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American colonization society. Memorial of American (The) magazine and monthly chroni

the semi-centennial anniversary, celebrated at cle for the British colonies. Vol. 1, from Oct., Washington, Jan. 15, 1867. With documents 1757, to Oct., 1758, by a society of gentlemen. concerning Liberia. 192 pp. 89. Washing- 654 pp. 89. Philadelphia, W. Bradford, ton, Colonization Society, 1867.

1757-58. American gazetteer. Il gazzettiere americano; (Imp. pp. wanting at the end.)

continente un distinto ragguaglio di tutte le American (The) magazine of useful and enterparti del nuoo mondo, della loro situazione, taining knowledge. v. 1-3. Sept., 1831-Sept., clima, terreno, prodotti, stato antico e mo- 1837. 80. Boston, John L. Sibley, 1834–37. derno, mercy manifatture, e commercio. 3v. American poems, selected and original. v. 1. xxiii, 217 pp. ; 254 pp., 257 pp. ; 21 maps,

viii, 304 pp. 41. 120. Litchfield, ( Conn.,) 57 pl. 4o. Livorno, M. Coltellini, 1763.

Collier & Buel, (about 1793). American (The) farmer; a monthly journal American (The) shooter's manual, comprising

devoted to agriculture, horticulture, domestic [matters relating] to the dog, and the use of the and rural economy. Illustrated. [1866.] gun; also a description of the game of this V. 1. 384 pp. 89. Rochester, (N. Y)., J. country. By a gentleman of Philadelphia Turner, 1866.

county. (anon.) 251 pp. 89. PhiladelAmerican (The) historical magazine, Janu- phia, Carey, Lea & Carcy, 1827.

ary to June, 1836. (V. 1.) 240 pp. 89. American sketches; by a native of the United [New Haren, ] 1836.

States. xviii, 412 pp. 120. London, J. American homeopathic review. July, 1865,

Miller, 1827. to Jan., 1866. v. 6. 89. New York, J. T. American (The) statistical association. CollecS. Smith & Sons, 1866.

tions. v.1. 596 pp. 89. Boston, T. R. MarAmerican (The) Hoyle; or, gentleman's hand

vin, 1847. book of games. By Trumps.” [anon.] American (The) weekly messenger, or reg4th ed. 525 pp. 12o. New York, Dick & ister of state papers, history and politics. Fitzgerald, (1867].

[Sept. 25, 1813, to Sept. 17, 1814.] 2 v. viii, American institute library; alphabetical and 473; vii, 408 pp. 89. Philadelphia, John

analytical catalogue. 89. New York, 1852. Conrad, 1814-15. American (The) journal of horticulture and Ames (Joseph). Typographical antiquities;

florist's companion, Jaņuary to June, 1867. being an historical account of printing in Engv. 1. viii, 392 pp. 1 pl. 89. Boston, J. land, with an appendix concerning printing E. Tilton & Co., 1867.

in Scotland and Ireland. 4°. London, W. American Journal of the medical sciences. Faden, 1749.

Edited by Isaac Hays, M. D. January to The same; or, an historical account of October, 1867. New series. v. 53–54. 80. the origin and progress of printing in Great Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1867.

Britain and Ireland. Augmented by William American (The) kalendar; or, United States

Herbert. 3 v. 4°. London, printed for the register for 1798. [anon]. 211 pp. 18o. editor, 1785-90. London, J. Debrett, 1798.

Amiens. Catalogue méthodique de la bibliAmerican literary gazette and publishers'

othèque communale-belles-lettres. viii, 616 circular, Nov. 1866 to Nov. 1867. v. 8-9. pp. 89. Amiens, Duval et Herment, 1854. s.

