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in April, 1820. Abington and Bridgewater, Ms. Soc. for ed. hea. chil. by Dr. Daniel

Total. Sawin, Treasurer,

817 00 S10 00 Acton, Ms. Charity box kept at the house of Stevens Hayward, Esq. by Mr. C. Byington,

3 58 Andover, Ms. Females in the south parish, for a child in Ceylon to be named JONATHAN FRENCI,

12 00 · North parish. Mrs. Foster, for the mission at Elliot,

1 00 Ashby, Ms. A contribution, by Mr. C. Byington, Monthly concert, by Mr. Jonathan Blood for the school fund,

2 00 S2 50 Ashfield, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Shepard's' congregation, by Mr. C. Byington,

23 95 Mr. Mark Howe,

1 00 Athens, O. Students of Ohio University, by J. B. Miles, remitted by Mr. W. Slocomb, for Choctaw mission,

12 25 Eliza Ann Gilman, for do.

2 50 Mrs. L. Ackley,

50 Baltimore. Franklin St. Mite Society, Mr. Alex. Waters, Treasurer,

for support of a little boy in Mr. Woodward's family, Ceylon, to be named CYRUS KINGSBURY,

12 00 Franklin St. Fem. Mite Society, for a little girl to be educ. in the same family, and named ISABELLA Gnanam,

12 00 14 00 “Zion Hills Mite Soc. for ed. a little boy in Dr. Seudder's family, Cey. lon, to be named GEORGE WASHINGTON,

12 00 Fem. Soc. of the same place, for a little girl to be educ. in the same family, to he called MARTHA WASAINGTON,

12 00 From for educ, a little heathen brother” in Dr. Scudder's family, Ceylon,

12 00 Belpre, 0, Monthly concert, by the Rev. S. P. Robbins, for Choctaw miss. 1 06 Beverly, Ms. A school of females, by Rev. Dr. Worcester,

63 Boothbay, Me. Mon.con. in the congreg. church, by the Rev.J. Weston, 14 45 Charity box kept by Mr. Weston,

2 00 Boston. United monthly concert of Old South, Park Street, and Essex Street churches,

65 23 1,001 96 Cent Soc. by Susan Moore, for the schools at Brainerd and Elliot, 30 00 50 00 Boxborough, Ms. A friend of missions, by Mr. C. Byington, Brimfield, Ms. Collect. at monthly concert, by Mr. J. Hitch oock,

8 00

12 38 A female friend of missions,

2 00 Two female friends, 50 cts. each, Other individuals, 64 65

5 65 Mr. Jacob Hitchcock, an assistant missionary, on setting out for the Ar. kansaw station,

13 42 Brookfield, Ms. (W. parish.) a friend, for the Palestine mission,

5 00 Brookline, Ms. A charity box by Mr.

Sumner Davis, for Sand. Ísl. miss. 7 00 Buckland, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Spaulding's congregation, by Mr. C. Byington,

14 67 Cambridge, N. Y. The Grand Jury of Washington County, by the Rev. N. S. Prime, for the Choctaw mission,

12 75 Cazenovia, N. Y. Charity box of the Rev. J. Brown,

6 10 Champlain, N. Y. Clinton Co. Contributed principally at the monthly concert, by Rev. J. Laboree,

40 00 (of this sum $1% were given by children who attend the monthly con

cert, and are for educating a child to be named JOSEPH CHAMPLAIN.) Mrs. Adah Savage,

5 00 Charlestown, Ms. Sarah C, Kettel, for the translations,

2 00 Females belonging to the first cong. church for three children in Cey.

