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Tredgold (Thomas, editor). Tracts on hy- dem contra Christi fidem persecvtione exorta,

draulics. 2d ed. ix, 219 pp. 7 pl. 89. Lon- anno M.D.CXII vsq. ad annvm M.D.cxx libri don, M. Taylor, 1836.

qvinq. 8 p. 1. 518 pp. sm. 4o. Monachii, 1623. CONTENTS.

Trigueros (Candido Maria de). La Riada. De1. SMEATON (John). Experimental inquiry concern- scribese la terrible inundacion que molestò a

ing the natural powers of water and wind to turn mills, etc. Experimental examination of the Sevilla, 1783–84. xxvi, 115 pp. 89. Sevilla, quantity and proportion of mechanical power Vazquez y comp. 1784. necessary to be employed in giving different de grees of velocity to heavy bodies from a state of Trimmer (Mrs. Sarah Kirby). An essay on rest; fundamental experiments upon the collision

christian education. 4 p. I. 339 pp. 89. Lonof bodies. 2. VESTURI (Giovanni Battista). Experimental in- don, F. f. J. Rirington, 1812.

quiries on the motion of fluids. 3. EYTELWEIN (Johann Albert). Summary of hydrau- Trip (A) from Boston to Littleton, through the lics; abridged by Thomas Young.

notch of the White Mountains. By B. K. Z. Treitschke (Johann Friedrich). Fortsetzung

[anon.] 30 pp. 89. Washington, J. Gideon, jr. des ochsenheimer'schen Schmetterlinge von 1836. Europa.

Tristan l'Hermite (François ). See L'HerLOCISENHEIMER (F.) Schmetterlinge, etc. v. 5–10).

mite (François). Treitzsaurwein von Erntreitz (Marcus). Der Trithemius or Trittenheim (Johann). Liber weiss kunig. Eine erzehlung von den thaten

lugubris de statu et ruina monastici ordinis. kaiser Maximilian des ersten. 8 p. 1. 310

30 1. sm. 4o. [Moguntiæ, Petrus Friedberg, Pp. 237 pl. fol. Wien, J. Kurzböckens,

1493). 1775.


Triumphant deaths of pious children. In the Trembley (Abraham). Mémoires pour servir

Choctaw language. By missionaries of the à l'histoire d'un genre de polypes d'eau douce.

Am. board of foreign missions. [anon.] 54 2 v. xix, 310 pp. 10 pl ; 351 pp. 10 pl. 12o.

pp. 18o. Boston, Am. board for. miss. 1835. Paris, Durand, 1744.

Troianski (J. K.) Ausführliches polnischTrench (Richard Chenevix). Select glossary

deutsches handwörterbuch zum gebrauche of English words used formerly in senses

für Deutsche und Polen. Neu ausgearbeitet different from their present. xi, 218 pp. 12o.

2 v. 1148 pp. 8°. Posen, E. S. Mittler, New York, Blakeman f. Mason, 1859.

1835-36. Trenchard (John), and Gordon (Thomas); Trollope (Anthony). The last chronicle of Cato's letters, [upon various publick and

Barset. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 381 pp; 2 p. 1. 384 pp. 32 important subjects. anon.] 4 v. 16o. London,

pl. 180. London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1867. W. ITilkins, 1723-24.

North America. vii, 623 pp. 120. New Trenton (N. J.) city directory, 1837. Compiled

York, Harpers, 1862. by William H. Boyd. vi, 221 pp. 1 pl. 12o.

The warden. 238 pp. 16o. New York, Trenton, C. Scott & Co. 1857.

Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862. Tressan (Louis Elizabeth de La Vergne, comte

The West Indies and the Spanish main. de). Histoire de Robert, surnommé le brave. xií , 259 pp. 1 pl. 89. Londres, A. Dulau d Trollope ( Thomas Adolphus). Gemma. A

385 pp. 12o. New York, Harpers, 1860. Co. 1800.

novel. 443 pp. 129. Philadelphia, PeterTreviranus (Gottfried Reinhold).

Die erscheinungen und gesetze des organischen Tröltsch (Anton von). Die krankheiten des lebens. Neu dargestellt. 3 v. in 2. viii, 456

ohres. 2° aufl. x, 262 pp. 80. Würzburg, PP; 234, 196 pp. 89. Bremen, J. G. Heyse,

Stahel, 1862. 1831-33.

