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HOFFMAN (David). A lecture, being the the superior court, and the court of errors and

second [and third] of a series of lectures in- appeals of the state of Delaware. v. 1. vi, 660 troductory to a course of lectures now deliver- pp. 89. Philadelphia, Johnsons, 1866. (2 ing in the university of Maryland. 50 pp ; copies). 62 pp. 80. Baltimore, J. D. Toy, 1825–26. S. HOWARD (Frances, countess of Essex, after( With his Circular, etc.)

wards countess of Somerset). Proceedings, in a Syllabus of a course of lectures on law; cause of divorce. See DEVEREUX (Robert, proposed to be delivered in the university of 3d earl of Essex). Maryland, [etc.) xii, 92 pp. 89. Baltimore, Trial for the murder of Sir Thomas OverE.J. Coale, 1821.

bury, May, 1616. fol. London, T. Wright, (With his Circular, etc.)

1776. HOLLAND (Edward Rich, 3d earl of). See

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1). RICH (Edward).

HOWARD (Henry, earl of Surrey). Trial HOLLIS (Sir John), and others. Proceedings

for high treason, at the Guildhall, London, against (them) in the star chamber, for tra

Dec. 1546. With the proceedings against his ducing public justice, Nov. 1615. fol. London,

father, Thomas (Howard, 3d] duke of NorT. Wright, 1776.

folk, for the same crime. fol. London, T. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

Wright, 1781. HOLLOWAY (James). Free and voluntary

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11). confession and narrative [concerning the whig HOWARD (Henry, 7th duke of Norfolk). conspiracy); also, the proceedings against

Proceedings in divorce, 1700. See MORhim in the king's bench. [With] a dis

DAUNT (lady Mary). course at his execution. 16 pp. fol. London,

Trial in an action of trespass on the case. R. Horn, 1684.

See GERMAINE (John). (Trials for treason, v. 4).

HOWARD (Nathan, jr.) Practice reports in The same. (Trials for treason, v. 5).

the supreme court, and court of appeals of the Proceedings against [him) in the king's

state of New York. v. 31-33. 8o. Albany, W. bench, on an outlawry for high treason, April,

Gould f- son, 1866–67. (2 copies of v. 32-33). 1684. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

HOWARD (Philip, earl of Arundel). Trial, (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3).

before the lords, for high treason, April, 1589. HONE (William, laborer). Trial at the Old fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

Bailey, for high treason, July, 1683. fol. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).
London, T. Wright, 1776.

The same. fol. London, T. Wright, (HARGRAVE's state trials. v.3).

1781. The same. See WALCOT (Thomas). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11). HONE (William, bookseller). The third trial HOWARD (Thomas, 3d duke of Norfolk).

of William Hone, on an ex-officio information, Proceedings against him for treason. See for publishing a parody on the Athanasian HOWARD (Henry, earl of Surrey). creed, entitled “The sinecurist's creed.” 4th HOWARD (Thomas, 4th duke of Norfolk). ed. 2 p. 1. iv, 34 pp. 89. London, W. Hone, Tryal of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, by his 1818.

peers, for high treason against the queen, on HORNE (Andrew). The mirrour of justices ; the 16th day of January, 1571; for attempting

[with] the diversity of courts and their juris- to marry Mary, queen of Scots, without the diction. Translated from old French into consent and approbation of the said queen English by William Hughes. New ed. 299 Elizabeth. 11 p. 1. 150 pp. 89. London, J. pp. 21. 1 pl. 24°. Manchester, (Eng.) Til- Morphew, 1709. liam Willis, 1840.

- The same. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. HORNE (John). See TOOKE (John Horne). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1). HOUCK (Louis). A treatise on the mechanics' (His) indictment for high treason, 1571.

lien law in the United States. xxix, 256 pp. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. 89. Chicago, Callaghan & Cutler, 1867.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8). HOUSTON (John). A treatise on the law of HOWARD (William, viscount Stafford). stoppage in transitu, and incidentally of re

Speech on the scaffold, before his execution, tention and delivery. xvi, 253 pp. 89. Lon- Dec. 29, 1680. 1 p. 1. 6 pp. fol. London, don, W. Maxwell, 1866.

