The Life and Strange Suprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe


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Página 41 - and tho* it was not two Seconds of Time that I could keep my felf fo, yet it reliev'd me greatly, gave me Breath and new Courage« I was covered again with Water a good while, but not fo long but I held it out ; and finding the Water had fpent
Página 116 - mean a Nature was ever equal to mine, when I found I had made an Earthen Pot that would bear the Fire ; and I had hardly Patience to ftay till they were cold, before I fet one upon the Fire again, with fome Water in it, to boil me fome Meat, which
Página 64 - Labour. For Example, If I wanted a Board, I had no other way but to cut down a Tree, fet it on an edge before me, and hew it flat on either Side with my Axe, till I had brought it to be as thin as a Plank, and then dubb it
Página 39 - as preparing, for another World ; for there was little or nothing more for us to do in this : That which was our prefent Comfort, and all the Comfort we had, was, that contrary to our Expe&ation the Ship did not break yet, and that the Mailer faid the Wind began to abate.
Página 193 - at length being very impatient, I fet my Guns at the Foot of my Ladder, and clamber'd up to the Top of the Hill by my two Stages, as ufual •, ¿landing fo however, that my Head did not appear above the Hill ; fo that they could not perceive me by any Means : Here I
Página 201 - God In his Providence, and in the Government of the Works oF his Hands, to take from fo great a Part of the World of his Creatures, the beft Ufes to which their Faculties, and the Powers of their Souls are adapted •, yet that he has beftow'd upon them the fame Powers, the fame
Página 117 - to my felf to grind, or rather pound my Corn into Meal to make my Bread. My next Difficulty was to make a Sieve, or Searfe, to drefs my Meal, and to part it from the Bran and the Husk, without which I did not fee it poflible I could have any Bread. This was a
Página 151 - that it was nothing elfe but my own Foot ; and why might not I come that Way from the Boat, as well as I was going that Way to the Boat ? Again, I confider'd alfo that I could by no Means tell for certain where I had trod, and where I had not ; and that if at
Página 76 - cover'd with Foam and Froth, the Shore was cover'd with the Breach of the Water, the Trees were torn up by the Roots, and a terrible Storm it was ; and this held about three Hours, and then began to abate, and then in two Hours more it was calm> and began to rain very hard.
Página 79 - on one side, and the Sand was thrown fo high on that Side next the Stern, that whereas there was a great Place of Water before,, fo that I could not come within a Quarter of a, Mile of the- Wreck without fwimming, I could now walk quite up to her when the Tide was

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