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MICHAUX (Alexandre). Traité pratique attempting the murder of James Sharp, arch

des testaments notariés, olographes, mystiques bishop of St. Andrews, and wounding the
et autres, et des actes qui en sont la consé- bishop of Orkney [Murdoch Mackenzie], Jan.
quence. vi, 558 pp. 89. Paris, Cosse, Mar- 1678. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.
chal et Cie. 1865.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).
MICHELET (Jules). Procès des templiers. MODERS alias STEDMAN (Mary). Trial,
2 v. viii, 681 pp; viii, 540 pp. 4°. Paris,

at the Old Baily, for bigamy, June, 1663. Imprimerie royale, 1841.

fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. (DOCUMENTS inédits sur l'histoire de France).

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2). MICHIGAN (State of ). Laws, 1867.

MOHUN (Charles, 5th baron Mohun). Trial, Lansing, 1867. (2 copies.)

at Westminster, for the murder of William Michigan reports. v. 14. By W. Jenni

Mountford, Jan. 1692. fol. London, T. Wright, son. 8o. Detroit, Throop f. Co. 1867. (2

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4). copies).

Trial, before the house of lords, for the MILAN. Atti del municipio di Milano, 1859–

murder of Richard Coote, March, 1699. fol. 1865. 7 v. 80. Milano, L. de Giacomo Pi

London, T. Wright, 1777. rola, 1859–65.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 5). MILLIGAN (Lambdin P. ex parte). Decision

MOLITOR (J. B.) Les obligations en droit of the U. S. supreme court on military com

romain, avec l'indication des rapports entre la missions, delivered at December term, 1866.

législation romaine et le droit français. 2e éd. 23 pp. 89. Washington, 1867.

revue et corrigée. 2 v. viii, 730 pp; pp. MINGHETTI (—). De l'organisation ad

89. Paris, A. Durand, 1866–67. ministrative du royaume d'Italie. Traduction et préface d'Alexandre Mickiewicz. Avec MOLLOY (Neale). Trial of, and of Vere introduction d'Armand Lévy. xx, 212 pp.

Molloy, his wife, at a commission of oyer and 89. Paris, E. Dentu, 1862.

terminer, for the city of Dublin, 10th DecemMINNESOTA (State of). Reports. v. 10.

ber, 1762. 59 pp. 80. Dublin, B. Grierson,

By W. A. Spencer. 80. Chicago, Myers &

MONEY (John), and others. Proceedings on
Chandler, 1866.
MISSISSIPPI (State of). Laws, called ses-

error in an action of false imprisonment by

Dryden Leach, against John Money, (and sion, Oct. 1866, and January, 1867. 8o. Jackson, 1867. (2 copies).

others), kings messengers, (at the] king's Mississippi reports. v. 39. By James Z.

bench, 1765. fol. London, T. Wright, 1781. George. 89. Philadelphia, Johnson & Co.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11). 1867. (2 copies).

MONSON (Sir Thomas). Arraignment at the The same. v. 40. By R. O. Reynolds.

Guildhall, London, for the murder of Sir 89. New York, 1867.

Thomas Overbury, Dec. 1615. fol. London,
MISSOURI ( State of). Laws, 1860–61,

T. Wright, 1776.
1862–63, 1863–64, 1864-65, 1865–66, and (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).
1867. 6 v. 80. Jefferson City, 1861–67. (2 MOORE (Edmund F.) Cases

the privy copies).

council on appeal from the East Indies, 1863– General statutes of the state of Missouri; 66.

80. London, Stevens & sons, revised by a committee appointed by the 23d 1867. general assembly, under a joint resolution of Reports of cases in the judicial committee February 20, 1865, amended by the legisla- and the lords of the privy council. New series. ture, and passed March 20, 1866. A. F. v.3. 89. London, Stevens & sons, 1867. Denny, commissioner appointed by the gov- MOORE (Henry). Case on a mandamus adernor. xvi, 1012 pp. 80. City of Jefferson, mitting the plaintiff to be a freeman of the 1866. (2 copies).

town of Hastings. See HASTINGS (county Missouri reports. 1860–62. v. 31. 80.

of Sussex, England). St. Louis, 1862.