89. Philadelphia, G. W. Childs, 1867. Amunategui (Miguel Luis). La dictadura American Lloyd's register of American and de O'Higgins. iv, 495 pp. 89. Santiago,

foreign shipping. R. T. Hartshorne & J. F. (Chile,) J. Belin i C”, 1853. H. King, proprietors. xxxii, 730 pp. 5 pl.

and (Gregorio Victor). Biografias de New York, J. W. Pratt & Co., 1867.

Americanos, (viz: Andres Bello, Simon RodAmerican Lloyd's universal register of ship- riguez, Camilo Henriquez, Manuel Salas, José ping, from June 1, 1867, to May 31, 1868,

Rodriguez Ballesteros]. 89. Santiago, under the approval of the board of under- (Chile), 1854. writers. Thos. D. Taylor, proprietor. xlii, De la instruccion primaria en Chile. xii,

693 pp. 8pl. obl. 8o. New York, C. Vogt, 1867. 391 pp. 8o. Santiago, Ferrocarril, 1856. S. American (The) magazine and historical Amyot, (C. J. B.) and Audinet Serville (Jean chronicle. [Pub. by S. Eliot & J. Blanchard.]

Guillaume). Histoire naturelle des insectes. 3 v. 89. Boston, Rogers & Fowle, 1744-46. Hémiptères. lxxvi, 675 pp. 89. Paris, Roret, (Imp. v. 1 wants title.)


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Anacreon. Odes and epigrams. Translated by Anderson (John J.) Pictorial school history

F. Fawkes. 80. Edinburgh, (1792–94]. of the United States; with the declaration of (Anderson's British poets, v. .5).

independence, and the constitution of the Works, translated into English verse, United States. 363, 38 pp. 12o. New York, with notes; to which are added odes, frag- Clark & Maynard, 1867. ments and epigrams of Sappho. By [J]. Introductory school history of the United Addison. 11 p. 1. 279 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Lon- States. 16o. New York, Clark & Maynard, don, J. Watts, 1735.

1867. and Sappho. Les œuvres, traduites de Anderson (Robert, M. D.) Select British poets grec en vers françois par [H. B. de R., baron and translations, with prefaces, biographical de] Longepierre. 9 p. 1. 398 pp. 1 pl. 18o. and critical. 9 v. 8°. Edinburgh, Mundell Paris, C. Clouzier, 1692.

& Son, 1792-94. [London, 1810). Sappho, (and others). Works; with

CONTENTS. pieces from ancient authors, and essays on their lives and writings; with the Classic, an

Addison, v. 7.

King, v. 6.
Akenside, v. 9.

Lucretius, (Creech), v. 5 introductory poem [by Barnaby Edward Anacreon, (Fawkes), v. 5. Mallet, v. 9, Greene). xxii, 287 pp. 18o. London, J. Apolonius Rhodius, (Faw. Moschus, (Fawkes), v. 5.


Musaeus, (Fawkes), v. 5, Ridley, 1768.

Bion, (Fawkes), v. 5. Otway, v. 6.
Blackmore, v. 7.

Ovid, (Garth), v. 1.
Ancell (Samuel). Journal of the blockade and Blair

, v. 8.

Parnell, v. 7. siege of Gibraltar, 1779 to 1783. 3d ed. 274 Broome, v. 8.

Pattison, v. 8.
Browne, v. 4.

Philips, A., v. 9. pp. 7 pl. Edinburgh, 1786.

Carew, v. 3.

Philips, John, v. 6.
Collins, v. 9.

Pitt, v. 8.
Ancona. See Augustinus de Ancona.

Coluthus, v. 5.

Pomfret, v. 6.
Andagoya (Pascual de). Relacion de los suce-Congrevo, v. 7.

Pope, v. 8.
Crashaw, v. 4.

Prior, v. 7. sos de Pedrarias Dávila en las provincias de Daniel, v. 4.

Rochester, v. 6.
Tierra firme ó Castilla del Oro, y delo ocurrido Davenant, v. 4.

Roscommon, v. 6.
Davies, v. 2.