Troost (Gerard). Third [to eighth] geological (and Ludolf Christian). Vermischte

reports to the 21st, [22d, 23d, 24th, 25th, and schriften anatomischen und physiologischen

26th] general assembly of the state of Teninhalts. 4 v. in 3. 4°. Göttingen, J. F. Römer,

nessee. 8 v. in 1. 89. Nashville, State printers, J. G. Heyse, 1816-21.

1835-45. Tribune (The) almanac and political register

(NOTE.—The first and second reports were never for 1864-68. 5 v. 120. New York, Tribune

published). association, 1864–68.

Troschel (Franz Hermann). Das gebiss der Tridace-Nafé-Théobrômede Kaout't'Chouk. schnecken, zur begründung einer natürlichen (pseudon.) See Delmotte (H. F.)

classification untersucht. v. 1-2. viii, 252 pp. Trigault (Nicolas). De christianis apvd 20 1. 20 pl; 96 pp. 8 pl. 8 1. 4o. Berlin, G.

Japonios trivmphis; sive de gravissima ibi- Parthey, 1856–68.

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son, 1868.

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Troschel (Franz Hermann).

System der

of the M. E. church. 3d ed. 136 pp. 16o. asteriden. See Müller (Johannes), and New York, Foster & Palmer, jr. 1867. Troschel

Trumbull (Benjamin, D.D.) A century sermon; Trotti (Alberto). Tractatus ieiunii. 22 1. 4o. or, sketches of the history of the eighteenth Norimbergæ, F. Creüssner, 1477.

century. 36 pp. 89. Newhaven, Read & Morse, Trow (John F.) Specimens of type in [his] 1801.

printing and stereotyping establishment. 80. Trumbull (John). M'Fingal: a modern epic New York, J. F. Trow, 1851.

poem. 2d ed. vii, 136 pp. 9 pl. 89. New Troward (Richard). A collection of the sta- York, E. Low, 1810. tutes in force relative to elections down to the

The same.

With explanatory notes. present time. 2d ed. 11 p. 1. 357, c pp. 251. 184 pp. 180. Boston, John G. Scobie, 1826. 89. London, J. Butterworth, 1796.

Trussell (John). Continuation of the collecThe same.

Continuation to the present tion of the history of England. 4 p. I. 263 time. 61 pp. 89. London, J. Butterworth,


sm. fol. London, D. Pakeman, 1641. 1802.

| With DANIEL (Samuel). The collection of the his( With the preceding).

tory of England. 1650 ed.] Trowbridge (J. T.) The ferry-boy and the

The same. [Richard II to Richard III. financier. [anon.] 332 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston,

inclusive]. 4 p. 1. 260 pp. sm. fol. London, Walker, frise & Co. 1864.

E. Dawson, 1636).
Neighbors' wives. 318 pp. 12o. Bos- ( With DANIEL (S.) Collection of the hist. of England.

1634). ton, Lee f Shepard, 1867.

Truth's advocate and monthly anti-Jackson Troy, (N. Y.) Directory for 1867; including West Troy, Cohoes, Lansingburgh, and

expositor. (Jan-Oct. 1828.] 2 p. 1. 400 pp. Green Island. Sampson, Davenport & Co.

89. Cincinnati, Lodge, L'Hommedieu, and

Hammond, 1828. compilers. v. 39. 332 pp. 89. Troy, W. H. Young, (1867).

Truxtun (Thomas). Remarks, instructions,

and examples relating to the latitude and lonTroy young men's association. Catalogue of

gitude; [with] chart of the globe, and short the library. iv, 230 pp. 8o. Troy, N. Y.

account of winds, calms, and currents met in association, 1859. The same. [With appendix.] Supple

voyages, and appendix [relating] to the gen

eral duties of officers on ships of war. 3 p. 1. mentary catalogue of books in the library. 2 v. in 1. iv, 230 pp; 2 p. 1. 111 pp. 89. Troy,

105, xxvi pp. 1 map. 1 pl. sm. fol. PhilaN. Y. association, etc. 1859–66.

delphia, T. Dobson, 1794.

