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Caraccioli (Roberto). Sermones de laudibus languages of India; with the present and past

sanctorum. 219 l. unp. fol. Auguste, A. of “to be” in 34 languages. 38 pp. 89. Sorg.

Serampore, 1816. Caracciolo (Henrietta). The mysteries of the Carey. See Cary.

Neapolitan convents; with a sketch of the Carléer (Léon Henri Marie). Examen des early life of the authoress. Translated from principales classifications adoptées par les 4th Italian ed. by J. S. Redfield. With an zoologistes. [Extract.] 284 pp. 1 pl. 8°. introduction by J. Dowling. 484 pp. 1 pl. Bruxelles, T. Lesigne, 1861.

12°. Hartford, A. S. Hale & Co. 1867. Carleton (Capt. George, pseud.] See Defoe Caradoc (of Lhancarvan). The history of (Daniel).

Wales, written originally in British, englished Carlier (Auguste). Marriage in the United by Dr. Powell, and augmented by W. Wynne; States. Translated from the French by B. J. with a description of Wales, by Sir John Price. Jeffries. 3d ed. xvi, 179 pp. 16o. Boston, 21 p. 1. xlii, 396 pp, viii l. unp. 89. London, De Vries, Ibarra f. Co. 1867. T. Erans, 1774.

Carlisle (Nicholas). Concise description of Carayon (Auguste). Bibliographie historique the endowed grammar schools in England

de la compagnie de Jésus, ou catalogue des and Wales. 2 v. xliv, 856 pp; 883 pp. 89. ouvrages relatifs à l'histoire des jésuites, depuis London, Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 1818. leur origine jusqu'à nos jours. viii, 612 pp. Carlisle (Pa.) Charter and ordinances of the 4o. Paris, Durand, 1864.

borough of Carlisle, with incidents of its Carbo (Juan). See Barbachano (T. A.) and early history, and a notice of its present conCarbo (J.) Memoria, etc.

dition. 64 pp. 2 maps. 80. Carlisle, 1841. Care (Henry). The history of popery: with Carlyle (Thomas). History of Friederich ii of

alterations and additions, (and a supplement Prussia, called Frederick the great. 7 v. carrying on the history to the end of the sq. 18o. Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1858–62. council of Trent]. By several gentlemen. Passages selected from [his) writings; [anon.] 2 v. 3 p. I. 481 pp, 61; 3 p. 1. 676 with a biographical memoir, by Thomas pp. 5 1.2 pl. 4o. London, J. Oswald, 1735–36.

Ballantyne. xii, 351 pp. 120. London, ChapCarew (George, earl of Totness). Calendar of man & Hall, 1855.

the Carew Mss. preserved in the archiepisco- Carmoly (Éliacin, M. D.) History of the pal library at Lambeth, 1515–1574. Edited

Jewish physicians. From the French, with by J. S. Brewer and W. Bullen. cxix, 572 notes. [With notes on surgery.) By John R. pp. 89. London, Longmans, 1867.

W. Dunbar. 94 pp. 89. Baltimore, J. MurCarew (Richard). Survey of Cornwall; [with] phy, [about 1845).

notes of its history and antiquities by Thomas Carnell (P. P.) A treatise on family wine Tonkin. Published by Francis Lord de Dun- naking; from the various fruits of this counstanville, [and] journal of the parliament of try. 160 pp. 89. London, Sherwood & Co. tinners, held at Truro, 1710. xxxix, 459 pp. 1814.

1 pl. 4o. London, T. Bensley, 1811. Carnot (Lazare Nicolas Marguerite, comte). Carew (Thomas). Poetical works. 80. Edin- Réflexions sur la métaphysique du calcul burgh, 1793.

infinitésimal. 4e éd. 160 pp. 1 pl. 8°. (Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 3.)