MORDAUNT (John, 1st viscount Mordaunt
The same, 1862 to 1866. v. 32–39. By of Avalon). Trial before the high court of
C. C. Whittelsey. 8°. St. Louis, Knapp & justice for high treason, June, 1658. fol.
Co. 1863–66. (2 copies.)

London, T. Wright, 1776.
MITCHEL (James). Trial, in Scotland, for

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

v. 10.


MORDAUNT (Mary Howard, duchess of MUIR (Thomas). Account of the trial of T.

Norfolk, called lady). Proceedings before Muir, the younger, of Hunter's Hill, before the the house of lords, 1691, between (Henry high court of justiciary, at Edinburgh, 30-31 Howard the 7th] duke and the duchess of August, 1793, for sedition. Robertson's ed. Norfolk, upon the duke's bill, intituled an act 160 pp. 80. Edinburgh, J. Robertson, [1793). to dissolve the marriage, etc. fol. London, MUNKS (James). The confession of J. M. T. Wright, 1778.

who was executed at Bellefonte, Pennsylva(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8).

nia, January 23, 1819, for the murder of ReuThe proceedings in parliament upon the ben Guild. 8 pp. 80. New York, 1819. bill of divorce between (Henry Howard, 7th] MURELL or MURRELL (John A.) History duke of Norfolk, and the lady Mary Mordant, of the detection and trial of John A. Murel, Feb. and March, 1699. fol. London, T. the great western land pirate; together with Wright, 1777.

a biographical sketch of Mr. Virgil A. Stewart. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 5).

80. [n. p. 1834). MORE (Sir Thomas, lord chancellor of Eng- MURPHY (Timothy). Trial for felony and

land). Trial for high treason, in denying the forgery, Old Bailey, Jan. 1753. fol. London, king's supremacy, May, 1535. fol. London, T. Wright, 1779. T. Wright, 1776.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

MUYART DE VOUGLANS (Pierre FranMORGAN (David). Trial for high treason,

çois). Institutes av droit criminel ; ou, prinSouthwark, July, 1746. fol. London, T.

cipes généraux sur ces matières, suivant le Wright, 1778.

droit civil, canonique, et la jurisprudence du (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9).

royaume; avec un traité particulier des MORILLOT (Léon). De la condition des en- crimes. xx, 728 pp. 4°. Paris, L. Cellot, fants nés hors mariage en Europe et speciale

1757. ment en France, dans l'antiquité, du moyen MYERS (Harvey). Kentucky digest. Scc âge, et de nos jours. 491 pp. 80. Paris, A.

KENTUCKY. Durand, 1865.

MYERS (W. R.) Authenticated report of MORLEY (Thomas Parker, 6th baron). See

the trial of Myers and others, for the murder PARKER.

of Dudley Marvin Hoyt. Drawn up by the MORRIS (Col. John). Trial, at York, Aug.

editor of the Richmond southern standard. 1649, for high treason. fol. London, T. Wright,

80. New York, 1846. 1778.

NAIRN (Katharine), and OGILVIE (Pat(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7).

rick). Trial, for the crimes of incest and MORRIS alias POYNTZ (John), and others.

murder, before the high court of justiciary in Two judgments of the lords assembled in

Scotland, Aug. 1765. fol. London, T. Wright, parliament, in 1647, against [them), for forg

1779. ing, framing, and publishing a copy of a pre- NALSON (John). A true copy of the journal

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). tended act of parliament. fol. London, T.

of the high court of justice for the tryal of Wright, 1778.

