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Talbot (Mr. -). History of North America; Tasistro ( Louis Fitzgerald ). Etiquette of comprising a geographical and statistical view Washington. 30 pp. 18°. Washington, W. of the United States, and of the British Cana- H. f. 0. A. Morrison, 1866. dian possessions. With plates and maps. Tasso (Torquato). La Gervsalemme liberata. [anon.] 2 v. iv, 498 pp. 3 pl. 1 map ; 458 pp. Con le annotationi di Scipion Gentili, e di 89. Leeds, (Eng.) Davies & Co. 1820.

Givlio Guastauini, et li argomenti di Oratio Talbott (John L.) New arithmetic: scholar's Ariosti. Figurata da Bernardo Castelli. [Ed.

guide to the science of numbers. 212 pp. 12o. 44.) 8 p. l. 255, 71, 40 pp. 22 pl. sm. fol.

Cincinnati, J. A. & U. P. James, 1848. Genova, Givseppe Pauoni, 1617. Tales from "Bentley.” 6 v. 16o. London,

The same.

Con le figure di Bernardo - R. Bentley, 1865.

Castelli, e le annotationi di Scipio Gentili e di Tallack (William). Malta, under the Pheni- Givlio Guastivini. Aggiuntovi la vita dell'

cians, Knights, and English. vi, 322 pp. 1 pl. autore scritta da Gio. Battista Manso. [Pub12o. London, A. W. Bennett, 1861.

blicata da N. F. Haym). 2 v. 12 p. 1. 331 pp; Talleyrand-Perigord (Charles Maurice de). 375, 122 pp. 31. 20 pl. 4o. Londra, G. Tonson

Rapport sur l'instruction publique fait au nom & G. Watts, 1724. dy comité de constitution à l'assemblée nation- Tastu (Sabine Casimire Amable Voiart, maale, 1791. 216 pp. 8 tab. 4o. Paris, As- dame). Chroniques de France. 3e éd. 315 semblée nationale, 1791.

pp. 1 pl. 18o. Paris, Didier, 1839. [Written by Guilhe, Desrenaudes, etc.)

Tate (George). The ancient British sculptured Tamayo de Vargas (Tomas). Restavracion rocks of Northumberland and the eastern bor

de la civdad del Salvador, ibaia de Todos- ders, etc. 46 pp. 12 pl. 4o. Alnwick, author, Sanctos, en la provincia del Brasil. Por las 1865. armas de Philippe iv. 7 p. l. 178, 41. sm. 4o. The history of the borough, castle, and Madrid, Alonso Martin, 1628.

barony of Alnwick, with notices of the antiTannenberg (Constant Wurzbach von). See quities, geology, botany, and zoology of the Wurzbach von Tannenberg.

district. v. 1. vi, 484, iv pp. 9 pl. 89. AlnTanner (Henry S.) Memoir on the recent sur- wick, H. H. Blair, 1866.

veys, observations, and internal improvements Tate (Nahum). Version of the Psalms. See in the U.S. To accompany his new map of Brady (Nicholas), and Tate. the U.S. 108 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, H. S. Tate (Thomas). Notes on a voyage to the Tanner, 1829.

Arctic seas in 1863.50 pp. 160. Alnwick, Tansillo (Luigi). The nurse, a poem. Trans- [Eng.) H. H. Blair, 1864.

lated from the Italian by W. Roscoe. 3d ed. Tatem (John H.) The monitor of the eastern 31, 89; 34 pp. 180. Liverpool, Cadell & star; containing the ritual of adoptive maDavies, 1800.

sonry, embraced in the eastern star degree, Tappan (David, D. D.) Two friendly letters with forms, and rules of lodges. 88 pp. 1pl.

from Toletus to Philalethes, (the Rev. Samuel 24°. Adrian, (Mich.) Holmes, Cook & BonSpring, D. D.] containing remarks on his

ner, (1867). dialogue on the nature of duty. 136 pp. 120. Tatham (William). Communications concernNewburyport, John Mycall, 1785.

ing the agriculture and commerce of America, Tarbox ( Rev. Increase Niles). Missionary pa- with observations on the commerce of Spain

triots. Memoirs of James H. Schneider and with her American colonies in time of war. Edward M. Schneider. 357 pp. 2 pl. 16o. viii, 120 pp.