Paris, Mallet-Bachelier, 1860. Carey (George Saville). The balnea: or an

- An exposition of [his) political conduct impartial description of all the popular water

since July 1, 1814. Translated by Henry ing places in England. 2d ed. xii, 275 pp. Wheaton. 72 pp. 18o. New York, Van Winkle 120. London, W. West, 1799.

f. Wiley, 1815. Carey (Mathew). Address before the Phil- Carnot (Lazare Hippolyte). Mémoires sur adelphia society for promoting agriculture,

Carnot, par son fils. 2 v. 592 pp; 640 pp. July 20th, 1824. 4th ed. 108 pp. 24°. Phila

1 pl. 89. Paris, Pagnerre, 1861-63. delphia, R. A. Skerrett, 1824.

Caro (Ramon Martinez). Verdadera idea de Carey (William, D. D.) Dictionary of the

la primera campaña de Tejas y sucesos ocurMahratta language. vii, 652 pp. 89. Seram

ridos despues de la accion de San Jacinto.

vii, 162 pp. 89. Mexico, S. Perez, 1837. (and others). Memoir relative to the Carolina. [Charter, fundamental constitutions, progress of the translations of the sacred

etc). Nos. 1-14. 67 pp. sm. 4°. London, 1705. scriptures, in the year 1815, into the various

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pore, 1810.




ton, 1861.



Carpenter (F. B.) Inner life of Abrabam 576 pp. 2), lxiji pp. sm. 4o. Padoua, P. P.

Lincoln. 24th ed. 359 pp. 160. New York, Tozzi, 1615.
Hurd & Houghton, 1867.

Cartée (Cornelius S.) A school atlas of phy(Same as his “Six months at the white house"). sical geography. 3 p. 1. 13 col. maps. 8°. Carpenter (Philip P.) Lectures on mollusca;

Boston, Hickling, Swan & Brown, 1856. or, shell-fish and their allies. 8°. Washing. Carter (Charles L.) Treatise on general pa

thology and its relation to practical medicine. Report on the present state of our knowl

149 pp. 80. St. Louis, G. Knapp of Co. 1867. edge with regard to the mollusca of the west Cartier (Jacques). Trois voyages au Canada coast of North America. [Extract]. iv, 1534-40. 77 pp. 89. Québec, William Cowan pp. 159—368 4 pl. 89. London, Taylor & et fils, 1843. With Voyages de découverte Francis, 1857.

au Canada, 1534 et 1542. Québec, 1810]. Carr (George P.) The contest; a poem. 115 Voyage de Jacques Cartier av Canada pp. sq. 18o. Chicago, P. L. Hanscom, 1866.

en 1534 [avec] documents inédits sur Jacques Carr (John). Early times in middle Tennessee. Cartier et le Canada. Nouv. éd. vii, 71, 53 248 pp. 18o. Nashville, E. Carr, 1857.

pp. 2 maps. 12°. Paris, Tross, 1865. Carra (Jean Louis). Mémoires historiques et Cartier de Saint Philip (-). Le je ne sçai authentiques sur la bastille. 3 v. in 1. 80.

quoi, ou mélanges curieux historiques et Paris, Buisson, 1789.

critiques bons môts et pensées choisies. Carracci (Annibale). Aedium farnesiarum Par Mr. C. D. S. P. [anon.] 2 v. in 1.

tabulæ ab Annibale Caraccio depictæ, a v, 310 pp; 4 p. 1. 270 pp, 31. 16o. La Haye, Carolo Cæsio æri insculptæ, atque a Lucio 1724. Philarchæo explicationibus illustratæ. 6 p. 1. Cartouche (Louis Dominique). Histoire de lxxiv pp. 35 pl. fol. Romæ, V. Monaldini, la vie, et du procès de. See Histoire. 1753.

