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Report of the Physician of the State Prison.

To the Board of State Charities and Corrections:

The undersigned, Physician of the Rhode Island State Prison, presents the following annual report:

As in former years, the inmates of the Prison have enjoyed a fair degree of health. Few cases of acute disease have occurred; and these have been, mostly, of a mild type. The only cases of grave acute disease, were two, of typhoid fever, and two, of pneumonia. Chronic disease, in its various forms, has, as usual, required the chief attention of the attending physician. Chief among these may be mentioned, venereal disease, consumption, scrofula, and dyspepsia. These diseases prevail with especial frequency among the criminal classes; and the inmates of the Rhode Island State Prison are no exception to the rule. The sick have been kindly and faithfully treated, and have received such extra diet as circumstances would allow.

There have been four deaths of "State prisoners" during the year. These cases were all manifestly incurable when first placed under treatment:

Cæsar Pacini hanged himself in his cell, on February 13, 1877.
Henry Thomas died of consumption, April 16.

Elisha Peck died of uremia, the result of chronic disease, June 1. Luther Holmes died of enteric fever, complicated with tuberculosis, August 26.

There have been eight hundred and ninety-three applications for medical and surgical treatment during the year.

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The following is a list of diseases treated during the year, with the corresponding number of applications:

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Agent of State Charities and Corrections.


PROVIDENCE, January 1, 1878.

To the Board of State Charities and Corrections:

GENTLEMEN: The undersigned, in accordance with the regulations of the Board, submits the annual report of his department, for 1877:

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The sum of $17,605.63, ($1,845.95 more than in 1876,) has been collected from the towns, etc., for the board, care, and medical attendance of the insane, as follows:




.. 621 87

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850 15

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. 663 77


116 23

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The amount now due for the quarter, ending December 31, 1877, is $4,908.75. In addition to this, the sum of $235.85 is due from one of the towns, the payment of which has been delayed on account of a question, recently decided, regarding the settlement of a person, whose bill for board, etc., amounts to $106.74.

Of the 209 inmates of the Asylum, January 1, 1878, the board of 119 is paid as follows:

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Ninety are supported by the State, the same as last year.

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Remaining January 1, 1878

.109.. 72.. 35.. 33..249
61.. 66..

The numbers received from the cities, towns, etc., were as follows:

From Providence.

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Workhouse and House

of Correction....... 9


The nine received from the Workhouse and House of Correction were committed from the following places:



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The sum of $68.09 was collected during the year for the board of sundry inmates.

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