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Página 229 - He gave this and the Prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men's curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event, and his own Providence, not the Interpreters, be then manifested thereby to the world.
Página 138 - I now design to suppress. Philosophy is such an impertinently litigious Lady, that a man had as good be engaged in lawsuits, as have to do with her.
Página 235 - ... powers resulting from thence; the several distances of the primary planets from the sun, and of the secondary ones from Saturn, Jupiter, and the earth ; and the velocities with which these planets could revolve about those quantities of matter in the central bodies ; and to compare and adjust all these things together, in so great a variety of bodies, argues that cause to be, not blind and fortuitous, but very well skilled in mechanics and geometry.
Página 197 - I could not have believed what you tell me of yourself, had I had it from anybody else. And though I cannot but be mightily troubled that you should have had so many wrong and unjust thoughts of me...
Página 252 - I repeated a second and a third time. At the third time, when the phantasm of light and colours about it were almost vanished, intending my fancy upon them to see their last appearance, I found, to my amazement, that they began to return, and by little and little to become as lively and vivid as when I had newly looked upon the sun. But when I ceased to intend my fancy upon them they vanished again. After this...
Página 27 - He afterwards discovers, as a mistake in his mathematical studies, this neglect of the elementary truths of geometry ; and he expressed to Dr. Pemberton his regret that " he had applied himself to the works of Descartes and other algebraic writers before he had considered the elements of Euclid with that attention which so excellent a writer deserved.
Página 138 - ... of your mathematical doctrine to the theory of comets, and several curious experiments which, as I guess by what you write ought to compose it, will undoubtedly render it acceptable to those who will call themselves philosophers without mathematics, which are much the greater number.
Página 191 - I never designed to get any thing by your interest, nor by King James's favour, but am now sensible that I must withdraw from your acquaintance, and see neither you nor the rest of my friends any more, if I may but leave them quietly.
Página 236 - If we suppose the gravity of all the Planets towards the Sun to be of such a quantity as it really is, and that the motions of the Planets are turned upwards, every Planet will ascend to twice its height from the Sun. Saturn will ascend till he be twice as high from the Sun as he is at present and no higher; Jupiter will ascend as high again as...
Página 210 - A fourth is Mr. Ditton's project, and this is rather for keeping an account of the longitude at sea than for finding it, if at any time it should be lost, as it may easily be in cloudy weather. How far this is practicable, and with what charge, they that are skilled in sea affairs are best able to judge. ' In sailing by this method, whenever they are to pass over very deep seas, they must sail due east or west ; they must first sail into the latitude of the next place to which they are going beyond...

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