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Thierry (Jacques Nicolas Augustin). Récits [with] life ot Corinna [by herself ]. xi, lxxx,

des temps mérovingiens; précédés de con- 287 pp. 89. London, 1731. sidérations sur l'histoire de France. 2e éd. (Imperfect: wanting 1 pl.) 2 v. 463 pp; 448 pp. 80. Paris, J. Tessier, Thomas (Frederick William). An autobiogra1842.

phy of William Russell. [anon.] 119 pp. 8o. Histoire de la conquête de l'Angleterre, Baltimore, Gobright, Thorne & Co. 1852. par les Normands, de ses causes et de ses Howard Pinckney. 159 pp. 89. Lonsuites jusqu'à nos jours. 6e éd. 4 v. 89. don, 1841. Atlas, 1 p. 1. 32 pp. 14 pl. obl. 4o. Paris, J.

(Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 2).

Sketches of character, and tales founded Tessier, 1843.

on fact. 117 pp. 120. Louisville, 1849. Thierry (Jean, of Langres). Homiliarius doc

Thomas (John J.) American fruit culturist. torum, qui omeliarius dici solet: in euangelia

Illustrated. 511 pp. 120. New York, W. sacratissima dierum dominicalium ac seriato

Wood & Co. 1867. rum : qui pone pilares militantis ecclesie Hie

Farm implements, and the principles of ronymum: Augustinum: Ambrosium: Grego

their construction and use, etc. 267 pp. 12o. rium : Origenem: Io. Chrysostomum: Be

New York, Harpers, 1854. dam: et complures permagne litterature doc

Thomas (Louis, of Leipzig). Das buch der tores affabre obseruabatur. Cum additis sanc

welt. 3 v. in 1. 89. Leipzig, 0. Spamer, torum sermonibus. 143, 63 l. fol. Lugduni,

1854-55. Io. Clein, 1516.

CONTENTS. Thiers (Louis Adolphe). Histoire de la révo- v. 1. Wanderungen durch die ruinen der vergangen

heit und die riesenwerke der gegenwart. Von lution française, annotée par Félix Wouters.

Louis Thomas. viii, 192 pp. 5 pl. 10 v. 8°. Bruxelles, Wouters frères, 1845–19. v. 2, Abtheil. 1. Wanderungen nach nord und süd, ost

und west, etc. Die alte welt, von Friedrich The same. The history of the French

Körner. 2 p. I. 190 pp. 2 pl. revolution. Translated, with notes and illus

v. 2, Abtheil. 2. The same. Gesittetes und wildes leben

in der neuen welt, von Julius Moritz. vi, 182 trations, by Frederick Shoberl. 3d Am. ed.

pp. I pl. 4 v. in 2. 80. Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, Thomas (R. A. M.) An authentic account of 1844.

the most remarkable events : containing the Histoire du consulat et de l'empire, an

lives of the most noted pirates, and piracies. notée par Félix Wouters. v. 1-11. 80. Brus- Also, the most remarkable shipwrecks and elles, Ve Wouters, 1846–51.

disasters on the sea. 298, 360 pp. 25 pl. 16o. [Imperfect; v. 10 wanting).

New York, Ezra Strong, 1837. Thiersch (Bernhardt). Ueber das zeitalter Thomas (Robert, M. D.) The modern practice

und vaterland des Homer. 2e aufl. nebst der of physic, exhibiting the characters, causes, quaestio de diversa Iliadis et Odysseæ aetate. etc. and method of treating the diseases of all viii, 328 pp. 80. Halberstadt, F. A. Helm, climates. Abridged by W. Currie and D. F. 1832.

s. Condie. vi, 515 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Dobson Thiersch (Friedrich Wilhelm). Ueber gelehrte

f. son, 1817. schulen, mit besonderer rücksicht auf Bayern. Thomas (William). The historie of Italie, in2 v. 8°. Stuttgart, J.G. Cotta, 1826–27. treating of the astate of many and divers com[V. ii, pt. i, and v. iii wanting).

mon weales. 7 p. 1. 216 1. sm. 4o. London, Thilenius (Moriz Gerhard). Medicinische und Thomas Berthelet, 1549.

chirurgische bemerkungen. 2 v. Ixii, 334 pp. Thomassy (Marie Joseph Raymond). Jean 1 tab. 1 pl; xxxii, 534 pp. 80. Frankfurt am Gerson et le grand schisme d'Occident. 2e éd. Main, H. L. Brönner, 1809–14.

