse over fogderiet söndmör, beliggende i

petition and information touching his owne Bergens stift i Norge. 2 pts. in 2 v. 9 p. 1.

behaviour in the bringing up [to London] of 572 pp. 4 pl. 1 map; 12 p. 1. 509 pp. 40.

Sir Walter Raleigh. 17 pp. sm. 4o. London, Soröe, Rothe, 1762-66.

Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1618. Strombeck (Friedrich Carl von). Souvenirs

d'un voyage en Suède en 1839. [Trad. de Student (The) and schoolmate. An illustrated l'Allemand). 266 pp. 89. Strasbourg, G. Silber

monthly for all our boys and girls. Jan. 1866

to Dec. 1867. v. 17-20. 4 v. in 2. 89. Boston, mann,

1840. Strong (George A.) The song of Milgenwater,

J. H. Allen, 1866–67. translated from the original Feejee, by Marc Studer (Bernhard). Beyträge zu einer monoAntony Henderson. (pseudon.] 96 pp. 160.

graphie der molasse, oder geognostische unterCincinnati, 1856.

suchungen über die steinarten und petrefakten, Strong (Henry K. chairman). Report to the

die zwischen den Alpen und dem Jura legislature of Pennsylvania, containing a de

gefunden werden. xxxviii, 427 pp. 2 pl. 80. scription of the Swatara mining district. 61

Bern, C. A. Jenni, 1825. pp. 8 pl. 80. Harrisburg, Boas f. Coplan, Stülpnagel (Fr. von), and Bär (J. C.) Karte 1839.

von Europa in vier blättern entworfen und Strong (James, S. T. D.) Cyclopædia, etc. See gezeichnet. 34 aufl. verbessert durch A. PeterMcClintock (John, D. D.) and Strong.

mann. 1 fol. in 4o. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1855. s. Strong (Rev. William). A treatise shewing the Stumpf (Johann). Keyser Heinrychs des vierd

subordination of the will of man unto the will ten hertzogen historia. 10 p. 1. cxxxvii l. of God. 7 p. l. 335 pp. 61. 16o. London, fol. Zürych, C. Froschouer, 1556. Francis Tyton, 1657.

Sturgeon (William). Scientific researches, Strong (W.C.) Culture of the grape. xvi, 355 experimental and theoretical, in electricity, pp. 12o. Boston, Tilton & Co. 1866.

magnetism, galvanism, electro-magnetism, and Strozzi (Carlo). Flore fossile italienne. See electro-chemistry. viii, 566 pp. 18 pl. 4o. Gaudin (C. T.) and Strozzi.

London, Longmans, 1852. Strutt (Elizabeth). Domestic residence in Sturges (John, LL. D.) Discourses, chiefly

Switzerland. 2 v. 282 pp; 288 pp. 2 pl. 80. on the evidences of natural and revealed reliLondon, T. C. Newby, 1842.

gion. xii, 454 pp. 89. London, T. Cadell, Struve (Burkhard Gotthilf.) Corpvs historiæ 1792.

germanicæ a prima gentis origine ad annum Sturm (Jacob). Abbildungen zu Karl Il1730. Præmittitur C. G. Buderi bibliotheca liger's übersetzung von Olivier's entomologie, scriptorvm rervm germanicarvm. 2v. 8o. 974 oder naturgeschichte der insecten; mit ihren

pp; 622 pp. 8 pl. Jenæ, J. F. Bielckii, 1730. gattungs und artmerkmalen, ihren beschreiStrype (John). Life and acts of Matthew Par- bung und synonymie. Käfer. 2 v. iv, 136 pp;

ker, first archbishop of Canterbury. xxvi, 132 pp. 96 col. pl. 4o. Nürmberg, Herausgeber,

544, 208 pp. 1 pl. fol. London, J. Wyat, 1711. 1802. Stuart (Bernard). How to become a successful Catalog der kaefer-sammlung. xii, 386

engineer. 2d ed. 127 pp. 16o. Edinburgh, pp. 6 pl. 80. Nürmberg, Verfasser, 1843.

W. P. Nimmo, 1866. Stuart(Charles). A memoir of Granville Sharp. Deutschlands fauna in abbildungen nach

156 pp. 120. New York, William S. Dorr, 1836. der natur, mit beschreibungen. 5° abtheilung. Stuart (John). Memoir of Indian wars, and Insekten. v. 1-4. civ pl. 18o. Nürmberg, other occurrences.

