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LAW reports. Equity cases before the master | LEACH (Dryden). Proceedings in an action

of the rolls and the vice-chancellors, 1865-67. of false imprisonment, 1765. See MONEY Edited by G. W. Hemming. v. 1-4. 80. (John), and others. London, 1866–67. (2 copies).

LEAKE (Stephen Martin). The elements of High court of admiralty and ecclesias- the law of contracts. lvi, 697 pp. 89. London, tical courts, 1865–67. Reported by Ernst Stevens & sons, 1867. Browning. Edited by James Redfoord Bul- LE CARON (P. L.) Code des émigrès, ou wer. v. 1. 89. London, 1867. (2 copies).

recueil des dispositions législatives, concernPrivy council appeals. Cases heard and

ant les impositions, le séquestre, la confiscadetermined in the judicial committee and the

tion, la régle et la vente des biens des anciens lords of her majesty's most honourable privy

propriétaires appelés à recueillir l'indemnité, council, 1865-67. Reported by Edmund F. de 1789 à 1825. 1 p. 1. 438 pp. 89. Paris, Moore. v. 1. 89. London, 1867. (2 copies). Bossange, 1825.

Public general statutes, with a list of the LECERF (Pierre Louis). Tableau général et local and private acts, 1866–67. v. 1-2. 80.

raisonné de la législation française, [etc.] London, 1866–67. (2 copies).

pour servir de préparation à l'étude du droit, LAW times and journal of property, from [etc.] 4 p. I. viii, 476 pp. 80. Paris, G. April, 1843, to March, 1851. 16 v. fol. Lon

Thorel, 1841. don, Law times office, 1843–51.

LEE (Capt. Thomas). Arraignment and judg- The same. The journal and record of the

ment, at (London), Feb. 1600, for high law and the lawyers, from April, 1851, to

treason. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. November, 1866. v. 18-41. fol. London,

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). 1851-64. (v. 17 wanting).

LEECH (Benjamin). Proceedings against LAW times reports, containing all the cases

[him) at the Old-Bailey, Oct. 1682, for a argued and determined in the house of lords,

contempt, in offering a frivolous plea to the the privy council, the court of appeals in

court. fol. London, T. Wright, 1779. chancery, the rolls court, v. c. Kindersley's

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). court, v. c. Stuart's court, v. c. Wood's court, LE GENTIL (Charles). Origines du droit. the court of queen's bench, the court of com

Essai historique sur les preuves, sous les lémon bench, the court of exchequer, the bail

gislations juive, égyptienne, indienne, greccourt, the exchequer chamber, the court of que et romaine, avec quelques notes touchant criminal appeal, the probate court, the court

les lois barbares et le vieux droit français. xv, for divorce and matrimonial causes, the ad- 420 pp. 40. Paris, A. Durand, 1863. miralty court, the bankruptcy courts, at nisi LEGISLACION de la propiedad literaria. prius, maritime law cases. Together with a [anon.] 270 pp. 89. Madrid, Moya y Plaza, selection of cases of universal application, 1863. decided in the superior courts in Ireland and LEICESTER (Eng.) county of. Rules and in Scotland. New series. March, 1860,

orders of the court of general quarter sessions March, 1866. v. 2–13. 89. London, 1860-66.

of the peace for the county of Leicester. vii. LAW (Stephen D.) Copyright and patent 80 pp. 89. Leicester, J. Brown, 1808.

laws of the United States, 1790 to 1868, with LEIGHTON (Alexander, D. D.) Proceedings notes of judicial decisions thereunder. 2d ed.

in the star chamber against [him) for a libel, 264 pp. 120. New York, Baker, Voorhis de

June, 1630. fol. London, T. Wright, 1781. Co. 1867.