London, J. Ridgway, Boston, Mass. S. S. soc. 1867.

1800. Targioni-Tozzetti (Giovanni). Notizie sulla Tatnall (Edward). Catalogue of the pheno

storia della scienze fisiche in Toscana, cavate gamous and filicoid plants of Newcastle counda un manoscritto inedito. xxvii, 335 pp. 4o. ty, Delaware. 112 pp. 89. Wilmington inFirenze, Im. biblioteca palatina, 1852.

stitute, [Philadelphia, Collins,] 1860. Tarleton (Lt. col. Banastre). A history of the Tauler or Thauler (Johann). De vita et pas

campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the southern sione salvatoris nostri Jesu Christi piisima provinces of North America. vii, 533 pp. 89. exercitia. Juxta primam versionem latinam Dublin, Colles and others, 1787.

denuo impressa. 461 pp. 24°. Coloniæ, J. Taschereau (Jules Antoine). Histoire de la M. Heberle, 1857.

vie et des ouvrages de Molière. vi, 448 pp. Taunton (Mass.) directory, 1859. 234, 28 pp. 1 portrait. 89. Paris, Ponthieu, 18:25.

18°. Taunton, (Mass.) S. 0. Dunbar, 1859.

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sm. 40.


Taverner (Richard). The garden of wysdome, Taylor (Jeremy, bishop of Down and Connor).

conteynynge pleasaunt floures; that is to say, Discourse concerning prayer ex tempore; or, propre and quycke sayinges of princes, phi- by pretence of the spirit. [anon.] 30 pp. sm. losophers, [etc.] Drawē forth of good auc- 4o. London, R. Royston, 1647. thours as well Grekes as Latyns. Newly

( With TAYLOR (J.) Sermon preached in Saint Marie's

church. Oxford, 1638). recognised and augmented. 18o. London, im

Of the sacred order, and offices of episprinted by Wyllyam Myddylton, (1590).

copacy, by divine institution, apostolicall traTawaststjerna (J. J.) and Stähl (Lorentz).

dition, and catholike practice. 8 p. 1. 386 pp. Föreläsningar uti permanenta fortification,

1 pl. sm. 4o. Orford, L. Lichfield, 1642. vid kongl. artilleri-läroverket på Marieberg.

With his sermon in Saint Marie's church. Oxford, xxxi, 376 pp. 89. Stockholm, C. Deleen, 1826. 1638).

Rules and advices to the clergy of [his ] Tayler (Rev. John James). A retrospect of the diocese. 20 pp. 80. Oxford, 1825. religious life of England", or, the church, puri

( With RANDOLPH (John, bishop of London). Enchi

ridion theologicum, v. 1]. tanisın, and free enquiry. xii, 563 pp. 80.

Sermon preached in Saint Marie's church London, J. Chapman, 1845.

in Oxford, vpon the anniversary of the gunTaylor (Alfred Swaine). Medical jurispru

powder treason. 5 p. 1. 64 pp. sm. 4o. Oxdence. 3d Am. from 4th London ed. Edited,

ford, L. Lichfield, 1638. with additions, by Edward Hartshorne. 621

Theologia eklektike: a discourse of the pp. 89. Philadelphia, Blanchard & Lea, 1853.

liberty of prophesying. 48, 267 pp.

London, R. Royston, 1647. Taylor (Bayard, or James Bayard). Colorado :

[With TAYLOR (J.) Sermon preached in Saint Marie's a summer trip. 3 p. I. 185 pp. 120. New York, church. Oxford, 1638). G. P. Putnam, &son, 1867.