Rowe, v. 7. en el descubrimiento de la Mar del Sur y costas Doune, v. 4.

Sappho, (Fawkes), v. 5. Dorset, v. 6.

Savage, v. 8. del Perú y Nicaragua. (Navarrette. Colec

Drayton, v. 3.

Shakspeare, v. 2. cion de los Viages, etc. V. 3, pp. 393-459.) Drummond, v. 4.

Sheffield, v. 7.

Dryden, v. 5.
The same. Narrative of the proceedings Duke, v. 6.

Shenstone, v. 9.

Sinith, v. 6. of Pedrarias Davila in the provinces of Tierra Pyer, v. 9.

Somerville, v. 8.

Spenser, v. 2. Firme or Castilla del Oro, and of the discovery Fletcher, G., v. 4. Sprat, v. 6.

Fletcher, P., v. 4. of the South Sea and the coasts of Peru and

Statius, (Lewis), v. 1. Garth, v. 7.

Stepney, v. 6.
Nicaragua. Translated, with notes and in- Gay, v. 8.

Suckling, v. 3.
Granville, v. 7.

Sulpicia, (Grainger), v.5. troduction, by C. K. Markham. xxix, 88 Halifax, v. 6.

Swift, v. 9. pp.

89. London, Hakluyt Society, Hamilton, v. 9.

Theocritus, (Fawkes), v. 5.

Thomson, v. 9, 1865.

Hammond, v. 8.

Tibullus, (Grainger), v. 5. Andersen (J. A.) A Dane's excursion in Hesiod, (Cooke), v. 5.

Harte, v. 9.

Tickell, v. 8.

Walsh, v. 6. Britain. 2 v. in 1. viii, 224 pp; 155 pp, 61. Hill, v. 8.

Watts, v. 9.

Horace, (Francis), v. 1. West, v. 9. 16o. London, Mathews & Leigh, 1809. Hughes, v. 7.

Yalden, v. 7. Anderson (Æneas). Narrative of the British Jouson, v. 4. embassy to China, 1792–94. xxiv, 278 Anderson (Mr.) History of life and adven

80. Dublin, William Porter, tures in Europe and America, compiled from 1795.

his own papers. 213 pp. 16o. Glasgow, Anderson (Andreas). A tour in Zealand in William Neilson, 1799.

1802, with sketch of the battle of Copenhagen. Andersson (Charles John). The Okavango By a native of Denmark. [anon). 131 pp. river; a narrative of travel, exploration, and 16°. Philadelphia, Bartram & Reynolds, adventure. 89. New York, Harpers, 1861. s. 1807.

Andover Theological Seminary. Catalogue of Anderson (Elbert). Claims on the United library. By 0. A. Taylor. 89. Andorer,

States, by the late contractor for the State of (Mass.,) 1838. New York, for services during the late war. - Triennial catalogue [of officers and grad179, 24 pp. 89. New York, 1924.

uates). 1867. 229 pp. 89. Andover, W. Anderson (James, LL. D.) Recreations in F. Draper, 1867.

agriculture, natural history, arts, and miscul. Andral (Gabriel). Précis d'anatomie patholaneous literature. 6 v. 8. London, T. logique. 2 v. 479 pp; 361 pp. 80. Bruxelles, Becal 4, 1709–1802.

Soc. typographique belye, 1837.


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20 v.

10 v.

Andrea Vivano; or, the Italian poisoner. | Angelis (Pedro de). Coleccion de obras y

[anon). 11 pp. 89. London, 1841. [Hazlitt's documentos relativos a la historia antigua y romancist and novelist's lib’y, v. 3].

moderna de las provincias del Rio de la Andreana. Containing the trial, execution, Plata. Ilustrados con notas y disertaciones.

and various matter connected with the history 6 v. fol. Buenos Aires, Imp. del estado, of Major John André, adjutant general of the 1836-37. British army in America, A. D. 1780. 2 p. 1. Memoria sobre el estado de la hacienda 67 pp, 21. 12 pl. fol. Philadelphia, H. publica. 219 pp. 89. Buenos Aires, 1834. s. W. Smith, 1865.