W. Bailey, 1680. HOUSTON (John W.) Reports of cases in (TRIALS for treason, v. 5).

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HOWARD (William, viscount Stafford). | ILLINOIS (State of). Reports. v. 33–38. By

Tryal for high treason, Westminster hall, N. L. Freeman. 8o. Chicago, Myers & ChandNov. 30th-Dec. 7th, 1680. 1 p. l. 218 pp. ler, 1866–67. (2 copies). fol. London, assigns of J. Bills, 1681. IMPARTIAL (The) lawyer; containing va[TRIALS for treason, v. 4).

riety of matter. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 255 pp. 120. The same.

London, J. Walthoe, 1709. (TRIALS for treason, v. 5).

The same. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. INDERWICK (F. A.) The law of wills, as (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3).

administered in the court of probate in EngHOWISON (Robert R.) Reports of criminal land. xvi, 187 pp. 89. London, W. Max

trials in the circuit, state, and United States well, 1866. courts, held in Richmond, Virginia. 120 pp. INDIANA (State of). Laws, at the called 89. Richmond, West & brother, 1851.

session, 1858, (2 copies ;) 1861, (2 copies ;) HUGGINS (John). Trial for the murder of 1863, (3 copies ;) 1865, (3 copies ;) called ses

Edward Arne, at the Old Bailey, May, 1729. sion, 1865, (3 copies ;) 1867, (3 copies.) 16 v. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778.

80. Indianapolis, J.J. Bingham, etc. 1858–67. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9).

Indiana reports. v. 23 and 25. By B. HUGHES (Dr. John W.) Trial of ... for the

Harrison. 8°. Indianapolis, Douglass & Conmurder of Miss Tamzen Parsons; with a sketch

ner, 1865–66. (2 copies of v. 25.) of his life, as related by himself. A record of IOWA (State of). Reports. v. 18–20. By T. love, bigamy, and murder, unparalleled in the

F. Withrow. 89. Des Moines, by the reporter, annals of crime. 58 pp. 89. Cleveland, Stel- 1866. (3 copies.) ler and Co. 1866.

IRELAND (William), and GROVE (J.) HUGHES (William). The practice of convey

The confessions and execution of the two ancing. 2 v. vi, 482 pp; xii, pp. 483-1066.

jesuits, drawn, hang'd, and quartered at 120. London, John Crockford, 1856-57.

Tyburn, Jan. 24th. 1679, viz. W. Ireland and The practice of sales of real property,

J. Grove. 1 p. I. 6 pp. sm. 4o. London, R. G. with precedents of forms. 2d ed. enlarged.

1679. 2 v. xv, 564 pp; xx, 360, cclvi pp. 120.

and others. Tryals for conspiring to London, John Crockford, 1849–50.

murder the king [Charles ii]; Old Baily, HUNT (Arthur Joseph). The law of bounda

Dec. 1678. 2 p. 1. 84 pp. fol. London, R. ries and fences. xiv, 266 pp. 89. London,

Pawlet, 1678. Butterworths, 1866.

(TRIALS for treason, v. 1). HUNTER (Robert, M. D.) v. PALL MALL

The same. gazette. See PALL MALL gazette. HUNTINGTON (Samuel H.) Reports U.S.

(TRIALS for treason, v. 2). court of claims. See NOTT (Charles C.) and

The same. fol. London, T.Wright, 1776. HUNTINGTON.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). HURLY (Patrick). Trial, at the king's-bench IRISH chancery reports. v. 12, and 14-17. in Ireland, for perjury, and (also] for con

8o. Dublin, Hodges, Smith & Co. 1862–67. spiring with D. Hicky, etc. to cheat the IRISH common law reports. v. 12, and 14-17. popish inhabitants of the county of Clare, etc.

