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Rehoboth, A contribution in the Rev. Otis Thompson's parish,

Female Benevolent Society,
Rev. Otis Thompson, (a dona.)
Rowley, (1 st parish.) A contribution, by J. Jewett, Esq.
Salem, A friend, by the Rev. E. Cornelius,
A member of the Rev. Brown Emerson's society, (July 14, 1819,)
Contribution in the same congregation,
Donation of ladies in do.

Ladies' Female Tabernacle Society, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,
Searsmont, (Me.) Lodividuals, by the Rev. Daniel Lovejoy,
Stoneham, Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. J. H. Stevens, (June 22, 1819,)

Contribution in the Rev. Mr. Steven's society
Weymouth, Female Religious Society, in the north parish,

Reading and Religious Society in the south parish, by the Rev. William Tyler,
Wilmington, Fem. Cent Soe. by the Rev. F. Reynolds,
Worcester, From three sisters,

By annual subscriptions of niembers,

13 S 35 97 16 103 69

12 50

605 10 S3 66 42 14 18 50 00 911 00

$ 1,961 741


Tae following extracts are from a letter inclosing a remittance from a Seminary of Young

Ladies in Charleston, S. C. for the purpose of aiding in the education of heathen children; it being their second semi-annual remittance, and was collected by the payment of monthly

quotas, and the avails of needlework executed by themselves. “The children are desirous that their society should educate and name two heathen children, at Elliot, to be selected from among the Choctaw nation of Indians; viz. a boy and a girl,—the former to be named Nathaniel Russell, and the latter Eliza Beach.

"It gives me satisfaction to state, that the young ladies of the Society take much pleasure, and are truly zealous to accomplish the object in view. Each Friday is regularly devoted to religious instruction in the Seminary; on the afternoon of which day the Society are occupied in executing various kinds of needlework in aid of the general fund. Each member pays six cents and a quarter, or more, per month into the fund. The Society now consists of eighty members. During the time they are engaged in work, Mrs. reads a lecture or some missionary information from the Panoplist, and other religious publications, which seems truly profitable to the children. The Lectures by Mr. Robert May, a missionary, printed at Philadelphia in 1812, have been found useful.

“It is worthy of remark, that though some of the pupils are occasionally absent at other times, from the exercises of the Seminary, there is very seldom an absence on Friday, so much do the young ladies appear to be interested in the work.

“The needlework executed by the Society is frequently engaged before completed. Several of the young ladies, already connected with the Society, a few weeks ago voluntarily resolved to form an auxiliary Society and devote additional time to needlework;~also, to lay aside weekly an extra proportion of their pocket money in aid of the general fund.

"Thus, while children enjoy the advantages of obtaining literary and religious instruction, they may aid in extending the same advantages to the destitute heathens: and, as much of one's conduct in mature years, depends upon the habits of early life, it is certainly wise to accustom children to feel for, and to contribute to, the relief of both the temporal and spiritual wants of their destititute fellow creatures. God is well pleased with the attempts of children to do good; and particularly so when they are seeking the eternal welfare of souls.

“Seminaries of learning might be made doubly useful, hy establishing and encouraging Juvenile Societies in them, for the support of missionary labors, and the education of heathen children. Should it be urged, that children have enough to do to attend to their own studies, and that such a course would interfere with their own improvement, experience has proved the reverse to be the case. Many of the children attached to the above mentioned Society have shown a desire to excel in the study of the sacred Scriptures, and in the execution of needle work; some of whom were not at first desirous of learning; but

f who, on having a piece of work put into their hands to be executed in aid of the heathen, have taken much pains to execute it with neatness.

“It gives me pleasure to state, that the Juvenile Heathen School Society, attached to one of our Sabbath schools, has commenced the work of educating one child also, the particulars of which you will learn from the Superintendant.

"May the exertions of all who are anxious to build the Redeemer's kingdom on earth be crowned with success; and that such encouragement may be given to your Board, which so laudable an institution merits, is the prayer of

Your obedient servant."


The following letter was not long since received by the Treasurer of the A. B.C. F. M. from

a country clergyman.


The inclosed $12, my second specific trifling donation to the A. B. C. F. M. I hasten to transmit to you.