60 45 243 S5 Columbia, Lancaster Co. Pen. Fem. Mis. Soc. by Catharine S. M. Kissiok, 34 00 59 00 Juvenile Mite Society for the Foreign Mission School,

$ 30 Concord, N. H. Female Associatiou for a child named Asa MCFARLAND,

12 00 108 25 Conway, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Emerson's congregation, by Mr. C. Byington,


17 93 Young Men's Char. Soc. for support of miss. by Joseph Avery, Treas. 15 00 109 15

Female Soc. for promoting Christianity, by Phebe - Howland, Treas. 6 00 71 36 Danby, N. Y. Female Cent Society by Jerusha Parker, Treasurer,

15 00 Mrs. H. Clark,

1 00

71 OD

8 00

15 00

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3 25

Danvers, Ms. (N. parish.) Association for educating heathen children,

Total. by Dr. Osgood, remitted by Rev. Dr. Worcester,

3S 75 191 55 A school of young females,

51 Danville, Pen. Rev. Mr. Montgomery, received as compensation for preaching in a destitute parish,

2 00 Durham, N.Y. Female Charitable Soc. for the mission school at Corn

wall, Con. by Lydia Chapman, Treas. remitted by T. Dwight, Esq. 8 50 359 17 Monthly con. remitted by the Rev. S. Williston to Rev. Dr. Worcester, 6 00 20 80 Avails of a gift of Missionary Herald, by do.

1 20 “An old friend of missions, a further balance due,”

10 00 East Haven, Con. Female Benevolent Society for the Cherokee mission, by T. Dwight, Esq.

7 50 36 50 Easton, Mass. Monthly concert, by the Rev. Lather Sheldon,

34 19 66 68 Essex, Ver. Female Charitable Society, by the Rev. Asaph Morgan, 10 00 49 Os

Female Heathen School Society, by do.
Exeter, N. H. Mrs. Margaret Dean, for WARD CLARK DEAN, 2d paym. 30 00
Ladies for two children in Ceylon, to be named WILLIAM FREDERICK
RowLAND, and Isaac Hund, 1st payment,

24 00
Framingham, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Kellogg's society, by
Mr. C. Byington,

26 42 Franklin County, Ms. Auxiliary Foreign Mission Society, by Jerome Ripley, Esq. Treusurer,

100 00 1,080 00 Greenfield, N.'Y. Young Men's Associa. by Aaron Hikkuk, Treasurer, 12 00 24 OD

Contribution in do.
Groton, Ms. Contrib. in the Rev. Dr. Chaplin's soc. by

Mr. C. Byington,

20 00 Hamden, Con. Heathen Education Society, by Mr. Zadock Allen, Treasurer, 2d payment, by T. Dwight, Esq.

30 00 60 00 Hanover, N. H. Theological Society in Dartmouth College, for FRANCIS Brown, by Charles White, Secretary,

12 00 24 00 Hanover, N. Jer. Mission box, by Mrs. Fairchild, for Sand. Isl. mission, Harpersfield, N. Y. Female Orphan Society for heathen schools at Bom. bay, by Polly Penfield,

30 00 90 00 Henniker, N. H. By Mindwell Smith, collected,

1 00 Holden, Ms. Mon. con. in the Rev. Mr. Avery's society,

40 83 56 10 Hopkinton, Ms. Con. in the Rev. Mr. Howe's society, by Mr. C. Byington, 6 46 Hopkinton, N. Y. St. Lawrence Co. Female Charitable Soc. by the Rev. Hiram S. Johnson.

12 00 Johnstozon, N. Y. Dea. Benj. Hall, by the Rev. Elisha Yale,

12 00 Keene, N. H. Monthly concert of prayer, by the Rev. 2. S. Barstow, for educ. hea. children at Brainerd and Elliot,

10 30 for Sand. Isl. Miss.

6 50--16 80 128 97 Longmeadow, Ms. From Benevolus, for the school fund,

3 00 | Marblehead, Ms. Ladies in the 2d congregational society, for educating

15 33 105 18 Marietta, o. From the following persons, by Mr. William Slocomb,

for Choctaw mission: viz..
Dr. John Cotton, $3; David Putnam, Esq. 4 50,

7 50
A female friend to missions,

4 75 Daphne Squires, $10; Mr. Benjamin P. Putnam, $5,

15 00 Mr. Charles M. Putnam,

2 00 Monthly concert, by the Rev. S. P. Robbins,

40 00 80 57 Female Miss. Society, by Mrs. Slocomb, Treasurer,

17 00 Marlborough, Ver. Female Cent Society, hy Lucy Lyman, Treasurer, 14 00 100 00 Charity box of Mrs. H.C. Newton, for the Cherokee mission,

1 00 Meriden, Con. E. A. W. S. R. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

2 00 Monson, Ms. Collected at monthủy concert, by Mr. Jacob Hitchcock, 6 50

41 90 Collection on the Sabbath, by do.