80. Dublin, Hodyes, Smith & Co. 1862–67. May, 1701. fol. London, T. Wright, 1777. IVY (lady Theodosia Bryan). Trial of the (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 5).

lady Ivy's claim to great part of Shadwell, HUSSON (Jean Christophe Armand). Traité in the county of Middlesex, June, 1684. Elam

de la législation des travaux publics et de la Mossam, plaintiff; vs. Theodosia Ivy, defendvoirie en France. 2 v. xvi, 447 pp; viii, 549 ant. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. pp. 89. Paris, L. Hachette, 1841.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). HYDE (Edward, 1st earl of Clarendon). Pro- JACKSON (William), and others. Trials, at ceedings in parliament against [him], for high

Chichester, Jan. 1749, for the murder of Wiltreason, etc. July, 1663. fol. London, T.

liam Gally, and Daniel Chater. fol. London, Wright, 1776.

T. Wright, 1778. (HARGRAVE'S state trials, v. 2). Vindication of himself against the arti

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). cles of treason exhibited against him in par- JAMES II (king of Gt. Britain). Writ of inliament[1663]. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. quiry of damages between James, duke of (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8).

York, and Titus Otes. See OATES (T.)

JAMES (Edwin). Bankrupt law of the United ment; June 21, 1686. fol. London, T.

States, 1867. With notes, and a collection of Wright, 1778.
American and English decisions upon the

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). principles and practice of the law of bank- JONES (Hamilton C.) Reports of cases in law ruptcy. v, 325 pp. 80. New York, Harper

in the supreme court of North Carolina. & bros. 1867.

v. 7–8. 8°. Salisbury, J.J. Bruner, 1860–62. JAMES (John). Trial, at the king's-bench, JONES (Sir Thomas). Defence of judgment for high-treason, Nov. 1662. Wrote by his

given (in the case of Jay vs. Topham). See friends. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

PEMBERTON(Sir Francis), and JONES. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

JOURNAL du palais, 1865 and 1866. v. 76–77. JAMES (Thomas Henry). A handy book of 80. Paris, Bureaux de l'administration,

the law of merchant shipping. Abridged from 1865-66. the large treatise by Maude and Pollock. xii, JURIST (The). V. 12. Parts i and i. 2 v.

142 pp. 12o. London, Henry Sweet, 1866. 89. London, H. Sweet, 1867. JARVIS (Mrs. Sarah M.) v. JARVIS (Rev. JUSTICE (Alexander). A general treatise of Samuel Farmar). Report of the proceedings

the dominion and laws of the sea. [With] on the petition of Mrs. Sarah M. Jarvis, for a discourses about the jurisdiction and manner divorce from her husband, Rev. Samuel F. of proceeding in the admiralty of England, Jarvis, before a committee of the legislature both in criminal and civil matters, and adof Connecticut. 2d ed. 116 pp. 80. Hart- judg'd cases concerning trade and navigation. ford, Review press, 1839.

6 p. 1. vi, 660, 40 pp. 41. 2 pl. sm. 4o. LonJEANNE d'Arc. See JOAN of Arc.

don, S. & J. Sprint, 1705. JEFFERYS (Elizabeth). Case for murder. JUSTINIANUS I. (Flavius Anicius, Roman See SWAN (J.) and JEFFERYS.

emperor). Corpus juris civilis academicum parJENKES (Francis). Proceedings against isiense, in quo Justiniani institutiones, digesta

[him), for a speech made by him on the sive pandecta, codex, authenticæ seu novella hustings, at Guildhall, on midsummer-day, constitutiones, et edicta comprehenduntur, etc. 1676. [Published by his friends]. fol. Lon- Opera et cura C. M. Gallisset. 7a ed. 1268 pp. don, T. Wright, 1778.

4o. Paris, A. Cotelle, 1862. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7).

