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sons, 1866.

Brigham (Amariah, M. D.) Remarks on the Bristow (Henry William). A glossary of

influence of mental cultivation and mental mineralogy. xlvii, 420 pp. 120. London, excitement upon health, with a preface by Longman, 1861. James Simpson. 7th ed. 86 pp. 16o. London, British almanac and companion; or, year-book II. Washburne, 1817.

of general information, for 1866–67. 2 v. Bright (John). Speeches on the American 160. London, Knight & Co. 1866–67.

question. With introduction by F. Moore. British (The) grammar: an essay towards xv, 278 pp. 1 pl. 12°, Boston, Little, Brown speaking and writing the English language & Co. 1865.

grammatically, and inditing elegantly. 30, Brightwell (Cecilia Lucy). Memorials of the 281 pp. 129. Boston, John Norman, 1784.

early lives and doings of great English law- British institution, London. An account of all yers. 251 pp. 16o. London, T. Nelson &

the pictures exhibited in the rooms, from 1813

to 1823, belonging to the nobility and gentry Brigitta (Saint, of Sweden). Revelationes of England. xxxvi, 320 pp. 89. London, selectae. Textum cognovit A. Heuser. 351 Priestley & Weale, 1821.

s. pp. 1 pl. 24°. Coloniæ, J. M. Heberle, 1851. British military biography, from Alfred to WellBrinsley (Rev. John). The arraignment of ington. [anon.] x, 638 pp. 1 pl. 180.

the present schism of new separation in old London, Scott & Co. 1841. England. 2 p. l. 75 pp. sm. 4o. London, British museum. Catalogue of the specimens Ralph Smith, 1616.

of heteropterous-hemiptera in the collection Briscoe (John). A discourse on the late funds of the British museum. By F. Walker.

of the million-act, lottery act, and bank of Part i. Scutata. 240 pp. 89. London, TrusEngland, with proposals for a national land- tees Br. mus. 1867. bank. 3d ed. iv, 187 pp. 89. London, Catalogue of the Hebrew books in the Andrew Bell, 1696.

library. [Compiled by Joseph Zedner.] viii, Brisson (Mathurin Jacques). Dictionnaire 891 pp. 89. London, Longman and Co. 1867.

raisonné de physique. 3 v. xvi, 708 pp; List of specimens of birds in the collec768 pp. Atlas 90 pl. 4o. Paris, hótel de tion. Part v. Gallinæ. By G. R. Gray. Thou, 1781.

120 pp. 16o. London, 1857. Observations sur les nouvelles décou- British (The) quarterly review, Jan. 1866 to vertes aërostatiques, et sur la probabilité de

Oct. 1867. v. 43–46. 89. London, Jackson, pouvoir diriger les ballons; supplément à son Walford & Hodier, (1856–67]. dictionnaire, etc. 31 pp. 4o. Paris, Le Broaddus (Rev. William F.) Centennial serBoucher, dc. 1784.

mon of the Potomac baptist association, of (With the preceding. ]

Virginia. 58 pp. 16o. [ Alexandria ?] 1807. Brisson (Pierre Raymond de). Voyage to the Brocchi (Giovanni Battista). Conchologia

coast of Africa. See Saugnier, and fossile subapennina, con osservazioni geoBrisson.

logiche sugli Apennini e sul suolo adiacente. Brissot de Warville (Jean Pierre). [Address] 2 v. 56, lxxx, 712 pp. 16 pl. 4o, Milano,

to his constituents. Translated from the Stamperia reale, 1814. French. New ed. xl, 121 pp. 89. London, Broch (Otto T.) Lehrbuch der mechanik. J. Stockdule, 1794.

xvi, 700 pp. 31, 3 pl. 89. Berlin, Veit & Co. See Clavière (E.) and Brissot. De la 1854. France et des Etats-Unis.