Ixii, 375 pp. 16°. Paris, Perisse, 1852. Thilo (G.) Die preussische disziplinargesetz- Les papes géographes, et la cartographie

gebung für die unmittelbaren und mittelbaren du Vatican. 140 pp. 8°. Paris, A. Bertrand, staatsbeamten. viii, 187 pp. 89. Berlin, J. 1852. Guttentag, 1864.

Thomassy (R.) Géologie pratique de la LouThomas Aquinas. See Aquino (Tommaso d') isiane. lxviii, 264 pp. 6 maps. 4o. NouvelleThomas (Rev. Abel C.) Autobiography. 408 Orléans, (printed at Paris), auteur, 1860. S.

pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, J. M. Usher, 1852. Thomé de Gamond. See Gamond. Thomas (Elizabeth). Pylades and Corinna; Thomé de Jésus, born Andrade (Thomé). Les or, memoirs of the lives, amours, and writings

souffrances de notre-seigneur Jésus Christ. of Richard Gwinnett and Mrs. Elizabeth En Français par le P. Alleaume. Nouv. éd. Thomas ; letters and miscellaneous pieces ;

3 v. 16o. Lyon, J. B. Kindelem, 1820.


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Thomes (William H.) The bushrangers; a female monarchy, being an enquiry into the

Yankee's adventures during his second visit nature, order, and government of bees. xliii, to Australia. 480 pp. 12o. Boston, Lee & 206 pp. 5 pl. 89. London, J. Thorley, Shepard, 1866.

1744. Thompson (Daniel Pierce). May Martin ; or, Thorn(- -, gov. of the province of Luxembourg).

the money diggers. 48 pp. 89. London, 1841. Exposé de la situation administrative de la

( HAZLITT's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 1). province de Luxembourg, adressé à la minThompson (Rev. Edward). Popular lectures istère de l'intérieur. 131, viii pp. 31 tab. 8o.

upon the differences between the church of Arlon, 1834. England and the church of Rome. xx, 417 Thornthwaite (W. H.) A guide to photo

pp. 89. London, Hatchard & son, 1845. graphy, containing simple and concise direcThompson (Pishey). Collections for a topo- tions for obtaining views, portraits, etc. and

graphical and historical account of Boston, the method of taking stereoscopic pictures, and the hundred of Skirbeck, in the county etc. 15th ed. 2 p. 1. 120 pp. 120. London, of Lincoln. iv, 382, 84 pp. 5 pl. 1 tab. 8o. Simpkin, Marshall & Co. 1858. London, Longman, 1820.

Thornton (John Wingate). The first records Thompson (General Waddy). Recollections of of Anglo-American colonization. 12 pp. 89.

Mexico. x, 304 pp. 80. New York, etc. Wiley Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1859. & Putnam, 1846.

A genealogical memoir of the Gilbert Thompson (Elder Wilson). Autobiography. family, in both old and New England. 23 pp.

With a history of the old order of regular 1 pl. 8o. [Boston, author, ] 1850. baptist churches. 497 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Cincin- Thornton (Robert John). The British flora ; nati, Moore, Wilstach g Baldwin, 1867.

or, genera and species of British plants : arThompson (Zadock). A gazetteer of the state ranged after the reformed sexual system,

of Vermont. 310 pp. 21. 1 map. 3 pl. 16°. [etc.] 5 v. in 1. 89. London, author, 1812. s. Montpelier, E. P. Walton, 1824.

(Wanting plates). The Green Mountain repository for the Thornton (William, M.D.) Cadmus; or, a year 1832. v. 1. 284 pp. 12o. Burlington, treatise on the elements of written language. (Vt.) Edward Smith, 1832.

With an essay on teaching the deat and dumb History of the state of Vermont to 1832.

to speak. 110 pp. 1 tab. 89. Philadelphia, 252 pp. 16o. Burlington, (Vt.) Edward Smith, R. Aitken, 1793. 1833.

The same. 89. Philadelphia, 1793. 8. History of Vermont, natural, civil, and Outlines of a constitution for United statistical, in three parts. iv, 224, 224, 204 North and South Columbia. 14 pp. 89. pp. 89. Burlington, author, 1842.

Washington, 1815.
Thomson (C. G.) Skandinaviens coleoptera (With THORNTON (W.) Cadmus. ]

synoptiskt bearbetade. 8 v. 89. Lund, För- Political economy; founded in justice fattare, 1860-66.

and humanity. By W.T. [anon.] 24 pp. 8o. (v. 1 wanting).