Angelus (Johann). Astrolabium planū in tabuAndreini (Giovanni Battista). L'Adamo, sacra lis ascendens cum quodã tractatu natiuitatū

rapresentatione. 13 p. 1. 177 pp. 40 pl. vtili ac ornato. 174 I. unp. 4o. Auguste

[in text). 4o. Milano, G. Bordoni, 1617. Vindelicoru, Erhardt Ratdolt, 1488. Andrew (William). Constitution of nature. Angeville (Adolphe, comte d'). La vérité Theories intended to unfold nature.

sur la question d'orient et sur M. Thiers. iv, 89. Milwaukee, Jermain & Brightman, 368 pp. 80. Paris, Delloye, 1841. 1863.

Angreville (J. E., d'). La flore vallaisanne. Andrew (William P.) Memoir on the Eu- viii, 218 pp.

120. Genève, M. Mehling, phrates valley route to India; with official 1862. correspondence. xvi, 267 pp. 2 maps. 80. Annales des ponts et chaussés. Mémoires et London, W. H. Allen & Co. 1857.

documents relatifs à l'art des constructions et Andrews (Charles). Prisoners' memoirs, or, au service de l'ingénieur; lois, etc. concernant

Dartmoor prison; a complete history of the l'administration des ponts et chaussées. 108 v. captivity of the Americans in England from 89. Paris, Carilian-Gocury, etc., 1831-65. the commencement of the late war until the

CONTENTS. treaty of Ghent. [anon]. 283 pp. 120. New York, author, 1815.

le série, 1831-40. Mémoires et documents. Andrews (Charles C., teacher). History of the

Lois, décrets, etc.

Tables générales, 1831-1840. New York African free schools, from their es- 2e série, 1841-50. Mémoires et documents. 20 v. tablishment in 1787. 148 pp. 16°. New

Lois, décrets, etc. 10 v.

Tables générales, 1841-1850. York, M. Day, 1830.

3e série, 1851-60. Mémoires et documents. 20 v.

Lois, décrets, etc. Andrews (Rev. C. W.) Memoir of Mrs. Anne

Tables générales, 1850-1860. R. Page. 101 pp. 1 pl. 18°. Philadelphia,

4e série, 1861-65. Mémoires et documents. v. 1-10.

Lois, décrets, etc. v. 1-5. Herman Hooker, 1844. Andrews (John, LL. D.) History of the revo- Annals and magazine of natural history, in

lutions of Denmark, with an account of the cluding zoology, botany, and geology. 3d present state of that kingdom and people. 2 v. series, v. 18-19. 89. London, Taylor & viii, 416 pp; 446 pp. 89. London, J. Nourse, Francis, 1866-67. 1774.

Annius Viterbiensis, or Nanni (Giovanni). Anecdotes. The Holy Scriptures. 5th ed. Comentaria super opera diuersorum auctorum

viii, 214 pp. 180. London, Rel. tract soc., de antiquitatibus loquentiū. fol. Rome, E. [about 1840].

Silber, 1498.
Anecdotes, medical, chemical, and chirurgical; Annuaire-almanach du commmerce:

collected, arranged, and transmuted by an manach des 500,000 adresses de Paris, des adept. [anon]. 2 v. xii, 204 pp. 231 départments, et des pays étrangers. Pour pp. 169. London, J. Callow, 1816.

1867. 3,600 pp. 89. Paris, Didot, 1867. Anecdotes of the family circle. [anon). vi, Annuaire de l'économie politique et de la statis

244 pp. 21. 16o. London, Orr & Smith, 1836. tique pour 1866–67. Par M. Block. V. 23-24. Anecdotes of the house of Bedford, from the 18°. Paris, Guillaumin, 1866–67.