Brockett (L. P. M. D.) Philanthropic results Bristed (Jolin). Les États-Unis d'Amérique; of the war in America. By an American

ou tableau de l'agriculture, du commerce, des citizen. [anon.] 150 pp. 180. New York, manufactures, des finances, de la politique, de Sheldon & Co, 1864. la littérature, des arts, et du caractère moral and Vaughan (Mrs. Mary C.) Woman's et religieux du peuple anglo-américain; tra- work in the civil war; a record of heroism, duit de l'Anglais. 2 v. 380 pp; 320 pp. 8o. patriotism, and patience. 799 pp. 89. PhilaParis, A. Eymery, 1826.

adelphia, Zeigler, McCurdy & Co. 1867. Bristol County [Mass). Directory and gazet- Brockhaus (Friedrich Arnold). Zur erinner

teer for 1867–68. Compiled by Dudley & ung an das fünfzigjährige jubilium der firma Greenough. 223, 81 pp. 8o. Boston, Dud- F. A. Brockhaus in Leipzig, 1866. 67 pp. ley & Grenough, 1867.

9 pl. 4o. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1857.

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Brodie (George). History of the British em- | Bronn (Heinrich Georg). Lethæa geognostica,

pire, from the accession of Charles I. to the oder abbildungen und beschreibungen der für restoration; with an introduction tracing the die gebirgs-formation bezeichnendsten verprogress of society and of the constitution, steinerungen. 2 v. 1346 pp. 89. Atlas, from feudal times. 4 v. 8o. Edinburgh, 4o. Stuttgart, E. Schweizerbart, 1835–38.

Bell & Bradfute, 1822. Broecke (J. C. Van den). See Van den Morphologische studien über die gestalBroecke (J. C.)

tungs-gesetze der naturkörper überhaupt, und Brogden (J. Ellett). Provincial words and der organischen insbesondere. ix, 481 pp. expressions current in Lincolnshire. 241 pp.

89. Leipzig, C. F. Winter, 1838. 16o. London, R. Hardwicke, 1866.

Untersuchungen über die entwickelungsBroggia (Carlo Antonio). Trattato de tributi. gesetze der organischen welt wahrend der

Trattato della monete. (Scrittori class. ital. bildungs-zeit unserer erd-oberfläche. x, 502 de econ. pol. v. 45–46.)

pp. 89. Stuttgart, Schweizerbart, 1858. 8. Brolo. See Lancia di Brolo.

Brönsted (Peter Olaf). Reisen und unterBrome (James). Travels over England, Scot- suchungen in Griechenland, nebst darstellung

land, and Wales. 2d ed. 6 p. I. 315 pp. 4 1. und erklärung vieler neuentdeckten denkmä120. London, R. Gosling, 1707.

ler griechischen styls, u. s. w. 2 v. xx, 318, Bromfield (William Arnold, M. D.) Flora

xxi pp. 62 pl. 4°. Paris, [Didot], 1826-30. vectensis: a systematic description of the

The same. phænogamous or flowering plants and ferns

Voyages dans la Grèce, indigenous to the isle of Wight. Edited by accompagnés de recherches archéologiques, Sir W. J. Hooker and Thomas B. Salter. et suivis d'un aperçu sur toutes les entrexxxv, 678 pp. 1 pl. atlas, 1 map. 89. Lon- prises scientifiques qui ont eu lieu en Grèce don, W. Pamplin, 1856.

depuis Pausanias. Livr. 1-2. xx, xxii, 314 Letters from Egypt and Syria. xv,

230 pp. 62 pl. 4°. Paris, Didot, 1826–30. pp. 1 pl. 89. London, (privately printed],

(No more published.) 1856.

Brook (Mary). Reasons for the necessity of Bromley (W.) Several years' travels through

silent waiting in order to the solemn worship Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Prussia,

of God. 6th ed. 32 pp. 80. Boston, Jacob

Johnson & Co. 1795. Sweden, Denmark, and the United Provinces. [anon.] iv, 250 pp. 120. London, A. Roper,

Brookes (L. De Garmo). Modern dancing, 1702.

with an essay on etiquette. 104 pp. 120. Bronn (Heinrich Georg). Essai d'une réponse

New York, [author], 1867. à la question de prix proposée en 1850, par

Brookes (Richard, M. D.) A new and accul'académie des sciences, savoir; étudier les

rate system of natural history. 6 v. 132 pl. lois de la distribution des corps organisés

120. London, Newbery, 1763. fossiles dans les différents terrains sédimentaires, suivant l'ordre de leir superposition, etc., (Extract). 542 pp. 8 tab. 4°. Paris, v. 1. Quadrupeds, including amphibious animals, frogs, Acad. des sciences, 1861.

v. 2. Birds; with the method of bringing up and manHandbuch einer geschichte der natur. aging those of the singing kind. 4v. (in 5 pts.) 80. Atlas, 40. Stuttgart, E. V. 3. Fishes and serpents, including sea turtles, crustaSchweizerbart, 1841–49. (Naturgeschichte,

v. 4. Insects.

v. 5. Waters, earths, stones, fossils, and minerals. v. 13-15).

v. 6. Vegetables.