Tschihatscheff. See Tchihacheff. Troyon (Frédéric). Habitations lacustres des

Tschitschagoff(Wassilji Jakowlewitsch, Rustemps anciens et modernes. xii, 495 pp. 17 pl.

sian admiral). Reise nach dem eismeer. 80. 89. Lausanne, G. Bridel, 1860.

St. Petersburg, Logan, 1793. Trübner (Nicolas). Bibliographical guide to

Tschudi (Friedrich von). Das thierleben der American literature; being a classified list of

Alpenwelt. Naturansichten und thierzeichbooks, (etc.) published in the United States during the last forty years. With an intro

nungen aus dem schweizerischen gebirge. duction (etc.) and an index. xxxii, 108 pp. Tschudi (Johann Jakob von). Die Kechua

xvi, 560 pp. 89. Leipzig, Weber, 1853. 120. London, Trübner & Co. 1855. Trübner's American and oriental literary rec

sprache. 2 v. in 1. iv, 268 pp; vi, 110 pp. 80. ord. A monthly register of the most import

Wien,k.- k. hof. und staatsdruckerei, 1853. s.

Reisen durch Südamerika. 3 v. 80. ant works published, etc. March 1865 to Feb.

Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1866–67. $. 1868. 3 v. 89. London, Trübner & Co.

Untersuchungen über die fauna peruana. 1865-67.

xxx, 316, 80, 35 pp. 54 pl. fol. St. Gallen, True (A) and impartial narrative of arbitrary

Scheitlin & Zollikofer, 1844–46. proceedings, by certain justices of the peace, Tucker (Benjamin). Sacred and profane hisand others, against innocent non-conformists

tory epitomized; with a continuation of modin and near Bedford. With an account of the sudden death of the grand informer against

ern history to the present time. 338 pp. 16o.

Philadelphia, J. Johnson, 1806. these poor people. [anon.] 15 pp. sm. 4o.

Tucker (Rev. H. H.) Happiness to be found [n. p.] 1670.

only in the discharge of duty, a sermon. True method of promoting perfect love. From

( With Wake Forrest college, Commencement ex. debates in the New York preachers' meeting ercises, 1854),

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son, 1867.


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Tucker (Henry St. George). A few lectures an appendix, containing an account of notable

on natural law. 224 pp. 120. Charlottesville, pictures and private collections. xi, 639 pp. (Va.) J. Alexander, 1844.

1 portrait. 89. New York, G. P. Putnam & Tucker (James, M. D.) Essay on the nature

and treatment of cholera and feyer, with re- Maga papers about Paris. 16°. New marks on the cattle plague. 40 pp. 80. Dub- York, G. P. Putnam di 1867. lin, John Falconer, 1865.

The sad bird of the Adriatic. 10 pp. 80. Tucker (Josiah, D. D.) Berufung auf die London, 1841.

gerechtigkeit und den vortheil der groszbrit- (Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's library. v. 2). tanischen nation in den gegenwärtigen strei- Tudor (William). Letters on the eastern states. tigkeiten mit Amerika. 68 pp. 80. Braun- [anon.] 356 pp. 80. New York, Kirk & Merschweig, F. Waisenhaus, 1777.

cein, 1820. ( With REMER (J. A.) Americanisches archiv. v. 2). Tuel (John E.) St. Clair; or, the protegé; a

Zweyte berufung auf die gerechtigkeit tale of the federal city. viii, 142 pp. 89. und den vortheil des volks, in absicht der Washington, W. Q. Force, 1846. maaszregeln gegen Amerika. 86 pp. 80. Tukic (Francis). Zemljopis i poviestnica Braunschweig, F. Waisenhaus, 1777.

Bosne. Od Slavoljuba Bosnjaka. [pseudon.] ( With REMER (J. A.) Americanisches archiv. v. 2] 10 pp. 11. 164 pp. 80. Zagrebu, L. Gaja,

Ein demüthige vorstellung an diejenigen 1851. verehrungswürdigen personen in Groszbrit- Tulasne (Louis René and Charles). Fungi tanien und Ireland, welche geschicktesten

hypogæi. Histoire et monographie des chamsind zu urtheilen, und die tüchtigsten zu ent

pignons hypogées. xix, 222 pp. 21 pl. 4o. scheiden, ob est für das beste der nation mit

Parisiis, F. Klincksieck, 1851. den amerikanischen colonien vereiniglit zu Tully (William, M. D.) Materia medica ; or, bleiben oder sich von ihnen zu trennen. 82

pharmacology and therapeutics. v. i. (in 2 pp. 80. Braunschweig, Waisenhaus, 1777.

parts). xi, 1534, viii pp. 89. Springfield, ( With REMER (J. A.) Amerikanisches archiv. v.2).

