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dence, (to fill vacancy caused by death of Thomas P. Shepard, M. D.)

Judge Advocate General.-Adoniram J. Cushing, of Providence, (to fill vacancy caused by death of John Turner.)

The following candidates for state scholarships in Brown University, were nominated :

William S. Chase, Providence.
Joseph H. Mulloy, Providence.
Charles C. Mumford, Providence.
Warren A. Mathewson, Smithfield.

(For notaries public and justices of the peace, elected this day, see pages 64 et seq.)

IN SENATE, May 31, 1877. .

The governor announced the following executive appointments :

Commissioner of the Indian Tribe.-Samuel H. Cross, of Westerly

Commissioner of the Indian School.Gordon H. • Hoxsie, of Charlestown.

Commissioner of Pilots.—Capt. Samuel Lev, of Newport, for three years.

Inspector of the Martford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad.--William Elsbree, of Cranston.

Scaler of Weights, Measures and Balances.—John H. Appleton, of Providence.

State Assayer of Liquors.Henry W. Vaughan, of Providence.

Cmmissioner for Pawtucket River.—Charles E. Chickering, of Pawtucket.

Board of Female Visitors to Institutions where women are Imprisoned :

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Chace, of Lincoln.
Mrs. Eliza C. Weeden, of Westerly.
Mrs. Abby D. Weaver, of Newport.

Mrs. Harriet A. Cook, of Burrillville.

Mrs. Emily A. Hall, Mrs. Sarah E. H. Doyle and Mrs. Anna E. Aidrich, all of Providence.

Board of Cattle Commissioners.
Edwin M. Snow, M. D., Providence.
Edwin Darling, Pawtucket.
Jonathan Brayton, Warwick.
Nathaniel C. Peckham, South Kingstown.
Joseph Osborn, Tiverton.
Samuel W. Church, Bristol.

The governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, made the following appointments :

Board of State Charities and Corrections. Stephen R. Weeden, of Providence, for three years ; Alfred B. Chadsey, of North Kingstown, for six years; Allen C. Mathewson, of Barrington, for six years.

Harbor Commissioner.-Jedediab Williams, of Providence, for three years.



Charles P. Adams,
J. M. Addeman,
John Aigan,
Edwin Aldrich,
William D. Aldrich,
C. Henry Alexander,
Alfred Allen,
Frank G. Allen,
Henry W. Allen,
Edward C. Ames,
Samuel Ames,
Albert L. Andrews,
John Angell,
Louis L. Angell,
Rufus J. Angell,

Charles F. Anthony,
Charles C. Armstrong,
Frank S. Arnold,
Lyman Arnold,
Stephen C. Arpold,
William G. Arnold,
Edward C. Ashley,
George A. Atwood,
Ira Č. W. Aylsworth,
Harmon S. Babcock,
William H. Bailey,
William M. Bailey, Jr.,
William H. Baker,
Charles E. Ballou,
Charles F. Ballou,

Daniel R. Ballou, Henry G. Ballou, Henry L. Ballou, G. Walter Barnefield, Thomas P. Barnefield, Walter H. Barney, Edwin Barrows, George B. Barrows, Charles H. Bartlett, Edward D. Bassett, Henry Bassett, Thomas S. Battey, Albert D. Bean, Stephen Gano Benedict, E. Sylvester Binford, William Bipney, James W. Blackwood, Samuel L. Blaisdell, Charles Blake, Ellis L. Blake, George N. Bliss, William H. Bliss, Benjanin J. Bliven, Samuel C. Blodget, W. W. Blodgett, John H. Bongartz, Bailey E. Borden, E. F. Bradford, Charles Bradley Charles R. Brayton, Jobn M. Brennan, Frederick A. Brigham, Benjamin F. Brown, Charles Henry Brown, George H. Browne, George T. Brown, James W. Brown, Charles R. Bucklin, James W. Bullock, Thomas Burgess, George H. Burnham, Duncan Campbell,

Roger F. Capwell, Albert P. Carpenter, Ansel Carpenter, George M. Carpenter, Jr., William A. Carpenter, John W. Case, Oliver Chaffee, Irving Champlin, William C., Chase, Joseph A. Chedel, Nelson E. Church, William H. Clapp, Horace Clarke, Langford P. Clarke, Walter L. Clarke, William Coggeshall, James C. Collins, Francis Colwell, Edmund L. Cook, Edward Cooke, Emory Cook, James E. Cook, Lorin M. Cook, Samuel P. Cook, Stephen A. Cooke, Jr., Daniel J. Cordery, William H. Corey, George J. Cory, James M. Cosgrove, Walter H. Crowninshield, Andrew J. Currier, Adoniram J. Cushing, David L. Daboll, Edwin Darling, Oliver P. Davis, Arthur W. Dennis, A. B. Dike, James R. Dorrance, Samuel T. Douglas, William W. Douglas, William C. Downs, Thomas A. Doyle,