“The late Address of the Prudential Committee, which I trust will have its - designed and desired effect on all to whom it is sent, interests me much; and

moves me at this time, to go beyond what my circumstances seem to allow. How can I withhold, when there is such a call for assistance, in order that the gladdening operations of the Board may be not only not retarded, but greatly increased. There are, within the reach of our charities, many highly important and useful benevolent institutions in successful operation calling for help, and which must receive continued and increasing patronage. But I reciprocate the sentiment, which I have sometime considered a correct one, that the particular cause in which the A. B. C. F. M. are engaged, “in importance, and in claims upon Christian attention, and benevolence, unquestionably is not second to any other."

"It is but a little that I can do efficiently and directly to aid the mighty work of evangelizing the nations. O that I were able to do more. But while I cheerfully bestow what I can of my little income, I hope to be more faithful in my endeavors to persuade others to do according to their ability. I know that money is needed, and must and will be given; for it is all the Lord's, and wholly at his disposal. O it is a blessed privilege to give, to impart liberally, and to say from the heart, with benevolent David, “Now, therefore, our God, we than's thee, and praise thy glorious name. But who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly after this sort for all things come of thee, and OF THINE OWN have we given thee."

“Covetousness and selfishness will not always prevail on earth, and surely not among the disciples of Jesus. People will yet render unto all their dues,-"unto Cæsar the things which are Cæsar's, and unto God the things that are God's.” Pastors and teachers will be able in truth to adopt the language of the apostle to the Corinthians, addressing their flocks with a happy effect. “O ye Corinthians, our mouth is open unto you, our heart is enlarged. Ye are not straitened in us, but ye are straitened in your own bowels. Now for a recompense in the same, (I speak as unto my children,) be ye also enlarged.” And individuals and congregations, with all cheerfulness, will faithfully obey apostolic injunctions and divine requirements, calling them to the exercise of diffusive and efficient benevolence.

Your brother in the cause of Immanuel."

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The following extracts from a letter of a Correspondent deserve a careful attention.
1. The only object of these contributions is to support Foreign Missions.
2. To be paid to a Treasurer, or, in his absence, to a Receiver.

3. The Treasurer keeps a book with every contributor's name, (if returned,) and the sum contributed; and reports at every concert.

4. As often as ten dollars are in the treasury, remittances are made to the Treasurer of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

5. Every person, who is willing and thinks it proper, as it is a public charity, ts requested to return his name with his contribution.

6. The very least, as well as the greatest, contribution will be thankfully accepted: but every person is desired to consider how much it is his duty to contribute to this object monthly, in view of his circumstances, his engagements, his duty to support other objects, the benefits he receives of God, whose steward be is, the perishing condition of the heathen, and the glorious prospect of doing eternal good to thousands.

N. B. If any person cannot attend the concert, he can commit his contribution to a friend.

17Every man, woman and child may consider that one single cent a month will be 12 cents a year-100 such contributions will be $12 a year-100 of 2 cents, $24. a year--100 of 3 cents, $36 a year-100 of 64 cents, $75 a year- 100 of 12 cents, $150 a year.-Who is not able to give 1 cent a month? Who would be the poorer for giving 12} cents a month?

This, Sir, is the plan, proposed by a committee of our church for contributions at the monthly concert, and which was yesterday read to the congregation from the pulpit. The first contribution has exceeded fifteen dollars.

I cannot flatter myself that we shall collect as much every month as we have this; because one has put in $5, to make one dollar a month from the commencement of the year. But I do cherish the hope that we shall send you ten dollars every month.

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from May 21st, to June 20, inclusive. Abbeville, S. C. Rev. Henry Reed, for the mission at Elliot, by the Rev.

Total. Mr. Bascom,

5 00 Abington, Ms. Mr. Samuel Reed, cost saved from an upreasonable prosecution,

3 00 -(2d parish.) Female Benevolent Society, by Sarah Whitman, Treasurer, for the American aborigines,

30 00 50 00 Mr. Thomas Wales,

S 00 -(3d parish.) Fem. Benevolent Society, for the western mission, 3 00 Abington and Bridgewater, Union and Calvinistic Society, of which S12 are for ed. DANIEL THOMAS, 2d payment,

20 00 60 00 Amherst, Ms. (W. parish.) The following persons, by the Rev. Experi. ence Porter; viz. Johu Eastman,

$200 N. Webster, Esq. $1; Mrs. Harriet Cobb, 5; Rev. Dr. Parsons, $2,

8 00 Mrs. S. S. 3; Rev. Daniel A. Clark, 1; Joel Smith, $1; 5 00 S. F. Dickinson, Esq. Chester Hawley, Martin Kellogg, jun.