(HARGRAVE's state trials. v. 11). LAWRENCE (William Beach), v. DANA LÉVÊQUE (B. A.) Vérification des écritures. (Richard H. jr.) Circuit court of the United

136 pp. 89. Agen, P. Noubel, 1840. States, district of Massachusetts, ss. Bill in equity. Complainant's affidavits. B. R. Curtis LEWIS (David). Trial at Monmouth, for high and J. J. Storrow for complainant. 98, 6 pp.

treason, March, 1679. Wrote by himself. fol. 80. Boston, Mudge & son, 1866. (2 copies). London, T. Wright, 1776. LAYER (Christopher). Trial at the king's (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

bench for high treason, Nov. 1722. fol. Lon- LEWIS (Hubert). Principles of equity draftdon, T. Wright, 1777.

ing ; with an appendix of forms. xi, 378 pp. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 6).

120. London, Butterworths, 1865.


LEX ROMANA Visigothorum. Ad lxxviLISLE (lady Alice). Trial, at Winton, for high

librorum manu scriptorum fidem recognovit, treason, Aug. 1685. fol. London, T. Wright, septem eius antiquis epitomis, quæ præter

1777. duas adhuc ineditæ sunt, titulorum explana

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4). tione auxit

, annotatione, appendicibus, prole- LITHUANIA. Zbior praw litewskich, 1389– gomenis instruxit Gustavus Haenel. cx, 468

1529. Tudziez' rozprawy sejmowe o tychze pp. 2 pl. 4o. Lipsiæ, B. G. Teubner, 1848.

prawach, 1544-1563. 2 p. I. iv, 542 pp. 12 LEY (The) hipotecaria of Spain; or, law on

pl. 4o. Poznan, Garbarach, 1841. the inscription of titles to immovable property, LIVES, behaviour, and dying words of the

most remarkable criminals who have been deeds and preventive annotations affecting the same; decrees respecting legal incapacity;

executed for the highway, street-robberies, absent parties, etc. and also provisions for

piracy, rapes, murder, etc. [anon.] v.2. 12o. giving effect in Spain to deeds executed in

London, J. Osborn, 1740. foreign countries, and to the judgments of LLANDAFF (Richard Watson, bishop of ).

See WATSON. foreign courts; with a glossary of Spanish terms therein used. Translated and edited by LLOYD (William, bishop of Worcester), and William Grain. ix, 150 pp. 89. London, H.

LLOYD (-, his son). The evidence Sweet, 1867.

given at the bar of the house of commons, LIBER placitandi. A book of special pleading;

upon the complaint of Sir John Pakington containing precedents. 1 p. 1. 460 pp. 14 1. fol.

against [them. With] the proceedings of London, Place & Basset, 1674.

the house thereupon, 1702. fol. London, T. (NOTE. Sometimes cited as Thompson's entries).

Wright, 1778. LILBURNE (Col. John). Trial at the Guild

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8).

LOGAN(Robert). Process and trial, for high hall of London, for high treason, Oct. 1649. [With] the examination of [his] jury, 1653.

treason, in conspiring with John [Ruthven),

earl of Gowrie, to murder king James i, June, fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

1609. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. [HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). Trial in the Old Bailey, July, 1653, for

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7).

LOIR (J. N.) De l'état civil des nouveauxreturning into England, being banished by act of parliament. [Written (the chief part) by

nés, au point de vue de l'histoire, de l'hy

giène et de la loi. Présentation de l'enfant himself ). fol. London, T. Wright, 1778.

sans déplacement. xv, 462 pp. 1 pl. 8o. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). and WHARTON (John). Trial for

Paris, A. Durand, 1865.

LONDON. The laws and customs, rights, printing and publishing seditious books. In the star chamber, Feb. 1637. fol. London,

liberties, and privileges of the city of London. T. Wright, 1778.

xix, xii, 315 pp. 89. London, R. Witby, 1765. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7).

Proceedings between the king and the LINCOLN (William Wake, bishop of ). See city of London, on an information in nature WAKE.

of a quo warranto, in the king's bench, 1683. LINDSAY (David). Trial at the Old Bailey, fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. for high treason, April, 1704. fol. London,

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3). T. Wright, 1777.