(Mass.) J. Church, 1857–58. Tucker (Mary E.) Poems. x, 216 pp. 2 por

No more published). traits. 16o. New York, M. Doolady, 1867. Tupper (Martin Farquhar). A hymn for all Tucker (N. Beverly, prof. William and Mary nations, 1851. Translated into thirty lancoll. Va.) George Balcombe. A novel. [anon.]

guages. 2d ed. 72 pp. 89. London, T. Bret2 v. 282 pp; 319 pp. 120. New York, Har

tell, 1851.

Turba philosophorum. See Morgenstern Tucker (Pomeroy). Origin, rise, and progress

(Philipp, editor). of mormonism. Biography of its founders, Turbolo (Giovanni Donato). Discorsi sulle and history of its church. Personal remem

monete del regno di Napoli. brances and historical collections hitherto un

[SCRITTORI class. ital. di econ. pol. v. 42). written. 302 pp. 4 pl. 120. New York, Apple- Turgenieff (Ivan Sergheïevitch). Father and tons, 1867.

sons; a novel. Translated by Eugene Schuyler. Tuckerman (Edward). An enumeration of

viii, 248 pp. 16o, New York, Leypoldt & Holt, North American lichens, with a preliminary

1867. view of the structure and general history of Turnbull (John). A voyage round the world these plants, and of the Friesian system. To

in the years 1800 to 1804. 1st Amer. ed. 364 which is prefixed, an essay on the natural

pp. 12°. Philadelphia, B. f. T. Kite, 1810. systems of Oken, Fries, and Endlicher. vi, Turnbull (Robert J.) Visit to the Philadelphia 59 pp. 89. Cambridge, (Mass.) J. Owen,

prison. With observations on the impolicy of 1845.


capital punishment. 93 pp. 89. London, James A synopsis of the lichens of New Eng.

Phillips & son, 1797. land, the other northern states, and British Turnbull (William, U. S. A.) Drawings accomAmerica. v,93 pp. 89. Cambridge, (Mass.)

panying a report on the survey and construcG. Nichols, 1848.

tion of the Alexandria aqueduct. [35 pl. etc.) Tuckerman (Henry Theodore). Book of the

obl. fol. [Washington, ] Govt. printer, 1838. s. artists. American artist life; comprising Turner (Daniel). A short history of the Westbiographical and critical sketches of American

minster forum. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 14 p. 1. 422 artists; preceded by an historical account of

pp; 2 p. 1. 223 pp. 89. London, T. Cadell, the rise and progress of art in America. With

pers, 1836.


etc. 1781.




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man, 1851.

pp. 89.

Turner (Jacob). Genealogy of the descendants Twining (Elizabeth). Short lectures on plants,

of Humphrey Turner; with family records. for schools and adult classes. xi, 369 pp. In two parts. 63 pp. 80. Boston, David Turner, 16o. London, D. Nutt, 1858. 1852.

Twiss (Travers). Epitome of Niebuhr's history Turner (William). Journal of a tour in the of Rome. See Niebuhr (B. G.)

Levant. [Illustrated.] 3 v. 2 maps. 89. Twisse (William, D. D.) A treatise of Mr. London, J. Murray, 1820.

[John] Cotton's, clearing certaine doubts conTurpin (Pierre Jean François). Iconographie cerning predestination, with an examination

végétale; ou, organisation des végétaux illus- thereof. [Also, a ms. sermon in stenograph trée au moyen de figures analytiques. Avec by Benj. Woodbridge, dated 1656.] 4 p. I. un texte explicatif et une notice biographique 288 pp. 81. sm. 4o. London, A. Crook, 1616. sur M. Turpin, par A. Richard. xii, 144 pp. Tyas (Robert). Flowers and heraldry. xiv, 61 pl. 89. Paris, Panckoucke, 1841.

