Henry Flood. Henry Grattan

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1903

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Página 255 - Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath, Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty: Thou art not conquer'd; beauty's ensign yet Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, And death's pale flag is not advanced there.
Página 240 - And will You maintain and preserve inviolably the Settlement of the United Church of England and Ireland, and the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government thereof, as by Law established...
Página 105 - I am now to address a free people: ages have passed away, and this is the first moment in which you could be distinguished by that appellation.
Página 226 - British soil — which proclaims, even to the stranger and the sojourner, the moment he sets his foot upon British earth, that the ground on which he treads is holy, and consecrated by the genius of UNIVERSAL EMANCIPATION.
Página 232 - The conversation of the principal persons of the country all tend to encourage this system of blood, and the conversation even at my table, where you will suppose I do all I can to prevent it, always turns on hanging, shooting, burning, &c., &c., and if a priest has been put to death the greatest joy is expressed by the whole company.
Página 267 - Elliott, when he brought me your letter, stated very strongly all the arguments which he thought might induce us to admit the Catholics to parliament and office ; but I confess he did not satisfy me of the practicability of such a measure at this time, or of the propriety of attempting- it. With respect to a provision for the Catholic* clergy and some arrangement respecting tithes, I am happy to find a uniform opinion in favour of the proposal among all the Irish I have seen...
Página 255 - While a plank of the vessel sticks together, I will not leave her — let the courtier present his flimsy sail, and carry the light bark of his faith, with every new breath of wind — I will remain anchored here — with fidelity to the fortunes of my country, faithful to her freedom, faithful to her fall.
Página 226 - ... -,—no matter with what solemnities he may have been devoted upon the altar of slavery; the first moment he touches the sacred soil of Britain, the altar and the god sink together in the dust; his soul walks abroad in her own majesty; his body swells beyond the measure of his chains, that burst from around him, and he stands redeemed, regenerated, and disenthralled, by the irresistible Genius of UNIVERSAL EMANCIPATION.
Página 254 - Yet I do not give up the country. I see her in a swoon, but she is not dead. Though in her tomb she lies helpless and motionless, still there is on her lips a spirit of life, and on her...
Página 113 - I may be shortly enabled to lay before you the sketch or outlines of an Act of Parliament to be adopted by the legislatures of the respective kingdoms ; by which the superintending power and supremacy of Great Britain, in all matters of state and general commerce, will be virtually and effectually acknowledged...

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