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From the 15th of July, 1875, to the 15th of July, 1876,

we issued licenses...


the fees amounting to....

. $116,600.00

From the 15th of July, 1876, to the 16th of July, 1877,

there were issued licenses.


and collected in fees....


From the 16th of July, 1877, to January 10th, 1878,

[blocks in formation]

By this showing it will be observed that the number of licensees in this city has steadily decreased and we are prepared to show that the number now engaged in the sale of liquors is less by one-half than was the number in the year previous to July, 1875. The entire issue of licenses for the year terminating with July 16th next, will probably not exceed 430, the fees for the same amounting to about $100,000,00.

It must be admitted that the material interests of the State and the city of Providence, have not suffered by the license law, the fees amounting to so large a sum, helping to lift the financial load they are now carrying.

The number of arrests in this city for drunkenenss and revelling, from July 1st, 1874 to July 1st, 1875, was 5,561.

From July 1st, 1876, to July 1st, 1877, the number of arrests for the same offences was 4,242, decrease in number of arrests, 1,319.

Different people will draw different conclusions from these figures. We believe, they will receive the approval of those who think that means should be judged by the results they produce.


The representatives of these establishments, which were numerous in this city previous to July, 1875, have declined the business. But one or two, supported by the sale of liquors, now exist here.


No license is granted to the keepers of these houses.


No license is placed in Saloons employing waiter girls, "so called.” But two Saloons of this character now remain in this city. Their license, soon to expire, will not be renewed.


We impress upon Licensees the importance of refraining from business on Sunday.

The fact of their being licensed, places them under bonds for behavior that shall be the least offensive, and for this, if for no other reason, an abandonment of Sunday business seems demanded.

In our last report to the Legislature we suggested the propriety of so amending the act, that authority should be vested in the officers to arrest without warrant any one detected in making sales of liquor on Sunday; we now renew the suggestion.


The law is being administered to the discomfiture of its violators, to nearly all of whom it has and will continue to prove unremunerative. It is the aim of the Commissioners that any one arraigned for a violation of the Liquor Law, shall be speedily convicted and sentenced, and to this end all necessary appliances are directed.


Our cases appealed to a higher court are now reached and tried promptly.

As the treatment of appealed criminal cases by the courts, has been publicly alluded too recently, it may be not inopportune for us to state, that during our three years connection with the business, not a settlement of a case in which we were interested has been made, when any concession of importance from the penalty fixed by law was demanded.


In closing, we desire to make honorable mention of the Police of the city of Providence, to whom we are largely indebted for the results of our business.

We have only words of commendation for them all, from the Chief to the humblest.


The names of Licensees, alphabetically arranged under their respective classes, with their locations, is subjoined and is made a part of this report.

Respectfully submitted,




License Commissioners, in and for the City of Providence, State of

Rhode Island.

PROVIDENCE, January 12th, 1878.



Armstrong, John Blanding, William B.

[blocks in formation]


.... 184 Canal street.

.54 and 58 Weybosset street. .56 to 66 South Main street. ...108 Pine street.


143 and 144 Canal street.

158 Eddy street and 90 Dorrance street.

....135 Canal street.

14 Custom House street.

...177 North Main street.

....58 Orange street.

..44, 45 and 46 Exchange Place.

12, 14 and 16 Wickenden street. .125 Pine street, cor. of Potter street. .112 Pine street.

.151 and 153 Canal street.

...315 Fountain street.

166 North Main street.

....Cor. of Cedar and Barney streets. Nortwest Cor. of Pine and Peck streets.

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Paige, F. A. & Co....

Proctor, Walter R....

.9 South Main street.

...1077 High street.

Palmer & Madigan.........45 Hay street, cor. of Friendship street.

[blocks in formation]

Ainscough, Henry.
Atkinson, Thomas.
Baxter, Edward F.
Bamford, John....
Brown, Nelson...
Brennan, James.
Brannegan, Peter J.
Bannon, Patrick....
Bowen, William H...
Browne, Nicholas W.
Butler, Thomas W...
Brady, Charles.....
Burnham, George L..
Bywater, William J...
Brown, Elisha M. & Co..
Brown, Sularvan R. & Co..
Bradley, John...
Booth, Richard...
Burns, John.....

Brady, Philip..

Burns, Charles..

.8 Weybosset street. .239 South Main street.

..163 Broad street.

..over 13 Canal street.

..over 16 Canal street.

..10 A street.

Lippitt street.

.301 Broadway cor. of Valley street. 81 Weybosset street.

.21 Martin street.

919 High street. ...23 Darling street. ....102 High street. 161 Thurber's Avenue. ....169 High street.

Cor. of Governor and Bower street.

....88 Weybosset street. ....59 Eddy street.

.477 High street.

80 and 84 North Main street.

.106 Richmond street. 11 and 13 Union street.

....261 Eddy street. .153 Richmond street. .309 Westminster street.

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