LONDON (Henry Compton, bishop of). See

COMPTON. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v.5). LIPENIUS or LIPEN (Martin). Bibliotheca LONG (Rev. William), v. GRAY, (Rt. Rev. realis ivridica post Friderici Gottlieb Strvvii

Robert, bishop of Capetown). The case of, et Gottlob Avgvsti Jenichenii cvras emendata,

embracing the opinions of the judges of the mvltis accessionibys avcta et locvpletata. 2 v.

colonial court, hitherto unpublished, together in 1. x, 860 pp; 476, 351 pp. fol. Lipsia,

with the decision of the privy council, and J. Wendlervs, 1757.

preliminary observations by the editor. 166 - The same. Supplementa ac emendationes. pp. 80. London, Butterworths, 1866. Collegit et digessit Avgvstvs Fridericvs Schott. LOUIS XVI. Proceedings of the French na(v. 1.) fol. Lipsiæ, 1775.

tional convention on the trial of Louis xvi, The same. Supplementorvm ac emenda

king of France and Navarre; to which are tionvm (libri). Collegit et digessit Renatvs

added several interesting occurrences and Carolus de Senkenberg. v. 2. fol. Lipsiæ, 1789.

particulars attending the treatment, sentence, The same. Auctore Lvd. God. Madihn.

and execution of the ill-fated monarch. By v. 3. fol. Vratislavia, 1816.

Joseph Trapp. xii, 214 pp. 89. London, [Incomplete; v. 4 wanting).

Murray & Co. 1793.

V. 15.

LOUISIANA (State of). Laws, 1864 to 1867. MCDANIEL (Stephen), and others. Trial, at 4 v. 89. New Orleans, 1865–67.

the Old Bailey, for being accessaries before a Louisiana annual reports, 1860.

felony committed by P. Kelly and J. Ellis, in By A. N. Ogden. 8. New Orleans, Office of the county of Kent. fol. London, T. Wright, the Price Current, 1861. (2 copies).

The same.
v. 17-18, (1865—1866.) By

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). S. F. Glenn. 80. New Orleans, Bloomfield MACDONALD (Æneas alias Angus). Pro& Steel, 1866–67. (2 copies of v. 18.)

ceedings against [him], at Southwark, Dec. LOVAT (Simon Fraser, 13th baron Fraser of).

1747, (for treason), and at the king's bench See FRASER.

[for treason). fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. LOVE (Christopher). Trial, before the high

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). court of justice, for high treason, June, 1651.

MAC GROWTHER (Alexander). Trial, at fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

[Southwark), July, 1746, for high treason. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). LOWELL, (Mass.) Charter and ordinances,

fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. etc. iv, 141 pp. 89. Lowell, J. Taylor, 1846. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). LOWICK (Robert). Trial, for high treason, MACGUIRE. See MAGUIRE.

April, 1696. fol. London, T. Wright, 1777. MACKAY (Sir Donald, 1st baron Reay). Pro(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4).

ceedings on an appeal of high treason, 1631. LOWNDES (Richard). The admiralty law See RAMSEY (David).

of collisions at sea. xx, 234 pp. 89. London, MACKENZIE (George, 3d earl of Cromartie). Stevens & sons, 1867. (3 copies).

[His] case, as printed in 1746. fol. London, LUDLOW (Henry). See BATTEN (E. C.) T. Wright, 1779. LUDWELL (Wilhelm). Synopsis juris feud

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). alis. Ed. 34. xiv, 423 pp. 19 l. 12o. Alt

Indictment for high treason. See BOYD dorfi Noricorum, H. Meyer, 1696.

(William, 4th earl of Kilmarnock), and others. LUSHINGTON (Godfrey). A manual of MACPHERSON (William). Procedure of naval prize law. xviii, 130 pp. 89. London,

the civil courts of the East India company in Butterworths, 1866. (4 copies).

the presidency of Fort William, in regular MACAREL (Louis Antoine). Cours de droit

suits. 523, lvii pp. 80. Calcutta, Lepage & Co. administratif professé à la faculté de droit de

1850. Paris, (1842–43). 3 v. 89. Paris, G. Thorel,

MACRORY (Edmund). Reports of cases re1844–46.

lating to letters patent for inventions; decided Wanting v. 4). CONTENTS.

in the courts of law and equity, and before v. 1, 2. Organisation et attributions des autorités ad. the judicial committee of the privy council ;

ministratives. vii, 679 PP ; 956 pp. v. 3. Principes généraux des matières administratives.