Norman conquest to the present period. Table générale, 1844–67. 180. Paris, [anon). vii, 284 pp. 89. London, J. S. Guillaumin, 1867. Barr, (1797].

Annuaire encyclopédique. 1865–66. 80. Anecdotes parisiennes. 24°. Londres, Law Paris, bureau de l'encyclopédie du 19e siècle, & others, 1815.

1866. Angela de Fulginio. Visionum et instruction- Annual (The) register. A review of public um liber. Recensuit J. H. Lammertz. 391

events for the year 1866. New series. vii. pp. 24o. Coloniæ, J. M. Heberle & Co., 1851.

337, 340 pp. 89. London, Riringtons, 1867.

10 v.

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Annual of scientific discovery; or, year-book Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius). The com

of facts in science and art for 1865, and 1866– mentaries. Containing his maxims of science 67. 2 v.

12o. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, and rules of life. Wrote for his own use, and 1865-67.

addressed to himself. Translated from the Anquetil (Louis Pierre). A summary of uni- Greek, by James Thomson, gent.

xii, 234 versal history; exbibiting the rise, decline, and pr. 80. London, T. Parker, 1747. revolutions of the different nations of the world, Apelt (Ernst Friedrich). Die epochen der from the creation to the present time. Trang- geschichte der menschheit, eine historischlated from the French. 9 v. 89. London, philosophische skizze. 2 v. 8o. Jena, HockG. & J. Robinson, 1800.

hausen, 1845–46. Anselm (Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury). Aphthonius, sophista. Progymnasmata, a R.

Liber meditationum. Textum recognovit [et] Agricola, [et]I. M. Catanaeo latinitate donata: vita s. doctoris exornavit A. Buse. xi, 272 cum scholiis R. Lorichii. 2 p. 1. 2018 1, 5 l.

pp. 24°. Coloniæ, J. M. Heberle & Co., 1851. 180. Londini, T. Marsh, 1583. Ansted (David Thomas). Elementary course Apollonius Rhodius. The Argonautics.

of geology, mineralogy, and physical geogra- Translated by F. Fawkes. 80. Edinburgh, phy. 2d ed. xvi, 606 pp. 12o. London, (1792]. [Anderson's British Poets, v. 5]. J. Van Voorst, 1856.

Apollonius Tyrius. The Anglo-saxon version Geological science, including the practice of the story of Apollonius of Tyre, upon which of geology and the elements of physical geogra- is founded the play of Pericles, attributed to phy. x, 302 pp. 80. London, Orr, 1855. Shakespeare; with a literal translation by

and Nicolay (Rev. Charles Grenfell). Benj. Thorpe. V, 92 pp. 120. London, J. Atlas of physical and historical geography. & d. Arch, 1834. 6 maps. 4o. London, J. W. Parker & Son, NOTE.-Barth ascribes this work to Symposius, a chris.

tian author. (1852). Anstey (Christopher). The patriot; a pin- Apophthegmata graeca. Studio et labore

daric address to Lord Buckhorse, with ap- Mathæi Gothi. (With Neander (Michael). pendix. [anon.] 67 pp.

sm, 40.

Cam- Opus aureum.) bridge, Fletcher & Hodson, 1768.

Appianus Alexandrinus. Romanorum libri Anstey (John). Pleader's guide, a didactic qui Libicus, Syrius, Parthicus, Mithridaticus

poem, in two parts. By J. J. S. [anon.] inscribuntur. Traductio P. Candidi. 131 1. 4th ed. xvi, 212 pp. 16o. London, Cadel unp. 40. Venetiis, B. Pictor & E. Ratdolt, & Davies, 1804.

1477. Antequera (José Maria). Historia de la legis- Ciuiliū bellorū libri 1-5. Traductio P.

lacion española, desde los tiempos mas re- Candidi. 211 1. unp. 4o. Venetiis, B. Pictor motos hasta la época presente. 290 pp. 80. & E. Ratdolt, 1477. ( With Appianus Madrid, Martinez y Minnesa, 1849.