Taylor (John). Pocket lacon; comprising Taylor (Benjamin C.) Annals of the classis nearly one thousand extracts from the best

of Bergen, of the reformed Dutch church, authors. 2 v. ii, 264; 252 pp. 18o. Philaand of the churches under its care; including delphia, Lea f Blanchard, 1839. the civil history of Bergen, N. J. 3d ed. 479 Taylor (John Edward). Michael Angelo, conpp. 21 pl. 12o. New York, board of publ. sidered as a philosophic poet. With translaref. Dutch ch. (1857.]

tions. iv, 139 pp. 169. London, Saunders Taylor (Charles Fayette). Infantile paralysis, & Otley, 1840.

and its attendant deformities. 119 pp. 120. Taylor (Philip Meadows). Sketches of the

Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1867. Deccan. Drawn on stone by Weld Taylor, E. Taylor (George, of the bank of England). The Morton, and G. Childs. 20 pl. fol. London,

mental claims of the sexes relatively consid- Charles Tilt, 1837. ered, with other poems. xi, 164 pp. 16o. Taylor (Richard Cowling). Two reports on the London, Adlard, 1821.

coal lands, mines, and improvements of the Taylor (George), and Skinner (Andrew). Dauphin and Susquehanna coal company,

Maps of the roads of Ireland, surveyed in and of the geological examinations of the 1777, and corrected down to 1783. 2d ed. Stony creek coal estate, etc. iii, 74 pp. 5 maps. 289 pp. of maps. 5l. 2 maps. London, T. 89. Philadelphia, E. G. Dorsey, 1840. Longman, 1783.

Taylor (William Cooke). Pictorial history of Taylor (Isidore Justin Séverin, baron). Les France and Normandy, to the present time.

Pyrénées. iv, 618 pp. 80. Paris, C. Gide, 512 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Thomas, Cowper1843.

thwait & Co. 1848. Taylor (Rev. James B.) Virginia baptist min. Taylor and his generals; a biography of major

isters. 2 v. 516 pp; 514 pp. 120. New York, general Zachary Taylor, and sketches of the Sheldon & Co. 1860.

lives of generals Worth, Wool, Twiggs, and Taylor (Mrs. Jane). Wouldst know thyself! Scott. [anon.] 318 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, E.

or, the outlines of human physiology. 65 pp. H. Butler & Co. 1847.

120. New York, G. F. Cooledge, 1858. Tchihatcheff, or Tschihatscheff (Pierre de). Taylor (Mrs. Janet). Lunar tables; by which Coup d'oeil sur la constitution géologique des

the true distance is obtained from the appa- provinces méridionales du royaume de Naples. rent altitudes, [etc.] Likewise, a short trea- Suivi de quelques notions sur Nice et ses entise on the chronometer, [etc.] 3d ed. 20, virons. 284 pp. 2 maps. 8°. Berlin, S. Schropp 124 pp. 89. London, G. Taylor, [1836]. s. & Co. 1842.

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Techener (Jacques Joseph, editor). See Bul- 1. 5 p. l. 520 pp; 360 pp. 120. London,
letin du bibliophile, etc.

J. Tonson, 1700.
Tegg (Thomas). Chronology, or the historian's Temple (The) choir: a collection of sacred

companion; being an authentic register of and secular music. By Theodore F. Seward,
events, from the earliest period to the present assisted by Dr. Lowell Mason and Wm. B.
time, with a list of eminent men. 7th ed.

Bradbury. 384 pp. obl. 16o. New York, Mason xxiv, 324 pp. 1 pl. 16°. London, T. Teyg, bros. (1867). 1831.

