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Butler (William Allen). Two millions. 93 Byrom (John). The universal English short

pp. 160. New York, Appleton & Co. 1858. hand. ix, 92 pp. 80. Manchester (Eng.) Butterworth (Rev. John). New concordance Joseph Harrop, 1767.

to the holy scriptures. First Amer. ed. viii Byron (George Gordon Noel, lord). The corpp. 332 l. 89. New York, W. W. IVood- sair. 96 pp. 18o. Philadelphia, Moses Thomas, ward, 1811,

1814. Butterworth (William). Three years' adven- Don Juan. [canto 1 and 2]. New ed.

tures of a minor. vi, 492 pp. portrait. 8o. 2 p. l. 227 pp. 89. London, T. Davison, 1819. Leeds, Edward Baines, (about 1820).

The same. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 343 pp; 4 p. 1. Buttmann (Philipp Carl). Mythologus, oder 371 pr. 18o. London, T. Davison, 1828.

gesammelte abhandlungen über die sagen des The Giaour, a fragment of a Turkish alterthums. 2 v, 352 pp, 1 map; 378 pp, 1 pl. tale. [1st ed.] 3p.l. 41 pp. 89. London, 80. Berlin, Mylius, 1828–29.

S. J. Murray, 1913. Buxton (Thomas Fowell). The African slave Hours of idleness, a series of poems,

trade and its remedy. viii, 582 pp. 1 map. original and translated. [1st published ed.] 89. London, J. Murray, 1840.

xiii, 187 pp. 160. Newark, s. f. J. Ridge, Buxtorf (Johann, the father). De abbreviaturis 1807.

hebraicis liber; cvi accesservnt operis talmu- Lara, a tale. [anon. 1st ed.] 4p.). dici brevis recensio et index; item bibliotheca 93 pp. 189. London, J. Murray, 1814. rabbinica. 189. Herbornæ Nassaviæ, J. N. Manfred, a dramatic poem. [1st ed.] Andrea, 1708.

80 pp. 89. London, J. Murray, 1817. [With Buys Ballot (C. H. D.) Les changements the Giaour. ed. of 1813].

périodiques de température, dépendants de la Marino Faliero, doge of Venice. 179 pp. nature du soleil et de la lune, mis en rapport 189. Philadelphia, M. Carey & Sons, 1821. avec le pronostic du temps, déduits d'observa- · Poems on his domestic circumstances. tions néerlandaises de 1727 à 1846. 5 p. I. 2d ed. 36 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, W. Hone,

123 pp. 10 tab. 4o. Utrecht, Kemink, 1847. s. 1816. [With the Giaour. ed. of 1813].! Byam (William). An exact relation of the The vision of judgment. [anon.] 1st ed.

most execrable attempts of John Allin, com- 38 pp. 169. London, T. M. Rowe, 1822. mitted on the person of Francis lord Wil- [With the Giaour. ed. of 1813.) loughby of Parliam, captain general of Gui- Bysshe (Edward). The British Parnassus; ana, etc. 12 pp. sm. 4o. London, Richard or, a compleat common-place-book of English Lowndes, 1665.

poetry. With a dictionary of rlıymes. 2 v. Byfield (Nathanael). An account of the late 3 p. l. 936 pp. 16o. London, J. Nutt, 1714.

revolution in New England. 20 pp. sm. 4o. Bywater (Abel). The Sheffield dialect. 2d ed. London, R. Chiswell, 1689.

295 pp. 189. London, W. Evans & Co. 1854. Byford (William H. M. D.) Practice of med- Cabanis (Pierre Jean Georges). Euvres com

icine and surgery applied to the diseases and plètes; accompagnées d'une notice sur sa vie accidents incident to woman. 2d ed. 616 pp. et ses ouvrages. 5 v. 89. Paris, Bossange,

89. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1867. 1823–25. By-Laws, muster-roll, and papers selected


v. 1. Révolutions et réforme de la médicine. from the archives of the first troop Philadel

Rapport sur l'organisation des écoles de médicine. phia city cavalry, from 1774 to 1840. 64 pp. Du degré de certitude de la médicine.

v. 2. Journal de la maladie et de la mort de Mirabeau. 89. Philadelphia, C. Sherman & Co. 1840.

Observations sur les affections catarrhales. Byrd (William). History of the dividing line

Note sur le supplice de la guillotine.

Quelques principes et quelques vues sur les and other tracts. 2 v. xix, 233 pp; 276 pp.

secours publics.

