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Jesus foretold by Moses and the


JOHN i. 45. We have found him of whom Mofes in the

Law, and the Prophets did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph.


HE Season, good Christians, that commences this Day is that of Ad

vent, with which it is the peculiar Computation of the Church of England to begin her Year, and to renew the annual Course of her Service; therein differing from all other Accounts of Time whatsoever. The Reason of which is, because she does not number her Days, or measure her Seasons fo much by the Motion of the Sun, as by the Course of our Saviour ; beginning and counting on her Year with him, who, being the true Son of Righteousness, began now to rise upon the World, and, as the Day Stars on high, VOL. II,





to enlighten them that fat in Spiritual Darkness.

The Design of the Church in 'fetting apart this Season is to prepare us for a religious Commemoration of the Advancement or Coming of Christ, in the Flesh. For which Reason the Prophecy of flåiah is reserved to this Time, in the Table of Lessons both for ordinary Days, as well as Sundays ; (he being the most Evangelical Prophet, and containing the clearest Predictions of our Saviour) and the Epistles and Gospels appointed for those Sundays, all assure us of the Truth of Christ's first coming; and as a proper Means to bring our Lives to a Conformity with the End and Design of it, they recommend to us the Consideration of his second Coming, when he will execute Vengeance on all those that obey not his Gospel.

I conceive therefore that the most suitable Provision for your Thoughts at this Time, will be first to lay before you

the clearest Prophecies and Predictions of the Meffiah in the Old Testament, and then to thew

you from the New, how those several Prophecies and Predictions were fulfilled in our Jesus. And in order to this, I have chosen the Words of my Text as naturally leading us to both these Topicks.


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