Alexandrinus. Romanorum libri, Venetiis, Anthing (Friedrich). History of the campaigns 1477.)

of Count Alexander Suworow-Reymnikski. Romanorum libri qui Illyrius et Celticus (or Rimninskoi.] Translated from the Ger- inscribuntur. Traductio P. Candidi. 101. unp. man. [anon.] 112 pp. 80. London, J. 4o. Venetiis, B. Pictor & E. Ratdolt, 1477.

Davis, 1813. (Royal military chronicle, v.2.] (With Appianus Alexandrinus. Romanorum Antine or Dantine (Maur François d').


libri, Venetiis, 1477.) Art de vérifier les dates.

Romanarvm historiarvm celtica, libyca, Antiquités du Bosphorucimmérien, conservées illyrica, syriaca, parthica, mithridatica, ciuilis,

au musée impérial de l'Ermitage: [Par le com- quinque libris distincta. Ex bibliotheca regia. te Ouvaroff français et russe.) texte 2 v.,

11. fol. Lrtetiæ, C. Stephanus, avec atlas des planches. fol. St. Pétersbourg, 1581. 1854.

S. Applegarth (Robert). A theological survey Anton (Jehan d'). See Auton (Jehan d'). of the human understanding. [anon). 3 Antoninus Augustus. Vetera Romanorum p. I. 276 pp. 7 1. 80. Salisbury, Wallis &

itineraria, cum J. Simleri, etc., notis. Itiner- Stonehouse, 1776. arium hierosolymitanum, et Hieroclis gram- Appletons' (D. & Co.) Hand-book of Amerimatici synecdemus curante Petro Wesselingio. can travel: southern tour. With maps, etc. 11 p. l. 762 pp. 28 l. 4o. Amstelaedami, By Edward H. Hall. xii, 142 pp., 7 maps. apud J. Wetstenium & G. Smith, 1735.

12°. New York, D. Appleton & Co., 1866.

393 pp.

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Appletons' (D. & Co.) Hand-book of Ameri- | Aquino, (Saint Tommaso d'). De corpore

can travel: northern tour. With maps, [etc.] Cristi. 17 1. unp. sm. 4o. [Coloniæ, Arnold By Edward H. Hall. 9th ed. xvi, 318 pp., Therhoern, about 1480.] 11 maps. 12o. New York, D. Appleton & Co. De desertione anime a Deo. 2 1. unp. 1867.

sm. 4o. [Leydis, per Heyricũ Heynrici, Appleton (Elizabeth H.) Insurrection at Ma- 1484.] (With Aquino. Tractatus de hugellan. Narrative of the imprisonment and

manitate Christi. Leydis, 1484.) escape of Capt. Chas. H. Brown from the De duobus præceptis charitatis, et decem Chilian convicts. 228 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Bos- legis præceptis, ejusdemque de venerabili sacton, Geo. C. Rand, 1854.

ramento altaris. Recognovit C. Martin. vii, Appleton (William S.) Ancestry of Mary 340 pp. 24°. Colonice, J. M. Heberle &: Co.,

Oliver, who lived 1640—1698, and was the 1852. wife of Samuel Appleton, of Ipswich. 29 pp.

Glosa continua sup. quatuor euange3 tables. 4°. Cambridge, (Mass.), J. Wilson listas. fol. [Basileæ.] 1476. & Son, 1867.