15 63 New Haven, Con. Female For. Miss. Society by Mrs. Clarina B. Merwin, Treasurer,

31 75 730 86 New-Ipswich, N. H, Miss Elizabeth Winslow,

10 00 New Providence, N. Jer. Female Javenile Society, for educ. heathen Rev. Riggs,

15 00

51 00 New.Providence

, N. Car. Bener Soc. remitted by Mr. Whiting to T. Dwight, Esq.

60 00 220 00 New-York. Society of females, for the aid of foreign and domestic miss. by Miss Leggelt,

141 00 1,625 71 Praying Soc. composed of members of the Rev. Mr. Borck's church, for educ. a child in Ceylon, to be named WISEBORN VOLK,

12 00 John Nitchie, Esq. by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

5 00 Norfolk, Con. A charity box, for educ. heathen children,

1 18 Female Education Society, for heathen children,

9 75 29 80 Northampton, Ms. A few friends of the cause, who meet weekly for

15 00 prayer, by Mr. Enos Clark,

143 52

Total 66 00 621 72

77 47

96 00

156 84

168 S1

9 80

12 (3

12 00

397 30


North-Stonington, Con. Newell' Mission Society, by Hannah T.
Randall, Treasurer, for missions, translations, and school fund,

21 00
North-Yarmouth, Me. For. Miss. Soc. by Mr. William Barrows, Treas. 58 47
Norwich, Con. From "a friend,” for a child in Ceylon to be named
AsaHEL HOOKER, 2d ann. payment,

12 00 Prinsville, 0. Monthly concert, for the Palestine mission,

5 00 Parsons, Ms. Female Association for educating heathen children in India

for a child to be named Jour KIRBY, by Hannah Tappan, Treasurer, 17 00 Pepperell, Ms. Contrib. in the Rev. Mr. Bullard's congreg. by Mr. C. Byington,

15 00 Philadelphia. The Female Juvenile Mite Society, for the education of

three heathen children in Ceylon, to be named ALEXANDER HENRI,

Is AAC ASHMEAD, and DANIEL JAUDON, by Mr. Hugh De Haven, 36 00 Prattsburgh, N. Y. Mr. Joel Tuttle, by Dr. N. Niles,

6 00 A friend of missions, $5; a female friend of missions, $2,

7 00 Purnam, 0. Female Cent Society, by L. Whipple,

13 75 From do. by Mrs. Slocomb,

6 00

-1975 Reading, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Sanborn's society,

17 95 Heathen School Society, for children at the western missions,

SO 05 Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Pearce's society,

11 25 Rochester, Ms. Heathen's Friend Society, by Hope Haskel,

14 00

3 00 Rockingham County. Charitable Society, for I. W. PUTNAM, 4th pay

mout, by J. Burley Hill, Treasurer, North Parish Branch, Portsmouth, for missions,

24 18 for John SALISBURI TAPPAN, - for a child in Ceylon, hereafter to be named,

12 00 Juvenile Branch in the North Parish, Portsmouth,

6 37 Profits of a little garden, by a memb of the Portsmouth Jav. Soc. 2 00—-68 55 Salem, Ms. A young lady, by the Rev. Dr. Wooils,

5 00 A friend of missions, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

5 00 Saratoga, N. Y. From several persons as follows, viz. Mr. Dennison, William Warren, Sl each,

2 00 Mrs. Warren, 25 cts. Miles Beach, Betsey Colden, $1 each, 2 25 Oliver Sheldon, Mrs. Putnam, 50 ets. each,