John Wood, Zechariah Hawley, jun. Nathaniel C. Dickin-
son, Enos Dickinson, Elijah Clark, Sanford Lawton, Tim-
othy Smith, Hervey Smith, John Leland, Esq. Silas Cowl,
Gerard Hallock, Orra White, Frances Strong, Elijah

Boultwood, Josiah Warner, John C. Warren, Sl each, 19 00
Lucius Roultwood, 2; a friend of missions, $i 10,

S 10 Mr. J. E. 3; William Rice, $2,

5 00 Levi Hawley, 26 cts. Eleazar Cowi, 55 cts.

81 William Kellogg, Martin Kellogg, William Cowl, Spencer

Smith, Cyrus P. Grosvenor, Alpheus Osborn, two friends
of missions, Jared White,

4 50 Amanda Smith, 25 cts; two friends o' missions, 25 cts. Anson Russell, 25 cts.

75--48 16 Andover, Ms. (X. Parish.) A friend of missions, an ann. paym. by the Rer. I. W. Putnain,

3 00 A friend, by Mrs. E. Adams,

2 00
Arkport, N. Ý. From Juvenis, for the translations, by C. Hurlbut, Esq. 10 00
Arundel, Me. Fem. Mite Soc. by Lois W. Payson, 'Treas. for GEORGE
Parson, and Silas Moody, 2d payment,

24 00 60 00 Child's Friend Sac. for Evwand WARDEN, 2d payment, by Esther Downing, Sec.

12 00 2% 00


Augusta, Me. Fem. Mite Soc. and Jav. Mite Soo. ($7 50 each,) for

Total. SAMUEL NEWELL at Brainerd, by the Rev. B. Tappan,

15 00 135 00 Back Creek, N. Car. Donation Society, remitted to N. Whiting, by T. Dwight, Esq.

35 00 105 00 Baltimore. Female Mite Society, by Anna Maria Inglis, Treas. to be applied to educating heathen children in India,

250 00 1,550 00 A female friend to missions, to be divided between the Palestine and Sandwich Isl. mission,

10 00 Franklin Street Juv. Male Mite Soc. for a child in Mr. Woodward's family, Ceylon, to be named Adam CLARK,

10 00 22 00 Do. Do. Fem. Mite Soc. for a little girl, to be named CATHARINE Brown, 10 00 24 00 From Ptohos, for the ed. of a little son of the west, at Brainerd, 30 00 Becket, Ms. Individuals in the Congreg. soc. by the Rev. J. L. Mills, 10 79 Female Charitable Society, by Minerva Higley, Treas.

7 26 Bedford, N. H. Subscribers, by Dea. J. French, for educ. heathen chil. 6 50 71 31 Belchertown, Ms. The following persons, by the Rev. E. Porter, viz. E. Phelps, Esq. 1; Capt. Phineas Strong, $1 22,

S2 22
Wright Bridgman, 2; do. for his children, $1,

3 00
Daniel Hannum, Park Holland, Thomas Sabin, jun. $1 each, 3 00
Maj. S. Dwight, Dwight Graves, Capt. George Gilbert, Dea.
Daniel Phelps, 81 each,

4 00 Dr. William Holland, Eliphaz Reed, 50 cts. each,

1 00 Eleven persons, "friends to missions,"

6 66 Herman Hawes, and Mrs. Hawes,

1 50 Caleb Clarke, 3; Charles Dunbar, Si 50,

4 50 George Filer, $1; Abraham Allen, 50 cts.

1 50 Jona. Bardwell, David Fairbanks, Ralph Owen, 50 cts. each, 1 50 Capt. E. Nicbols, $1; Mrs. Nichols, 25 cts.

1 25 Julia Daggett, Martha Dwight, Mary Jones, Julia Ann Stebbins, 25 cents each,

1 00 Henry A. Bridgman, 56 cents; Betsey Cornwall, $1 37, 1 93 A friend of missions, $1; Jona. Smith, 15 cts.