1805. (VIRGINIA historical soc. collections. vol. il.

(Abth. ii, iii, v, & vi, vols. 5–7, wanting).

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Sturtevant (S. T. D. D.) The preacher's de l'empire. 294 pp. 180. Bruxelles, Meline,

manual: lectures on preaching; furnishing 1840. rules and examples for every kind of preach

L'hotel Lambert: histoire contempoing. 4th ed. With an introductory essay on

raine. 2 v. in 1. 285 pp; 271 pp. 189. Bruxpreaching, by Rev. A. M. Henderson. xl, elles, Meline, 1842. 609 pp. 89. London, Reeves of Turner, 1866.

Latréaumont. 2 v. 326 pp; 377 pp. 18o. Stüve (C. G. A.) Wesen und verfassung der

Bruxelles, Meline, 1838. landgemeinden und des ländlichen grund

Mathilde: mémoires d'une jeune femme. besitzes in Niedersachsen und Westphalen.

5 v. 180. Bruxelles, Meline, 1843. Geschichtliche und statistische untersuchun

Plik et Plok. [El gitano. Kernok le gen mit unmittelbarer beziehung auf das

pirate). 266 pp. 16°. Paris, Paulin, 1845. königreich Hannover. xviii, 321 pp. 80. Jena,

La Salamandre. 2 v. in 1. 224 pp; 208 F. Frommann, 1851.

pp. 24°. Paris, Paulin, 1845.

Les secrets de l'oreiller. 6 v. 18o.
Suarez or Soarez (José). Libertas evangelium
Christi annunciandi et propagandi in imperio

Naumbourg, L. Garcke, 1858. Sinarum, declarata 1692, et pro Europæorum

Thérèse Dunoyer. 2 v. 249 pp; 360 notitia descripta. 175 pp. 18o. Ultrajecti,

pp. 160. Bruxelles, Hauman et Cie. 1842. W. Broedeleth, 1699.

Mysteries of the people; or, the story of (With LEIBNITZ (G. W.) Novissima sinica. Ultra- a plebeian family for 2000 years. Translated jecti, 1699).

by Mary L. Booth. [1st series. The draSuasso Diaz de Fonseca (Antonio Lopez,

goon's helmet, The golden sickle, The brass baron). The theory of the infantry move

bell, and The iron collar). 177 pp. 89. New ments. New ed. 2 v. lxvi, 371 pp; viii, 392

York, C. M. Clark, 1867. pp. 89. London, Clowes, 1846.

The negro's revenge; or, Brulart, the Subligny ( -). La fausse Clélie, histoire

black pirate. iv, 49 pp. 89. London, [1841 ?] françoise, galante et comique. [anon.] Éd.

(HAZLITT's romancist and novelist's library. v. 5). nouv. 3 p. I. 322 pp. 31. 1 pl. 24°. Amster- Sugenheim (Samuel). Geschichte der entdam, J. Waguenar, 1672.

stehung und ausbildung des kirchen-staates. Succinct (A) view of the origin of our colonies, Gekrönte preisschrift. viii, 439 pp. 80. Leip

with their civil state, whereby the nature of zig, Brockhaus, 1854. the empire established in America, and the Suite de la vie du Pierre Joseph Marie Chauerrors of various hypotheses formed thereupon monot, par un père de la compagnie [de may be clearly understood. [anon.] 46 pp. Jésus), avec la manière d'oraison du vénér120. London, 1766.

able père, écrite par lui même. (anon.] 66 pp. Suchet (Louis Gabriel, maréchal, duc d'Albu- sm. 4o. Nouvelle York, J. M. Shea, 1858. 8. fera). Mémoires sur ses campagnes en Es- Sullivan (John L.) The answer of Mr. Sullipagne. 1808–14. 2v. li, 376 pp; ix, 572 pp. van to the letter and mis-statements of Cad1 pl. 89. Paris, Didot, 1828.

wallader D. Colden, in his “brief exposition" The same. 2 v. xlix, 366 pp; ix, 570 of himself as the advocate of steamboat pp. 1 pl. 89. Paris et Londres, Colburn & monopoly. 40 pp. 80. Troy, W. S. Parker, 1823. Bossange, 1828–29.