with notes of application for amendments, vii, 488 pp.

leave to enter disclaimers, etc. 1852-54. Parts Elémens de jurisprudence administra- 1 and 2. ii, 256 pp. 2 pl. 89. London, Bentive; extraits des décisions rendues, par le ning and Co. 1855. conseil d'état, en matière contentieuse. Edition MADRE (Madame de -). Formulaire pour augmentée de la législation belge. xi, 347 pp. contrats de mariage. 4e éd. revue et aug. 80. Bruxelles, A. Wahlen et Cie. 1837.

mentée. xxiv, 112 pp. 40. Paris, Cosse et Législation et jurisprudence des ateliers

Marchal, 1867. dangereux, insalubres et incommodes. Ixviii,

Formulaire pour inventaires. 2e éd. viii, 306 pp. 18o. Paris, Roret, 1828.

96 49. Paris, Cosse et Marchal, 1861. Des tribunaux administratifs, ou intro- MAFFA (Sebastiano). Commentaria in l. Si duction à l'Etude de la jurisprudence admin

is qvi pro emptore; De vevcapionibvs. Vna istrative, [etc.] xii, 581 pp. 89. Paris, J. P.

com paradoxis et argumentis doctissimi uiri D. Roret, 1828.

Thomae Simeontii. 20 1. 191 1. 18o. Venetiis, McCARTER (Thomas N.) Reports of cases Marcus Amadorus, 1572.

in the court of chancery, the prerogative court, MAGDALEN college (Oxford). Proceedings and the court of errors and appeals of New

against St. Mary Magdalen college in Oxon. Jersey. v. 2. 89. Trenton, Hough & Gillespy,

for not electing Anthony Farmer president of 1867. (2 copies).

the said college, June, 1637. fol. London, T. MACCLESFIELD (Thomas Parker, 1st earl

Wright, 1777. of). See PARKER.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4).

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MAGER von SCHOENBERG (Martin). les observations de ses adversaires. 17 pp.

De advocatia armata, siue clientelari patro- 80. Caen, B. de Laporte, 1847.
norvm jvre et potestate, clientvmqve officio. (With the preceding).
21 p. 1. 826 pp. 56 1. fol. Francofvrti, E. Em-

Soeur sainte Marie, bénédictine. Récits, melius, 1626.

par elle-même, [etc.] 426 pp. 8o. Caen, MAGUIRE (Connor, baron Maguire). Trial

Laporte, 1846.

(With the preceding). at the king's bench for high treason, in being MARIE-ANTOINETTE. Procès de Marieconcerned in the Irish massacre, Feb. 1644. Antoinette ci-devant reine des Français; ou, fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

recueil exact de tous ses interrogatoires, ré(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

ponses, dépositions des témoins. 136 pp. 12o. MAI (Angelo, cardinal). Vaticana juris ro- Paris, Alcan-Lévy, 1865.

mani fragmenta, Romæ nuper detecta et edita. MARKHAM (Sir Griffin, or Griffith), and xiv, 92 pp. 80. Paris, Fanjat, 1823.

others. Trial for high treason, at Winchester, MAILLART (Adrien). Coutumes générales Nov. 1603. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. d'Artois, avec des notes. 8 p. I. 1016 pp. 4o.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). Paris, N. Gosselin, 1704.

MARRIOTT (W.T.) Clerical disabilities: a

short account of the law upon the subject, and MAINE (State of). Laws, 1866, 1867. 2 v.

some remarks thereon. 31 pp. 89. London, 80. Augusta, 1866–67. Maine reports.

Longmans, 1865. v. 52–53. By W. Wirt

MARSHALL (Samuel). A treatise on the Virgin. 8°. Hallowell, Masters, Smith & Co.

law of insurance. 2d ed. 2 v. xxviii, 484 pp; 1866–67. (3 copies).

912 pp. 89. London, J. Butterworth, 1808. MAISONNEUVE (T. Richard). Exposé de MARTIN (François Xavier). A collection of droit pénal et d'instruction criminelle. 2e éd.

the private acts of the general assembly of xi, 330 pp. 80. Paris, A. Durand, 1865.

