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XXXI. Conciliators. 1. Between discordant Christians in general; Jacobi Acontii Stratagemata Satanae, Usher in Eph. iv. 3., old Vincentius Lirinensis, Ruperti Meldenii Paraenensis; a Socinian Veritas Pacifica, (and many such of theirs proposing ill terms.) 2. Between Protestants and Papists: Thuanus, Picherellus, Erasmus, Wicelius, Cassander, Baldwin, Grotius, Davenport, alias Franc.a Sancta Clara, M. A. de Dom. SpalatensisdeRep. Eccles., Guil. Forbes Episcop. Edinburgens., Dr. Hammond, specially on Thess. and Rev.; but Le Blanc judiciously only by right stating and narrowing controversies. See Pet. Heylin of the Life of Archbishop Laud, Bishop Bramhall. 3 Between all Protestants, especially Lutherans, Arminians, and the Reformed Churches: Durceus, Calixtus, Hall's Peacemaker, and Pax Terris, Bishop Morton, Davenant, and Hall together, their Pacific.; Amyraldus, Junius de Praedeterminatione and Irenic., Hottonus de Tolerantia, Paraei Irenic., Scultetus in Tit., all the judicious Treatises commended xvm. And of Papists about the like controversies; Sarnanus, Suarez, Arriba, Jansenius, Gibieuf. Guil. Camerarius, Scotus a Dola. 4. Of church government: Usher's Reduction, John Forbez Irenic., Stillingfleet's Irenic., Hall's Peacemaker and Modest Offer, Burroughs's Cure of Heart Divisions, Matt. Newcomen's Reconcil. of Presb. and Indep., The New England Synod's Prop, and the Defence, Lloyd.

Ill, I have gone so far in this second rank, that I must add but afew more for the third, lest I go above a poor man's library. I. Add when you can to your lexicons, Morellius or Cowper, Beckman de Orig. Verb., Phavorinus and Hesychius, and Dr. Castle's Oriental Lexicon. II. To logicians, Downame, Dietericus, Lublin, Smigletius, with Aristotle, Claubergius. III. To physics, Philoponus, Telesius, Le Grand, Cartesius, Regius, Hereboord, Sckeggius, Gassendus, Patricius, K. Digby, White. IV. De corpore humano: Crook's Anatomy, or Vesalius, Lower de Motu Cordis, Harvey and Wallaeus de Circulate Sang., Willis's Works, Needham de Form. Foetus, Steno de Musculis, Sylvius, Home, Bates and Glisson, Anatom. Hepat. and de Rachitide, Wharton de Glandulis. V. Deanima: Claud. Mammertus, Nemesius (in Bibl. Pat.), Plato, Plotinus, Fromondus, Cicero Tusc. Qu., H. More. VI. Of metaphysics: Scheilbler, Suarez, Timpler, Burgersdicius, Senguerdius, Jacchauis, Gorlaeus, Ritschel, Campanella, Meurisse.