In libros meteorologicorvm Aristotelis Aprosio (Angelico). La visiera alzata; heca- proeclarissima commentaria, cum duplici tex

toste di scrittori, che vaghi d'andare in mag- tus interpretatione, vna Francisci Vatabli, anchera fuor del tempo di carnouale sono tiqua altera. 2 l., 270 pp. in 68 1. fol. H. scoperti da Gio. Pietro Giacomo Villani. Scottus, Venitiis; 1561. (With preceding.) s. (pseudon). 90 pp. 18o. Parma, Vigna, 1689. In qvatvor libros Aristotelis de cvclo et

Pentecoste d'altri scrittori, che andando mundo commentaria, quae cum morte praein maschera fuor del tempo di carneuale, sono uentus perficere non potuerit, absoluit Petrus scoperti da Gio. Pietro Giacomo Villani. de Aluernia; cvm dvplici textus translatione, (pseudon). 45 pp. 180. Parma, Vigna, antiqua videlicet, et Joannis Argyropili nova 1689. (With Aprosio, La visiera alzata diligenter recognitis. 6 p. l., 176 pp. fol. hecatoste di scrittori. Parma, 1689.)

Venetiis, haeredes H. Scoti, 1575.

S. Apuleius Madaurensis (Lucius). Les meta- Postilla in Job. fol. [Eslingæ.] 1474.

morphoses, ov l'asne d'or. Nouvellement reveves, corrigées, et mises en meilleur ordre. The same. fol. (n. p., Conrad Fyner.) [Engraved title.] 8p. 1. 382 pp. 16 pl. 12o. 1476. Paris, N. & J. de La Coste, 1648.

Prima pars summe sacre theologie. [v. 1). Commentaires sur la métamorphose de fol. In urbe Venetiarū, B. Locatellus, 1491. 8. l'asne d'or de l’Apulée. [anon.] 270 pp. Prima pars secunde partis summe theolo20 l. [With Apuleius, Paris, 1648.] giæ. fol. Venetijs, B. Locatellus, 1493. (IFith The birth of pleasure, the story of Cupid preceding.)

S. and Psyche. [Translation.] 110 pp. 16o. Secúda secüde partis sūme theologie New York, James Porteus, 1867.

summe [et] id est de ptibus pnie, et primo de Cupid and Psyche; a mythological tale, stritione. [v. 2.] fol. [n. d. or p.] from the “Golden Ass." From the 2d anony

Tertia pars, additiones tertie partis. mous London ed. of 1800; with the life of [v. 3.) fol. Venetijs, B. de Tridino, 1486. s. Apuleius, by J. L. Wilson. 88 pp. 3 pl. Remediū circa carnalē delectationem. 89. Charleston, (S. C.,) B. B. Hussey, 1842. 21. unp. sm. 4o. [Leydis, per Heydricũ Heyn

L'asino d'oro, traslatato da messer. Ag- rici, 1484.] (With A quino. Tractatus de nolo Firenzuola dilatino in lingua toscano.

humanitate Christi. Leydis, 1484.) (Firenzuola. Opere, v. 3.)

Tractatus de humanitate Christi. 97 1. Apuleius Barbarus. Herbarium. (Anglo-sax- sm. 49. Leydis, per Heynricū Heynrici, 1484.

on text, with English translation.] (With Arągo (Jacques Étienne Victor). Promenade Leechdoms, wortcunning, and starcraft of autour du monde, pendant 1817–1820, sur early England. Ed. by 0. Cockayne. V. 1. les corvettes l’Uranie et la Physicienne. 8o. London, 1864.)

2 v. 89. Paris, 1822.

s. Aquila Romanus. See Rutilius Lupus (P.) Aratus. (Phænomena et diosemeia, cum TheDe figuris sententiarum.

onis scholiis et Eratosthenis catasterismis, etc. Aquinas, (Saint Thomas). See Aquino. [Græce.] Accesserunt annotationes in EraAquino (Saint Tommaso d'). Catena aurea tosthenem et hymnos Dionysii: curante J.

(patrum] in quatuor evangelistas. fol. Fell.] 233 pp. 120. Oxonii, e theatro Shel[Aug. Vind., G. Zainer, n. d.]

doniano, 1672.

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