Henry J. Dubois, William Duffy, William W. Eddy, John W. Elsey, Joseph C. Ely, George A. Emerson, Carl W. Ernst, Stephen Essex, Samuel W. Farnum, Preston M. Farrington, 0. E. FitzGerald, John B. Fitzpatrick, George Fuller, Osmond T. Fuller, John A. Gardner, Fred W. Gilmore, E. K. Glezen, Fred N. Goff, Isaac L. Goff, James C. Goff, John E. Goldsworthy, (smond C. Goodell, James B. Gooding, William H. Gooding, Charles E. Gorman, Arnold Green, A. Crawford Greene, Oliver E. Greene, Welcome A. Greene, William H. Greene, John H. Gregory, John P. Gregory, Christopher A. IIall, George W. Hall, William H. Hall, William B. W. Hallett, B. B. Hammond, H. A. Harrington, Samuel A. Haswell, Charles C. Havens, William D. S. Havens, Philip 0. Hawkins,

Henry W. Hayes,
Wingate Hayes,
Charles L. Hazard,
John Healey,
Samuel Hedly,
Thomas W. Hedly,
William H. Herrick,
James C. Hidden,
William Hill,
William H. Hodges,
Edwin R. Holden,
William F. Holland,
Henry A. Horton,
Horace F. Horton,
Sylvanus D. Horton,
James I. Hotchkiss,
Lester Howard,
Albert Hubbard,
Daniel A. Hunt,
Oliver A. Inman,
Frank A. Irons,
Elias M. Jenckes,
Alonzo L. Jenks,
Ethan A. Jenks,
Frank Jenks,
Edwin Jerauld,
Edmund T. Jillsun,
Francello G. Jillson,
Allen T. Johnson,
Joseph G. Johnson,
Ralph Jolley,
Gilman E. Jopp,
David S. Kenyon,
Peter Kiernan,
Andrew A. Kimball,
Bradford F. Knapp,
Walter P. Knickerbocker,
Charles L. Knight,
Henry C. Knight,
B. N. Lapham,
Cyrus E. Lapham,
Oscar Lapham,

Simon S. Lapham, Joseph A. Latham, George Lawless, Royal Lee, Frank Leonard, J. Erastus Lester, Eugene H. Lincoln, Freeman P. Little, Eben N. Littlefield, Nathan W. Littlefield, John F. Lonsdale, John S, Lynch, James G. Markland, Henry Marsh, Jr., George E. Martin, Horace Martin, John G. Massie, Arnold P. Mathewson, Rollin Mathewson, Bernard McGuinness, H. A. McKenney, Walker A. Medbury, Josephus R. Merriam, Edwin Metcalf, George Metcalf, Jr., Augustus S. Miller, Frederick Miller, Joseph A. Miller, Jr., Thomas A. Millett, Francis W. Miner, Charles P. Moies, Abel C. Monroe, David Moore, Jr., James Moran, Revilo F. Morton, William P. Morton, Edmund T. Moulton, Wilson P. Moulton, Varquis D. L. Mowry, Spencer Mowry, Patrick H. Mulholland, George A. Mumford,

Thomas Murphy, Sparrow H. Nickerson, Samuel A. Nightingale, John L. Noyes, Joseph O'Connor, Francis L. O'Reilly, Josiah H. Ormsbee, Franklin P. Owen, Charles H. Page, Simon S. Page, George T. Paine, Joseph H. Paine, John Palmer, C. F. Parkhurst, Charles H. Parkhurst, Alonzo Passmore, Andrew J. Patt, Andrew B. Patton, Arthur D Payne, Allen M. Peck, Samuel W. Peckham, John C. Pegram, Warren R. Perce, Joseph H. Perkins, Marsden J. Perry, George W. Phillips, William A. Phillips, Horace M. Pierce, Isaac W. D. Pike, Andrew J. Pitcher, John T. Pitman, Joseph S. Pitman, Raymon G. Place, Cornelius C. Plummer, Charles H. Plummer, D. B. Potter, Walter L. Potter, William K. Potter, Charles T. Pratt, John C. Purkis. Charles H. Randall, John R. Randolph,

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