Carus (Carl Gustav). Traité élémentaire Carrera (Pietro). A treatise on the game of d'anatomie comparée, suivi de recherches

chess. Translated from the Italian, with d'anatomie philosophique ou transcendante. notes, by W. Lewis. 3 p. 1. 300 pp. 80. Trad. de l'Allemand, sur la 2e éd. par A. J. London, J. M. Richardson, & R. Triphook, L. Jourdan. 3 v. 89. Atlas, 31 pl. 4o. 1822.

Paris, J. B. Baillière, 1835. Carrey (Emile). L'Amazone. Les révoltés

The same.

808 pp. 89. Atlas, 31 pl. du Para. 337 pp. 16°. Paris, Lévy, 1857. 4o. Bruxelles, Soc. typog. belge, 1836–37. s. Carriere (Moriz). Die kunst im zusammen- Carus (Julius Victor). System der thierischen

hang der culturentwickelung und die ideale morphologie. xii, 506 pp. 89. Leipzig, W. der menschheit. v. 1-2. 89. Leipzig, F. A. Engelmann, 1853. Brockhaus, 1863–66.

Carvajal (Bernardo de). Oratio super præs

tanda solenni obedientia sanctissiino AlexanCONTENTS,

dro papæ vi, ex parte christianissimorum v. 1. Die anfänge dor cultur und das orientalische alterthum in religion, dichtung und kunst.

dominorum Fernandi et Helisabe regis et rev. 2. Hellas und Rom in religion und weisheit, dich

ginæ Hispaniæ : habita Romæ in consistorio tung und kunst. xvi, 612 pp.

publico, xix Iunii. m.cccc.xciii. 8 1. unp. Carrington (H. E.) The Plymouth and Devon- 8m. 4o. (Rome, Besicken, aut Silber, 1493.]

port guide. 4th ed. viii, 316 pp. 7 pl. 18o. Carve (Thomas). Itinerarium, cum historia Devonport (Eng.) W. Byers, 1837.

facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesly et aliorum. Carrington (Richard Christopher). Observa- Nova ed. xx, 432 pp. 1 pl. sm. 4o. Londini,

tions of the spots on the sun from Nov. 9, B. Quaritch, 1859. 1853, to March 24, 1861, made at Redhill. Carver (Capt. Jonathan). Travels through the 248 pp. 166 pl. 4o. London, Williams of interior parts of North America, in 1766-68. Norgate, 1863.

10 p. I. 543 pp. 4 pl. 89. London, 1778. Carruthers (William). The (British) diat- The same. 22, xvi, 543 pp. 2 maps. 6 pl.

omaceæ. [With Gray (J. E.) Handbook 89. London, C. Dilly, 1781. of British waterweeds. 1864].

The same. Three years' travels through Cartari (Vincenzo). Le vere e nove imagini the interior parts of North America for more

degli dei delli antichi. Ridotte da Lorenzo than five thousand miles, with appendix. xx, Pignoria, [con) annotationi. Con le allegorie ix, 360 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Kcy & Simpsopra le imagini di Cesare Malfatti. 16 p. 1. 1796.

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xxi, 569 pp.


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240 pp


Carver (Capt. Jonathan). Voyage dans les 7. Address, May 10, 1704, of the dissenters to his

excellency John Granville. parties intérieures de l'Amérique Septentrio- 8. Letter of Mrs. Blake, widow of the late gov. nale, pendant les années 1766-68. Traduit

ernor, to the lords proprietors, May 16, 1704.

9. Petition of the committee of the Pennsylvania sur la 3e éd. angloise, par M. de C— 23,

company, and other merchants trading to Ca

rolina. xxviii, 451 pp. 1 map. 89. Paris, Pissot, 10. Act for the establishment of religious worship 1784.

in this province according to the church of

England, etc Nov. 4, 1704.
The same.

Aventures chez les sauvages 11-14. (Papers respecting the persecution of Rev. de l'Amérique Septentrionale. 5e éd. 236 pp.