1 00 B. R. Putnam, H. J. Betts, 50 cts. each. Caroline Yates, $3; Sarah Ketchum, 25 cts. *

3 25 Rev. D. 0. Griswold,

2 77--12 27 Scholurie County, N. Y. A friend of miss. by the Rev. Seth Williston,

1 00
Shepardstown, Vir. Rev. Mr. Mayre,remitted by the Rev. Mr. Montgomery, 2 00
Sout hborough, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Parker's society, 9 07
Stockholm, N. Y. Female Charitable Society by the Rev. H. S. Johnson, 14 00
Stoneham, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Steven's society, by Mr.
C. Byington,

12 50 Donation of the Rev. Mr. Stevens,

5 OU Mrs. Hay,

5 00 The Reading Society,

1 00 A gentleman,

20-23 70 Sloughton, Ms. A friend of missions,

50 00 Stratham, N. H. Mrs. B. Clark, by Rev. Dr. Morse,

2 00 Tewksbury, Ms. Female Charitable Society for the western mission, by the Rev. J. Coggin,

12 00 Topsfield, Ms. Assoc. for educ. hea. children, by Dea. J. Bixby, remitted by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

24 74 Townsend, Ms. Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Palmer's congregation, 19 20 Mr. Samuel Stone, his annuity to missionary Societies,

5 00
Uxbridge, Ms. Miss Judson, for the Ceylon mission,
Warren, O. Fem. Miss. Society by the Rev. Jos. W. Curtis, for miss. to
American Indians,

1 00


36 00

78 S7


20 00 Western, Ms. A friend to foreign miss. by the Rev. Munson C. Gaylord, 3 00 “Western Country,From Mrs. Jordan, remitted by Robert Ralston, Esq. 5 00 Weston, Ms. A lady for Sand. Isl. Miss. 2; for translating Scriptures, S,

4 00 Another lady,

2 00 Weston, Con. Children in a school, for the F. M. school at Cornwall, 2 00 Williamstown, Ms. A few members of W. College, saved by abstaining from sugar,

3 75 Winchester, Con. From Marcia Bandle,

$ 00 Winchester, Vir. Mr. Lewis Hoff, by Mr. N. Whiting,

100 00 Woodbridge, N. Jer. Mr Joseph Barron, by Mr. John Sayre, Society for educating heathen youth, by do.

41 00 Worcester, Ms. Three ladies, friends of missions,

15 00 Mirs. Salisbury,

90 00

101 00

131 00

Zanesville, O. Female Charitable Society, by L. Whipple, Esq.

30 00 Mrs. Patience Lavens, $1; Mr. Henry Stafford, Si, Mr. Jeremiah Dole, S1,

3 00 Places of residence unknown. April 5. From an unknown friend, for the mission to the Sandwich Islands, Do. An unknown friend, for the school fund, 7. A friend of missions, by T. Dwigbt, Esq. 29. A young female friend, by Dr. Worcester,


of donations in Ipril, S2,399 02.

40 00 60 00 1 00


Donations in clothing to the Indian Missions.

A box from Greenfield, Saratoga, N. Y. by Mr. Wood, for Elliot, valued at $20.

A box from Hanover Neck, N. "Jer. by Mrs. Fairchild, containing articles valued at $50, for Elliot.

i box of clothing from ladies in Concord, Mass. for the mission at Elliot.

Abox from Colchester, Con. for the Cherokee mission, by Mary T. Deining, articles val. ved at $115.

A box froin Reading, Mass. for the mission at Brainerd. Eleven pair of hose, and 14 other garments for the mission at Brainerd, from Sturbridge, Mass.

A box of clothing for the Choctaw mission, from Pelbam, N. H. by the Rev. J. H. Church.

The following articles have been presented to the Choctaw mission, by persons residing in the State of Ohio; and were sent forward in a boat which left Marietta in Mareh last, viz.

