The American Diplomatic Code Embracing a Collection of Treaties and Conventions Between the United States and Foreign Powers: from 1778 to 1834: With an Abstract of Important Judicial Decisions, on Points Connected with Our Foreign Relations. Also, A Concise Diplomatic Manual, Containing a Summary of the Law of Nations, from the Works of Wicquefort, Martens, Kent, Vattel, Ward, Story, &c. &c. ...

Jonathan Elliot
J. Elliot, jun., 1834
A compilation of official U.S. treaties in chronological order

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Liberty of conscience and privilege of sepulchre
Denmark 166
Emperor Francis a party to the treaty of the Holy Alliance 26 Sept 1815
Hezcat Treaty Abolition of Slave Trade Muscat September 10 1822
TreatyPeace and Friendship Dardanelles 5th January 1809
Buenos Ayres see Great Britain
Independence act of August 1 1822 Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between his Britannic Majesty and the Emperor of Brazil Rio de Janeiro Au...
On the footing of the most favored nation consuls religion c as in the above withG B Prelimy treaty of peace hetw La Platte and emperor of Brazil Ri...
Chilisee BuenosAyres 691 692
Treaty of Peace between Great Britain and France Signed at Utrecht 31st March 11th
Names of the Cases referered in the abstract
Declaration British Versailles 30 September 1783 to prevent dispuies procuring wood
Authorities from the Law of Nations and other sources touching Matters
Fisits to the members of the Diplomatic Corps Congress of Vienna extirpated forms
Personal Instructions to the Diplomatic Agents of the United States in Foreign
ation of Holland in 1651
How the exemption extends to his possessions71 The exemption cannot extend to effects of any trade he may carıy on Vattel
Ambassadors house and domestics
Ministers have no concern in the event of a prosecution against them Storys Comm
Ambassadors not always inviolable Wicquefort
Letters and despatches
Devotion custom relative to90 Fxtent of the right of Devotion Martens
Rerall p 41293 Departure without being recalled connected with this head see also page 667 of this volume Wicquefort
Death of a Min 95 The Seal96 Departe of the retinue effects of a Min Martens
Nole Salaries varied under the Old ConfederationDr Franklins expenses
to 106 Privileges claimed in the case of DAzambuja vs Barrozo in the Dist Court of Philadelphia
to 119 Assault on a public minister of the United States vs J Galberto de Ortega Circuit Court United States Philadelphia October Session 1825
NotesIllustrative of the immunities of public ministersDavids messengers to the AmmonitesXerxes retaliation on Athens Sack of Rome by Brenus and...
1627Danish ambassador Lord Rosenbranck and Philip Weiseman related by Finet
1587LAubespine French ambassador escaped punishment for a conspiracy Lord Burleigh declining trying him
Law of Blockade King to Lord Grenville London May 23 1799
What characterises a Blockade? Sec Smith to Commodore Preble February 4 180i
Instructions for purcbase of Louisiana Madison to Livingston March 2 1803 553
Erskines Arrangement Cannings Instructions London January 23 1800
nate it 101 2010 Citizens to be held personally responsible for infringing it 101
Jacksons Vindication same November 4 1809
French Decree Berlin November 21 1906
Spanish Decree of Aranjuez February 19 1807
Fifth and sixth articles to be suspended for six years
Manifesto or exposition of the Motives and Causes of the War June 3 1812
Declaration of War June 19 1812
Instructions on the Spanish tresty of Indemnity 1819
Treaty of Limits between the United States of America and the United Mexican
On the Swedish Cluims Russel 10 dEngertroem June 1818
Impressment outline of the question Rush
American proposal for abolishing Impressment Rush
British projet for regulating Impressment Rush
The Fisheries Rush
The Boundary Rush
WEST INDIA TRADE Statement on the side of U S 1818 Rush
Mr McLanes arrangement for opening the West India Trade Mr McLane to the Earl of Aberdeen on the West India Trade London July 12 1830
Successful close of the Negotiation on the Colonial Traile Mr McLane to Mr Van Buren London August 20 1830
Explanation of the construction of the consent to restore a direct intercourse with the nerican Colonies
FRENCE CLAIMS for spoliations on American commerce since Sep tember 1800 historical sketch of
Gallatins Exposition of the French claims in 1816
EmancipationA Brazilian to MrJefferson on the emancipation of his country May 4 1787
Elliott United States uavy June 11 1826 Departure of the United States Diplomatic agent Mr Raguet from Rio Janeiro Mr Clays
Report laid before the British Parliament on the civil and political condition of Hayti or
Rights and Privileges enjoyed by Diplomatic agents Mariens Manual 103
Report laid before the British Parliament on the civil and political condition of Hayti or

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Página 37 - ... engage mutually not to grant any particular favor to other nations in respect of commerce and navigation which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same freely, if the concession was freely made, or on allowing the same compensation if the concession was conditional.
Página 19 - ... the other, transient or dwelling therein, leaving open and free to them the tribunals of justice for their judicial recourse, on the same terms which are usual and customary with the natives or citizens of the country in which they may be...
Página 197 - ... and, generally, the merchants and traders of each nation, respectively, shall enjoy the most complete protection and security for their commerce, but subject always to the laws and statutes of the two countries, respectively.
Página 42 - And whereas it frequently happens that Vessels sail for a Port or Place belonging to an Enemy, without knowing that the same is besieged, blockaded, or invested ; it is agreed, that every Vessel so circumstanced may be turned away from such Port or Place, but shall not be detained, nor shall any part of her cargo, if not contraband, be confiscated, unless, after warning of such Blockade or investment, from any Officer commanding a Vessel of the Blockading Forces, she shall again attempt to enter;...
Página 289 - The jurisdiction of the nation within its own territory is necessarily exclusive and absolute. It is susceptible of no limitation not imposed by itself. Any restriction upon it, deriving validity from an external source, would imply a diminution of its sovereignty to the extent of the restriction, and an investment of that sovereignty to the same extent in that power which could impose such restriction.
Página 199 - It shall be free for each of the two Contracting Parties to appoint Consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in the dominions and territories of the other Party; but before any Consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved and...
Página 92 - River; then following the course of the Rio Roxo westward, to the degree of longitude 100 west from London, and 23 from Washington; then crossing the said Red River, and running thence by a line due north to the river Arkansas; thence following the course of the southern bank of the Arkansas to its source, in latitude 42 degrees north; and thence by that parallel of latitude to the South Sea...
Página 84 - Contracting Parties shall have given notice to the Other of its intention to terminate the same; Each of the High Contracting Parties reserving to Itself the right of giving such notice to the Other, at the end of the said term of Ten Years...
Página 27 - And whenever such tribunal of either party shall pronounce judgment against any Vessel or goods or property claimed by the Citizens of the other party, the sentence or decree shall mention the reasons or motives, on which the same shall have been founded and an authenticated copy of the sentence or decree and of all the proceedings in the case shall, if demanded, be delivered to the Commander or Agent of Said Vessel, without any delay, he paying the legal fees for the same ARTICLE TWENTY SECOND.
Página 119 - But it shall be allowed to the subjects of France to catch fish, and to dry them on land, in that part only, and in no other besides that, of the said island of Newfoundland, which stretches from the place called Cape Bonavista to the northern point of the said island, and from thence running down by the western side, reaches as far as the place called Point Riche.

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