Edward Marston, rector of church of St. Philip,

in Charleston, s. C.) 2 pl. 16o. Tours, Mame et Cie, 1852. Cary (Alice). The bishop's son; a novel. 416 Casgrain (H. R.) Un contemporain.-F. X.

pp. 12o. New York, G. I Carleton & Co. Garncau. 135 rp. 1 portrait. 18o. Québec, 1867.

J. N. Duquet, 1866.
A lover's diary. With illustrations. ix, Casiri (Michael). Bibliotheca arabico-hispana

sq. 16o. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, escurialensis, sive librorum omnium mss. quos 1868.

arabice bibliotheca cænobii escurialensis comSnow-berries : a book for young folks. plectitur recensio et explanatio. 2 v. 8 p. l. With illustrations. x, 206 pp. 6 pl. sq. 16o. xxiv, 544 pp; 3 p. 1. 352 pp. 108 1. fol. MaBoston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867.

triti, A. P. de Soto, 1760–70. Cary (Phæbe). Poenis of faith, hope, and love. Caspari (C.P.) Ungedruckte, unbeachtete und

v, 249 pp. 16o. New York, Hurd & Hough- wenig beachtete quellen zur geschichte des ton, 1868.

taufsymbols und der glaubensregel. v. 1. ix, Cary (Rev. Samuel). See Freeman (James, 248 pp. 89. Christiania, P. T. Malling,

D.D.) and Cary (Rev. S.) Funeral sermons. 1866.
Boston, 1820.

Caspipina (Tamoc, pscudon.) Letters. See Cary. See Carey.

Duché (Jacob.) Casa (Giovanni della.) Le terze rime, 1542. Casseday (Ben.) History of Louisville, (Ky.] [Hith Berni (F.) Tutte le opere.]

from its earliest settlement to 1852. 255 pp. Casanova de Seingalt (Jacques). Memoirs. 1 map. 160. Louisville, Hull and brother, 1852.

From the French by A. Tolliab. 6 v. sq. 18o. Cassin (John). Birds. [With Baird (SpenBrunswick, H. Neuhoff & Co. 1863.

cer F.) Outlines of znology.] Casaregi (Giovanni Bartolommeo). Sonette e Birds of Chili. ( With Gilliss (J. M.) canzoni. See Salvini (Salvino.)

U. S. astronomical exped. v. 2.] Case (The) of the planters of tobacco in Vir- Castalione (Sebastiano). See Bible, Latin.

ginia, as represented by themselves; signed fol. Basilece, 1551. by the president of the council and speaker of Castell (Rev. William). A petition of W. C. the house of burgesses. [With) a vindication exlıibited to the high covrt of parliament now of the said representation. [anon.] 64 pp. assembled, for the propagating of the gospel 80. London, J. Roberts, 1733.

in America and the West Indies. 19 pp. Case (The) of protestant dissenters in Carolina, sm. 4o. [n. p.] 1641. [With Higginson

shewing how a law to prevent occasional con- (Rev. Francis). New England's plantation, formity there has ended in the total subver- 1641.] sion of the constitution in church and state. A short discoverie of the coasts and con[To which are appended, documents respect- tinent of America, from the equinoctiall northing Carolina, in 14 nos). 42, 67 pp. sm. 4o. ward, and of the adjacent isles. [Withi) the London, 1706.

author's petition to parliament, for the propaCONTENTS.

gation of the gospel in America ; ordinance of No. 1. First charter of Carolina, March 24, 1663.

parliament for the better government of 2. Fundamental constitutions of Carolina, March English plantations there, and Sir Benjamin

1, 1069.
3 Fundamental constitutions of Carolina, agreed

Rudyer's speech ir parliament concerning on Apr. 11, 1089.