Observations sur les hôpitaux. 4o. Richmond, Va. [J. Munsell, pr.) 1866.

Travail sur l'éducation publique.

Note sur un genre particulier d'apoplexies. CONTENTS.

v. 3-4. Rap:ports du physique et du moral de l'homme. v. 1. History of the dividing line between Virginia

v. 5. Lettre sur les causes premières. and North Carolina, as run in 1728-29.

Discours sur Hippocrate. v. 2. Journey to the land of Eden and other tracts.

Éloge de Vicq-d'Azyr.
Notice sur Benjamin Franklin.

Lettre sur les poëmes d'Homère.
Byrn (M. Lafayette, M. D.) The family phy-

Fragments de la traduction de l'Iliade. sician, and household companion; a treatise, Serment d'un médicin. in plain language, on health and diseases, with Rapports du physique et du moral de treatment. 377 pp. 11 pl. 89. New York, l'homme. 2e éd. 2 v. xliii, 569 pp; 720 pp. M. L. Byrn, 1867.

89. Paris, Crapelet, 1805.

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4 pp. 1 pl.

Cabanis (Pierre Jean Georges) Sketch of Calamy (Edmund). An abridgment of Mr.

the revolutions of medical science, and views Baxter's history of his life and times, with an relating to its reform. Translated from the account of the ministers, etc. who were ejected French, with notes, by A. Henderson. xii, after the restauration of king Charles ü.

421 pp. 89. London, J. Johnson, 1806. [With the reformed liturgy.) 2d ed. 2 v. Cabeza de Vaca (Alvaro). See Nuñez 12p. 1. 726, 82 pp; 16 p. 1. xxxii, 864) Cabeza de Vaca (Alvaro).

12o. London, J. Lawrence, 1713. Cabinet (The); or, works of darkness brought A continuation of the account of the min. to light; a retrospect of the anti-christian

isters (etc.) who were ejected and silenced conduct of some of the leading characters in after the restoration in 1660, by or before the the society of friends, towards Elias Hicks. act for uniformity. 2v. lxxii, 1,005, 63 pp. [By L. P. anon.] 2d ed. 36 pp. 89. Phila- 120. London, R. Ford, 17:27. delphia, John Mortimer, 1823.

- The church and the dissenters compard Cabinet of Momus; a choice selection of hu- as to persecution, (with remarks upon Dr.

mourous poems, from P. Pindar, Freneau, Bennett's essay on the thirty-nine articles). Ladd, Swift, etc. viii, 136 pp. 6 pl. 16o. 145 pp 120. London, 1727. [With v. 2 of Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1809.

Calamy (E.) Continuation of the account of Cabinet de l'éloquence françoise, en forme de ministers ejected. ed. 17:27).

dialogue; très utile et nécessaire pour ap- Calcott (Wellins). A candid disquisition of prendre à bien parler en toutes compagnies, the principles and practices of the most antient etc. [anon.] 47 pp. 19o. Troyes, Garnier, and honourable society of free and accepted [about 1695. With La Valliere (duchesse masons. (London, 1769; reprinted), xvi, 158 de). Vie, 1695.]

pp. 89. New York, J. W. Leonard & Co. Cabrera. See Cayetano de Cabreia.

1855. Cadwalader (John). Reply to Gen. Joseph Calderini (Carlo, M. D.) Prospetto clinico

Reed's remarks on a late publication in the sopra le malattie veneree, e particolarmente Independent gazetteer; with some observa- Bulla cura di esse senza mercurio. 123 pp. tions on his address to the people of Pennsyl- 4 tab. 89. Milano, Tamburini e Valdoni, vania. With the letters of Washington, Ham- 1835. ilton, etc. (pp. 15–54 of Smith (Horace W.) Caldwell (Charles, M. D.) Elements of phrenNuts for future historians to crack.]

ology. viii, 100 pp. 1 pl. 8. Lexington, Cæsar (Caius Julius). Commentariorum de (Ky.) author, 1824.

bello gallico, libri vii; Hircii additio. Com- Calef (Robert). More wonders of the invisible mentariorum de bello ciuli, libri iïi. Hirtii

world; (containing) an account of the sufferde bello alexandrino, africo, hispano, iv-vi. ings of Margaret Rule, written by the Res. fol. Venitiis, Bernardinus, 1498. [With An- Mr. C[otton] M[ather). Several letters to nius. Comentaria, etc. fol. 1493.]

the author and his reply relating to witchQuæ extant, interpretatione et notis illus- craft, etc. London, N. Hillar, 1700. Reprint. travit Johannes Godvinus, in usum Delphini. 212. 167 pp. sm. 4o. 1866. New edition by William Mann. 304 pp. 3 maps. ( With DRAKE (S. G.) Witchcraft delusion in New 80. Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas f. Co. 1836. England, v. 2-3.)