From persons in Zanesvillo as follows, viz. Rev. Levi Whipple 2 barrels of flour. Rev. James Culbertson, 1 ream letter paper. Rev. Thomas Moore 1 barrel of flour. Mr.N.C. Findlay 1 barrel of flour. Dea. Horace Reed 2 Do. Mr. Edwin Putnam 1 Do. From several ladies various articles of clothing and school books. The estimated value of articles contributed at Zanesville860.

From Athens, various articles of clothing &c. were presented by the following persons, viz. Mr. Barnet Brice, Mrs. Mary Brice, Miss Lucy Curtis, Mrs. Sally Porter, Miss Lucy Perkins, Mrs. Olive Currier, Miss Harriet Bartlett, Mrs. Sarah Foster, Mr. F. Beardsley, Mrs. Sarah Scaman, Miss P. K. Cappen, Mis. Elizabeth Bingham, Mrs. Ilarriet Bingham, Misses Hannah, Amanda, Sophia, and Julia Bingham, Mr. John Hebbard, Mrs. Concurence Gilmore, Mrs. Ann Gilmore, Mr. John Gilmore, Mrs. Lydia L. Perkins, Miss Laura Perkins, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Milly Cappen, Mrs. Mary Jeweli, Mrs. Elizabeth Miles, Mrs. Mary Morris, Mr. Calvary Morris, Mr. Joseph B. Miles, Mr. S. S. Miles, Miss Luis Eastman, Mr. Ziba Lindly and wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Bartlett, Miss Rebecca Bartlett, Mrs. Ann Dana, Mr. Joseph Dana, Miss Mary Dana, Mrs. Hannah Lindley, Mrs. Zippora Perkins, A friend to missions, Master Culberston; Also five small books by four little boys. Value of the whole $95,05.

From Gallipolis, various articles of clothing, dry goods and provisions, from the following persons: viz. Lewis Neasom, Charles Cruzett. Rer. W. R. Gould, Robert Warth, Reuben Reed, Mathew Ferguson, Daniel Coles, John Rawling, Bogardus and Fisk, Charles Damain, Edward Eddy, Solomon Howard, Jacob Kittridge, Luther Shepherd, Calvin Shepherd, Josepi. Graham, Nathaniel Hamlio, Samuel Whittemore, Thomas Rogers, Samuel F. Vinton, Jolin Ashcroft; Young ladies from the Virginia side of the river, articles valued at $3. Amonnt bestowed by the Social Group, or Pemale Society, of Gallipolis, in clothing, 826. Labor bestowed by the ladics of Do. in making up the above mentioned clothing $4.

Amount of donations at Gallipolis, $62,83.

At Belpre, one person gave two barrels of four; another one of dried fruit; another one barrel of cider; another one barrel of wheat; other individuals, 5 articles of clothing: the names not reported.

From Adams, Mr. Benjamin F. Stone, 'onc hálf bushel dried fruit; Mr. Jasper Slone, 1 bushel Do.

From Marietta various articles of provisions, and a few articles of clothing, from the following persons, viz. William R. Putnam, Esq. 10 bushels of wheat, Gen. Rufus Putnam, 20011). of pork, Caleb Emerson, Esq. 4 bushels of wheat, A female friend of missions, Mrs. Susan Cotton, Mr. Joseph Morris, Mrs. Hannah Morris, Miss Betsey Putnam, Mrs. Nancy Fuller, Mrs. Jerusha Putnam, Mrs. - Nye, A friend to missions, James I hitney F.sq. Dudley Woodbridge, Esq. Mr. Sidney Dodge, Capt. Joseph Bosworili, Capt. Christopher Burlingame, Mr. Edwin Burlingame, Mr. Nathaniel Dodge, Mr. Stephen Shepard, Mr. Judson Guitteau, Mr. Robert Crawford, Mr. William Holyoke, Mrs. Betsey Puinam, Col. Ichabod Nye, Mr. Douglas Putnam, Col. A. Stone, Mr. William Slocoml), Messrs. W. D. and J. E. Hall, Dr. Jabez True, Mrs. Gaitteau.