[Letter to Israel Cael on steamboat Suckling (Sir John). Poetical works. Edin- monopoly]. 20 pp. 89. Albany, 1817. burgh, 1793.

(Imperfect: wanting title-page). [Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 31.

Sullivan (William, LL.D.) History of the Sudendorf(H.) Urkundenbuch zur geschichte United States of America, for the use of

der herzöge von Braunschweig und Lüneburg, schools and families. [anon.] Stereotype ed. und ihrer lande, gesammelt und herausgege- 276 pp. 160. Keene, (N. H.) John Prentiss, ben. v. 1-4. 4°. Hannover, C. Rümpler, 1822. 1859-64.

Moral class book, or the law of morals. CONTENTS.

x, 282 pp. 12o. Boston, Richardson, Lord, v. 1. Bis zum jahre 1341. lxxxviii, 358 pp. 1 tab. and Holbrook, 1831. v. 2. Vom jahre 1313-1356.

c, 315 PP. v. 3. Vom jahre 1357–1369. clx, 299 pp.

Sullivant (William S.) Mosses and liverworts. v. 4. Vom jahre 1370–1373. clx, 270 pp.

[With GRAY (Asa). Manual of botany, etc.) Sue (Marie Joseph, dit Eugène). L'art de Musci alleghanienses, sive enumeratio

plaire. [Nouvelle]. 292 pp. 180. Bruxelles, muscorum atque hepaticarum. 86 pp. 8o. Meline, 1840.

Columbus (0.) printed at Cambridge, (Mass.) Le colonel de Surville; histoire du temps author,



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Sulpicia. Poetical works. Translated by J. picinarum. xiv, 116 pp. 80. Stockholmiae, Grainger. 80. Edinburgh, 1792.

Samson & Wallin, 1866.

8. (ANDERSON's British poets. v. 5).

Sure guide to hell, by Beelzebub. [anon.] 62 Sulzer (Johann Georg). Allgemeine theorie

pp? 12o. London, 1750. der schönen künste in einzeln, nach alphabet- (Imperfect; title-page, and leaves at the end wanting). ischer ordnung der künst-wörter. v. 1-4, Surgy (Rousselot de). See Rousselot de und register. 5 v. 89. Leipzig, Wiedmann, Surgy (Jacques Philibert). 1799.

Surinaamsche koloniale bibliothek. CataDiscours sur l'allégorie.

alogus. vii, 59 pp. 21. 80. Gravenhage, [With WINCKELMANN (J. J. and others). De l'allé. gorie. v. 2.)

M. Nijhoff, 1859.
Illustrations of the theory and princi-

The same. 1862. viii, 56 pp. 80. Graples of taste, the fine arts, and literary com- venhage, M. Nijhoff, 1862. position. Translated from the German by Suringar (W. F. R.) De sarcina (sarcina venE. A. de Brusasque. xxiii, 417 pp. 16o.

triculi Goodsir) onderzoek naar de plantaarLondon, J. Mawman, 1806.

dige natuur, den ligchaamsbouw en de ont(v. 1. No more published).

wikkelingswelten van dit organisme. 4 p. 1. Summary (A) historical, geographical, and 129 pp. 3 pl. 40. Leeuwarden, G. T. N.

statistical view of the city of New York, with Suringar, 1865. notices of Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, etc. Surius (Lorenz). Commentarivs brevis rervm [anon.] 46 pp. 189. New York, J. H. in orbe gestarvm, 1500–1574. Nunc ad anColton, 1836.

num 1586 opera et studio Michaelis ab Isselt Summer (A) month; or, recollections of a visit perductus. 48 p. 1. 1199 pp. 16°, Coloniae,

to the falls of Niagara, and the lakes. [anon.] G. Calenius et Quentelius, 1586. 248 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & Surprising (The) life and death of Dr. John I. Lea, 1823.

Faustus, D. D. [with] The necromancer, or Summer islands company.

See Sommer harlequin doctor Faustus, as performed at the islands company.

theatres. [anon.] 144 pp. 18o.• Worcester, Sumner (Charles). Speech on the cession of 1795.