The commentaries of his warres in Gal- Calendar of letters, despatches, and state lia, translated into English, with many obser- papers, relating to the negotiations between vations thereupon by Clement Edmonds, with England and Spain, preserved in the archives the life of Cæsar and an account of his medalls.

at Simancas and elsewhere. v. 2. Henry viii, 23 p. 1. 196 pp. 6 pl. fol. London, R. Daniel,

1509--1525. Edited by G. A. Bergenroth. 1655.

ccxix, 863 pp. 89. London, Longmans, 1806. Observations upon Cæsar's commenta

Calfhili (James, D. D.) Answer to John Marries of the civile warres betwixt him and

tiall's treatise of the cross. Edited by Rev. Pompey, by Clement Edmonds, [with the

Richard Gibbings. xii, 418 pp. 89. Camart of our tactick practice). 142, 10 pp. 6

bridge, univ. press, 1846. pl. fol. London, R. Daniel, 1635. [Irith

(Parker society publications.) Cæsar (C. J.) Commentaries of his warres

California. Geological survey. J. D. Whitin Gallia. London, 1655).

ney, state geologist. Geology. v. i. Report Cæsius (Fredericus). See Hernandez (F.)

of progress, and synopsis of the field-work,

from 1860 to 1864. xxvii, 498 pp. 4o. PhilCail. See Derosne.

adelphia, Sherman & Co. 1865.








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California. Geological survey.-Continued. neuvième siècle. 2 v. viii, 534 pp. 8o. Paris, CONTENTS.

J. B. Baillière, 1845. Ashhurner (W.) Tabular statement of the operations Calvert (George H.) First years in Europe.

of the principal quartz mills running in California in 303 pp. 120. Boston, W. V. Spencer, 1866.

1861. (app. A.) Meck (F. B. Descriptions of fossils from the aurifer. Calvert (James). Mission history. See Wilous slates of California. (app. B.)

liams (Thomas) and Calvert, (J.) Fiji, etc. Whitney (J. D.) Preface. Geology of the coast range. pt. 1. Geology of the Sierra Nevada. pt. 2. Calvin (Jean). Institvtionvm christianæ reliThe same. Palæontology. v. i.

gionis libri iv. Praemissa est vita, authore 213 pp. 32 1. 32 pl. 49. Philadelphia, Sher

T. Beza. 16 p. 1. 544, 54 pp. fol. Lugduni

Batavorum, F. Hack, 1654. man f. Co. 1864.

Calvo (Charles). Amérique latine. Recueil CONTENTS.

historique complet des traités, conventions, Gabb (William M.) Description of the triassic fossils of California and the adjacent territories. § 2. De

capitulations, armistices, questions de limites, scription of the cretaceous fossils. $ 4.

et autres actes diplomatiques et politiques de Meck (F. B.) Description of the carboniferous fossils. şi. Description of the jurassic fossils. 93.

tous les états compris entre le golfe du Mexique Whitney (J. D.) Preface.

et le cap de Horn, depuis l'année 1493, jusqu'à Geographical catalogue of the mollusca nos jours. 1° période. v. 7-10. 8. Paris, found west of the Rocky Mountains, between

Durand, 1865-66. latitudes 33° and 49° north. By J. G. Cooper.

The same.

2e période. Annales histo40 pp. 4o. San Francisco, Towne & Bacon,

riques de la révolution de l'Amérique latine, ac1867.

compagnées de documents à l'appui. De l'anCalifornia and her gold regions, compiled from

née 1808, jusqu'à la reconnaissance de l'indéthe best sources. [anon.] 70 pp. 160. Phila

pendence. v.4-5. 8°. Paris, Durand, 1865–67. delphia, G. B. Zieber, 1849.

Calwer (C. G.) Recensio avium in academici California gold regions, with a full account of

liberi baronis de Mueller ornithologico museo their mineral resources, and sketches of Cali

stuttgardiano collectarum. 2 p. 1. 77 pp. 80. fornia. 48 pp. 89. New York, F. M. Pratt,

Stuttgardiæ, typis oficinæ regice, 1854. (about 1850.]

