The Cavaliers of Fortune: Or, British Heroes in Foreign Wars, Volumen500

Routledge, Warnes, Routledge, 1859 - 404 páginas

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Página 302 - Prescott's works, in point of style, rank with the ablest English historians, and paragraphs may be found in which the grace and elegance of Addison are combined with Robertson's cadence and Gibbon's brilliancy."— Athenosum.
Página 304 - Progress of Society from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms. A New Edition, continued to the Peace of Paris, 1856, to which is added a compendious Index compiled expressly for this Edition. The FOURTH VOLUME, from the year 1802 to 1856, is sold separately, price 10s. 6d.; it forms the best handbook of General History for the last half-century that can be had. All the Candidates for the Government Civil Service are examined in " Russell's Modern Europe," as to their knowledge of General History.
Página 304 - The Third Edition. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty Engravings, from scarce Prints and other authentic sources. Among which will be found the following interesting subjects: — The SOUTH SEA BUBBLE, The TDLIPOMANIA, RELICS, MODERN PROPHECIES, DUELS and ORDEALS, LOVE OF THE MARVELLOUS, The 0.
Página 303 - A History of British India, from the Earliest Period of English Intercourse to the Present Time. By CHARLES MACFARLANE. With Additions to the Year 1858 by a late Editor of the Delhi Gazette. Illustrated with numerous Engravings. Post Svo., price 55., cloth gilt. HISTORY—mntintud. Froissarfs Chronicles of England, France, and Spain, &c. New Edition, from the text of Colonel JOHNES. With Notes...
Página 303 - Special Correspondent." Being a Revised Edition of "The War," with additions and corrections. Illustrated -with Plans of the Battles, Woodcuts, and Steel Portrait of Author.
Página 303 - Sebastopol, and the virtual conclusion of the war, I have had but one short interval of repose. My sincere desire has been, and is, to tell the truth, as far as I know it, respecting all I have witnessed. Many incidents in the war, from various hands (many of them now cold for ever), I have availed myself of; but the matter of the work is cbiefl} composed of the iacts and materials accumulated in my letters.
Página 304 - These volumes will captivate the attention of readers who, according to their various tempers, feel either inclined to laugh at or sigh over the follies of mankind.
Página 280 - He threatened to spit" men, and to roast them: and he killed some in cold blood, or rather in hot blood; for he was then drunk, when he ordered one to be hanged, because he would not tell where his father was, for whom he was in search.
Página 10 - I reckon near eight hundred are employed upon the road to Pondicherry, laden with sugar, pepper, and other goods ; and as for the Coulis, they are all employed for the same purpose, from the first day we came here. " I am taking my measures from this day to set fire to the Black-town, and to blow up the powder-mills. " You will never imagine that fifty French deserters, and...
Página 277 - A sword had rested on the land — it did not pass away ; Long had they watched and waited, but there dawned no brighter day; And many had gone back from them who owned the truth of old, Because of much iniquity their love was waxen cold ! — There came a worn and weary man to Cameron's place of rest, He cast him down upon the sod, he smote upon his breast ; He wept, as only strong men weep, when weep they must or die, And, " Oh ! to be wi' thee, Eitchie ! " was still his bitter cry ! "My brother!

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