238 pp. 24 pl. 18°, London, Houlston & StoneTurrecremata (J. de). See Torquemada. Turrell (Rev. Ebenezer). The life and charac- Flowers from foreign lands: their bis

ter of Rev. Benjamin Colman. 9 p. 1. 238 pp. tory and botany. With groups of flowers,

89. Boston, Rogers & Foule, etc. 1749. coloured by J. Andrews. ix, 198 pp. 12 pl. Tursellinus. See Torsellini.

16o. London, Houlston & Stone man, 1853. Turton (Thomas, D. D. bishop of Ely). A Tyers (Thomas). Dramatic conversations.

vindication of the literary character of the [anon.] iv, 96 pp. 89. London, J. Nichols, late professor [Richard] Porson, from the 1782. animadversions of Thomas Burgess, in various ( With his Political conferences, etc. London, 1781). publications on 1 John, v.7. By Crito Can- An historical essay on Mr. Addison. tabrigiensis. [pseudon.) viii, 404

[anon.] viii, 92 pp. 89. London, 1783. Cambridge, J. & J. Deighton, 1827.

( With his Political conferences, etc. London, 1781). Turton (William). Conchylia [dithyra) insu- An historical rhapsody on Mr. Pope.

larum britannicarum. The [bivalve] shells 2d ed. xi, 143 pp. 89. London, T. Cadell, of the British islands. xlvii, 279 pp. 20 pl.

1782. 4o. London, M. A. Nattali, 1822.

( With his Political conferences, etc. London, 1781). Manual of the land and fresh-water shells

Political conferences between several of the British islands. viii, 150 pp. 10 pl.

great men in the last and present century. 2d 120. London, Longmans, 1831.

ed. 9 p. 1. 192 pp. 89. London, T. (adell, The same.

1781. New ed. Enlarged by John Edward Gray. ix, 324 pp. 12 pl. 89. Lon- Tyler (Bennet, D. D.) Memoir of the life and don, Longmans, 1840.

character of Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D. D. 2d Tustin (Rev. Josiah Phillip). A discourse de

ed. 367 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Hartford, Robins livered at the dedication of the new church

& Smith, 1845. edifice of the baptist church and society in Tyler (Edward Royall). The congregational Warren, (R. I.) May 8, 1845. 193 pp. 18o.

catechism. A survey of the government and Providence, H. H. Brown, 1845.

discipline of christian churches. 137 pp. 18o. Twain (Mark, pseud.) See Clemens (Samuel).

New Haven, A. H. Maltby, 1844. Tweddell (John). Remains, being a selection Tyler (William Seymour). The theology of the of his correspondence, a republication of his

Greek poets. 365 pp. 12o. Boston, Draper Prolusiones juveniles, an appendix, etc. pre

& Halliday, 1867. ceded by a memoir by Rev. R. Tweddell

. Tyndale (William). Doctrinal treatises and [With) a vindication of the editor against the

introductions to different portions of the holy earl of Elgin and others. 2d ed. viii, 575,

scriptures. Edited by Rev. H. Walter. Ixxvi, 179 pp. 12 pl. 4o. London, J. Mawman, 1816.

532 pp. 89. Cambridge, Univ. press, 1848.

[Parker society publications). Twenty essays on literary and philosophical subjects. [anon.] 306 pp. 16o. Dublin, R.

CONTENTS. White, 1791.

Biographical notice; Pathway into the holy scrip.

ture; Parable of wicked mammon; Obedience Twice lost. A novel. By the author of Queen of a christian man; Of the sacrainents; Prologues Isabel. [anon.] 323 pp. 120. London, l'ir

to various books of the O. and N. T. tue bros. & Co. 1863.

Tyndall (John). The glaciers of the Alps. Twiggs (Gen. David Emanuel). See Taylor xx, 446 pp. 1 pl. 12°. Boston, Ticknor & and his generals.

Fields, 1861.

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Tyng(Rev. Stephen Higginson, jr.) Address at. Under the ban (Le maudit): a tale of the nine

the installation of officers of the Prince of teenth century. Translated from the French Orange lodge, No. 16, New York city, Dec. of M. l'abbé***. [anon.] 247 pp. 89. New 29, 1866. 22 pp. 4°. New York, Baldwin & York, Harpers, 1864. Jones, 1867.