Washington, S. H. Smith, 1804.

S. Thomson (James). Poetical works. 80. Edin- ( With THORNTON (W.) Cadmus.) burgh, 1794.

Thorowgood (Rev. Thomas). Iewes in Ameri(Anderson's British poets, v. 9).

ca; or, probabilities that the Americans are Thomson (Mrs. Katherine Byerley). Memoirs of that race. 20 p.1. 136 pp. 3 1.

sm. 4o. of the life of Sir Walter Raleigh. 287 pp. 120. London, Tho. Slater, 1650. Philadelphia, Gihon & Smith, 1846.

Jews in America ; or, probabilities that Thomson (William). Military memoirs, re- those Indians are Judaical made more proba

lating to campaigns, battles, and stratagems ble by some additionals to the former conjecof war, antient and modern. xxiv, 588 pp. tures. [With a] discourse of John Elliot 89. London, J. Johnson, 1804.

touching their origination, and the vindicaThorburn (Grant). Forty years' residence in tion of the planters. 5 p. 1. 33 pp. 4 1. 28,

America, written by himself. 264 pp. 120. 67 pp. sm. 4o. London, Henry Brome, 1660. Boston, Russell, Odiorne f. Metcalf, 1834. Thorpe (Benjamin). Analecta anglo-saxonica.

Men and manners in Britain, being notes A selection, in prose and verse, from Anglofrom a journal in 1833-4. 187 pp. 120. New Saxon authors of various ages; with a glosYork, Wiley f Long, 1831.

sary. xii, 268 pp. 89. London, J.f. A. Arch, Thorley (Rev. John). Melisselogia; or the 1834.


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Thorvaldsen ( Bertel). Den danske billed- gentlemen's seats in England. From original

hugger Bertel Thorvaldsen og hans værker, drawings. 82 pl. obl. 44. London, Edwards, ved J. M. Thiele. 2 v. xxiv, 174 pp; 196 [about 1795]. pp. atlas, 2 v. 81 pl ; 78 pl. 4o. Kjöbenhavn, Thucydides. [De bello peloponnesiaco litori Thiele, 1831–32.

viii). Cvm commentariis antiqvis et valde The same. Thorvaldsen og hans værker. vtilibvs. [Græce; edente Ant. Francino). Texten forkortet efter Thiele, ved F. C. Hil- 6 p.1. 159 pp. 11. fol. Florentiæ, Bernardus lerup. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 44 pp. 2 tab. 79 pl; 1 p. I. Junta, 1526. 58 pp. 79 pl. [80—158.] 4o. Kjöbenhavn, C. The same. The history of the PeloponA. Reitzel, 1842–43.

nesian war.

Translated from the Greek, Thou (Jacques Auguste de). The history of [with] preliminary discourses, by William the bloody massacres of the protestants in

Smith. New ed. 2 v. xxiv, lxxi, 427 pp; 2 1572, written in Latin, and translated into p. I. 398 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 89. London, J. English. [By Edward Stephens). 3 p. I. Walker & others, 1812. 66 pp. sm. 4o. London, John Leigh, 1674.

The same. Histoire grecque; traduite A true narration of that horrible con- en Français, par J. B. Gail. 3 v. in 2. 89. spiracy against king James and the whole Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1829. parliament of England, commonly called the Thuet (Melchior Jacob). Disquisitiones anagun-powder treason, translated from Latin tomicæ psittacorum. 36 pp. 2 pl. 4o. Tuinto English. [By Edward Stephens]. 24 pp.

rici, Orelli, Fuesslini et soc. 1838. 8m. 4o. London, John Leigh, 1674.

Thun (Johann Paul). Verzeichniss neuerbücher ( With THOU (J. A. de). History of the bloody mas. mit einschluss der landkarten und sonstiger sacres. London, 1674).

im buchhandel vorkommender artikel zu Thoughts on the Canada bill now depending finden bei Julius Klinkhardt. 4er 7er jahrin parliament. [anon.] 50 pp. 89. London,

gang. 16 v. in 4. 12o. Leipzig, Klinkhardt, J. Debrett, 1791.