Russian America to the United States. 48 pp. Surville (Joseph Etienne, marquis de). Poésies

1 map. 89. Washington, Cong. globe office, 1867. de Marguerite Eléonore Clotilde de Vallon Sumner (John Bird, D. D. archbishop of Can- Chalys, depuis madame de Surville; poète

terbury). The evidence of christianity, de- français du 15° siècle. [pseudon.] Publiées rived from its nature and reception. xiii, 429 par Ch. Vanderbourg. ci, 257 pp. 13 pl. pp. 80. London, J. Hatchard & son, 1824. 12°. Paris, Didot, 1804.

Treatise on the records of the creation Sûrya-Siddhânta. Translation of the Sûryaand on the moral attributes of the creator; Siddhanta, a text-book of Hindu astronomy; with particular reference to the Jewish his- with notes and an appendix. By Ebenezer tory, and to the consistency of the principle Burgess. (Extract.) iv, 354 pp. 89. New of population with the wisdom and goodness Haven, Am. oriental soc. 1860. of the deity. 4th ed. 2 v. xxviii, 390 pp; Suspiria vinctorum. Some account of the conxi, 444 pp. 80. London, J. Hatchard & son, dition to which the protestant interest in this 1825.

world is at this day reduced ; and the duty to Sumner (William Hyslop). Memoir of Increase which all that would prove themselves true

Sumner, governor of Massachusetts, with a christians must count themselves obliged. genealogy of the Sumner family. 70 pp. 1 pl. [anon.] 22 pp. 180. Boston, T. Fleet, 1726. 80. Boston, S. G. Drake, 1854.

Sutherland (Capt. David). A tour up the Sunday (The) school teacher. [A monthly straits, from Gibraltar to Constantinople;

magazine), devoted to the interests of Sunday with leading events in the present war beschools. Jan. 1866, to Dec. 1867. v. 1-2. 89. tween the Austrians, Russians, and Turks, to

Chicago, Adams, Blackmer & Lyon, 1867. 1789. xlvii, 372 pp. 89. London, J. Johnson, Sunderland (La Roy). Pathetism, with prac- 1790.

tical instructions, illustrating those laws which Sutherland (James). Biographical sketches induce somnambulism, second-sight, sleep, of the members of the forty-first general dreaming, trance, and clairvoyance. xvi, 247 assembly of Indiana, with that of the state pp. 16o. New York, P. P. Good, 1843.

officers and judiciary. 210 pp. 89. IndianSundevall (Carl Johan). Conspectus avium

apolis, 1861.

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Sutherland (J. W.) The science of horse- the intercourse between the soul and body.

manship: a new method of training horses. Translated from the Latin, [by Thomas Hart-
[With) a treatise on lady equestrianship, and ley]. 3d ed. 169. London, R. Hindmarsh,
upon shoeing, [etc.] 119 pp. 16°. Harvard, 1788.
(IN.) H. V. Reed & Co. 1867.

See White (William).
Sutton (Thomas). Dictionary of photography. Sweetser (William, M.D.) Human life; con-

vii, 423 pp. 120. London, S. Low, 1858. S. sidered in its present condition and future deSutton (W.L. M.D.) History of the disease velopments, especially with reference to its

usually called typhoid fever, as it has ap- duration. xvi, 322 pp. 120. New York, G. peared in Georgetown and its vicinity, etc. iv, P. Putnam, 1867.

127 pp. 80. Louisville, Maxwell & Co. 1850. 8. Mental hygiene; or, an examination of Swallow (George C.) Geological report of the intellect and passions. 2d ed. 370 pp.

the country along the line of the southwestern 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1850. branch of the Pacific railroad, Missouri. xvii, Swett (John). Common school readings; con93 pp. 1 map. 2 pl. 89. St. Louis, Knapp & taining new selections for declamation, (etc.) Co. 1859.

230 pp. 120. San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft, and Hawn (F.) Report of the geolo- & Co. 1867. gical survey of Miami county, Kansas. 24 Swieten (Gerhard, baron van). The diseases pp. 89. Kansas city, (Mo.) 1865.

incident to armies. With the method of cure. Swallows on the wing o'er garden springs of From the Latin. 44 pp. 80. Boston, M’Dougall, delight; a medley of prose and verse. By

1777. Will de Grasse. (pseudon.] 81 pp. 12o. New Swift (Rev. Elisha P.) A memoir of the Rev. York, M. Doolady, 1866.

Joseph W. Barr, late missionary under the Swan (William D.) The American compre- direction of the western foreign missionary

hensive reader. 312 pp. 12o. Boston, Hick- society, [etc.] 291 pp. 18o. Pittsburgh, R.
ling, Swan & Brown, 1855.

