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When God created man, He gave him the power o

speaking or talking.– What is speaking or

talking ? Speaking or talking is the using of words or signs, for the

purpose of telling or saying, one to another, what we

think. How many ways of speaking or talking are there? Two; correctly and incorrectly; or, properly and im

properly. How should we speak or talk ?

Properly, or correctly. What do you mean by speaking or talking pro

perly or correctly ? Speaking or talking properly or correctly, is the using

of right words in right places. How may we learn to use right words in their

right places ? By studying GRAMMAR. Why will the study of Grammar enable us to

use right words in their right places ? Because Grammar, contains the rules for putting right

words together, in a proper manner, or in the right places.


What are the rules for putting right words to.

gether, in their right places, sometimes called? The laws of language. If we study the rules or laws of language, which

are contained in Grammar, what shall we be

able to do? We shall be able to use right words in right places, or in

other words, to speak or talk properly. Are there no other ways of using words besides

speaking or talking ? Yes ; words are used in writing and printing. From whence do we get the word “ Grammar?

From the Greek word Gramma, which means a letter. What more

have you now to say concerning Grammar ? That Grammar treats of FOUR THINGS, or is divided into


Name the four things or parts of which Gram

mar treats, or into which it is divided. LETTERS, WORDS, SENTENCES, and EMPHASIS.

(1.–LETTERS.) What are LETTERS ?

Letters are certain sounds uttered by the human voice. Are there many of those sounds which you call

letters ? Yes, there are twenty-six. How can you tell one sound from another?

Each sound has a different name in speaking.

But how can you tell each sound in writing or

printing? Each sound is represented by a certain mark or sign. For what are letters used ?

Letters are used to make or form Words.


What are WORDS?
Words are used as signs or marks of, or for, what we


What have you more to say concerning words ?

Words are placed together to make or form Sentences.


What is a SENTENCE ?
A sentence is two or more words connected together in

order to express an idea. Have you anything more to say concerning

sentences ? Yes; a sentence may be altered in its meaning, according

to the Emphasis.

(4.-EMPHASIS.) What do you mean by EMPHASIS ? Emphasis is a stress of the voice laid upon one or more

words in a sentence. Why is a stress of the voice laid upon one or

more words in a sentence ? To make the meaning of the sentence more plain or easier to be understood.

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