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and lizards.

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ceous and shell fishes.

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Brooklyn (L. I.) Documents and plans, subCONTENTS.

mitted by the water committee to the common v. 1. Einleitung. i. Theil. Kosmisches leben. ii. Th. council, 1854. 145 pp, 27 pl. 4o. Brooklyn,

Tellurisches leben. v. 2. iii. Th. Organisches leben. Ergebnisse haupt.

Heighway & Co. 1864. sächlich aus der lebenden welt über entwickelung, Brooklyn city directory for 1867 and 1868. verbreitung und untergang der früheren bevölke. rungen der erde.

Compiled by J. and G. T. Lain. 2 v. 89. v. 3. Abth. i. iii. Th. Organisches leben. (Fortset. zung)-Index palæontologicus, bearbeitet unter

Brooklyn, J. Lain & Co. 1866-67. mitwirkung der H. R. Göppert und Herm. v. Brooklyn mercantile library. Catalogue. 3 p. I.

Meyer: A. Nomenclator paleontologicus. v. 3. Abth. ü. B. Enumerator palæoutologicus. iv.

138, 76 pp. 89. Brooklyn Mercantile lib. ass. Th. Vernunfuleben.




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Brooklyn water-works and sewers. [By James Brown (Rev. J. Newton). Encyclopedia of

P. Kirkwood, C. E. and others.] xxvi, 160 religious knowledge; or, dictionary of the pp. 60 pl. fol. New York, D. Van Nostrand, bible, theology, religious biography, all re1367.

ligions, ecclesiastical history, and missions; Brooks (J. Tyrwhitt, M. D.) Four months with a missionary gazetteer, by Rev. B. B.

among the gold-finders in Alta California. Edwards. 1,275 pp. 89. Brattleboro, Fesxviii, 207 pp. 1 map. 80. London, David senden & Co. 1836. Dogue, 1849.

Brown (John William). Life of Leonardo da The same.

94 pp. 80. New York, D. Vinci, with a critical account of his works. Appleton & Co. 1819.

xv, 256 pp. 1 pl. 12o. London, W. PickerBroome (William). Poetical works. 80. Edin- ing, 1828. burgh, 1794.

Brown (Dr. O. Phelps). Complete herbalist; (Anderson's British poets. v. 8.)

or, the people their own physicians by the use Brotuff (Ernst). Chronica und antiquitates of nature's remedies; and new system of hy

des alten stifits der römischen burg colonia, gienic principles. 408 pp. 12o. Jersey City, und stadt Marsburg an der Salah in obern 1867. Sachssen. 8 p. 1. cvi l. 121. fol. Leipzig, Brown (Thomas). A collection of all [his] G. Hantzsch, 1557.

dialogues, with translations and imitations of Brougham (Henry, lord). Political philosophy.

the odes of Horace, etc. 388 pp. 89. London, New ed. 3 v. 89. London, H.G. Bohn, 1861. 8.

J. Vutt, 1704. Broughton (Thomas Duer). Costume, charac- Brown (Capt. Thomas). The taxidermist's ter, manners, domestic habits, and religious

manual; or, the art of collecting, preparing, ceremonies of the Mahrattas. 6 p. 1. 358 pp. and preserving objects of natural listory. 10 pl. col. 49. London, J. Murray, 1813.

10th ed. xii, 150 pp. 6 pl. 120. London, Brown (Charles F.) Artemus Ward in Lon

A. Fullarton f. Co. 1851. don, and other papers. Iliustrated by J. H. Brown (T.) Miscellanea aulica; or, a collecHoward. 229 pp. 6 pl. 120. New York, tion of state treatises never before published. G. W. Carleton & Co. 1867.