k. Charles i. 4 p. 1. lxx, 128 pp. 31. 3 pl. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). MOSSAM (Elam). Trial of lady Ivy's claim

fol. London, T. Dring, 1684. to great part of Shadwell parish. See IVY NAVARRE. Fueros del reyno Navarra, desde (lady Theodosia).

su creacion, hasta su feliz union con el de MOSTYN (Lieut. Gen. John). Proceedings

Castilla. 24 pp; 299 pp. 1 pl. fol. Pamplona, in an action by Anthony Fabrigas, against

P. Longas, 1815. lieut. gen. Mostyn, governor of Minorca, for

The same. Diccionario para facilitar la false imprisonment and banishment; in the

intelligencia de estos fueros, dispuesto por common pleas and king's bench, 1773–74.

Felipe Baraiban de Haro. 39 pp. fol. Pamfol. London, T. Wright, 1781.

plona, P. Longas, 1815.

( With the preceding). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 11).

Qvaderno de las leyes, ordenanzas, proMOZZONI (A. Maria). La donna, e i suoi

visiones, y agravios reparados, a svplicacion rapporti sociali in occasione della revisione

de los tres estados deste reyno de Navarra, del codice civile italiano. xxvi, 244 pp. 8°.

en las cortes de los años 1652, 1653, y 1654. Milano, (proprietà dell'autrice,) 1864.

126 pp. 71. fol. Pamplona, Labayen y Zuula, MUELEN. See VANDERMUELEN.


NAYLER (James). Proceedings in the house old modes of proceeding compared; showing

of commons against [him] for blasphemy, etc. the necessity of restoring the forms of actions Dec. 1656. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. and pleadings in cases at common law. 100 pp. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

89. Buffalo, Matthews & Warren, 1867. NELSON (William). Lex maneriorum; or, the laws and customs of England, relating to

Laws of the state of New York, revised manors and lords of manors, their stewards,

and passed at the 36th session of the legisla

ture. With marginal notes and references, deputies, tenants, and others. 2d ed. xiv,

by W. P. Van Ness and John Woodworth. 280 pp; 176 pp. 89. London, Nutt & Gosling,

2 v. vii, 592 pp; 570 1. 50 pp. 80. Albany, 1728.

Southwick & Co. 1813. NEOSTADIUS or NEUSTADT (Cornelis

van). Utriusque Hollandiæ, Zelandiæ, Frisi- Laws, (session] 1812, 1814, 1823, 1862, æque curiæ decisiones. Item tractatus de feudi 1865, and 1867. 7v. 89. Albany, 1812–67. hollandici, frisicique occidentalis origine et

(2 copies of 1867). successione. Accedunt observationes rerum

Private laws. 1810. 89. Albany, 1810. judicatarum de pactis antenuptialibus. 3 v. New York reports. 5. 34-36. By Joel 4 p. 1. 311 pp. 281; 4 p. 1. 170 pp. 141; 72 pp.

Tiffany. [v. 7-9 of Tiffany's reports]. go. 121. 4o. Haga-Comitis, Steuckerii, 1667. 8.

Albany, W. C. Little, 1867-68. (2 copies). (NOTE.-The " tractatus” and “observationes" have Opinions of the judges [Yates, Thompindependent title-pages).

son, Kent], of the supreme court, in the cause NEUFBOURG (J. F. Philippe de). De la loi

of R. R. Livingston and R. Fulton, vs. Van naturelle. 3e éd. corrigée et augmentée. 398

Ingen and twenty others. 47 pp. 89. Albany, pp. 89. Paris, A. Durand, 1862.

S. Southwick, 1812. NEVADA (Territory of ). Laws, 1861. 80.

NEW YORK (City of ). Ordinances of the San Francisco, 1862. (State of ). Laws, special session, 1867,

mayor, aldermen, and commonalty of the city and 1867. 2 v. 80. Carson City, 1867. (2

of New York. Revised A. D. 1859, by D.T.

Valentine. xvi, 617 pp. 89. New York, C.W. copies of 1867).