Templeman (Thomas). A new survey of the Teichmeyer (Hermann Friedrich). Elementa

globe; or, an accurate mensuration of all anthropologiae; sive, theoria corporis hvmani.

the empires, kingdoms, countries, etc. in the Ed. alt. 8 p. 1. 286 pp. 91. 1 pl. 4o. Ienae,

world. 2 p. 1. x pp. 35 tab. obl. 4o. London, J. F. Bielck, 1739.

T. Cole, (1776) ?
Elementa philosophiæ natvralis experi- Tennent (Rev. Gilbert). The espousals ; or, a
mentalis. 4 p. 1. 259 pp. 121. 5 pl. 4o. Ienae,
J. F. Bielck, 1733.

passionate perswasive to a marriage with the
Institvtiones materiae medicae, sive in-

lamb of God. 51 pp. 120. Boston, Thomas

Fleet, 1741. troitvs apertvs ad materiam medicam et

( With WALLEY (Rev. Thomas). Balm in Gilead. methodvm medendi. 4 p. l. 234 pp. 7 1. 4o. Cambridge, 1670). Ienae, J. A. Melchior, 1737.

The necessity of holding fast the truth [With the preceding).

represented in three sermons on Rev. iii: 3. Institvtiones medicinae legalis vel foren

To which are added, a sermon on the priestly sis. Ed. 34. 4 p. 1. 256 pp. 121. 4°. Ienae,

office of Christ, and another on the virtue of J. F. Bielck, 1740. Teissier (Antoine). Catalogus avctorvm qui

charity. vi, 110 pp. 16o. Boston, S. Kneeland

& T. Green, 1743. librorvm catalogos, indices, bibliothecas, viro

Sermons on important subjects, lately rum litteratorum elogia, vitas, aut orationes funebres, scriptis consignarunt. Cvm Philippi

preached in Philadelphia. xxxvii, 429 pp. Labbæi bibliotheca nummaria, [etc.] 2 v. in 1.

16°. Philadelphia, James Chattin, 1758. 4 p. 1. 559 pp; 3 p. 1. 368, 30 pp. 4o. Genevae, Tennessee. House journal. [1st] and 2d extra S. de Tovrnes, 1686–1705.


sessions of the 33d general assembly. 8°. Telegraph secrets. [Nine tales.] By a station

Nashville, 1861. master. [anon.] 122 pp. 160. London, C. H. (With SENATE journal). Clarke, (1866].

· The same. Appendix to House journal, Temminck (Conrad Jacob). Observations 1865–66. 8o. Nashville, 1865–66.

sur la classification méthodique des oiseaux, The same. [1st] and 2d adjourned seset remarques sur l'Analyse d'une nouvelle

sion of the 34th general assembly, 1865–67. ornithologie élémentaire par L. P. Vieillot.

2 v. 89. Nashville, S. C. Mercer, 1867. 60 pp. 80. Amsterdam, G. Dufour, 1817. 8.

Senate journal. [1st] and 2d extra sesand Meiffren-Laugier, baron de Chart- sions of the 33d general assembly. 2 v. 8°. rouse. Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées Nashville, J. 0. Griffith & Co. 1861. d'oiseaux, pour servir de suite et de complé- The same. [1st] and 2d adjourned sesment aux planches enluminées de Buffon,

sion of the [34th] general assembly, 1865d'après les dessins de Huet et Prêtre. 5 v. 4o.

[67]. 2 v. 80. Nashville, s. C. Mercer, Paris, etc. F. G. Levrault, etc. [1820–38]. s. 1867.

Report of the comptroller of the treasury

to the 35th general assembly, Oct. 1867. 83
v. 1. Rapaces.
v. 2. Rapaces, (continued); omnivores; insectivora. pp. 89. Nashville, S. C. Mercer, 1867.
v. 3. Insectivoræ, (continued); granivoræ; zygodac-

Tenore (Michele). Essai sur la géographie v. 4. Zygodactylæ, (continued); anisodactylæ; alcyones; chelidones; columbæ.

physique et botanique du royaume de Naples. v. 5. Gallinæ; alectorides; cursores; grallatores ; 3 p. l. 130 pp. 2 maps. 80. Naples, Impripinnatipedes; palmipedes ; inertes.

merie française, 1827. Temple (Sir William, and others). Letters, con- Tenré (L.) Les états américains, leurs pro

taining an account of the most important duits, leur commerce, en vue de l'exposition transactions that pass’d in christendom, 1665- universelle de Paris. viii, 328 pp. 89. Paris, 1672. Published by Jonathan Swift. 2 v. in Plon, 1867.

