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:F92 r.13


from Worcester prison, 34; discourses with

Bishop Lloyd, 37, 38. 43, 44; his exercises
Alexander, Mary, account of, 50; appearance in the

with the Separatists, 40, 41; testimonies
ministry,53; visit to families at Wood-
bridge and Ipswich, 54; visit to Wales,

concerning, 46.
63; joins E. Coggeshall in religious
service, 66; visits Surry, Sussex, &c. Faith, the true, set forth. 278-9.
71; do. Scotland, 77 ; do. London, &c. | Fothergill, John, Journal of, 352; call to the min-
86; her last journey, 90; decease,

istry, 357; visits Scotland, 358; do.

Ireland, 360; first visit to America, 362;

Epistle to Richmond monthly meeting,

367; do. to New England, 369; mar-
Baptism, Water, 38, 280, 464.

riage, 373; visit to South West coun-
Brown, Joseph, sufferings in prison for testimony

ties of England, 373; death of his wife,
against tithes, 60.

375; second visit to America, 377;
Boehm, A. W., Letter to, by E. Webb, 163; his

epistle to friends in York, 384. 387;
reply, 173.

goes to Barbadoes, 399; epistle to Dover
Bevan, Evan, memoir of, 174.

meeting, 401; do. to Antigua, &c. 402;
Baptism, sa ving, 280.

visits Ireland, 405; religious services
Bread and wine, 463.

in England and Wales, 411; third visit
to America, 417; epistle to friends in

Maryland, 425; visits Ireland again,
Crisp, Samuel, memoir of, 149; letter of, 152;

432; illness and death, 435; testimony
vindication of Quakers, 158; on Divine

concerning him, 437; a faithful warn-
worship, ministry, &c. 160.

ing by him, 439; address to friends, 441.
Crook, John, life of, 202; convincement, 211;

Fothergill, Margaret, account of, 375.
operation of the Spirit of Truth in his
heart 212; how he came by his ministry,
215; epistle to those under suffering, 219; 1 Grav tasas acon

219; Gray, Isaac, account of his trial, 245.
do. to Friends in Bedfordshire, 225; do.
for unity, 226; to the children of the Lord,

232; narrative of his trial at the Old Bai- Hall, David, memoir of, 93; appearance in the
ly, 233; glad tidings proclaimed, 246; ac-

ministry, 95; preaches in the streets of
count of John Samm, 248; reasons why

Skipton, 95; visit to Surry, Hampshire, &c.
the Quakers do not frequent the national

97; general epistle to friends, 101; epistle
worship. 250; Address during the plague to York Quarterly meeting, 103; a call to
in London. 253; Truth's progress des those disowned from the Society, 105; epis-
cribed, 257; Epistle to the young convinc. tle to Quarterly and Monthly meetings in
ed, 266; To all who profess the Light of

Great Britain, 107; advice to ministers,
Christ Jesus, 268; Principles of Truth set

parents and children, 117; epistle to friends,
forth, 275; Epistle for unity, 282; Exhor.

119; widows and orphans, 121 ; fruits of
tation to stand fast to the ancient Truth,

early piety, 129; on the duty of attending
286; The design of Christianity, 288;] religious meetings, 132; epistle to Kanares-
Advice to his children, 291.

borough monthly meeting, 146.

Hall, John, some account of 94. 98.
Davies, Richard, Journal of, 1; convincement, 3;

persecuted for using the plain laguage, 5, 6; John, ap John, 29, 30.
first imprisoned, 7; holds a meeting with a Justification and sanctification, 279.
few others, 9; goes to London, 10; marries Jordan, Richard, Journal of, 292; call to the min-
and settles in Wales, 10; remarks on John

istry, 294; objection to keeping slaves, ib.;
Perot's separation, 24. 26; visits England visit to Northern and Eastern States, 295;
and Wales, 25; gets G. Fox discharged concern to visit Europe, 308; sets out from

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