Baker, 1859. · Nevada reports. v. 2. By Alfred Helm. 89. San Francisco, 1867. (2 copies).

NOBLE (Richard), and others. Trial for the NEVILL or NEVILLE (Alexander, arch

murder of John Sayer, at Kingston-uponbishop of York), and others. Proceedings in

Thames, March, 1713. fol. London, T. parliament against (them) for high treason,

Wright, 1778. Feb. 1388. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1).

NORFOLK (Howard, dukes of). See HOWNEW HAMPSHIRE (Colony of). Acts and

ARD, laws. With sundry acts of parliament. 331, NORFOLK (Mary Mordaunt, duchess of). See xii pp. fol. Portsmouth, D. f R. Fowle, 1771. MORDAUNT. (NOTE. Title page in ms. Wants pp. 1-2 of commis- NORKOTT (Arthur), and others. Trial for sions of Curtiss and Wentworth). The same. vi, 186 pp. fol. Exeter, 1780.

the murder of Mary Norkott, 1628. From (State of). New Hampshire reports.

the papers of Sir John Maynard. fol. London, v. 46. By Amos Hadley. 8°. Concord, G. P.

T. Wright, 1779. Lyon, 1867.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10). NEW JERSEY (State of ). Laws, 1864-67. NORTH (Francis, baron Guilford). Narrative

4 v. 89. Newark & Paterson, 1864-67. (2 at the council board ; and letter to secretary copies of 1864-66).

Jenkins, relating to [Bedlow's] examination. NEW PLYMOUTH. See PLYMOUTH. fol. London, 1680. NEW YORK (Colony of). Laws from 1691

[With BEDLOW (Capt. W.) Examination relating to to 1751. Collected by W. Livingston and the popish plot. pp. 8-16. 1680. TRIALS for trea

son, v. 3). W. Smith. 6 p. l. 488 pp. fol. New York, J.

The same. Parker, 1752.

fol. London, T. Wright, (State of). The code of procedure of

1778. the state of New York, as amended to 1867. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8). With the rules of the courts. Edited by John NORTH CAROLINA (State of). Laws, Townshend. 9th ed. 292 pp. 120. New York, 1866–67. 80. Raleigh, 1867. Baker, Voorhis & Co. 1867.

NORTHUMBERLAND (John Dudley,duke The code of procedure; or, the new and of). See DUDLEY.



NORTHWEST territory. Laws passed at the and Thomas Parker. xv, 188, X,


80. first session of the general assembly, Cincin- Charleston, James R. Schenck, 1822. nati, Sept. 16th, 1799; also certain laws en- OGILVIE (John). Proceedings against [him), acted by the governor and judges, from the for high treason, Feb. 1615, at Glasgow. fol. commencement of the government to Dec. London, T. Wright, 1778. 1792; with an appendix. v. 1. 248 pp. 80.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 7). Cincinnati, Carpenter & Findlay, 1800.

OGILVIE (Patrick). Trial for incest and ( NOTE.--Pp. 227-248 imperfect, also all after

murder. See NAIRN (Katharine), and wanting).

OGILVIE. NORWICH(Charles Trimnell, bishop of). See OHIO (State of). Laws, 1867. 89. Columbus, TRIMNELL.

1868. NOTARIES' and commissioners' hand-book, See NORTHWEST territory.

containing all the necessary forms, fees OHIO reports. New series, v. 16, by L. J. allowed, etc. 31 pp. 89. New York, Baker, Critchfield. 8o. Columbus, Nevins & Myers, Voorhis & Co. 1867.

1867. (2 copies). NOTT (Charles C.) and HUNTINGTON OKEY (Charles Henry). A concise digest of

(Samuel H.) Cases decided in the court of the law, usage, and custom, affecting the comclaims of the United States, at the terms for mercial intercourse of the subjects of Great 1863–1866, with the rules of practice and the Britain and France. 6th ed. xviii, 338 pp. acts of congress relating to the court. v. 1-2. 89. Paris, Galignani & Co. 1842. xxxix, 427 pp; xi, 646 pp. 80. Washington, OKEY (John), and others. Trials. [as regiW. H. & 0. H. Morrison, and Gov. printing cides, ] behaviour, and dying speeches, April, office, 1867–68. (2 copies).