North Carolina. 3 p. l. 249 pp. 21. 4o. MAITLAND (Charles). The proceedings be- Newbern, F. X. Martin, 1794.

fore the lords of the articles, etc. against Chim] A collection of the statutes of the parliafor perjury, in having given a false testimony ment of England, in force in North Carolina. at the trial of James Mitchel, [Edinburgh, xxvi, 426 pp. 4°. Newbern, editor, 1792. 1681). fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. MARY (queen of Scots). Proceedings against (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8).

[her], at Fotheringay-castle, Oct. 1586, for MALLEIN (Jules). Considérations sur l'en

being concerned in a conspiracy against queen seignement du droit administratif. xi, 417 pp.

Elizabeth. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. 89. Paris, H. Plon, 1857.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

MARYLAND (Province of ). Laws, 1727 to Faut-il codifier les lois administratives 1

1731. 1 p. l. 176 pp. fol. Annapolis, M. Examen de cette question. 54 pp. 80. Gren

Parks, 1727-31. oble, Maisonville et fils, et Jourdan, 1860.

(Imperfect). MALLET (Sir John). Concerning penal laws;

(State of). Lawe, 1777–79. 4 v. in 1. fol. course, or charge at sessions in Bridge- Annapolis, F. Green, [1777-79). water, July, 1680. 20 pp. fol. London, T. ( With MARYLAND. Votes and proceedings of the Cockeril, 1680.

senate, 1777).

The same. 1785–89. [With Ms. index [TRIALS for treason, v. 5).

of the laws from 1785–96]. 5 v. in 1. 51 pp. MALLORY (John). Quare impedit; in two

Ms. fol. Annapolis, F. Green, [1786–90]. parts. Part 1, containing an abridgement of

Laws, 1867. 8o. Annapolis, 1867. (2 the law concerning the patronages of the

copies.) churches, etc. Part 2, containing precedents

Digest of the decisions construing the of pleadings. ix, 253 pp. 191. 150 pp. 81.

statutes of Maryland, of which the code of fol. London, Nutt f. Gosling, 1737.

public general laws is composed, with speciMARIE (sister, Benedictine nun). Note pour

fication of the acts of assembly. By Lewis la soeur Marie, remise a M. le procureur du Mayer. vii, 728 pp. 89. Baltimore, Murphy roi et au tribunal [etc.] à la suite d'une com

f. Co. 1866. munication officieuse d'une consultation en

Supplement to the Maryland code, confaveur de ses adversaires, [etc.] 8 pp. 80. taining the acts of 1864 and 1865. v. 2-3. By Bayeux, Durant, 1847.

Lewis Mayer. 89. Baltimore, Murphy & Co. Observations pour la soeur Marie sur 1865.

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MARYLAND reports. v. 21. By Nicholas 1796–1800. 5 v. in 1. fol. Boston, Young &

Brewer. 89. Annapolis, 1866–67. (2 copies). Minns, 1796–1800. MASSACHUSETTS (Colony of). (The (Imperfect: all after p. 68 in Resolves of 1800

wanting) generall laws of the colony. With) supplemental laws, 1672, 1674, and 1675. 170 pp.

The same. 1810–12. 409 pp. 2 1. 8°. 141. 40 pp. fol. [Cambridge, S. Green, 1672].

Boston, Adams, Rhoades & Co.1-10-12. (Imperfect; wants title-page, and pp. 1-4.

The same. Resolves respecting the sale The same. Acts and laws, [1692-1700. of eastern lands, with the reports of the comWith) the charter granted by William [iii]. mittees appointed to sell said lands, 17812 v. in 1. 1 p. l. 15 pp. 11; 192 pp. 21. fol. 1803. 287 pp. 80. Boston, Young & Minns, Boston, B. Green of. J. Allen, 1699–1700. 1803.