1846–49. Thouvenel (Pierre). Mélanges d'histoire na- Thunberg (Carl Peter). Reise durch einen turelle, de physique, et de chimie. Mémoires

theil von Europa, Afrika, und Asien, hauptsur l'aérologie et l'électrologie. [anon.] 3 v.

sächlich in Japan, 1770–79. Aus dem Schwe89. Paris, Valade, 1806.

dischen frei übersetzt von Chr. H. Groskurd. Three ballads concerning the times: consisting 2 v. 10 p. 1. 266 pp. 5 pl ; 6 p. 1. xvi, 264 of, i. The royal embassy. ii. A humoursom

pp. 89. Berlin, Haude of Spener, 1792-94. ditty to Dr. Sacheverell's back friends. iii. A Thurn (Wilhelm Friedrich). Beiträge zur gescure for religious disputes. [anon.] 8 pp. chichte und kritik des verfahrens bei freihan16o. London, [about 1710).

diger ausziehung des kindes. iv, 195 pp. 89. Three (The) holy kings. [anon.] 3p. 1. 31 pp. Friedberg, Bindernagel, 1860. 6 photog. pl. 89. New York, Hurd & Hough- Thurston (Elizabeth A.) The little wrinkled

old man: a christmas extravaganza; and Three letters to lord Brougham on the execu- other trifles. 124 pp. 160. Boston, W. V. tion in Upper Canada of the traitors Lount

Spencer, 1866. and Matthews. By a British subject. [From Thurston (J.) Illustrations of Lord Byron's the London Times. anon.] 18 pp. 89. Lon- poem, The corsair. 2 p. 1. 7 pl. 89. London, don, John Murray, [1838 ?]

T. Tegg, 1814.
Three (The) rivals; or Theodora, the Spanish (Miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 56).

widow. Translated from the French. [anon.] Tibullus (Albius). Elegies. Translated from 26 pp. 80. London, [1841 ?]

the Latin by James Grainger. 8°. Edinburgh, (Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's library, v. 5).


(Anderson's British poets, v. 5). Three years among the working classes of the Tickell (Thomas). Poetical works. 8o. EdinUnited States. By the author of “Auto

burgh, 1794. biography of a beggar boy. [anon.] 120.

(Anderson's British poets, v. 8). London, 1865.

Ticknor (Almon). A key to Ticknor's mensuThree years in field hospitals of the army of the ration, [etc.] 132 pp. 12o. Pottsville, (Pa.)

Potomac. By Mrs. H. [anon.] 131 pp. 120. B. Bannan, 1850.
Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1867.

The youth's columbian calculator: being Throsby (John). New copper-plate magazine, an introductory course on arithmetic. 96 pp.

containing select views of noblemen's and 120. Pottsville, Pa. B. Bannan, 1848.


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ton, 1868.

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Ticozzi (Stefano). Dizionario dei pittori dal [for 1866 and 1867). 2 v. 16o. London,

rinnovamento delle belle arti fino al 1800. 2 Lockwood Co. 1866–67.
v. xv, 328 pp; 363 pp. 89. Milano, V. Fer- Times (The). (London daily]. Oct. 1866 to
rario, 1818.

Dec. 1867. 5 v. fol. London, 1866-67.
Tieck (Christian Friedrich). Verzeichniss von

"Times" (The London) on the American war; werken der Della Robbia, majolica. glasma- a historical study. By L. S. [anon.] 107 pp. lereien, u. 8. W. welche in den neben-sälen

89. London, W. Ridgway, 1865. der sculpturen-gallerie des königl. museums Timkovski, (Georj). Reise nach China durch zu Berlin aufgestellt sind. vi, 139 pp. 80.

die Mongoley in der jahren, 1820 und 1821. Berlin, Druckerei der k. akad. der wissenschaf

Aus dem Russischen übersetzt von J. A. E. ten, 1835.

Schmidt. 3 v. in 1. 8°. Wien, Kaulfuss & Tieck (Johann Ludwig). La réconciliation:

Krammer, 1826. légende, traduction de E. de La Bédollierre.

Timmins (Samuel). The resources, products, 20 pp. 120. Paris, 1842. (Included in PLÉIADE, (La)).

and industrial history of Birmingham, and the Tiedemann (Friedrich). Icones cerebri simi

midland hardware district. xiii, 721 pp. 89. arum et quorundam mammalium rariorum. London, R. Hardwicke, 1866. 55 pp. 10 pl. fol. Heidelbergae, Mohr & Tingry (P. F.) Painter and varnisher's guide. Winter, 1821.