America. 12 p. l. 48, 54 pp. sm. 4o. Lon-
4. The present state of affairs in Carolina. By
John Ash, gent.

don, 1644.
5. Representation and address of several of the
members of this present assembly for Colleton

The same. [Imperfect; pp. 17-25 supcounty, etc. to his excellency John Granvill, plied in ms.] London, 1614.

esq. palatine. 6. Act requiring all hereafter chosen members of Castelman (Richard). Voyage, etc. with de

the house of assembly to take the oaths and scription of Philadelphia. [With Chetwood subscribe the decloration appointed by this act, to conform to the church of England, etc. (W. R.) Voyages of Capt. Rob't Boyle).





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Castelnau (François L. de Laporte, comte de), Catlin (George). Last rambles amongst the

and Brullé (Auguste). Monographie du genre Indians of the Rocky mountains and the Andes. diaperis. 90 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Paris, Thuau, 1831. s. x, 361 pp. 8 pl. 16o. New York, D. Appleton

[Two manuscript catalogues of his in- & Co. 1867. sects. 4o. n. p. 18:22--26).

Life amongst the Indians. A book for Castéra (Jean Henri). Les baisers de Zizi, youth. xii, 339 pp. 8 pl. 169. New York,

poème. 2e éd. [anon.] 93 pp. 24°. Paris, D. Appleton & Co. 1867. Royez, 1786.

Cato (Dionysius). Cathonem glosatū et moCastiglione (Baldassare). Il libro del corte- ralisatum. 69 1. unp. sm. 4o. [n. p. ord.)

giano. 7, 215 pp. 18°. l'enctia, Aldo et Moralissimus Cato cū elegantissimo A. d' Asola, 1533.

comento Roberti de Euremodio. 41 1. em. Castiglioni (Cesare). Risposta al tema pub- 49. Argētine, 1487.

blicato dalla società medico-chirurgica di Cato (Marcus Portius). (With Libri de re Bologna, 15 Maggio, 1842. [Arteritis. Ex- rustica.) tract]. 209 pp. 4o. Bologna, Soc. medico- Catskill association, formed for the purpose of chirurgica, 1844.

improving the town of Catskill, New York, Castillioneus (Johannes), or, Castiglione December 28, 1836. [anon.] 47 pp. 1 map.

(G. M. M. Salvimeni di). (See Newton (J.) 16o. New York, Mitchell of. Turner, 1837.

Arithmetica universalis, commentarius). Catton (Charles, jr.) Animals, drawn from Castle builders; or, the history of William nature, and engraved in aqua-tinta. [Re-pub

Stephens; with a vision of a child left in a wood lished from the London ed. of 1787.] 36 1. to be fed by ravens. [anon.] 2d ed. xv, 3:20 unp. 36 pl. fol. New Haven, H. Howe, 1825.

pp. 120. London, E. Cabe and others, 1759. Catullus (Caius Valerius). Opera, ex recenCastleman (Harry). [pseudon). See Frank sione Isaaci Vossii, cuin ejusdem notis ac obseron the lower Mississippi.

vationibus. Ed. 2. 3 p. 1. 332 pp. 12 pl. 4o. Castleman (Rer. T. T.) Plain sermons for Lugduni Batarorum, D. à Gaesbeeck, etc. 1691.

servants. 433 pp. 120. New York, Stanford d Delisser, 1858.

Poems, in English verse: [translated Castrucci (Giuseppe Emmanuele). Viaggio da by George Frederick Nott) with the Latin

Lima ad alcune tribù barbare del Perù e text revised, and classical notes. 2 v. in 1. lungo il fiume delle Amazzoni. xvi, 115 pp. xxxvi, 221, 4 pp. 1 l. ; 236 pp. 11. 2 pl. 8o.