Patterson, 1833.
Swartz (Olaf). Nova genera et species plan- Swift (Jonathan). An argument to prove that

tarum; seu, prodromus descriptionum vege- the abolishing of christianity in England,
tabilium maximam partem incognitorum quæ

may, as things now stand, be attended with sub itinere in Indiam Occidentalem annis

some inconveniences. [anon.] 38 pp. 16o. 1783–87 digessit. x, 152 pp. 80. Holmiæ, London, T. Atkins, 1717. M. Sweder, 1788.

Gulliver's travels into several remote Synopsis filicum, earum genera et species

regions of the world. New ed. With notes systematice complectens. Adjectis lycopodi

and life of the author by John Francis Waller. neis, etc. xviii, 445 pp. 5 pl. 8o. Kiliæ,

Illustrated by T. Morten. xliv, 352 pp. 1 pl. Imp. bibliop. novi acad. 1806.

4o. London, Cassell, Petter & Galpin, (1865). (With SWARTZ. Nova genera, etc. 1788). Sweden. Recueil des exposés de l'adminis

A modest inquiry into the reasons of the tration du royaume de Suède présentés aux

joy expressed by a certain sett of ople, états généraux, depuis 1809 jusqu'à 1840;

upon the report of her majesty's (Queen traduit par J. F. de Lundblad. xxiii, 366 pp.

Anne) death. [anon.] 24 pp. 16o. London, 89. Paris, Parent-Des Barres, 1840.

J. Morphew, 1714.
Swedenborg (Emanuel). Dictionary of cor- (Imperfect, pp. 23–24 wanting.)

respondences, representatives, and significa- - Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 1794.
tives, derived from the word of the Lord. (Anderson's British poets. v. 9).
Extracted from the writings of Swedenborg. Swinburne (Algernon Charles). Chastelard;
[Abridged from G. Nicholson, by C. Bolles). a tragedy. 178 pp. 160. New York, Hurd &
3d ed. 453 pp. 12o. Boston, 0. Clapp, 1860. Houghton, 1866.

Heaven and its wonders, and hell. 453 Notes on poems and reviews. 23 pp. 80.
pp. 89. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. London, J. C. Hotten, 1866.


song of Italy. 47 pp. 180. Boston, The New Jerusalem, and its heavenly Ticknor and Fields, 1867. doctrine; with something concerning the new Swinton (William). The twelve decisive batheaven and the new earth. A new transla- tles of the war; a history of the eastern and tion, by T. B. Hayward. 104 pp. 18o. Bos- western campaigns; 520 pp. 7 portraits. 7 ton, T. H. Carter de 1867.

maps. 8°. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1867. A treatise on the nature of influx, or of Sydney. See Sidney.

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Sylvius (Jacobus). See Dubois (Jacques). Taché (J. C.) Canada at the universal ex-
Symmes (Thomas). Lovewell lamented; or, hibition of 1855. 463 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 8o.

a sermon occasioned by the battle of Pigg- Toronto, J. Lovell, 1856.
wacket, (with an historical preface). xii, 32
pp. 18o. Boston, S. Gerrish, 1725.

Sketch of Canada, its industrial condition and re

sources. pp. 67-144. 1 map.
The same.
Historical memoirs of the

Descriptive catalogue of the productions of Canada late fight at Piggwacket, with a sermon [on

exhibited, etc.

pp. 147-203. 80. Paris, 1855.

Observations on the exhibition. pp. 206-409. lpl. the death] of capt. John Lovewell. Pro- Sketch of the geology of Canada, etc. By W. E.

Logan and T. Sterry Hunt. pp. 413-454, 80. Paris, nounced at Bradford, May 16, 1725. 2d ed. corrected.

Tacitus (Caius Cornelius). Opera quæ extant. [With KIDDER (Frederic). Expeditions of Capt. 686 pp. 24°. Parisiis, Broca, 1736. John Lovewell. 4o. pp. 25-73. Boston, 1865).

