Blackwood's Magazine, Volumen167

W. Blackwood, 1900

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Página 564 - Nam genus et proavos et quae non fecimus ipsi, vix ea nostra voco; sed enim quia rettulit Aiax esse lovis pronepos, nostri quoque sanguinis auctor luppiter est, totidemque gradus distamus ab illo.
Página 413 - One truth the more ought not to make life impossible . . . But the honour - the honour, monsieur! . . . The honour . . . that is real that is! And what life may be worth when...
Página 111 - You are sure you are welcome ; and the more noise you make, the more trouble you give, the more good things you call for, the welcomer you are. No servants will attend you with the alacrity which waiters do, who are incited by the prospect of an immediate reward in proportion as they please.
Página 413 - But the honour — the honour, monsieur ! . . . The honour . . . that is real — that is ! And what life may be worth when ' ... he got on his feet with a ponderous impetuosity, as a startled ox might scramble up from the grass . . . ' when the honour is gone — ah cat par exemple — I can offer no opinion. I can offer no opinion — because — monsieur — I know nothing of it...
Página 805 - And besides, the last word is not said, — probably shall never be said. Are not our lives too short for that full utterance which through all our stammerings is of course our only and abiding intention...
Página 492 - It ought, further, to have been accompanied by some representative council in the metropolis which would have brought the colonies into constant and continuous relations with the home Government. All this, however, was omitted because those who advised that policy — and I believe their convictions were sincere — looked upon the colonies of England, looked even upon our connection with India, as a burden on this country, viewing everything in a financial aspect, and totally passing by those moral...
Página 241 - He was a youngster of the sort you like to see about you; of the sort you like to imagine yourself to have been; of the sort whose appearance claims the fellowship of these illusions you had thought gone out, extinct, cold, and which, as if rekindled at the approach of another flame, give a flutter deep, deep down somewhere, give a flutter of light ... of heat!
Página 673 - The truth seems to be that it is impossible to lay the ghost of a fact. You can face it or shirk it — and I have come across a man or two who could wink at their familiar shades.
Página 682 - strictly speaking, the question is not how to get cured, but how to live.' "He approved with his head, a little sadly as it seemed. 'Ja ! ja I In general, adapting the words of your great poet: That is the question.
Página 412 - One puts up with it. And then the example of others who are no better than yourself, and yet make good countenance. . . .' "His voice ceased. "'That young man — you will observe — had none of these inducements— at least at the moment,

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