2 l. 9 pl. 80. Genova, Ponthenier, 1854. London, J. Johnson, 1795. (pp. 173–6 of v. 2 Catalogue (A) of books printed in England in mss. ]

since the dreadful fire of London in 1666, to Caualli (Louis). Verzeichniss der ornitolothe end of Michaelmas term, 1695, with an gischen sammlung. 2 p. 1. 30 pp. 1 col. pl. abstract of the general bills of mortality since 4o. Darmstadt, J. J. Schmidt, 1829. 1660. [With a catalogue of books printed Caulkins (Frances Manwaring). History of 1696-99. anon.] 127 pp. 79). fol. London, Norwich, Conn. [2d ed. 80. Hartford,] R. Clarel, 1696--[907]

author, 1867. Catalogue of a costly and choice collection of Caumont (Arcisse de). Abécédaire ou rudiment

rare, curious, and valuable books on the his- d'archéologie. [L'architecture du moyen-age.] tory of America. 62 pp. 80. New York,

8o. Caen, Harde, 1850. Bangs, 1853.

Causton (H. Kent Staple). Howard papers : With prices at sale).

with a biographical pedigree and criticism. Catalogue of friends' books. [anon.] 238 pp. 690 pp. 89. London, Causton & son, [1863.] 120. London, J. Sowle, 1708.

Cavalcanti (Bartolommeo). La retorica in vii Catcott (Rev. Alexander). Treatise on the libri. 16 p. I. unp. 563 pp. Vinegia,

deluge. 2d ed. enlarged. viii pp. 4 1.° 423 G. Giolito da' Ferrari, 1560.

pp. 1 pl. 89. London, E. Allen, 1768. Cavelier (Jean). Relation du voyage entreCatechism on the foundations of the christian pris par La Salle, pour découvrir dans le golfe

faith ; [with] the conversation of Mr. de du Mexique l'embouchure du fleuve Missisipy. Fenelon with Mr. de Ramsey on the existence 54 pp. 16o. Manate, J. M. Shea, 1858. of God, and the worship which is due to him. Account of La Salle's voyage to the

[anon.] 113, 55 pp. 120. New York, 1811. mouth of the Mississippi, etc. Translated into Catesby (Mark). See Edwards (G.) and English. (pp. 13–42 of Shea (J. S.) Early

Catesby. Sammlung verschiedener vögel. voyages. 4o. Albany, 1861.)


416 pp.

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pp. 12 1.


Cavendish (Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire). elis, cura et studio Th. J. ab Almeloveen.

The passage of S. Gotthard, a poem. pp. Accedunt J. Rhodii vita C. Celsi, etc. itemque 79–92. [Irith Sketch of a journey through loci aliquot Hippocratis et Celsi ab Henrico Switzerland. [anon.] Berne, 1816.]

Stephano mapaianiwç concinnati. ed. 2a. 38 Cavendish (Margaret, duchess of Newcastle). p. l. 749 pp. 12o. Basileae, J. R. Thurneisen,

Poems and phancies. 2d ed. 12 p. 1. 299 1748. pp. sm. fol. London, W. Wilson, 1664.

The same.

Ex rec. L. Targae. 2 v. True relation of the birth, breeding, and 678 pp; 463 pp. 4°. Lugduni Batavorum, S. & life of Margaret Cavendish, duchess of New- J. Luchtmans, 1785. castle. Written by herself.

With preface

Über die arzneiwissenschaft,in acht büchby Sir E. Brydges. 5 p. 1. 9, 36 pp. portrait. ern, übersetzt und erklärt von Eduard Schel89. Lee Priory, Kent, Johnson and Walker, ler [Nebst Bianconi's briefe über Celsus.] 1814.