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Tentzel (Wilhelm Ernst). Saxonia nvmismat- | Tessin (Carl Gustav, count). Museum tessini

ica, oder medaillen-cabinet von bedächtniss- anum. Naturalie-samling. 4 p. 1. 132 pp. 12 müntzen und schau-pfennigen, [etc.] sive pl. fol. Holmiæ, [auctor, ] 1753. nummophylacivm nvmismatvm mnemonico- Test (The). [A political-newspaper, published rvm et iconicorvm a serenissimis electoribvs

weekly). No. 1-35. Nov. 6, 1756 to July 9, dvcibvsqve Saxoniæ lineæ albertinæ collec

1757. 204 pp.

sm. fol. London, S. Hooper, tvm, [etc.] 8 v. in 4. 4°. Dressden, J. Rieldel, 1756–57. 1705–12.

(Note. No more published). Terentius Afer (Publius). Comoediae, ex

Testaments (The) of the twelve patriarches, recensione Danielis Heinsii, cum italica ver

the sonnes of Jacob, translated out of Greek sione. Recensuit, notasque antiquam artem

into Latine by Robert Grosthead, now Engcomicam, et nonnulla antiquitatum romana

lished by A[rthur] G[olding). 83 l. 180. rum monumenta illustrantes addidit Carolus

London, Company of the stationers, 1806. Cocquelines. 2 v. 4 p. 1. xxxxii, 254 pp;

[Imperfect: wanting all after leaf 83). 252 pp. fol. Romæ, N. Roisech, 1767.

-Fabvlae, anglicae factae opera R[ichardi] Tétot (Archiviste). Répertoire des traités de B[ernardi. Latin and English]. Ed. 24. 4

paix, de commerce, d'alliance, etc. conventions p. I. 455 pp. 80. Cantabrigiae, J. Legat, 1607.

et autres actes conclus entre toutes les puis[Imperfect: wanting parts of pp. 33–34, and pp. 449– sances du globe, principalement depuis la paix 50).

de Westphalie jusqu'à nos jours. Table généTerhune (Mary Virginia Hawes). Sunnybank.

rale des recueils de Dumont, Wenck, Martens, [A novel]. By Marion Harland. [pseudon.]

Samwer,etc. Partie chronologique, 1493–1866. 12°. New York, Sheldon & Co. 1866.

2 p. 1. viii, 463 pp. 80. Paris, Amyot, 1866. Terme (Jean François). Des eaux potables à distribuer pour l'usage des particuliers et le

Teufel (Albert). Life, adventures, and con

fessions of Albert Teufel, convicted of the service public; rapport présenté au conseil municipal de Lyon. 259 pp. 89. Paris, 1844. s.

murder of James Wiley, with his trial, etc. Ternaux-Compans (Henri). Archives des

by Arrelsee [R. L. C.] 72, 32 pp. 80. Doylesvoyages; ou, collection d'anciennes relations

town, (Pa.) W. W. H. Davis, 1867.

See inédites ou très-rares, de lettres, mémoires, Tewrdannkhs or Theuerdannckhs. itinéraires et autres documents relatifs à la Pfinzing (Melchior). Die geūerlicheiten, etc. géographie et aux voyages. 2 v. 477, iii pp; Texas. Journal of the house of representatives.