The same. [1692–1705). 15 pp. 11. 289 MATA (Pedro). Tratado de medicina y cirurpp. 2 1. fol. Bosion, B. Green & J. Allen, gia legal, teorica y practica, seguido de un 1699-1705.

compendio de toxicologia. 4a ed. 3 v. 8o. (Imperfect; wants title-page, and pp. 1-5 of charter). Madrid, Carlos Bailly-Baillière, 1866–67.

The same. [1692–1719]. 3 p. I. 326 MATTHEWS (John). Trial, for high treapp. fol. [Boston,B. Green, 1714-19].

son, for printing a libel, entitled Ex ore tuo (Imperfect. title-page, and pp. 1-4, 17-20 wanting ; te judico; Vox populi vox Dei ; at the Oldpp. 240–1, 325–6 imperfect).

Bailey, Oct. 1719. fol. London, T. Wright, The same. [1692-May, 1735. With] 1778. charter of William iii and George i. 1 pl. 14, (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). 17 pp. 11. 549 pp. fol. Boston, B. Green & MAUGER (N. J. B.) L'officier de l'état civil; J. Draper, 1726–35.

ouvrage contenant un traité complet des actes The same. [1692-March, 1736. With

de l'état civil. 234 pp. 80. Saintes, FonMs. notes of law cases). 1 p. l. 14, 16 pp. tanier, 1865. 1 1. 560 pp. 39 pp. Ms. fol. Boston, B. Green MAYER (Lewis ). Maryland digest. See & J. Draper, 1726–36.

MARYLAND. [Imperfect. p. 17 of table wanting ; pp. 359-60 im- MEAD (William). Trial, for a tumultuous perfect].

The same. [1692–1738]. 1 p. 1. 14, 17 assemblage. See PENN (William ), and pp. 11. 684 pp. fol. Boston, B. Green &

MEAD. J. Draper, 1726–39.

MEIER (Moritz Hermann Eduard ), and The same. [1692–1747. With] the

SCHÖMANN (Georg Friedrich). Der atcharter. 14, 28 pp; 1 1. 380 pp. fol. Boston,

tische process; vier bücher. xxii, 794 pp. S. Kneeland & T. Green, 1742–47.

89. Halle, Gebauer, 1825. (Wants title-page of charter).

MELLISH (Mary), v. RANKIN (Eliza). The same. Temporary acts and laws, The whole proceedings on the trial of an [1736-50). 1 p. I. 3, 315 pp. fol. Boston, S.

ejectment, between John Doe on the several Kneeland & T. Green, 1742–50.

demises of Mary Mellish and others, against The same. 169:2–March, 1761. With

Eliza Rankin, in the court of common pleas, the charter. 1 p. l. 14, 24 pp. 11. 403 pp.

10th and 11th May, 1786. By Joseph Gurfol. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1759-61.



pp. 89. London, J. Debrett, 1786. The same. [1692-May, 1761). 1 p. 1. MESSENGER (Peter), and others. Trials, 14, 24 pp. 1 1. 409 pp. fol. Boston, S. Knee

at the Old-Bailey, for high treason, in tumul. land, 1759-61.

tuously assembling themselves in Moorfields The same. [1692–1765). 1 p. 1. 14, 24

and other places, under color of pulling down pp. 1 1. 497 pp. fol. Boston, S. Kneeland and bawdy-houses, April, 1668. fol. London, T. R. & S. Draper, 1759–65.

Wright, 1776.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). [Imperfect : pp. 427-32, 459-62 wanting ; pp. 1-2 of

charter, and title-page, and pp. 1-2, 123-4, 351-2, MICHAEL (W. H.) The sanitary acts, com359-60, 397-8, 411-12, 415-16, 419-20, 433-8, 4412, 445-6, 451-2, 457-8, 463–4, 480-1, 491-2, imper. prising the sewage utilization act, 1865, and fect).

the sanitary act, 1866, and various sections The same. Temporary acts and laws. 1 of other acts incorporated therewith. xii, p. I. x, viii, 190 pp. fol. Boston, Green & 132 pp. 120. London, H. Sweet, 1867. Russell, 1763.

MICHAUD (J.) Le droit d'asile en Europe (State of). Resolves of the general et en Angleterre. 48 pp. 89. Paris, Amyot, court. [With] the governor's messages. 1858.

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