xlii, 540 pp. 5 pl. 89. London, G. Kearsley, Anatomy of the foetal brain; with a com- 1804. parative account of its structure in animals. Tiraboschi (Girolamo). Storia della letteraTranslated by William Bennett. xviii, 324 tura italiana. 2a ed. modenese (con notizie

pp. 14 pl. 120. Edinburgh, Carfrae, 1826. s. della vita di Tiraboschi dall'ab. C. Ciocchi). Tiffany (Joel). A treatise on government and 9 v. in 10. 4o. Modena, Societa tipografica,

constitutional law, being an inquiry into the 1787-94.
source and limitation of governmental author- Tischendorff (Lobgott Friedrich Constantin).
ity, according to the American theory. 398, Prolegomena. Commentarius. Tabulae. See

179 pp. 80. Albany, W. C. Little, 1867. Bible (Greek). Bibliorum codex sinaiticus, Tilke (Samuel Westcott). An autobiographical 1862.

memoir, and a full description of his mode of Titan Agonistes; the story of an outcast. [anon.] treating diseases. xl, 399 pp. 1 pl. 89. Lon- 544 pp. 120. New York, G. W. Carleton & Co. don, S. W. Tilke, 1840.

1867. Tillard (John). Future rewards and punish- Tite (William, architect). A descriptive cata

ments believed by the ancients; particularly logue of the antiquities found in the excavathe philosophers. [With) an address to free- tions at the new royal exchange, preserved in thinkers. [anon.] ix, 230 pp. 89. London, the museum of the corporation of London, etc. M. Steen, 1740.

With some particulars and suggestions relat-
Tillet (Matthieu). Histoire d'un insecte qui ing to Roman London. xlv, 96 pp. 11. 1 pl.

devore les grains de L'Angoumois). See 89. London, Corporation, 1848.
Duhamel du Monceau, and Tillet.

Titus (Col. Silas). Killing no murder; briefly
Tillier (Rodolphe). Translation of a memorial discoursed in three questions. [3d ed.] 2 p. I.

of Rodolphe Tillier's justification of the ad- 27 pp. sm. 4o. London, 1689.
ministration of Castorland, N. Y. 16 pp. 80. Tixier de Ravisi (Jean). Epitheta. Praepositi
Rome, (N. Y.) Thos. Walker, 1800.

fuerunt de prosodia lib. iv. cum perpulchris Tilton (Theodore). The sexton's tale, and G. Sabini præceptis de carminibus. 134 pp.

other poems. 173 pp. 16o. New York, Sheldon 501 l. 16o. Tolosa, Vidua J. Colomeri, 1606. & Co. 1867.

Theatrvm poeticvm atqve historicvm; Timberlake (Lieut. Henry ). Memoirs of siue officina, post Conr. Lycosthenis vigilias

travels to and from the Cherokee nation, with redacta: cum cornvcopiæ libello. 16 p. I. 942 a description of the country, government, pp. 351. 16o. Basileae, C. Waldkirch, 1610. genius, and customs of that nation. viii, 160 Tobold (Adelbert). Chronic diseases of the

pp. 1 map. 89. London, J. Ridley, 1765. larynx, with special reference to laryngoscoTimbs (John). English eccentrics and eccen- pic and local therapeutics. Translated from

tricities. 2 v. viii, 319 pp; vii, 320 pp. 120. the German, and edited by G. M. Beard. With London, R. Bentley, 1866.

an introduction. xvii, 279 pp. 89. New York, Year-book of facts in science and art Wood & Co. 1868.

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Tocqueville (Charles Alexis Henri Maurice! Longinum gustus. 4 p. 1. 36 pp. 24°. Lugduni

Clérel de). Oeuvres complètes. 98. 89. Batar. Daniel à Gaesbeeck, 1677.
Paris, Léry, 1864-66.

( With CICERO (M. T.) Oratio pro A. Licinio Archia.

240. Lugdun. Batav. 1677).

Tolomeo. See Ptolemæus (C.) v. 1-3. De la démocratie en Amérique.

Tolstoy (G). Notice sur la nouvelle serre de v. 4. L'ancien régime et la révolution.

palmiers. v. 5-7. Correspondance et oeuvres posthumes. v. 8. Mélanges : fragments historiques, et notes sur [In SAINT PÉTERSBOURG. Jardin botanique impérial l'ancien régime, la révolution, et l'empire.

de). Notes de voyages. v. 9. Études économiques, politiques et littéraires.

Tomes (Robert, M. D.) Battles of America, by

sea and land. 3 v. 4°. New York, Tirtue of: Démocratie en Amérique. 2 v. xxviii,

Co. 1861. 413 pp; 509 pp. 180. Bruxelles, Hauman et

The Champagne country. xv, 231 pp. Cie. 1835. The same. [7e éd.?]