1662. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. NOVA SCOTIA. Statutes of Nova Scotia, (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 8). 1866. 80. Halifax, 1866.

OLD BAILEY experience. Criminal jurisOATES (Titus, D. D.) The account of the prudence, and the actual working of our penal manner of executing a writ of inquiry of

code of laws. Also, an essay of prison discipdamages, between James, duke of York, and line; to which is added, a history of the crimes Titus Otes, king's bench, June, 1684. 1 p. I. committed by offenders in the present day. fol. London, B. Tooke, 1684.

xi, 447 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, J. Fraser, [TRIALS for treason, v. 4).

[1832 1] The same. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776. OLDCASTLE (Sir John, baron Cobham). (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3).

Trial and examination, for heresy, before the Tryals, convictions, and sentence, upon

archbishop of Canterbury, Sept. 1413. Coltwo indictments for perjury, king's bench,

lected by J. Bale. fol. London, T. Wright,

1776. May, 1685. 2 p. 1. 94,60 pp. fol. London,

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 1). R. Sare, 1685.

ONEBY (John). Trial, at the Old Bailey, [TRIALS for treason, v. 6).

March, 1726, for the murder of William The same. fol. London, T. Wright, 1777.

Gower. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4).

[HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 9). OCHILTRIE (Sir James Stewart, lord). See OREGON (State of). Laws, 1866. 8o. Salem, STEWART.

(Oregon), 1866. (4 copies). OCHINO (Bernardino). Dialogues of polyga- O'REILLY (Antonio Bernal). Practica conmy, and on divorce. See SELECT and curi

sular de España. Formulario de cancillerias ous cases of polygamy, etc. London, 1736.

consulares y coleccion de decretos, reales orO'COIGLY or QUIGLEY (James), and

denes y documentos diversos. 3 p. 1. 292 pp. others. Trial for high treason, at Maidstone,

3 pl. 4o. Havre, Alfonso Lemale, 1864. in Kent, May, 1798. Taken in short-hand by ORLANDO (Diego). Un codice di leggi e J. Gurney. 539, iv pp. 89. London, M.

diplomi siciliani del medio evo. 211 pp. 80. Gurney, 1798.

Palermo, Fratelli Redone Lauriei, 1857. OFFICIAL (An) report of the trials of sundry OSBORNE (Thomas, 1st earl of Danby, 1st negroes, charged with an attempt to raise an

duke of Leeds). An account of [his] argument insurrection in the state of South Carolina ; at the king's bench upon his motion for bail, and a report of the trials of four white persons, May, 1682. 2d ed. 1 p. I. 28 pp. fol. London on indictments for attempting to excite the

C. Mearne, 1682. slaves to insurrection. By Lionel H. Kennedy (TRIALS for treason, v. 5).

31 pp.

110 pp.


OSBORNE (Thomas, 1st earl of Danby, 1st against [him] for high treason, in going am

duke of Leeds). Memoirs relating to his im- bassador to Rome, Oct. 1689. fol. London, peachment, in the year 1678. iv, 234,

T. Wright, 1777. 89. London, John Morphew, 1710.

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4). -Proceedings in parliament against [him], PALMER (William). Illustrated and unaupon an impeachment of high treason, etc.

bridged edition of the Times' report of the Dec. 1678. fol. London, T. Wright, 1776.

trial of W. P. for poisoning John Parsons (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 2).

Cook, at Rugeley. 184 pp. numerous pl. 80. OWEN (William). Trial, for printing and

London, Ward & Lock, 1850 publishing a libel, intitled, “The case of Alex

PANDO (José Maria de). Elementos del ander Murray," at Guildhal), London, July,

derecho internacional. 2a ed. xvi, 700 pp. 1752. fol. London, T. Wright, 1779.

