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Personal property, of taxation of,

Petroleum, kerosene, etc., inspector of, vacancy in office of, how to be filled,
Portsmouth, town of, authority to excavate highway in, for introducing water
into Newport,

Portsmouth, Fall River Iron Works Company authorized to construct wharf

near Bristol Ferry in,

President of the United States and cabinet, invitation to visit this state,
Prison, state, see State Prison.

Providence, city of, sewer taxes not to be collected, and may be refunded, in

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pletion of, and for transfer of library, documents, etc.,
Providence County court house, John H. Stiness elected commissioner to build,
Providence, harbor line in Seekonk River established,

Providence High School Building, purchase of, for State Normal School,
Providence Mutual Steam-Boiler Insurance Company, name of the American
Mutual Fire and Steam-Boiler Insurance Company, changed to,

Providence Police Association, charter amended,

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Providence Stove Knob Company, charter of,

Reform School, in city of Providence, Trustees may permit inmates to live at

home, etc.,

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Restaurants, hotels, etc., penalty for fraudulently evading payment for food,

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Sayles, Willard, elected attorney general,

Seekonk River, Providence, harbor line in, established,

Senators, in the general assembly, list of,

Sewer taxes in city of Providence, not to be collected, and to be refunded in

certain cases,

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Passed May 31,




It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. The first and second sections of said

chapter 582 of the Public Laws, are hereby amended,
so that said act shall apply to Easton's Pond, in New-
port and Middletown, and to the lands adjoining and
adjacent to said pond, in addition to the property and

Grants to Geo.
H. Norman, et

ing Newport

premises to which it already relates, and so that said first and second sections shall read as follows:

"SECTION 1. George H. Norman, of said Newport, als., for supply- his heirs and assigns, are hereby authorized, for the with pure water. purpose of supplying said city and the inhabitants thereof with pure water, as hereinafter provided, to take and convey into and throughout the city of Newport, the waters of those two certain streams or brooks which unite at Lawton's Valley, in the town of Portsmouth, and of Easton's Pond, in Newport and Middletown, and to acquire, as hereinafter indicated, and to hold the said waters, the water rights therewith connected, so far as may be necessary for the purposes hereof, and any real estate hereinafter designated requisite for the raising or enlarging the capacity of said pond by flowing with water or otherwise, using for such purpose the adjoining and adjacent lands, and for the location, establishment, erection, building and maintaining of dams and reservoirs, to collect, retain and store said waters, and of water works for pumping and transporting the same; and are further author. ized to enter upon and excavate the highway in Portsmouth and Middletown, known as the Main Road, from said valley and streams, to the north line of the city of Newport, for the purpose of laying water pipes beneath the surface of said road, and for the purpose of repair. ing such pipes thereafter; but said highway shall always be restored immediately after such excavating to as good order as it was in just before the excavating was commenced, and during the laying down of said pipes said highway shall be kept passable at all times for the public; and are further authorized to raise the highway called Bliss road, where it crosses the brook running into said pond, at the north end thereof, and to enlarge the bridge over said brook, in said highway. provided every change in said last named highway and bridge shall be made under the direction of the town council of Middletown.

Of condemning lands, water or water rights.

SEC. 2. If any owner of lands, water, or water rights, or others having rights, required to carry out the objects of this act shall refuse to sell the same to said Norman, his heirs and assigns, or if any such owners shall not

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