Cambridge (Eng.) University. Calendar for California state library. Catalogue, Jan. 1,

1867. xxxviii, 614 pp. 1 chart. 120, Cam1855. 172 pp. 8o. Sacramento, B. B. Red

bridge, Deighton, Bell & Co. [1867.] ding, 1855.

Graduati cantabrigienses : sive catalogus, Calliat (Victor), and Lance (Adolphe).

exhibens nomina eorum quos, ab anno MDCLIX[editors). See Encyclopédie d'architecture. MDCCCXXIII, gradu quocunque ornavit acadCallisen (Adolph Carl Peter). Medicinisches

emia cantabrigiensis. 537, 28 pp. 80. Canschriftsteller-lexicon der jetzt lebenden aerzte,

tabrigiae, J. Smith, 1823. u. s. w. 33 v. 160. Copenhagen und Altona,

Mechanical problems, adapted to the 1630-45.

course of reading pursued in the university CONTENTS.

of Cambridge. [anon.] vi, 184 pp. 89. v. 1-21. A-Z, 1830–35.

London, G. B. Whittaker, 18:28.

s. v. 22-23. Die anonymischen schriften, mit einschluss Camden society publications. Nos. 92 and

der cholera, der homöopathio, und der pharınacopöen, arzneitaxen, und allgemeinen medicinal ordnungen.

93. sm. 4o. London, 1867. v. 23–25. Die zeitschriften, gesellschaftschriften, und die gesammelten schriften mehrerer verfasser. A-Z.

CONTENTS. v. 26–33, Nachtrag; enthaltend berichtigungen, ergän. Accounts and papers relating to Mary queen of Scots. zungen, die neuere literatur, und die seit 1830 verg.

Edited by A. J. Crosby and J. Bruce. (No. 93). torbenen medicinischen schriftsteller. Mit einigen

Bargrave (John). Pope Alexander the seventh and beiträgen von Choulant, Koberwein, Richter, und the college of cardinals, with a catalogue of Dr. A. von Schönberg. A-Z.

Bargrave's museum. Edited by J. C. Robertson. Die periodischen und gesammelten schriften. (No. 92). A-Z.

Camden (William). Britannia, newly transCallistratus. See Philostratus. Quæ svper- lated into English, by Edmund Gibson 17 p. 1. svnt omnia. Lipsiae, 1709.

cxcv, 1116 pp. 2:2 1. fol. London, A. Swalle, Calmberg (Ernst Philipp Ludwig). Katalog 1695.

der (seiner) hinterlassen bibliothek. 3 p. 1. Camerarius or Kammermeister (Philipp). The

275 pp. 89. Hamburg, Meissner, 1851. S. living librarie, or, meditations and observaCalmeil (L. F. M. D.) De la folie considérée tions historical, natvral, moral, political and

sous le point de vue pathologique, philoso- poetical. [Translated from] Latin into English que, historique et judiciaire, depuis la renais- by John Molle. 2d ed. 5 p. l. 428 pp. 21. sance des sciences en Europe, jusqu' au dix- fol. London, A. Islip, 1625.

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V. 33.





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Cameron (Charles Hay). Address to parlia- Campbell (Lawrence D.) Life of Hugh Boyd.

ment on the duties of Great Britain to India See Boyd (Hugh). in respect of the education of the natives, and Campbell (Mark). Self-instructor in the art their official employment. 175 pp. 89. Lon- of hair work, dressing hair, [etc.] and hair don, Longman, Brown of Co. 1853.

jewelry. 276 pp. incl. 50 pl. 89. New York, Campaign (The) of general Moreau, in Ger- M. Campbell, 1867.

many, in 1796 ; with the retreat through the Campbell (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming; Black forest. [anon.] 78 pp. 89. London, a Pennsylvanian tale. And other poems. 4o. J. Daris, 1813.

London, T. Bensley, 1809. (Royal military chronicle, v. 1).

Campe (Joachim Heinrich). Le nouveau RobCampanella (Tomasso). His advice to the

inson, pour servir à l'amusement et à l'instrucking of Spain for attaining the universal tion des enfans. Traduit de l'Allemand. 24°. monarchy of the world. Translated into

xiv, 436 pp. Londres, Darton & Harvey, English by Ed. Chilmead, with preface by 1807. William Pryune. 7 p. l. 232 pp. 8m. 4o. Campo or Campi (Antonio). Cremona rapLondon, Philemon Stephens, 1659.

presentata in disegno, col suo contado, et illusCampbell (Albert H.) Report upon the Pacific trata d'una breve historia et dei ritratti de

wagon roads. 125 pp. 6 maps. 89. Wash- duchi et duchesse di Milano, e compendio ington, government press, 1859.

delle lor vite. 2a ed. 4o. Milano, Bidelli, Campbell (Rer. Alexander). Debate on chris- 1645.

tian baptism with Rev. W. L. Maccalla, a Camps (William, M. D.) Railway accidents presbyterian teacher, October 1823; with or collisions; their effects upon the brain and animadversions on treatises on the same sub- spinal cord, and other portions of the nervous ject, written by J. Mason, S. Ralston, etc. system. 18 pp. 89. London, H. K. Lewis, 420 pp. 16o. Buffaloe, (Va.) Campbell go 1866. Sala, 1824.