2 v. 304 pp; 423 pp. 89. Braunschweig, Cayetano de Cabrera y Quintero (---). Escudo Vieweg, 1846.

de armas de Mexico: celestial proteccion de esta Cent (Les) nouvelles nouvelles; publiées d' nobilissima ciudad, de la Nueva-España, y de après le seul manuscrit connu, avec introduccasi todo el nuevo mundo, Maria santissima, tion et notes par Thomas Wright. 2 v. xliii, en su portentosa imagen del mexicano Guad- 303 pp; 323 pp. 16°. Paris, Jannet, 1857–8. alupe, milagrosamente apparecida en el palacio Centenary (The) singer: a collection of hymns arzobispal el año de 1531. Y jurado su prin- and tunes popular during the last one hundred cipal patrona el passado de 1737, en la angus- years; compiled for the [M. E.] Sunday tia que ocasionà la pestilencia. 18 p. 1. 522 school union. vi, 419 pp. 16o. New York,

fol. Mexico, Viuda de Joseph Carlton . Porter, 1867. Bernardo de Hogal, 1747.

Cerisier (Antoine Marie). Tafereel der algeCazeaux (Paulin). Theoretical and practical meene geschiedenissen van de veréénigde Ne

treatise on midwifery, including the diseases derlanden, (tot 1752] gevolgd naar 't Fransch. of pregnancy and parturition. Translated 10 v. 80. Utrecht, B. Wild, 1787. from the second French ed. etc. by Robert Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de.) The history P. Thomas. 765 pp. 2 pl. 89. Philadelphia, of the valorous and witty knight-errant, Don Lindsay & Blakiston, 1850.

Quixote, of the Mancha. Translated out of Cean-Bermudez (Jean Agustin). Memorias the Spanish by Thomas Shelton, etc. 2 pts.

para la vida de Gaspar Melchor de Jove- in 1 v. 8 p. 1. 273 1. fol. London, R. Scot, and llanos, y noticias de sus obras. 4 p. I. 395 R. Hodgkinson, 1672-75. pp. 160Madrid, 1814.

- The same.

History of the most reCebes. Tabla de Cebes. [With Veen, (O. van). nowned Don Quixote of Mancha, and his

Theatro moral de la vida humana. 1701.] trusty squire Sancho Pancha. [anon.] Now Cedrenus (Georgius). Compendivm historia- made English. By J[ohmn] P[hilips). With

Ex versione Gvillelmi Xylandri: acce- plates. fol. London, 1687. dvnt notae Iacobi Goar et Caroli Annibalis The same. The history of the valorous Fabroti; glossarium item Ioannis Scylitza and witty knight-errant Don Quixote of the curopalatæ, (Gr. et Lat.) 2 v. 33 p. 1. 868, Mancha. Translated into English by Thomas

60 pp. 26 l. Parisiis, S. Cramoisy, 1617. S. Shelton, and printed from the 4° ed. of 1620. Cellarius (Christoph). Breviarium antiqui- 4 v. 16o. London, R. Knaplock, etc. 1725.

tatum romanorum, accurante H. Freyero. The wit and wisdom of Don Quixote. xii, 192 pp. 16o. Augusti Taurinorum, v, 161 pp. 160. New York, D. Appleton & Co. Typ. regia, 1742.

1867. Notitia orbis antigvi, sive geographia, Cesena (Amédée Gayet, dit de). Les Césars etc. Ed. alt. 2 v. 1088 pp. 135 l. 20 maps, et les Napoléons. 80. Paris, Amyot, 1856. 1 pl; 990 pp. 401. 4o. Lipsiae, Gleditsch, Cevallos (Pedro Ordoñez de). See Ordoñez. 1731-32.

Chabrier (J. cheralier). Essai sur le vol des Celsus (Aurelius Cornelius). Medicinae libri insectes, et observations sur quelques parties viii. xcii. 4 1. unp. fol. Venetiis, P. Pinzi, 1497. de la mécanique des mouvemens progressifs

The same. De medicina libri octo, cum de l'homme et des animaux vertébrés. iv, notis integris Joannis Cæsarii, Roberti Con- 328 pp. 14 pl. 4o. Paris, A. Belin, 1823. S. stantini, Josephi Scaligeri, Isaaci Casanboni, Idées nouvelles sur le système solaire. Johannis Baptista Morgagni, ac locis parall- viii, 64 pp. 4o. [With the preceding.)

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