Codex de tortis. 318 1. fol. Uenetijs, JENKINS (Elisha), v. VAN RENSSE

Baptista de tortis, (n.d.]

(Imperfect. Wanting 1. 318). LAER (Solomon). Report of the trials of

Digestum uetus de tortis. 355 ). fol. the causes of Elisha Jenkins v. Solomon Van

Uenetijs, Baptista de tortis, 1498. Rensselaer, v. John Tayler; the same, v.

- Infortiatum de tortis. 2701. fol. Venetijs, Charles D. Cooper, and the same, v. Francis Bloodgood. Before arbitrators, at Albany,

Baptista de tortis, 1497.


Instituta de tortis 198, 81. fol. Uenetijs, August 16–18, 1808. 80 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Albany,

Baptista de tortis, 1498. Croswell & Frary, 1808.

(Imperfect : wanting l. 1). JERVIS (Sir John). On the office and duties

- The same. Institutiones imperiales. 8p. I. of coroners; with forms and precedents. By

139 1. sm. 4o. Parisiis, Thielman Kerver, 1511. W.N. Welsby. 3d ed. By C. W. Lovesy. xx, Novellarvm constitvtionvm, [etc.] qvae 456 pp. 12° London, H. Sweet, etc. 1866.

extant, et ut exstant volumen. Appositi sunt JEVERLAND,(Oldenburg). Verzeichniss und

item canones sanctorū apostolorü per Clesummarischer inhalt der in den jeverschen

mentem in unū congesti, [Gr. Lat.] Gregorio wochenblättern von 1791-1813 bekannt ge

Haloandro interprete. 12 p. l. 224, 266 pp. machten landesherrlichen verordnungen und

fol. Norembergæ, Io. Petreius, 1531. obrigkeitlichen verfügungen, [etc.] 144 pp. Volvmen legvm parvvm qvod vocant, in 80. Jever, C. L. Mettcker, 1836.

qvo hæc iusynt, tres posteriores lib. cod. [etc.] JOAN of ARC, or JEANNE DARC. Procès

græcæ leges, [etc.] authenticæ seu novellæ de condamnation et de réhabilitation de

constitutiones eiusdem principis, [etc.] Omnia Jeanne d'Arc. Par Jules Quicherat. 5 v. 89.

commentariis (Contii] illustrata. 1 p. l. 162, Paris, J. Renouard, et Cie. 1841-49.

144 l. fol. Lugdvni, 1584. JOHNSON (Rev. Samuel). The proceedings The institutes of Justinian, with English

against [him], at the king's-bench, for high introduction, translation, and notes. By misdemeanours, (for) writing and publishing Thomas Collett Sandars. 3d ed. vi, 606 pp. two scandalous libels against the govern- 89. London, Longmans, Green & Co. 1865.

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KEACH (Benjamin). Trial at Ailsbury for a natical protestants; or, the last speeches of

libel, Oct. 1664. fol. London, T. Wright, Mr. John Kid and Mr. John King, two 1776.

presbyterian ministers, who were executed (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

for high treason and rebellion, at Edinburgh, KEELE (William Conway). Provincial jus- August 14th, 1679. 5 p. I. 73 pp. 31. fol.

tice; or, magistrate's manual : being a com- London, W. Kittleby, 1680. plete digest of the criminal law of Canada, and KIDD (Capt. William), and others. Trial at a compendious and general view of the pro- the Old-Bailey for murder and piracy upon vincial law of Upper Canada. 2d ed. x, 652 the high seas, May, 1701. fol. London, T. pp. 89, Toronto, H. & W. Rowsell, 1843.

Wright, 1777. KENDALL (Thomas), and ROE (Richard).

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 5). Proceedings between the king and T. Kendall

KILMARNOCK (William Boyd, 4th earl and R. Roe, in the king's bench, on an habeas

of). See BOYD. corpus upon a commitment for high treason, KING (John). Last speech. See KID (John), Oct. 1695. fol. London, T. Wright, 1777.

and KING. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4).