Faithfully collected from their originals. 8 Brown (Mrs. D. C.) Memoir of Rev. Lemuel

p. 1. 440 pp. 89. London, J. Hartley, 1702. Covell, and of his son Rev. Alanson L. Covell. Brown (William Wells). The negro in the 2 v. in 1. 174; 226 pp. 16o. Brandon (Vt.) American rebellion; his heroism and his 1839.

fidelity. xvi, 330 pp. 12o. Boston, Lee & Brown (Edward). Travels and adventures, Shepard, 1867.

containing his observations on France and Brown university. Triennial catalogue of the Italy; voyage to the Levant; account of the

library and the members of the Philermenian isle of Malta; journies thro' lower and upper society. 92 pp. 89. Providence, (R. 1.) Egypt; [and] brief description of the Abys- 1849. sinian empire. xvi, 434 pp, 71. 8. London, Browne (Isaac Hawkins). Poems upon variBettesworth d Hitch, 1739.

ous subjects, Latin and English. 5 p. 1. 160 Brown (G. W.) Ladies' friend, containing the pp. 89. London, I. H. Brown, 1768.

ceremonials of the adoptive degrees of ma- Browne (J. Ross). The land of Thor. 542 sonry. 128 pp. 21°. Ann Arbor (Mich.) pp. 120. New York, Harpers, 1867. A. W. Chase, 1866.

Browne (Patrick, M. D). The civil and natuBrown (Rev. Isaac V.) Historical vindication ral history of Jamaica, in three parts, con

of the abrogation of the plan of union by the taining, 1, an accurate description of that Presbyterian church. 325 pp. 89. Phila- island, etc. 2, a history of the natural prodelphia, W.S. & A. Martien, 1855.

ductions, etc. 3, an account of the nature of Brown (Rev. John, D. D.) Dissertation on the

climates in general, etc. with a detail of the rise, union, power, progressions, etc. of poetry diseases arising from this source, particularly and music, [with] The cure of Saul, a sacred within the tropics. viii, 506 pp. 2 maps, 50 ode. 244 pp. 4°. London, L. Davis & Co. pl. fol. London, author, 1756. Reymers, 1763.

Browne (Rev. Peter, bishop of Cork and Ross). Essays on the characteristics (of Shaf- A letter in answer to a book [of John Toland), tesbury). viii, 408 pp. 89. London, C. entituled, “Christianity not mysterious.” 188 Daris, 1751.

pp. 89. London, R. Clavell, 1697.

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XV, 298



Browne (Sir Thomas). Works. Edited by Brück (R.) Electricité, ou magnétisme du Simon Wilkin. 3 v. 12o. London, H. G. globe terrestre. 295 pp. 89. Bruxelles, 1852.

Delavin que & Callewacrt, 1851.

The same. 2e partie. 2 v. v. 1. Four books of vulgar errors.

pp. 2 tab. 6 maps; ix, 542 pp. 2 tab. 89. v. 2. The three last books of vulgar errors, religio Bruxelles, Delavingue & Callewaert, 1855–58.

meilici, and the garden of Cyrus. v. 3. Um-burial, christian morals, miscellanies, cor. respondence, etc.

Bruen (Rev. Mathias). Essays, descriptive Certain miscellany tracts. 4 p. I. 215

and moral, on scenes in Italy, Switzerland, pp. 31. 1 pl. 12°. London, Charles Mearne,

and France. By an American. [anon.] 1634.

xi, 265 pp. 120. Edinburgh, Constable, 1823. Hydriotaphia, urne-burial, with the


Bruhns (C.) Die astronomische strahlenden of Cyrus. 4 p. 1. 73 pp. 1 pl. 4o. Lon- brechung in ihrer historischen entwickelung. don, H. Brome, 1658. [With his Pseudodoxia xiv, 181 pp. 4 pl. 8°. Leipzig, Voigt f epidemica. London, 1658).

Günther, 1861.

