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send for persons and papers, and to examine witnesses under oath; said inquiries to embrace the entire time the said clerk has been in office.

No. 15.

No. 16.

RESOLUTION to appoint a Committee to transfer seals, books and papers and other property of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Washington.

Resolved, (the senate concurring herein) That J. Alonzo Babcock, of Westerly, be and he is hereby appointed a committee to transfer the seals, books and papers and other property of the court of common pleas of the county of Washington, from Benjamin W. Case, former clerk of said court, to Charles H. Aldrich, newly elected clerk of said court, said Babcock tak ing and giving receipts therefor.

RESOLUTION for the transfer of books and papers from the out-going to the in-coming Clerk of the Justice Court of Pawtucket.

Resolved, That Pardon E. Tillinghast be a committee to transfer the books and papers from the clerk of the justice court of Pawtucket, to the clerk elect of said court, and to take and pass all necessary receipts therefor.

No. 17.

RESOLUTION on petition of Hannah Lathrop and Thomas Lewis, members of the Narragansett Tribe of Indians, for dividing the Indian land of Daniel Lewis, and for leave to sell the real estate vested in them.

Resolved, That the prayer of said petition be, and the same is hereby granted, and the commissioner of the Indian tribe is hereby directed to cause partition to be made of the real estate of which Daniel Lewis, late of Charlestown, a member of the Indian tribe, was seized at the time of his death, so as to vest in said

Hannah Lathrop and Thomas Lewis, children of said Daniel Lewis, their respective shares or interest in said estate; and the said Hannah Lathrop and Thomas Lewis are hereby authorized to sell all or any part of the estate so vested in them, subject to the approval of the Indian commissioner; provided, any party interested in the making of said partition may appeal therefrom to the general assembly at the session thereof next to be holden thereafter.

RESOLUTION making an additional appropriation for No. 18. deaf semi-mutes.

Resolved, That a further sum of three hundred dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated, under the provisions of resolution No. 28, passed at the January session, 1877, "authorizing the appointment of certain deaf semi-mutes as state beneficiaries."

RESOLUTION for the purchase of an appendix to Clapp's No. 19.
Index to the opinions of the Supreme Court of this

Resolved, That the sum of one hundred dollars is hereby appropriated for the purchase of two hundred copies of an appendix to William H. Clapp's index to the decisions and opinions of the supreme court of this state, and that the state auditor is directed to draw his order on the general treasurer for said sum in favor of N. Bangs Williams, the publisher of said index and appendix, upon the certificate of the secretary of state of the delivery to him of said two hundred copies of said appendix, bound up with the copies of said index purchased by the state. Provided, that the secretary of state shall not give such certificate until he is satis fied that said appendix contains an index to all decisions of the supreme court of this state, published since the tenth volume of the Rhode Island Reports, and unless said appendix conforms in arrangement and typography with the said index to the reports.


No. 20.

RESOLUTION to provide for printing and distributing copies of a part of Chapter 633 of the Public Laws, passed at the January Session, A. D. 1877.

Resolved, That the secretary of state be and he is hereby authorized and directed to have printed five thousand copies of such sections, or part of sections of chapter 633 of the Public Laws as relates to the time, place and form of registering and payment of the registry tax for the present year. Such copies to be printed in poster form, and sent to the town and city clerks in proportion to the number of voters in each town and city in the state. Said town and city clerks shall cause the same to be posted in suitable public places in their respective towns and wards as soon as may be. The state auditor is hereby directed to draw his order on the general treasurer for all bills for printing and posting, when the same are certified as correct by the secretary of state. The amount of all bills so paid shall not exceed the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars.

REPORT of the Harbor Commissioners upon a harbor line in a portion of the Seekonk River, in the city of Providence.


PROVIDENCE, May 31, 1877.

To His Excellency the Governor and the Honorable the
Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence

The undersigned respectfully report that in accordance with chapter 556 of the Public Laws, passed April 20, 1876, they, acting as harbor commissioners, have marked out and platted the following line, which they deem suitable to be established as a harbor line; to wit: Beginning at a point on the northerly boundary line of India street, in the city of Providence, 413.42 feet easterly of the northeast corner of Gano and India

streets, and running northerly, in a direction to enclose an angle of sixty-nine degrees, forty-seven minutes, twenty seconds, between said line, on the westerly side thereof, and the northerly line of India street, a distance of about 929.47 feet to a point in line with the southerly side of Bower street, extended. Said point being 182.60 feet easterly from the southeast corner of Gano and Bower streets. All as shown upon a plat of harbor lines in Seekonk river, designed May 31, 1877, by the harbor commissioners, and on file in their office. Having given notice of a time and place for hearing all persons interested in said harbor line, by publishing the same in the Providence Journal, thirty days previous thereto, a hearing was held and parties interested in the shore property for nearly the whole distance affected by this line, appeared and favored the line as now submitted for approval.

The harbor commissioners therefore recommend that the aforesaid line be confirmed and established as a harbor line.




Board of

Harbor Commissioners.

RESOLUTION approving the Harbor Line in Seekonk No. 21. River, in the city of Providence, pursuant to the foregoing report.

[In Senate, passed June 1, 1877.]

Resolved, That the harbor line as marked and platted by the harbor commissioners, as appears by their report made this day, is hereby approved.

[Approved by the Governor.]

RESOLUTION granting the use of Battle-Flags.

Resolved, That the governor be, and he hereby is authorized to loan the battle flags of Rhode Island, now in the state house in Providence, to the department commander of the Grand Army of the Republic in this

No. 22.

No. 23.

No. 24.

No. 25.

No. 26.

state, for use on the occasion of the meeting of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, and other army and veteran associations in this state, in June, 1877; said flags to be returned to the secretary of state immediately after such use.

RESOLUTION upon the petition of William A. Martin, praying for reasons therein stated, to be restored to his privileges.

Voted and Resolved, That the prayer of said petition be, and the same is, hereby granted; and that the said William A. Martin is hereby restored to the right of voting, if otherwise qualified, and shall hereafter be entitled to have and enjoy the same in like manner as if he had never been deprived thereof.

RESOLUTION upon the petition of Frederick H. Angell, praying for a pardon and release from imprisonment in the State Prison.

[Passed June 1, 1877.]

Voted and Resolved, That the senate do hereby advise and consent to the granting of the prayer of the petition of the said Frederick H. Angell, as recommended by his excellency the governor, and that the warden of the state prison be directed forthwith to release said Frederick H. Angell from his said imprisonment.

RESOLUTIONS authorizing disabled Rhode Island soldiers and citizens to peddle without cost for license.

Resolved, That the general treasurer be and he is hereby directed to issue to the following disabled soldiers:

Patrick Bresnahan,
Thomas Byron,

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