VII. Of Chronology: Petavius, Usher's Chronol. and de Anno Maced., Isaacson's Chronol., Simpson's Chron., Beroaldus, Carion, Scaliger de Emend. Tempor. on Euseb. &c., Dr. Drake; see Bellarmin. Index in Script. Eccles. VIII. History. The Roman and Greek are known. Of the church; Evagrius, Gregor. Turonicus, Paulus Diaconus, Luitprandus, Frodoardus, Cedrenus, Curopalates, Ingulphus, Otho Frisengens., Crantzius, Trithemius, Camerarius, Spondani Epit. Baronii, Luc. Osiander's Epit. Magdeburg, Fox's Martyrology, Ehinger's History of England, Will. Malmsbury, Matt. Westminster, Balaeus, Hollingshed, Lord Herbert's Life of Hen. VII., The Lives of Edw. VI., Q. Eliz. by Camden, K.James by Wilson, K. Charles, Cromwell's Life, Pryn's History of Bishops' Treasons, and of Canterbury's (Laud's) Doom, Heylin's Life of Laud, The Troubles at Frankfort, The Cabala Letters. Of Ireland; Sir John Temple, Dr. Jones of the Rebellion, the Earl of Orrery's Answ. to a Petition. Of Scotland and other churches; Petraeus's History. Also, Mart. CrusiiTurcograecia; Kircher of the Coptics, Hornius, Archotologia Gothofredi edit. 1649., Rovillii promptuarium Iconum, Verheiden's Icones Theolog. Reformat, fob, Vossius de Historicis, Bezae Icones, Histor. Sacrament, et de Orig. Templorum, Vossii Hist. Pelag., Gutherleth's Hist., Paraeus, Laetus, Pezelius: but there is no end. IX. Medicine. Herbals; Matthiolus, Johnson, Gerrard, Parkinson, Langham, Monardus. Dispensatories; London Physicians', Schroderus. Anatomists beforenamed, and Knoblochius. Practitioners; Hippocrates,Galen,Celsus, Fernelius, Montani Consilia, Crato in Scholtzii, ep. et Consil., Platerus, Forestus, Skenkii Observ., Hollerius, Sennertus, Rondeletius, Horstius, Frambassarius, Scoltzii Aphoris., Solenander, Epiphan. Ferdinandus, Dodonaei Praxis, Morellius, Schonbornii Manual, Dorncrellius, Conringius de Ferment., Fienus, Gordonius; especially Riverius, Prevotius, et si vacat, Zacutius Lusitan., Hartman, Quercetane, Crollius, Valentine, Helmont. For surgery; Fabricius Hildanus, Trigaltius, Forestus, Paraeus. But the chief treatises of medicine are those that treat of particular diseases or kinds; as Carolus Piso de Morbis Serosis, Eugalenus, Martinius, Sennertus, &c. de Scorbuto, Dr. Sidenham de Febribus, Dr. Glisson de Rachitide, Willis de Fermentatione et de Febribus, Cattierus de Rheumatismo, Marcuccius, &c. de Melancholia, Schmuzen, &c. de Calculo, Capellutus de Bubon., Guarencier's de Tabe Anglica. It is too long to name all. So Rudius de Pulsibus, Forestus de Insert. Urin. judic. Sanctorius et Opicius de Med. Statica, Deodatus de Diaetetic., Bacon de Vita Longa, Venner, Brunfelsis. X. To politics add, Tholosanus, Althusius, Arnisaeus, Bodin de Rep. White. To ethics, Buridane, More, Wendeline, Danaeus, Gataker's Antonine, Seneca, Plutarch's Morals. XI. Systems of theology: Synopsis Leidensium, Lud. Crosius, Polanus, Bucanus, Dudley Fenner, Wendeline, Pet. Martyr's Loci Com., Theses Sedanenses, Ant. Fayus, Melancthon, Gomarus, Pezelius, Catechismus Romanus, Corpus Confessionum, Altingius, Spanhemii Disput. Snecanus. XII. Choice treatises: Parker de Descensu ad inferos, Garbut of the Resurrection of Christ, Bullinger de Orig. Errorum, Martinius de Symbol, et alia., Olevian de fcedere, Sanderson de Juram., Pemble's Works, all Mede's Works, Rivet's Select Disputations, Zanchii Opera, Dr. Field, all Dallaeus, and Blondel, Turretine de Satisfactione. XIII. Commentators: Davenant in Colos., Martyr in Rom. and Cor.,, I'elargus in Matt., Fayus, Scultetus, Crocius in Eph., Luther in Galat., Sclater in Thess., Cartwright and Fulke on the Rhemists' Notes, Arth. Jackson's Annot-,