8. Pseudodoxia epidemica; or, enquiries Brunet (Jacques-Charles). Manuel du libraire into very many received tenets and commonly

et de l'amateur de livres; contenant, un presumed truths. 4th ed. 8 p. l. 468 pp. 8 1.

nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique, une 4o. London, E. Dod, 1658.

table en forme de catalogue raisonné. etc. - The same. 6th ed. 10 p. I. 440 pp. 61.

2e éd. 4v. 8. Paris, 1814. 40. London, Nath. Ekins, 1672.

Bruni (Leonardo Aretino). See Aretinus. Religio medici, with annotations. Also, Brunius (C. G.) Nordens äldsta metropolobservations by Sir Kenelm Digby. 4 p. I.

itankyrka, eller historisk ock arkitektonisk 144 pp. 4°. London, Andrew Crook, 1672. beskrifning om Lunds domkyrka. 89. Lund, [Iith his Pseudodoxia epidemica. London,

1854. 1672.]

Skänes konsthistoria för medeltiden. Browne (Thomas Gunter). Hermes unmasked; viii, 704 pp. 16 pl. 8°. Lund, G. J. K.

the art of speech, founded on the associa- Gleerup, 1850. tion of words and ideas. 128 pp. 180. Lon- Brunner (Andreas). Annalium boicorum libri don, T. Paje, 1795.

iii. See Adlzreiter (Johann). Annalium Browne (William). Britannia's pastorals and

boicæ gentis partes iii. fol. Francofurti ad other poems. 89. Edinburgh, 1793. [Ander- Mænum, 1810. son's Brit. poets, v. 4.]

Brünnow (Dr. F.) Lehrbuch der sphärischen Browre (W. H. Licut. R. N.) Ten colored

astronomie, mit einem vorwort von J. F. views taken during the arctic expedition of

Encke. xxiv, 591 pp. 1 pl. 89. Berlin, F. Sir James C. Ross, with summary of the

Dümmler, 1851. expeditions in search of Sir John Franklin. 8 Brunswick-Lüneburg (August herzog von).

pp. 7 pl. fol. London, Ackermann & Co. 1850. See Mantua, della. Brownell (Charles De Wolf). The Indian Bruscambille. (pseudon.] See Deslauriers.

races of North and South America. 720 pp. Brush (George T.) Supplements (viii to x). 40 pl. 89. New York, H. & S. Scranton, 1853.

With Dana (James Dwight). Supplements (Imperfect; 4 plates wanting ]

to mineralogy. Brownell (Henry Howard). The people's Bruzen de La Martinière (Antoine Auguste).

book of American history. 2 v. in 1. 80. Introduction à l'histoire de l'Asie, de l'Afrique, Hartford, L. Stebbins, 1854.

et de l'Amérique. 2 v. xxii, 504 pp. 2 Bruce (D.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish maps. 2 pl. 12o. Amsterdam, Z. Chatclain,

dialect, originally written under the signature 1735. of the Scots-Irishman. xii, 126 pp. 6 1. 120. Bryan (James. M. D.) Treatise on the anatoWashington, John Colerick, 1801.

my, physiology and diseases of the human Bruce (George). Specimen of printing types

120. Philadelphia, author, and ornaments. 113 1. unp. 89. New York, 1851. 18:27.

Bryant (Charles S.) History of the great The same.

180 1. unp. 89. New York, massacre by the Sioux Indians in Minnesota, 1828.

[in 1862; with) narratives of many who The same. 124 1. unp. 89. New York, escaped. 504 pp. 6 pl. 120. Cincinnati, 1848.

Rickey & Carroll, 1864.



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124 pp.




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Bryant (Jacob). Observations upon the poems Buchanan (James, British consul). Sketches

of Thomas Rowley: in which the authenticity of the history, manners and customs of the of those poems is ascertained. 2 v. 2 p. I. North American Indians. 2 v. 182 pp; 156 593 pp. 89. London, Payne & son; 1781. pp. 160. New York, Borradaile, 1825.

A treatise upon the authenticity of the Buchanan (Robert). Idyls and legends of scriptures and the truth of the christian Inverburn. 206 pp. 18o. London, A. Strahan,

religion. xii, 194 pp. 89. [London, ] 1791. 1865. Bryant (William Cullen). Letters of a traveller; Büchele (Dr. C.) Land und volk der Vereinig

in Europe and America. 2d ed. 442 pp. 12o. ten Staaten von Nord Amerika. viii, 622 pp. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1850.