KINGSTON - UPON -HULL (Elizabeth KENMURE (William Gordon, 6th viscount).

Chudleigh, duchess dowager of ). See CHUDSee GORDON.

LEIGH. KENT (James). Commentaries on American

KINLOCH (Alexander), and KINLOCH law. 11th ed. Edited by George F. Com

(James). Proceedings, at Southwark, 1746, stock. 4 v. 89. Boston, Little, Brown & Co.

relating to their plea of being born in Scot1866.

land, and (that they] ought to be tried acOn international law, revised, with notes

cording to the laws of that kingdom, etc. fol. and cases, brought down to the present time. Edited by J. T. Abdy. xxi, 484 pp. 89.

London, T. Wright, 1778. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell & Co. 1866. (2

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). copies).

KINNE (Asa). Questions and answers on KENTUCKY (State of). Code of practice

law. 2d ed. 616 pp. 8°. New York, Collins, in civil and criminal cases for the state of

Keese & Co. 1840. Kentucky. Prepared by M. C. Johnson,

KINNERSLEY (Thomas). Trial for forgJames Harlan, and J. W. Stevenson, com

ery. See HALES (William), and KIN

NERSLEY. missioners, with all amendments made prior to Jan. 1, 1867. Edited by Harvey Myers. KIRKBY (Col. Richard), and others. Trials, xii, 809 pp. 80. Cincinnati, R. Clarke &

at a court-martial in Jamaica, for offences Co. 1867. (2 copies).

against the articles of war, Oct. 1702. fol. A digest of the general law of Kentucky,

London, T. Wright, 1777. Dec. 4, 1859, to 4th June, 1865, and session

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 5). of 1865–66; with notes of the decisions of the KNEVET (Sir Edmund). Trial, at Greencourt of appeals. By Harvey Myers. xvi,796 wich, for striking a person within the king's

pp. 89. Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Co. 1866. palace there, June, 1541. fol. London, T. KERN (Charles). Tryal for being a Romish Wright, 1781. priest. fol. London, 1679.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11). With BROMMICH (A.), and ATKINS (W.) Tryal. KNIGHTLEY (Alexander). Trial, at the pp. 13-20. London, 1679).

king's-bench, for high treason, May, 1696. The same. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

fol. London, T. Wright, 1777. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). KERR (Col. Lewis). Trial. See WORK

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4). MAN (James), and KERR.

KNIGHTLY (Sir Richard), and others. ArKERR (R. Malcolm). A digest of the law: how raignment, in the star-chamber, for maintain

attainable. 31 pp. 89. London, Butterworths, ing seditious persons, books, and libels, Feb. 1866.

1588. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. KERR (William Williamson). A treatise on (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7).

the law and practice of injunctions in equity. KNOLLYS or KNOWLES (Charles, claimivi, 710 pp. 89. London, Maxwell & son, ing to be earl of Banbury). Proceedings 1867.

against [him) for the murder of Philip LawKID (John), and KING (John). Spirit of son, 1693. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778.

popery, speaking out of the mouths of pha- (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8).

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KNOX (Thomas), and LANE (John). Tryal |LAW journal; comprising reports of cases in

and conviction, for a conspiracy, to defame the courts of chancery, king's bench, common
and scandalize Dr. Oates and Mr. Bedloe; pleas, exchequer of pleas, and exchequer
thereby to discredit their evidence about the chamber, and cases connected with the duties
horrid popish plot : king's-bench, Nov. 1679. and office of magistrates, 1823–30. 9y. 4°.
1 p. 1. 68 pp. fol. London, R. Pawlett, 1680. London, J. W. Paget and others, 1823–31.
[TRIALS for treason, v. 3).