80. Madrid, J. Martin Alegria, 1852. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 10).

PAPILLON (Thomas). The trial between OXFORD (Robert Harley, 1st earl of), Sce

Sir William Pritchard, plaintiff, and Thomas HARLEY. OXFORD (Robert de Vere, duke of Ireland, 9th

Papillon, defendant, at the Guildhall of Lon

don, in an action upon the case for false earl of). See VERE.

arrest, Nov. 1684. fol. London, T. Wright, OXFORD (William Talbot, bishop of ). See

1776. TALBOT. PAINE (Thomas). Trial of, for a libel con

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3). tained in the second part of Rights of man, at

PARDESSUS (Jean Marie). Cours de droit Guildhall, London, Dec. 18, 1792, before

commercial. 5e éd. 6 v. 80. Paris, Nève,

1841-42. lord Kenyon and a special jury; together with the speeches at large of the attorney

- Traité des servitudes, ou services foncier. general and Mr. Erskine, and authentic

8e édition, corrigée et considérablement augcopies of Mr. Paine's letters to the attorney

mentée en ce qui concerne principalement les general and others, on the subject of the

actions possessoires, les chemins, les cours d' prosecution. 2d ed. corrected. Taken in eaux, les usages, le voisinage et la compétence short-hand, by E. Hodgson. 143 pp. 8o.

des juges de paix, d'après la loi du 25 mai London, J. S. Jordan, 1793.

1838. 2 v. 8o. Paris, Nère, 1838. PAKINGTON or PACKINGTON (Sir PARIS. Bibliothèque des avocats. Catalogue John). Evidence at the bar of the house of

des livres imprimés de la bibliothèque des commons, upon his complaint against William avocats à la cour impériale de Paris. v. 1. 520 [Lloyd], bishop of Worcester. Sce LLOYD pp. 89. Paris, A. Durand, 1866. (William).

PARKER (Thomas, 6th baron Morley). Trial PALAA (G.) Dictionnaire législatif et régle

for murder, April, 1666, before the house of mentaire des chemins de fer. xvi, 736 pp.

lords. fol. London, T. Wright, 1778. 89. Paris, Cosse et Marchal, 1864.

PARKER (Thomas, 1st earl of Macclesfield, The same. Supplément pour 1865 et

lord high chancellor of Great Britain). Trial

before the 1866. 1 p. 1. 244 pp. 8°. Paris, Cosse, Marchal

use of lords, for high crimes and et Cie. 1867.

misdemeanours in the execution of his office, PALL MALL gazette. Hunter (Robert, M. D.)

May, 1725. fol. London, T. Wright, 1777. v. Pall Mall gazette. Being a verbatim report (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 6). of the medical evidence given by Dr. Wil- PARKER (Thomas, barrister). The laws of liams, Dr. R. Bennett, Dr. O. Markham, Dr. shipping and insurance, with a digest of adG. Johnson, Dr. Cotton, Dr. R. Quain, and judged cases ; containing the acts of parliaDr. Odling: showing their opinions on the ment relative to shipping, insurance, and navinature, causes, and cure of consumption, with gation ; together with the laws for the govexplanatory remarks by Dr. Hunter. 404 ernment of the navy, and an account of the

pp. 89. London, C. Mitchell & Co. 1867. jurisdiction of the admiralty courts. xxv, PALMER (Roger, earl of Castlemain). Trial 584 pp. 4°. London, Strahon & Woodfall.

at the king's bench for high treason, [meal-tub 1775. plot] June, 1680. fol. London, T. Wright, PARKYNS (Sir William). Trial, at the Old 1776.

Baily, for high treason, March, 1695. fol. (HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 3).

London, T. Wright, 1777.
Proceedings in the house of commons

(HARGRAVE's state trials, v. 4).

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