474, vi pp. 89. Paris, A. Bertrand, [1840–41]. 11th legislature. 933, xliii pp. 80. Austin, Territorial company. Plan of association of 1866.

the territorial company, established April, Journal of the senate. 11th legislature. 1795. 21 pp. 89. Philadelphia, R. Aitken 657, xxix pp. 89. Austin, 1866. & son, 1795.

Report of joint select committee [on] the Terry (Rev. Edward). Voyage to East India, burning of Brenham. 54 pp. 80. Austin,

within the empire of the great Mogul. Re- 1866. printed from the ed. of 1655. xix, 511 pp. (With TEXAS. Journal of the house of representatives. 89. London, J. Wilkie, 1777.

Ilth legislature. 89. Austin, 1866). Terver (-). Catalogue des mollusques Report [on] state lunatic asylum, 1866.

terrestres et fluviatiles observés dans les pos- 76 pp. 89. Austin, 1866. sessions françaises au nord de l'Afrique. 39 | With TEXAS. Journal house of representatives. 11th pp. 3 pl. 8°. Paris, etc. J. B. Baillière, etc.

legislature. 89. Austin, 1866). 1839.

Texas, an English question. [anon.] 40 pp. Tesauro (Emanuele). Arte de cartas missivas; 89. London, E. Wilson, 1837.

0, methodo general para redvcir al papel Textor (Cajetan). Grundzüge zur lehre der quantas materias pide el politico comercio, chirurgischen operationen, welche mit bewaff[etc). Tradvce en Español M. Migliavaca. neter hand unternommen werden. xix, 447 8

P. 1. 243 pp. 80. Valencia, J. de Baeza, pp. 80. Würzburg, Stahel, 1834–35. 1696.

Textor (Carl, M. D.) Versuch über das vorPhilosophia moral, derivada de la alta kommen der harnsteine in Ostfranken. viii, fvente del grande Aristoteles stagarita. Es- 88 pp. 4o. Würzbury, F. E. Thein, 1843. S. cribidla en Toscano. Traducela en español Teyler van der Hulst (Pieter). Musée Teyler don Gomez de la Rocha y Figveroa. 11 p. I. à Harlem. Catalogue de la bibliothèque. vi, 455 pp. 89. Barcelona, J. Llopis, 1694. 228 pp. 89. Harlem, Loosjes, 1865.

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Thaarup (Frederik). Faedrenclandsk nekro- Theophrastus. De historia plantarum libri

log, eller efterretninger om de ved stilling og decem græce et latinè. Latinam Gazae vervirksomhed udmærkede og ellers bekjendte sionem nova interpretatione, notis, item rarioafdöde, 1821-26. x, 520 pp. 89. Kjöbenhavn, rum plantarum iconibus illustravit J. Bodaeus Forfatter, 1835–44.

à Stapel. Accesserunt Julii Cæsaris Scaligeri Thackeray (William Makepeace). Early and animadversiones, et Roberti Constantini an

late papers, hitherto uncollected. vi, 407 pp. notationes. 10 p. 1. 1187 pp. 44 1. fol.

1 pl. 16o. Boston, Ticknor of Fields, 1867. Amstelodami, H. Laurentius, 1644. Thaer (Albrecht). The principles of agricul- The same. Emendavit, cum adnotatione

ture. Translated by William Shaw and W. critica edidit Fridericus Wimmer. Johnson. 552 pp. 89. New York, Greeley & 348 pp. 80. Vratislavia, F. Hirt, 1842. McElrath, 1841.

Théry (Augustin François). Histoire de l'édu(Farmer's library, v. 1). Thalatta! or, the great commoner. A political

cation en France depuis le cinquième siècle

jusqu'à nos jours. 2e éd. 2 v. 412 pp; 528 romance. [anon.] vii, 371 pp. 169. London,

pp. 16°. Paris, Dezol ry, Magdeleine et Cie. Parker, son, & Bourn, 1862.