LAW journal reports. New series : compris-
The same.

ing reports of cases in the house of lords, and (TRIALS for treason, v. 4). The same. fol. London, T.Wright, 1776.

in the courts of chancery and appeal in bank(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

ruptcy, probate, divorce and matrimonial LABATT (Henry J.) and WALKER (A.) causes, admiralty, queen's bench and the bail

Bankrupt law. See UNITED STATES. court, common pleas, exchequer, exchequer LALOR (Robert, priest). The case of præ

chamber, and crown cases reserved. Edited munire in Ireland, or (his] conviction and by Montague Chambers, Francis Towers attainder, being indicted on the statute of the Streeten, Freeman Oliver Haynes, and others. 16 R. ii. 1607. fol. London, T. Wright, 1781. 35 v. in 92. 4°. London, E. B. Ince and (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11).

others, 1832–66. LAMÉ-FLEURY (Ernest Jules F.) De la

The same.

An analytical digest of the législation minérale sous l'ancienne mon- cases published in the new series of the Law archie; ou, recueil méthodique et chronolo- journal reports and other reports in the courts gique des lettres patentes, édits, ordonnances, of common law and equity, and appeal in déclarations, arrêts du conseil d'état du roi, bankruptcy, in the house of lords, the privy du parlement, et de la cour des monnaies de council, in the court of probate, the court for Paris, etc. xvi, 224 pp. 80. Paris, A. Du- divorce and matrimonial causes, and in the rand, 1857.

high court of admiralty. By F. T. Streeten LANE (John). Tryal for conspiracy. See and others. 8 v. 4o. London, J. W. Paget and KNOX (T.) and LANE (J.)

others, 1831-63. LANGHORN (Richard). Tryal for conspir- LAW list for 1867, by W. W. Dalbiac, 120. ing the death of the king, subversion of the London, Stevens de sons,

government and protestant religion, Old Bay- LAW magazine, August, 1866, to August,
ley, June, 1679. 68 pp. 11. fol. London, H. 1867. v. 22–23. 89. London, Butterworths,
Hills, 1679.

[TRIALS for treason, v. 2).
The same. fol. London, T.Wright, 1776.

LAW reports. Chancery appeal cases, in(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

cluding bankruptcy and lunacy cases, before LASSIME (-). Traité de la contrainte

the lord chancellor and the court of appeal in par corps. 352 pp. 8°. Paris, A. Durand, 1863. chancery, 1865-67. Edited by G. W. HemLASTARRIA (J. V.) Elementos de derecho ming. v. 1-2. 89. London, for the council of publico constitucional teorico, positivo i po

law reporting, 1866–67. (2 copies). litico. 3a ed. xvii, 510 pp. 120. Gante, Court of common pleas, 1865-67. ReE. Vanderhaeghen, 1865.

ported by John Scott and Henry Bompas. LATHAM (Francis Law). A treatise on the Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer.

law of window lights. xvii, 254 pp. 120. 89. London, 1866–67. (2 copies).
London, Butterworths, 1867.

Court of exchequer, 1865-67. Reported
LAUD (William, archbishop of Canterbury). by James Anstie and Arthur Charles. Edited

Trial, for high treason, 1643. Wrote by him- by James Redfoord Bulwer. v. 1-2. 89. self. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

London, 1866–67. (2 copies). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

Court of queen's bench, 1865–67. ReLAURENT (F.) Histoire du droit des gens ported by William Mills and Henry Holroyd,

et des relations internationales. 2e éd. cor- and in the bail court by E. A. C. Schalch. rigée. 12 y. 8°. Bruxelles, A. Lacroix, Ver- Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer.

v. 1-2. boeckhoven et Cie. 1863–66. (2 copies of v. 89. London, 1866–67. (2 copies). 4-12).

English and Irish appeal cases and LAW (The) relating to India and the East

claims of peerage before the house of lords, India company; with notes. 2d ed. viii, 758 1866–67. Reported by Charles Clark. v. 1-2. pp. 4°. London, W. H. Allen & Co. 1841. 89. London, 1866–67. (2 copies).

v. 1-2.

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