Cn. Julii Agricolæ vita. 36 pp. fol. Symons (Jelinger Cookson). Tactics for the

Parisiis, C. L. F. Panckoucke, 1827. times; as regards the condition and treatment

Oeuvres, traduits par C. L. F. Pancof the dangerous classes. viii, 245 pp. 8°. koucke. (Lat. et fr.) 7v. 89. Paris, C. L. London, J. Ollivier, 1849.

F. Panckoucke, 1843.

8. Sympathies (Les); ou, l'art de juger, par les Taddei (Gioacchino). Saggio di ematallo

traits du visage. Par Mme. de G. (anon.] scopia; o, ricerche chimiche e comparative sul 79 pp. 32 pl. 24°. Paris, Saintin, 1813.

sangue degli animali vertebrati. 134 pp. 2 1. Symson (Patrick). The historie of the church

89. Firenze, Piatti, 1844. since the days of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Tahçin-uddin. Les aventures de Kamrup. vntill this present age. [1st ed.] 8 p. 1. 790 pp. Publiées en Hindoustani, par Garcin de sm. 4o. London, J, Bellamie, 1624.

Tassy. 100 pp. 89. Paris, Imprimerie royale, Syracuse (N. Y.) Boyd's daily journal Syra- 1835.

cuse directory, and Onondaga co. business The loves of Camarúpa and Cámalata, directory, 1867–68. 295 pp. 89. Syracuse, an ancient Indian tale. Translated from the Andrew Boyd, 1867.

Persian by William Francklin. [anon.] viii, (Imperfect: wanting pp. 25-32).

284 pp. 12o. London, T. Cadell, 1793. Syrus (Publius). Singulares sententiae. See Taillandier (René Gaspard Ernest, dit St. Seneca and Syrus.

René). Maurice de Saxe: étude historique System (A) of exercise and instruction of field

d'après les documents des archives de Dresde. artillery, including manœuvres for light or vii, 430 pp. 89. Paris, Lévy, 1865. horse-artillery. [By a board of officers, U. S. Tailor's (The) manual; or twenty years a New A.] 78 pp. lvi pl. 16o. Boston, Hilliard,

England tailor. [A system of accounts.] By Gray & Co. 1833.

one of the craft. [anon). 39 pp. 89. WorSzeredy (J.) Asiatic chiefs. [A historical, ro- cester, (Mass.) author, 1856.

8. mantic tableau of the Hungarian Magyar na- Taine (Hippolyte Adolphe). Essai sur Tite tion]. 2 v. vii, 527, viii pp; 464 pp. 12o. Live. viii, 348 pp. 160. Paris, L. Hachette London, Longmans, 1856.

et Cie. 1856. Szerlecki (Ladislaus A.) Dizionario di ter

Le positivisme anglais : étude sur Stuart apeutica. Versione italiana per cura del Mill. viii, 157 pp. 16°. Paris, G. Baillière, Luigi Marieni, con tavole di ragguaglio de' 1864. principal pesi medici dell'Europa. xxiv, 651

Voyage en Italie. 2 v. 4 p. pp. 89. Milano, Perelli e Mariani, 1844. s. 2

p. 1. 562 pp. 89. Paris, Hachette et Cie. Tabella cibaria. The bill of fare: a Latin

1866. poem, translated and explained in copious Voyage aux Pyrénées. 3e éd. illustrée notes. [anon.] viii, 104 pp. 4°. London, par Gustave Doré. vi, 554 pp. 89. Paris, Sherwood f. Co. 1820.

L. Hachette & Cie. 1860. Taber (Joseph, and others). Address to the Taitbout de Marigny (E.) Plans de golfes,

people called quakers, concerning the manner baies, ports et rades de la mer Noire et de la in which they treated Timothy Davis, for mer d’Azov. 2 p. l. 35 maps. obl. 4o. writing and publishing a piece on taxation.

Odessa, A. Braun, 1830. 67 pp. 12o. Boston, T. & J. Fleet, 1784.

Portulan de la mer Noire et de la mer Tablet (The), or picture of real life; in a select d'Azov, ou déscription des côtes de ces deux

set of essays. [anon.] xx, 371 pp. 80. mers à l'usage des navigateurs. vii, 170 pp. London, Longman, 1762.

16o. Odessa, Imprimerie de la ville, 1830. S.

528 pp;

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