Under two flags. A novel. By Ouida. (pseuTyrrell (Sir James). Bibliotheca politica; or, don.] 652 pp. 129. Philadelphia, Lippincott,

an inquiry into the ancient constitution of the 1867. English government, in respect to regal power Underhill (Edward Bean). Letter addressed and the rights and liberties of the subject. In to hon. E. Cardwell, with illustrative docthirteen dialogues. [anon.] 6 p. 1. 968 pp. uments on the condition of Jamaica. 3d (ed.]

16 1. sm. 4o. London, R. Baldwin, 1694. 92 pp. 89. London, A. Miall, (1866). Tyson (Job R.) Discourse on the first anni- Unger (Franz, M. D.) Ideal views of the

versary of the Girard college for orphans. 42 primitive world. 2 p. l. 8 pp. 14 l. 14 phot. pp. 89. Philadelphia, Crissy & Markley, 1849. pl. 4o. London, S. Highley, (1855).

Discourse on history, as a branch of the Genera et species plantarum fossilium. national literature. 53 pp. 80. Philadelphia, x1, 627 pp. 8o. Vindobonae, Acad. caes. scient. T. K. & P. G. Collins, 1849.

1850. Tyson (Philip T.) Information in relation to Synopsis plantarum fossilium. xviii, 330

the geology and topography of California. pp. 120. Lipsiæ, L. Voss, 1845. 127, 37 pp. 6 maps. 80. [1Vashington, public Union theological seminary, (Prince Edward, printer, 1850).

Va.) Catalogue of the library. 107 pp. 80. Second report of the state agricultural Richmond, J. Macfarlan, 1833. chemist to the house of delegates of Maryland, United service magazine. See Colburn's 1862. 92 pp. 8°. Annapolis, T. J. Wilson,

united service magazine. 1862.

United States of America.
Tzetzes (Joannes). Historiarum variarum Colonial and revolutionary period.

chiliades, graece. Textum ad fidem duorum Proceedings of the congress at New
codicum monacensium recognovit, brevi ad- York, 1765. 28 pp. fol. Annapolis, Jonas
notatione et vindicibus instruxit Theophilus Green, 1766.
Kiesslingius. xxiv, 568 pp. 89. Lipsia, F.

Articles of confederation and perpetual C. W. Vogel, 1826.

union between the states of New Hampshire, Udine (Leonardo da). Sermones aurei de Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Providence

sanctis. 359 1. unp. fol. Colonie, J. Kolhof, Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New 1473.

Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, The same. 313 1. unp. 4°. Venetijs, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Franciscus de Hailbrun et Nicolaus de Fräck- Georgia. 16 pp. fol. Boston, John Gill, fordia, 1473.

1777. Ukert(Friedrich August). Beiträge zur ältern The same. [Authorized copy, certified

litteratur, [etc.] See Jacobs (C.F. W.) and by president Laurens]. 26 pp. fol. LancasUkert.

ter, (Pa.) Francis Bailey, 1777. Ule (Otto). Die neuesten entdeckungen in

Addresses and recommendations to the Afrika, Australien, und der arktischen polar- states by the United States in congress assemwelt, mit besonderer rücksicht auf die natur- bled, [upon revenue matters). 91 pp. 80. und kulturverhältnisse der entdeckten länder. London, J. Stockdale, 1783. viii, 394 pp. 4 maps. 2 pl. 89. Halle, G. Journals of congress from Sept. 5, 1774, Schwetschke, 1861.

to Dec. 31, 1776. 2 v. 310 pp. 6 1; 513 pp. 11 Ulloa (Antonio de). Voyage historique de 1. 89. Philadelphia, R. Aitken, 1777.

l'Amérique Méridionale, 1752. See Juan y Observations on the American revolution.

Santacilia (Jorge) and Ulloa (Antonio de). Published according to a resolution of ConUmbreit (August Ernst). Die erfindung der gress, by their committee. 1 p. I. 122 pp. 89.

buchdruckerkunst, [etc.] xxxiv, 244 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Styner 8. Cist, 1779. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1843.

Recueil des loix constitutives des coloUnanúe (Hipolito). Observaciones sobre el nies angloises, confédérées sous la dénomina

clima de Lima, y sus influencias en los seres tion d'Etats Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale. organizados, en especial el hombre. 2a ed. Traduit de l'Anglois. 6 p. l. 370 pp. 16o. xxvi, 315 pp. 89. Madrid, De Sancha, 1815. Paris, Cellot & Jombert, 1778.

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