16o. New York, Hurd f Houghton, 1867. v. 3-4 in 1. 80.

The war with the South. A history of Paris, C. Gosselin, 1840.

the late rebellion, with biographical sketches. Tod (Col. James). Travels in western India;

Continued to the end of the war, by Benj. G. embracing a visit to the sacred mounts of the

Smith. 3 v. 70 pl. 11 maps. 4°. New York, Jains, and the most celebrated shrines of

Virtue &: Yorston, [1867]. Hindu faith, between Rajpootana and the

The same. Krieg mit dem Suden, umfasIndus. lx, 518 pp. 9 pl. 4o. London, Allen

sende schilderung des ursprungs und verlaufs & Co. 1839. Toda (Henry Joh). Illustrations of the lives

der rebellion. Nach dem Englischen, fortge

führt vom anfang des Jahres 1864 bis zum and writings of Gower and Chaucer. xlvii,

schluss des krieges, von B. G. Smith. 2 v. 4o. 394 pp. 2 pl. 89. London, Rirington, 1810.

New York, Virtue & Yorston, 1863-66.
Life of archbishop Cranmer. 2 v. xxiv,

Tomácek (Josef Slavomir). Lehrbuch der böh394 pp; xi, 541 pp. 2 pl. 89. London, C. &

mischen sprache für Deutsche. 4 p. I. 299 pp. F. Rirington, 1831.

8°. Praj. J. G. Calve, 1851.

S. Todd (John, D. D.) Hints and thoughts for Christians. 260 pp. 120. New York, Am.

Tomlin (John). Tales of the Caddo. 110 pp.

89. Cincinnati, Stratton & Barnard, 1849. tract society, 1867. Todd (S. Edwards). The young farmer's man

Tomlinson (Charles). Rudimentary treatise on ual; or, how to make farning pay, giving warming and ventilation. 2 p. 1. 260 pp. 120. details of farm management; with a chapter

London, J. Weale, 1850. on soils, [etc.] v. 2. v, 418 pp. 1 portrait.

Tompson (Martin K.) Telegraph cipher for 12o. New York, G. W. Woodward, 1867.

transmitting telegrams in a condensed form. Todhunter (Isaac). History of the mathemat

72 pp. 32°. [New York], 1867. ical theory of probability, from the time of Tong (William). An account of the life and Pascal to that of Laplace. xvi, 624 pp. 89.

death of Matthew Henry. 283 pp. 189. Lon

don, M. Lawrence, 1716. Cambridge, Macmillan and Co. 1865. Toelken. See Tölken.

Tonti (lechevalier). Dernières découvertes dans Toeppen. See Töppen.

l'Amérique Septentrionale de M. de La Sale. Tolhausen (Dr.

2 p. l. 333 pp. 101. 16°. Paris, Jean Guigand F.) and Desnos

nard, 1687. Gardissal (C.) Technological dictionary in

Tooke (Andrew). The pantheon; representing the English, French, and German languages,

the fabulous histories of the heathen gods, and comprising the technical terms of arts and

most illustrious heroes. 29th ed. 2 p. l. 359 manufactures. 3 v. 12°. Paris, Hennuyer,

pp. 161. 26 pp. 16o. Dublin, P. Wogan, 1792. 1854-5.


Tooke (John Horne). Epea pteroenta; or, the CONTENTS.

diversions of Purley. 1st Am. ed. 2 v. 5 p. 1. Part i. Français-anglois-allemand. xi, 402 pp.

ii. English, French and German. ix, 475 pp. 432 pp; 5 p. 1. 463 pp. 14 l. 89. Philadelphia, iii. Deutsch-englisch-französisch. xv, 658 pp.

Wm. Duane, 1806-7. Tölken (Ernst Heinrich). Erklärendes ver- Tooke (Thomas). An inquiry into the cur

zeichniss der antiken geschnittenen steine der rency principle. 2d ed. viii, 165 pp. 89. königlich preussischen gemmensammlung. London, Longman, 1844. lxviii, 462 pp. 89. Berlin, Druckerei der k. Töpffer (Rodolphe). Nouvelles génevoises. akad. der wissenschaften, 1835.

Illustrées d'après les dessins de l'auteur. 4e Toll (Jacob). Animadversionum criticarum ad éd. 372 pp. 37 pl. 16°. Paris, Garnier, 1855.



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