Female Missionary Society of Marietta, and some other individuals, 45 pairs of socks, and stockings, &c.

A box of clothing from Pittsburg, Pen. donors ankpown.


From the Philadelphia Renlembrancer. We have just seen a letter, from the Rev. Thomas Raffles, of Liverpool, (England) addressed

to the Rev. Dr. Ely, of this city, in which the writer states, that Dr. Collyer and himself have engaged to conduct a new Quarterly Publication, to be entitled The Investigator. s'One department of the work,” Mr. R. remarks. "is to be devoted to the literature and religious affairs of America. We have an especial regard to the latter. Our people, on this side the Atlantic, ought to be more generally informed of the great work of God, which you are honored to carry on, on the other and we indulge the hope, that the Investigator may prove an acceptable and authentic channel of communication, and thus become a link in that golden chain of pious and friendly intercourse, which is binding the two coun. tries closer to each other. We shall esteeni ourselves much gratified and indebted by any communication, relative to the progress of religious or literary institutions among you, with which you may be able to furnish us:-and we trust that we may assure ourselves of your kind and friendly disposition towards us. I most sincerely thank you for all your valuable communications, and especially for the interesting work, with which from úme to time you favor me." Mr. Raffles has also transmitted to Dr. Ely, some interesting, late publications, from one of

which we learn that there is in England "A Continental Society," whose object is to propagate the Gospel on the Continent. The Society has several active and enterprising agents who are actually engaged in evangelizing the papists of France and Germany. It seems as if the Man of Sin, the Papal Hierarchy, is shaken by the civil convulsions in France and Spain; but more especially by the plain and repeated preaching of the Gospel by Missionaries, whose very names are, from prudence, concealed from the world. We sball make

some extracts from the Correspondence of the Continental Society. THE COMMITTEE of the CONTINENTAL SOCIETY beg. before they submit the extracts for perusal, to remark, that the communications which they receive from their agents abroad, are very voluminous, and very important. It would afford them pleasure to publish the whole, with the names of the places and persons to which they allude, as they could not fail to excite the most lively interest in the minds of all who are concerned for the spread of the Gospel; who are marking the signs of the times, and hailing the coming of the Son of man, to set up a kingdom that shall never be moved. But the expense of so much printing would be more than the funds of the society could bear; and the objects of the Institution on the continent of Europe would be frustrated, were not the names concealed; therefore some extracts only must suffice as specimens of the whole, and the same method, regarding names and places, must be adopted as in former Bumbers.

The committee beg to call the attention of Christians of every name to the subject of the Continental Society. Relying for support on that spirit of benevolence which so distinguishes the followers of Christ in this country which has already wafted the missionary to the farthest shore, and translated the Scriptures. into every tongue; the directors of the institution have already engaged to support a number of laborers in the Lord's vineyard upon the continent, who travel about from house to house, and from city to city, for the purpose of making known the glad tidings of salvation. In many parts of France, Germany, &c. a most ardent desire is awakened to hear the truth, as the following letters will testify. The people flock, in "trooping multitudes," and welcome the messengers of peace. They cry, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them that preach the Gospel, and bring glad tidings of good things.” The sacred scriptures, scattered through the countries, have served to open the people's eyes to the value of the truth; but while they read, they need some man to teach them, and to explain out of the holy books, the things concerning Christ. Extensive fields of usefulness are pointed out, effectual means of doing good are manifested, the harvest is great, abundant laborers are ready to gather it in; and, nothing is wanting but funds. When the importance of the subject is considered, it is trusted that this appeal will not be made in vain.

Copy of a Letter from N-, Sept. 10, 1819. Before I continue the account of my journey I should tell you that at SMI have laid the foundation of a little auxiliary to the Continental Society. I have only, it is true, yet received two payments, five francs from Mrs. K—, and twenty from a woman of the Ban de la Roche, who has sold one of her two cows

• The Quarterly Theological Review.

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