1861. Thalén (Robert). Spectralanalys, exposé och

historik. [Extract.] 3 p. 1. 68, 54 pp. 1 tab. Thévenot (Melchisedech). The art of swim8o. Upsala, Universitet, 1866.

ming. With advice for bathing. Done out Thaxter (Thomas, M. D.) A narrative of the

of French. 3d ed. 11 p. 1. 50 pp. 40 pl. 18o. proceedings in the north parish of Hingham,

London, J. Lever, 1789. from the time of Rev. Dr. Ware's leaving it, Thevet (André). Les singvlaritez de la France to the ordination of Rev. Joseph Richardson antarctiqve, avtrement nommée Amérique; et over the first church, and Mr. Henry Colman de plusieurs terres et isles découertes de nostre over the third church. [anon.] 84, 52 pp. temps. 8 p. l. 166 pp. 2 1. em. 4o. Paris, les 80. Salem, Joshua Cushing, 1807.

héritiers de Maurice de La Porte, 1557. Thayer (Capt. Simeon). Journal describing Thiébault (Dieudonné). Original anecdotes of

the perils and sufferings of the army under Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, and of col. Benedict Arnold, in its march to Quebec. his family, his court, his ministers, his acad[With STONE (Edwin M.) Invasion of Canada in

emies, and his literary friends. From the 1775. pp. 1-45. Providence, 1867).

French. 2 v. x, 433 pp; iv, 438 pp. 8o. Thayer (William M.) Youth's history of the

Philadelphia, for Robert Gray, Alexandria, rebellion, (v. 1.] Sumter to Roanoke. 5th

1806. ed. xiii, 347 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston, Walker, Wise & Co. 1864.

Thiébault (Paul Charles François Adrien Theocritus. Theocriti aliorvmqve poetarvm

Henri Dieudonné, baron de). Manuel général

du service des états-majors généraux et divisidyllia. Eiusdem epigrammata. Omnia cum

ionnaires dans les armees. interpretatione latina. In virgilianas et nas

xvi, 592 pp.

1 tab. 89. Paris, Magimel, 1813. [onianas] imitatiöes Theocriti obseruationes

Thiébaut de Berneaud (Arsène). Voyage à H. Stephani. 654 pp. 24°. [n. p.] H. Ste

Ermenonville, contenant des anecdotes inédites phanus, 1579. The same. Works. Translated by F.

sur J. J. Rousseau. vii, 300 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Fawkes. 8°. Edinburgh, 1792.

Paris, P. F. Dupont, 1819. (ANDERSON'S British poets. v. 5).

Thieme (Friedrich Wilhelm). Anfangsgründe Theoctistus. Sententiæ, etc.

der theoretischen und praktischen chemie. (With ISOCRATES. Parænesis. Ed. 1699).

viii, 232 pp. 5 pl. 12o. Leipzig, G. Wigand, Theodoretus. Historia ecclesiastica.

1839. (With HISTORIAE eccl. scriptores graeci J. Christo- Thierry (Amédée Simon Dominique). Histoire phorsono interprete, 1581 ed.] The same. Versa ab Epiphanio.

d'Attila et de ses successeurs jusqu'à l'étab(With AUCTORES hist. eccl. fol. Basileae, 1523.}

lissement des Hongrois en Europe. Suivie The same. Ecclesiastical history, trans- des légendes et traditions. 2 v. xv, lated and abridged by Mr. [Samuel] Parker. 2 p. l. 463 pp. 80. Paris, Didier & Cie. (With ECCLESIASTICAL histories, etc. 3d ed. 49. Lon. 1856. don, 1729).

Histoire des Gaulois, depuis les temps Theognis. Gnomologici libri duo. [Græce et

les plus reculés jusqu'à l'entière soumission de Latine].

la Gaule à la domination romaine. 3° éd. 3 v. [With NEANDER (Michael). Opus aureum, etc. Lipsiae, 1777).

89. Paris, J. Labitte, 1845.

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455 pp;


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