A Memoir of the Life of Peter the Great

Harper & Brothers, 1834 - 320 páginas

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Página 141 - Revenge yourselves alone on Cassius, For Cassius is aweary of the world; Hated by one he loves; braved by his brother; Checked like a bondman; all his faults observed, Set in a note-book, learned and conned by rote, To cast into my teeth. O, I could weep My spirit from mine eyes! — There is my dagger, And here my naked breast; within, a heart Dearer than Plutus...
Página 320 - THC following opinions, selected from highly respectable Journals, will enable those who are unacquainted with the Family Library to form an estimate of its merits. Numerous other notices, equally favourable, and from sources equally respectable, might be presented if deemed necessary. ''The Family Library.— A very excellent, and always entertaining Miscellany.
Página 124 - I know very well," he says in his journal, " that the Swedes will have the advantage of us for a considerable time; but they will teach us at length to beat them.
Página 320 - We have so repeatedly spoken of the merits of the design of this work, and of the able manner in which it is edited, that on this occasion we will only repeat our conviction, that it is worthy a place in every library in the country, and will prove one of the most useful as It is one of the most interesting publications which has ever issued from the American press.
Página 91 - Turkish empire; but he did not seem capable of conducting so great a design, though his conduct in his wars since this has discovered a greater genius in him than appeared at that time. He was desirous to understand our doctrine, but he did not seem disposed to mend matters in Moscovy.
Página 83 - There is a house full of people, and right nasty. The Czar lies next your library, and dines in the parlour next your study. He dines at ten o'clock and six at night, is very seldom at home a whole day, very often in the king's yard or by water, dressed in several dresses. The king is expected there this day ; the best parlour is pretty clean for him to be entertained in. The king pays for all he has.
Página 319 - Edinburgh Cabinet" Library, &c. All these productions, as they emanate from the press, will be submitted to literary gentlemen for inspection ; and none will be reprinted but such as shall be found calculated to sustain the exalted character which this Library has already acquired. Several well-known authors have been engaged to prepare for it original works of an American character, on History, Biography, Travels, &c.
Página 103 - ild you! They say the owl was a baker's daughter. Lord! we know what we are, but know not what we may be.
Página 265 - ... all the way as he went like one drunk. About half an hour after, the czar with all his attendants withdrew with very dismal countenances; and when they went, the marshal ordered me to attend at the prince's apartment, and in case of any alteration, to inform him immediately thereof. There were at that time two physicians and two surgeons in waiting, with whom, and the officers on guard, I dined oil what had been dressed for the prince's dinner.
Página 320 - Family Library has now reached its sixteenth number, with the increasing favour of the enlightened American public ; and we have heard of but one dissenting voice among the periodical and newspaper publishers wlio have frequently noticed and applauded the plan and the execution of the Family Library...

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