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Hearings held on

July 29, 1963, Knoxville, Tenn., and August 1, 1963, Paris Landing,

Tenn., concerning real property acquisition practices and adequacy
of compensation to property owners and tenants in land acquisitions
by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the U.S. Army Engineers Page 1

and in federally assisted programs of urban renewal and highways... 1, 137 Statement of

Antle, Jordan L., chief, real estate division, office of the district

engineer, Nashville district, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.---- 145, 276 Ayers, John, Chairman, TVA Condemnation Commission..

75 Bledsoe, Mrs. Mary, Sweetwater, Tenn.

98 Boy, G. L., Jonesboro, Tenn...

103 Boy, George, Jonesboro, Tenn.-

103 Bryan, Thurman, Golden Pond, Ky--

256 Burnley, Edwin R., chief, appraisal branch, real estate division,

office of the district engineer, Nashville district, U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers.

200 Caldwell, E. R., Dover, Tenn..

252 Coker, Robert J., Chief, Land Branch, Division of Property and Supply, Tennessee Valley Authority-

13 Cowling, E. W., Jr., Buying Section, Land Branch, Division of

Property and Supply, Tennessee Valley AuthorityCupp, L. L., Knoxville, Tenn..

117 Davis, W. D., Platte County, Mo..

229, 278 Davis, Mrs. W. T., Eddyville, Ky.

243 Dɔnaho, James, Huntsville, Tenn.. Dunbar, Cuylar, Montgomery County, Tenn.

270 Earhart, Mrs. Irene, Stewart County, Tenn..

250 Frye, Miss Pauline, Sweetwater, Tenn .

98 Gibson, Rev. W. C., Sweetwater, Tenn..

98 Glenn, J. Philip, mayor, Kuttawa, Ky-

236 Goldsmith, Geoffrey, Trigg County, Ky.

251 Halcomb, Anderson, Clinton, Tenn..

114 Hardaway, P. W., Kuttawa, Ky.

245 Harris, Batson, Montgomery County, Tenn...

272 Harrison, Woodrow, Montgomery County, Tenn...

271 Hayes, Charles B., Jr., chief, acquisition branch, real estate division,

office of the district engineer, Nashville district, U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers

179, 278 Heiskel, E. B., Jr., Sweetwater, Tenn..

98 Heiskel, Mrs. E. B., Sweetwater, Tenn..

98 Herndon, Porter, Dover, Tenn...

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Division of Reservoir Properties, Tennessee Valley Authority -- 122 Hopkins, Zeb, Dover, Tenn..

253 Landiss, B. L., Cumberland City, Tenn.

261 Link, Judge M. A., Stewart County, Tenn..

248 McClure, 1. V., Clarksville, Tenn..



i The page numbers Usted below refer to printed hearings of the Select Subcommittee on Real Property Acquisition.


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