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tember 5th, between Smith and Orms street, Providence, lying within a few feet of the track. He was probably killed on the evening of the 4th, or early in the morning of the 5th. From an examination of the body, his death was undoubtedly caused by a train, although other suspicions were had. Trains of the Boston and Providence, and Providence and Worcester Railroad Company pass over this place, but I could not find any one on either train that knew anything relating to it.

FREDDIE BOWKER, a lad about seven years of age, was injured September 17th, near Atwell's Avenue, Providence, in attempting to leave a car of the Union Railroad Company. I did not have a formal investigation of this cause, because I saw the father of the boy and learned from him that the boy was seated in the car, and without notifying either the conductor or the driver, he jumped from his seat, ran on to the forward platform., and jumped off, retaining hold with his hand. He fell under one of the forward wheels, and the car was so promptly stopped that his leg was found still under the wheel. Learning these facts from his father, I did not deem a formal investigation necessary.

MARY WELCh was killed September 25th, at Valley Falls, by a train of the Providence and Worcester Railroad Company, while standing upon the track. This, again, was the hourly train coming towards Providence, and the accident occurred about two minutes after leaving the station. When the engineer first saw her, she stood

, between the rails of that track, facing him, and about two hundred and fifty feet off. He immediately blew the alarm whistle, and continued doing so. She was looking at him all the time, and he, finding she did not move, blowed for brakes, and reversed the engine. When the train neared her, she kneeled down, and clasped her hands, as if in prayer.

Her mother testified that she was eleven and a half years of age, that she had the scarlet fever when about three years and her mind at times had been affected, and that there was no doubt in her mind that she did not realize what she was doing at the time of the accident.

THOMAS OSBORN was injured October 24th, at Warren, by a train of the Fall River, Warren and Providence Railroad Company, while lying side of the track. This accident happened about 9.25 A. M., near the station. When first seen by the engineer he could not satisfy himself what the object was, but as soon as he saw it was a man, he blew the whistle, and rang the bell. The steam was shut off, and had

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been for a minute or so, as they were nearing the station, and were to stop. The man did not pay any attention to the signals, but remained there, and the train was stopped as soon as possible. The engine passed him without hitting him, but one of the steps of a car inflicted quite a serious injury. After the accident he could not explain how he got hurt, or how, or when he came to Warren. From other testimony, from persons who saw him before the accident, I do not think. there is any doubt but what he was partially deranged.

MRS. ANN WORTH, injured October 28th, on Orms street, Providence, in attempting to get off a car of the Union Railroad Company. This was Sunday night, nearly eleven o'clock. She got into the car at Market Square, and did not say anything to the conductor about stopping. When she saw that the car had passed the place where she intended to stop, she left her seat and motioned to the conductor to stop. The car was stopped perfectly still. Her testimony was that the car started again before she was on the ground, while the testimony of the conductor was that she got off while the car was stopping and before it had stopped.

November 8th, a brakeman in the employ of the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad Company was injured, near Pontiac, but upon finding it a very slight injury, did not deem a formal investigation necessary.

PATRICK MAHONEY was injured November 10th, on Market Square, Providence, by a car of the Union Railroad Company, he being in a wagon and attempting to drive across the track. His own testimony was that he had crossed the track into a place that was very narrow between the track and the curbing, so narrow that his forward wheel was up against the curbing, and his horse on the sidewalk. He saw the car coming, and "while I was trying to get out of the way, I went a little mite in a see-saw way, moving sometimes a little ahead, and sometimes backing a little." The testimony of the driver of the car was that his horses were walking all the time; saw him drive across the track; saw his horse stop; saw that the car would clear him about a foot. When the car was passing the team, the horse in the team backed, and continued to back until the hind wheel of the wagon hit the guard on the forward end of the car, cramping the wagon so that it tipped nearly over. In substance this testimony agrees, and although there were several other witnesses, it seems to me these are the full facts of the case.

FRANK ROWDEN slightly injured November 22d, on Spring street,

Newport and Wick-
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Number of all other cars.
Average number of regular passenger

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Number of passenger trains equipped with

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Number of passenger trains equipped with

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Total length of road-miles
Miles of track in this State.
Number of passengers killed during the

Number of passengers injured during the

Number of persons walking on the track

Number of persons walking on the track

Number of employés killed.
Number of employés injured
Average rate of fare per mile (exclusive

of season tickets).
Average rate of fare per mile for season-

ticket passengers, reckoning one round trip per day to each ticket.

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30, 1877.

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300,000 00

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21,000 00
11,162 88
17,646 80
7,183 89

$137,917 49

30,000 00
5,296 67
4,910 00
63,811 57
33,775 74

$20,000,000 00

376,000 00
617,610 69
68,486 16
68,486 16
421,147 08
477,399 77

$100,900 00
100,000 00

7,000 00
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5,337 38
9,915 99

Capital stock actually paid in...
Total amount of funded debt.
Total amount of floating debt.
Interest due within the year
Interest paid within the year...
Total amount of receipts from passengers.
Total amount of receipts from freight...
Total amount of receipts from all other
Total receipts.
Total running expenses, including interest

and taxes...
Total net earnings.
Rate of dividend paid to stockholders.
Surplus after paying dividend......
Surplus at the commencement of the year
Expended during the year in purchase or

repairs of rolling stock...
Expended during the year for maintenance

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of way..

Total number of passengers.
Tons of merchandise transported.
Number of locomotives owned..
Number of passenger cars owned.

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may entertain the various opinions as to the location, establishing and conducting the school, to waive something of their preferences and to endeavor to unite on some common basis, so that this great charity may not be indefinitely postponed through the dissensions of its friends rather than by the opposition of the few who may oppose its principle.

The committee would respectfully ask leave to present the accompanying resolution:

may direct,

RESOLVED, That the sum of twenty-seven thousand five hundred dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the purchase of the location for the State Industrial School, situated partly in the city of Providence and partly in the town of North Providence, as recommended by the joint special committee appointed at the May Session of the present Legislature, for tliat purpose; said sum to be expended under the direction of -; and the State Auditor is hereby directed to draw his order on the General Treasurer for said amount, as payable out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated; provided, that the title to the said estates be approved by the Attorney General before the payment of any money therefor.

A. 0. BOURN,
A. 0. MILES.


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