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Pendleton, Ore., ("Souvenir album of noted
Indian photographs by Major Lee Moor-
house"); Mr. Edwin A. Rumball of Roches- THE

ter, N. Y.; and from Hon. Andrew D.
White of Ithaca, N. Y., ("Fiat money
inflation in France; how it came, what it
brought and how it ended," new edition,
Toronto, 1914).

Additions to the Library's genealogical collection were made by the following: Mr. Thomas H. Harris of Fredericksburg, Va., Mr. James W. Hill of Peoria, Ill., Mr. Eugene W. Ong of Boston, Mass., Rev. Abbot Peterson of Brookline, Mass., Mr. S. H. P. Schall of New York, Mr. Frederick W. Stevens of New York, the Misses J. Austin Stevens of Newport, R. I., Mr. Lamont Stilwell of Syracuse, N. Y., Mrs. E. W. Stoddard of Succasunna, N. Y., and Mrs. M. E. Stone of St. Peter, Minn.

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HE publication of "A Checklist of Newspapers and Official Gazettes in The New York Public Library" was discontinued with the instalment appearing in the Bulletin for December, 1914. The first division of the list, an alphabetical arrangement by cities in which the papers were published, was then completed. The two divisions remaining unpublished are the indices, alphabetical by title of the paper, and chronological.

These two divisions will appear with the complete list when it is printed as a separate publication.



N exhibition of books and prints relative to flower gardens was opened in Room 112 on January 25. Rare and valuable books were shown in the cases, while about two hundred books, named in the selected list "Flower Gardens," were placed on open shelves for examination.


DURING December the total number

of readers in the Central Building was 75,363. They consulted 206,174 volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 241,098.




This list does not include works on the Persian language, a list of which was published in the Bulletin, June, 1909; neither does it include works on Muhammadanism, listed in April, 1911, nor Numismatics, listed in February, 1914.

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Bibliography, continued.

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* EO


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