Erasmus's Paraphrase, lllyricus, Lightfoot, Tessanus, Melancthon, Rollocke, Manton on James and Jude, Amesius on Pet., Lud. de Dieu on the Revel., Mede, Stephens, Napier, K. James, Brightman; all these on the New Testament or part. And Papists; Tolet, (on Rom. &c.), Ferus, Brugensis, Montanus, Pererius, Corn. Mussus, Espencaeus. On the Old Testament; Cajetan, Bonfrerius, Pererius, Paul. Fagius, Mercennus, Rivet, Masius Serrarius, Sanctius, Mercer, Amesius in Psal., Amyraldus in Psal., Ford in Psal., Pemble, Broughton, and Parker on Dan., Attersol on Numb., &c., King on Jonah. If you would have more, see Bishop Wilkins's Eccles., and Voetii Bibliot. XIV. Subordinate helps for understanding and preaching. Concordances: Heb. Buxtorf, Graec. Stephani, Tossani Index: Clark's Holy Oil, Wilkins's Ecclesiastes and Gift of Prayer, Chappeland Zepper's Method of Preaching, Oliv. Bowles, Alstedii Definit. et Distinct., Castanei Dist. cum Reeb., Drusii Prov. and Adag. Heb., Delrius and Schottus, Glassii Philol., Zehner, Capelli Critica Sacra, Gruteri vel Langii Polyanth., Schotanus in Great., Mountague's Apparat. et de Orig. Eccl., Franzius de Sacrif., Wittichius de Stylo. XV. Of Christian religion; its defence, latitude, and the infidels and heathens compared: Raymundus de Sabundis Theolog. Natur., Pacardus, Aquinas cont. Gent. Pansa, Varenius de Relig. Indor., Brierwood's Enquiries, Thom. & Sancto Jesu, and Acostade Convers., Breganius de Theol. Gentil., Vossius de Idolat., Vossius de Theol. Natura, Collius de Animabus Paganorum, Eugubinns, Fotherby, Mersennus in Genesin. XVI. Cases of Conscience more: Filliucius, Tolet de Sacerdot., Reginald, Cajetan, Navarrus. See Montaltus against the Jesuits' casuists, and the Jesuits' morals, Downame's and Whateley's Tables on the Commandments, Sanderson de Juramento, and Fragoso aforenamed. XVII. Of councils more, and canonists, and Liturgies: Jus Orientale Graecorum per Leunclavium, Bochelli Decreta Gallic. Sirmondi Concil. Gall. Longus. Actus Conventus Thorunensis, Formula Concordiae Germ. The Westminster Assembly's Acts, English Canons, Fasti Siculi, Morini exercit. Eccles. Zepper. Polit. Eccles., Hammond, Lestrange of Liturgies, Antiquitates Liturgicae, Cassander's Works, Claud. Sainctes, Gavantes de Ritibus, Vicecomes. XVIII. More of the fathers I need not name; if you can get and read them, you may find their names, e. g. in Bellarmin. de Script. Eccles. Get the Bibliothec. Patrum of de la Bigne, and Macarius Hom., Ephrem Syrus, (plain honest things,) Theodoret, Cyril Hieros., Cyril Alexand., Isidore Pelusiota, Theophylact and Oecumenius, Sedulius and Primasius, Remigius, Beda, &c. But many of them are very weak and dry. The chief use of the fathers is to know historically what doctrine was then taught. XIX. Schoolmen more: Bonaventure, Alensis, Cajetan, Bannez, Biel, Cameracensis, Franc. Mayro, Capreolus, R. Armachanus, Bradwardine, Faber Faventinus, Hervaeus, John and Fr. Pici Mirandula, Fr. Victoria, Suarez, Vasquez, Albertinus in Thom. Aquila Scottellus: Ripalda nameth more if you would have more. XX. Antipapists: Pappus of their contradictions, Gentiletus, Morton's Apology and Grand Imposture, Buckeridge Roffensis for Kings, Crakenthorpe, Paraeus cont. Bellarm. Junius on Bellarm., Birkbeck's Protestant's Evidence, Hunnii Eccles. Rom. non est Christ., Hottoman, Brutum fulmen, &c. Eusebius Captivus, Joh. Crocius de Schismate, Jewel, all Whitaker, Andrews Tortura Torti, Wotton, Dr. Jer. Taylor's Dissuasive. But they are almost numberless'.

Note 1. That these may seem too many, though they are few to a full and rich library. 2. That it is not my advice that you read over all these, or half; for that would but make them a snare for sinning, and waste of time: but a minister of the Gospel should have more books by him than he can read over, for particular uses, and to see the author's judgment occasionally, and to try other men's citations. 3. That a minister must neither study the matter without the help of other men's studies by reading much; nor yet read much without studying the thing itself.

'He that would have more books may see Voetius Bibliothec, and many other catalogues*

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