1 45 Tbe Mount Vernon Lodge,

10 00.44 51 Benson, Ver. For. and Domestic Miss. Soc. by Allen Goodrich, Treas. 14 00 43 00 John Kellogg, Esq. for school to W. Indians,

1 00 Berkley, Ms. Monthly conc. for prayer, by the Rev. Thomas Andros, 11 70 15 70

and vicinity. For. Miss. Society, by Asahel Hathaway, Esq. Treas. 12 00 38 00 Barzillai Crane, Esq. by do.

5 00 Bethany, N. C. Benefi. Society for a child in India, to be named JAMES PRINGLE, by R. H, Morrison, Esq.

12 00 Reverly, Ms. Monthly concert, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

7 00 28 35 Iodividuals, by the Rev. D. Oliphant,

4 50 Byston. Children in Miss Perry's School, for Indian children,

1 00 Ladies, for CuaUNCEY A. GOODRICH and CLAUDIUS BUCHANAN, in Ceylon, 2d payment,

24 00 150 00 Do. for a female child, to be named Susan HUNTINGTON,

12 00 A female friend, by Miss Perry, for Joan Brown Frazier, 2d paym, 12 00 United monthly concert, for the mission to Jerusalem,

45 75 1,104 01 A gentleman, for the educ. of two chil. among the Choctaws, $60, and one in Ceylon, $12,

72 00 --for the Chapel at Bombay,

28 00–100 00 A lady, for the Ceylon mission,

1 00 A lady, for the suffering children in Ceylon, by Mr. J. C. Proctor, 1 00 Mr. Josiah Caldwell, for the Cherokee mission, by N. Willis,

3 50 A widow's Mile, for the Palestine mission, by Mr. Homes, Boxford, Ms. The Soc. for ed. heathen children,

18 50 42 61 Bradford, Ms. Sister Circle in the Academy towards the support of two

children in Mr. Spaulding's family in Ceylon, to be named PARKER KIMBALL HASELTI NE and Fanny Baker, by Miss S. Tyler,

19 00 Fem. Assoc. in Bradford Academy, for the Sand. Isl. mission, Brattleborough, Ver. Ladies' Charitable Society, for missionary purposes, by Electa W. Green,

12 00 46 70 Brimfield, Ms. A family school, under the care of Miss S. Vaill,

S 00 Brookfield, Ms. (W. var.) A charity box, kept by Mr. Thomas Thwing, Brookfield, Con. Several ladies, for the F. Mis. Sch. by the Accountant, 68 Brookline, Ms. Mr. Andrew B. Foster, by N. Willis,

2 00 Brooklyn, Con. Newell Society, by Clarissa Williams, Treas.

13 00 62 00 Bucksport, Me. Monthly concert for prayer,

3 00

22 69 Camden, s. C. Ladies' Cent Soc. for a child in the family of the Rev.

Pliny Fisk, to be named Joan MITCHELL ROBERTS, by Mrs. Blanding, SO 00
Canaan, Con. (N. parish.) By the Rev. C. Prentice, as follows; viz.

Mr. Sereno Gillett, Seth Andrews, I each; Rev. Pilkin Cowles, for
W. Indians, $1,


3 00

20 00

2 25

Capt. David White, Mr. John Isham, 50 cts. each,

1 00

To Dea. Anson Lawrence, 50 cts.; Jona. Gillett, Rufus Dupping, 25 cents each,

1 00—.-5 00 Ganandaigua, N. Y. Walter Hubbell, Esq.

10 00 Canton, Ms. A female friend,

2 50 Canton, Con. Ladies' Cent Soc. for the For. M. Sch. by J. Morris, Esq. 9 50 Carlislé, Ms. Monthly concert for prayer, for the mission at Brainerd, 2 45

19 Lieut. Zebulun Spaulding, for mission at Brainerd, $4; for Choctaws, St; unappropriated, Sl;

9 00 Catskill, N. Y. Messrs. 'Sloan and McKinstry, for the educ. of SLOAN McKINSTRY, 4th payment,

30 00 Bombay Soc. for educ. heathen children and youth, by Laura Porter, Treas, remitted by T. Dwight, Esq.