Canada. Geological survey. Report of progress Familiar lectures on the pentateuch; from commencement to 1863, with maps and delivered [at] Bethany college, 1849-60. sections. 42 pp. 31. 10 maps. 8°. Montreal, Also extracts from his sermons, [and] sketch


1865. of [lis) life. Edited by W. T. Moore. 379 pp. - The same. Report of progress from 1863

12°. Cincinnati, H. S. Bosworth, to 1866. viii, 321 pp. 89. Ottawa, G. E. Des1867.

barats, 1866. and others. The christian hymn book. Seventh report from the select committee 840 pp. 24°. Cincinnati, H. S. Bosworth, of the house of assembly on grievances. 1867.

[With] report on the petition of William Campbell (A.D.) Dictionary of the Teloogoo Forsyth, late proprietor of the Niagara falls

language, commonly called the Gentoo, pecu- pavilion. W. L. Mackenzie, chairman. 5 p. 1. liar to the Hindoos of the N. E. provinces of 372, 26 pp. 89. Toronto, M. Reynolds, 1835. the Indian peninsula. 5 p. 1. 601 pp. 40. Canadas (The) as they now are, comprehendMadras, 1821.

ing a view of their climate, rivers, lakes, Campbell (E. R.) Scientific reader and key. canals, trade, etc. By a late resident. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 120. Cincinnati, 1854.

xv, 116 pp. 160. London, James Duncan and Campbell (Gabriel). New practical course in others, 1833.

the German language. part 1. 44 pp. 120. ( Map wanting). Chicago, 1867.

Canadian guide book. [anon.] With a map Campbell (J. Allan). Design book [for funeral of the province [by E. Staveley). 154 pp. monuments), 1867. Containing 91 designs. 16o. Montreal, Armour & Ramsay, 1849. 8.

obl. 16o. [Chicago, ] J. A. Cancellieri (Francesco Girolamo). DissertaCampbell, 1867.

zioni epistolari bibliografiche sopra CristoCampbell (J. F.) Frost and fire; with sketches foro Colombo, e Giovanni Gersen, avtore del

taken at home and ab:oad by a traveller. 2 v. libro De imitatione Christi. xi, 415 pp. 8o. xxxi, 506 pp; xii, 519 pp. 2 maps. 8°. Roma, F. Borrliè, 1809.

Edinburgh, Edmonston & Douglas, 1865. Candid (The) retrospect; or, the American Campbell (J. L.) Manual of scientific and war examined, by whig principles. [anon.]

practical agriculture. 442 pp. 1 pl. col. 12o. 28 pp. 189. Charlestown printed, New York Philadelphia, Lindsay d. Blahiston, 1859. re-printed, 1780.

1 pl.

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Candolle (Alphonse de). Géographie botani- de Henri iji. 2 p. 1. viii, 233 pp. 1 pl. 16o.

que raisonnée. 2 v. xxxii, 1,365 pp. 2 maps ; Paris, Amyot, 1864. 89. Paris, V. Mas:0:1, 1855.

Madame la comtesse Du Barry. 2 p. 1. Candolle (Augustin Pyramus de). Mémoires vii, 276 pp. 160. Paris, Amyot, 1858.

et souvenirs; écrits par lui-même et publiés Madame la marquise de Pompadour. par son fils. xvi, 599 pp. 80. Genève, J. 2 p. 1. iii, 296 pp. 180. Paris, Amyot, 1858. Cherbuliez, 1862.

Mademoiselle de la Vallière, et les favorCandy (Thomas and George). See Moles- ites des trois ages de Louis xiv. xi, 276 pp. worth (J. T.) and Candy.

16°. Paris, Amyot, 1859. Canina (Luigi). L'architettura antica descritta Ninon de Lenclos, et les précieuses de la

e dimostrata coi monumenti. 3 v. fol. Place royale. 2 p. I. viii, 218 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Roma, Canini, 1830–44.