80. Stuttgart, Halberger, 1855. Voices of nature. With illustrations. 91 Buchon (Jean Alexandre). La Grèce contipp. sq. 18o. New York, D. Appleton & Co. nentale et la Morée. vii, 568 pp. 16°. Paris, 1865.

C. Gosselin, 1843. Bryce (T. A. LL. D.) American commer- Buchschriften (Die) des mittelalters mit be

cial arithmetic. 341 pp. 8°. Erie, (Pa.) sonderer berücksichtigung der deutschen, T. Cook & Co. 1867.

und zwar vom sechsten jahrhundert bis zur Brydges (Sir Samuel Egerton). Cimelia : seu erfindung der buchdruckerkunst historisch

examen criticum librorum, ex diariis literariis technisch begründet. 45 pp. 23 pl. 80. lingua præcipue gallica, 1665–1792, scriptis, Wien, k. hof und staatsdruckerei, 1852. [.With selectum. xxxvi, 415, xlvii pp. 80. Genevae, Hagen (T.) Urkendenbuch für die geschichte G. Fick, 1823.

des stiftes Kremsmuenster.] (75 copies printed.)

Büchsel (Carl, D. D.) My ministerial exBrydges (Thomas) See Homer. Burlesque periences. ix, 290 pp. 12o. London, A.

translation. 2 v. 16o. New York, 1809. Strahan & Co. 1863. Buch (Das) der geologie, oder die wunder der Buckingham (Duke of). See Villiers (George). erdrinde und der urwelt. Unter benutzung See Sheffield (John).

“Jukes' popular geology” bearbeitet von Buckingham (James Silk). America, histoeinem alten geologen. Durchgesehen von C. rical, statistic, and descriptive. 2 v. 515 pp.; C. ritter v. Leonhard. 2 v. in l. viii, 192 516 pp. 1 pl. 89. New York, Harpers, pp. 8 col. pl. vi, 160 pp. 10 col. pl. 8o. 1841. Leipzig, O. Spamer, 1855.

National evils and practical remedies, Buchanan (Rev. Claudius). Memoir on the with the plan of a model town. xxx, 512 pp.

expediency of an ecclesiastical establishment 2 pl. 89. London, P. Jackson, [1849]. for British India. xvii, 126 pp. 4°. Lon- Travels in Assyria and Persia. xvi, 545 don, Cadell & Daries, 1805.

pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 4°. London, H. Colburn, Buchanan (George). Opera omnia, curante 1829.

Thoma Ruddimanno. 2 v. 1 portrait. fol. Buckingham (Joseph Tinker). Miscellanies Edinburgi, R. Freebairn, 1515.

selected from the public journals. 2v. 268,

129. Boston, J. T. Buckingham, v.l. Vita, ab ipso scripta.


Buckland (William, D. D.) Geology and
Editionum catalogus.
Rerum scoticarum historia.

mineralogy considered with reference to natu-
De jure regni apud Scotos.
Detectio Mariæ reginæ Scotorum.

ral theology. 2 v. 443 pp; viii, 131 pp. 69 Aue admonition to the trew lordis.

pl. 89. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchv. 2. De metris Buchananais.

ard, 1837.
Rudimenta grammatices.

Reliquiæ diluvianae; or observations on
Lodoicus de ratione studii.
De prosodia libellus.

the organic remains contained in caves, fisEpistolae.

sures, and diluvial gravel, and on other geoRerum scoticarum liistoria: ejusdemque logical phenomena, attesting the action of an dialogus de jure regni apud Scotos. 120. universal deluge. 2d ed. vii, 803 pp. 1 tab. Edinburgi, 1827.

27 pl. 4o. London, J. Murray, 1824. Buchanan (Harrison Gray). Asmodeus; or, Buckler (John Chessell). Sixty views of en

legends of New York. Being a complete ex- dowed grammar schools, from original drawposć of the upper ten thousand. 96 pp. 89. ings. 1 p. l. 60 pl. 4o. London, Hurst, New York, Munson & Co. 1848.


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236 pp.


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Poemata oninia.

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