90 00 80 0 Charleston, S. C. Mrs. McElhenny, by the Rev. George Reed,

40 00 Juven. Hea. School Soc. in the Sabbath school of the 1st Presbyterian

church, for a child at Elliot, to be named ANDREW Flins, by the Rev. A. P. Gready,

30 00 Ileathen School Society in a Seminary of young ladies, a semi-ann.

paym. for two children to be educ. at Elliot, and named NATHANIEL Russell, and Eliza Beach,

SO 00 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Clarkson, by the Rev. Dr. Palmer, of which half is for missions among Am. Ind. and half for missions abroad,

100 00 Juvenile Heathen School Society, in Sabbath school No. 1, by H. C. McLeod, Superintendant, *

48 87 178 18 Chester, Ms. The family of William Wade, Esq.

3 00 Chilmark, Ms. Three females, 3; friend of missions, 81,

4 00 Colchester, Con. Juv. Ben.

Soc. for Salmox Cone, by Elizabeth P. Hubbard, 12 00 36 00 Columbia, S.C. Miss R. Eaton, by Mr. Joseph Tyler,

20 00 Concord, Ms. Collect. at mon. prayer meeting, by the Rev. Dr. Ripley, 3 52 Missionary Mile Society,

2 38

99 SS Conway, Ms. Fem. Soc. for promoting Christ. by Phebe Howland, Trea. 20 00 91 54 Coventry, Con. Mr. Jepthae Fitch, for Indian miss. by Mr. C. Booth, 1 00 Danvers, Ms. Village Reading Society,

10 00 56 00 Dedham, Ms. (1st parish.) Maternal Assoc. for educ. a hea, child to be called, Joshua Bates, by Julia Metcalf, Sec.

12 00 A legacy bequeathed by the late Mrs. Fanny Baker, by Mr. Jeremiah Baker,

20 00 Dorchester, Ms. Christian friends, for Joan Codman, in Ceylon, 2d paym. 12 00 94 00 Dorset, Ver. Fem. Cent Society, by Mr. I. Bird,


151 22 Mrs. Jackson, towards educ. a child in Ceylon,

5 00 A little girl, for educ. heathen children,

50 A friend of missions,

50---25 00 Douglas, Ms. Children's Industrious Benevoient Soc. for ed. hea, chil. at Brainerd; by Mr. David Holman,

7 17 A lady, for the same purpose,

50 Dracut and Chelmsford, Ms. Fem. Cent Soc. for the mission to Jerusalem, by Phebe Varnum, Treas.

15 00 116 00 Dunbarton, N. H. Mr. Caleb Mills, for the missions to the East,

10 00 East-Hampton, Ms. The following persons, by the Rev. John Wood

bridge, viz. Dea. Thaddeus Clapp, Isaac Clapp, Ichabod Wright, Ahira Lyman, $1 each,

$4 00 Dea. Solomon Lyman, 50 cts. Marilla Clapp, 53 cts.

1 03 Hezekiah Wright, 21 cts. Levi Clapp, jun. and Levi White, 20 cents each,

61 Wooster Avery, 23 cts. Stephen Wright, 50 ets.

75 Enos Pomroy, Samuel Lyman, 50 cts. each,

1 00 A friend of miss. 25 cts. another do. 19 cts. another do. 19 cts. 47 - 84 East-Hampton, L. Isl. Fem. For. Mis. Soc. a semi-annual payment, by the Rev. Ebenezer Phillips,

20 00 105 00 Enfield, Con. Female Auxiliary Bible Society, by Priscilla Robbins, President, for the Cherokee mission,

44 00 Enosburg, Ver. Monthly concert, by Solomon Williams, Esq.

13 00 Esser, Ms. Female Charitable Society, by the Rev. Mr. Crowell,

5 00

89 08 Exeter, N. H. Two young female members of the Rer. Mr. Rowland's church,

10 00 Fairhaven, Vt, Female Heathen School Society, by Mr. I. R. Barbour, 10 00

* This Society has contributed, during the first year since its formation, S178 18; of which $150 are appropriated to the support of the Changane School in Ceylon, and S28 18 are paid in advance for the education of a child in the mission boarding school, Ceylon, to be called MICHAEL BURNHAM LATIMER, out of respect to the lute lamented Superintendent of the Sabbath School, in which these donations have been given.

97 80

SO 50

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