Paris, Amyot, 1864.

Capel(Arthur, 1st earl of Essex). Letters written CONTENTS.

[by the] lord lieutenant of Ireland, 1675, v. 1. L'orchitettura egiziana. vii pr. 197 pl. 1839-44. v. 2. L'architettura greca. vii pp. 168 pl. 1830–40.

[with] historical account of his life. xvi, 428 v. 3. L'architettura romana. viii pp. 250 pl. 1830–40. pp. 4°. London, J. Dodsley, 1770. Canning (George). See Poetry of the Anti- Capmany y Montpalau (Antonio de). Mejacobin.

morias bistoricas sobre la marina, comerCantù (Cesare). Storia di cento anni (1750– cio, y artes de la antigua ciudad de Barcelona. 1850). 4a ed. 5 v. 16o. Torino, 1863–61. 4 v. 4o. Madrid, Ant. de Sancha, 1779-92.

Capodieci (Giuseppe Maria). Antichi monuCantù (Ignazio). L'Italia scientifica contem- menti di Siracusa. 2a ed. 2 v. 304 pp. 1 pl.

poranea ; notizie sugli Italiani ascritti ai cinque 1 map; 376 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 4o. Siracusa, primi congressi. 6 p. 1. 320, 172 pp. 89. F. M. Pulejo, 1816. Milano, Stella, 1814.

Capper (James). Observations on the passage Cap (Paul Antoine). Camille Montagne, bota- to India, through Egypt, and across the great

niste. viii, 98 pp. 1 portrait. 89. Paris, J. B. desert. xx, 110 pp. 2 maps. 4o. London, Baillière, 1866.

W. Faden, 1783. Capefigue (Jean Baptiste Honoré Raymond). Capucins (Les) sans barbe, histoire napoli

Agnès Sorel et la chevalerie. xi, 227 pp. 16o. taine. [anon.] 64 pp. 180. [n. p.) 1761. Paris, Amyot, 1860.

Caquets (Les) de l'accouchée. [anon.] Nouv. Aspasie et le siècle de Péricles. xvi, éd. l'evue sur les pièces originales, et annotée 216 pp. 16°. Paris, Amyot, 1862.


Edouard Fournier; avec une introduction Les bacchantes et les jeunes patriciens par Le Roux de Lincy. xlvii, 298 pp. 16o. sous les Césars. xxiii, 178 pp. 16°. Paris, Paris, P. Jannet, 1855. Amyot, 1864.

Caracci. See Carracci. La belle Corisande et les galanteries du Caraccioli, (Domenico, marchese di VillaBéarnais. 2 p. 1, viii, 214 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Paris, maina). Riflessioni sull'economia e l'estraAmyot, 1864.

zione de frumenti della Sicilia fatte in occaLa comtesse de Parabère et le palais royal sione della carestia dell' indizione iii, 1784-5. sous la régence. 2 p. 1. vii, 204 pp. portrait.

(Scrittori class. ital. •di econ. pol. v. 40.) 16°. Paris, Amyot, 1863.

Caraccioli (Louis Antoine). De la gayetó. Les cours d'amour, les comtesses et

Nouvelle éd. [anon.] x. 221 pp. 16o. Liége, chatelaines de Provence. 2 p. I. vii, 204 pp.

J. F. Bassompierre 8: J. Van den Berghen, 1 pl. 89. Paris, Amyot, 1863.

1763. Les déesses de la liberté. 8, 260 pp.

Le livre à la mode. Nouvelle éd. [anon.] 1 pl. 16°. Paris, Amyot, 1862.

xxxviii, 88 pp. 189. [Paris). Les libraires, Diane de Poitiers. v, 305 pp. 160.

1759. Paris, Amyot, 1860.

See Clement xiv. Lettere.
La duchesse de Portsmouth et la cour

Caraccioli (Roberto). Quadragesimale de galante des Stuarts. 2 p. l. xxiv, 199 pp.

peccatis. 191 1. 4o. Venetiis, A. de Toreportrait. 16°. Paris, Amyot, 1861.

sanis de Asula, 1488. Gabrielle d'Estrées, et la politique de

Sermones quadragesimales de aduētu, de Henri iv. xx, 278 pp. 169. Paris, Amyot,

timore judiciorum Dei, cūqbusdā aliis annexis. 1859.

336 1, 2 l.unp. 4°. Venetiis, J. de l'orliuio, Les héroines de la ligue, et des mignons

1490. [With the preceding. ]

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