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The OFFICERS elected at the last meeting, held in Boston on the 24th September, 1847, were,–

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First Day, September 20, 1848.

In conformity with a resolution of the “Association of American Geologists and Naturalists," adopted during its session at Boston, in September, 1847, that body agreed to resolve itself into the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and that the first meeting, under the new organization, should be held in the City of Philadelphia, on the third Wednesday (20th day) of September, 1848 ; and, agreeably to the arrangements and invitation of the Local Committee then appointed, the new Association held its first regular meeting this day, September 20, 1848, at the hour of 10, A. M., in the library room of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

At 12, M., the meeting was called to order by Prof. Wm. B. RogERS, of Virginia, Chairman of the last Annual Meeting, who, after some preliminary remarks, read the draft of a Constitution and Rules of Order, which had been prepared by a Committee, appointed for the purpose, at the meeting in Boston, in 1847.

The Chairman of the Local Committee then submitted letters, which had been received in reply to the letters of invitation issued by that Committee, accepting the invitation, from Lieut.J.M. Gillies, of Washington; Samuel Henry Dickson, of New York; Z. Allen, Esq., of Providence, R. I.; Prof. J. C. Booth, of Philadelphia ; Prof. J. S. Hubbard, of Washington, D. C., and J. H. C. Coffin, of Washington, D. C.

Letters, accompanied by promises to make communications to the

Association, were read by the Secretary, from Prof. Joseph Henry, of Washington, D. C.; Orson Kellogg, Esq., of New York; P. S. Hunt, Esq., of Norwich, Conn. ; Prof. Stephen Alexander, of Princeton, N. J., and Prof. Chester Dewey, of Rochester, N. Y.

Letters, expressing the regrets of their authors at not being able to attend the present meeting, but manifesting, generally, a strong and abiding interest in the objects of the institution, were read from Prof. Edward Lasele, Williamstown, Mass.; Robert Gilmor, Esq., Baltimore; William Elliott, Esq., Henderson County, N. C. ; George R. Perkins, Esq., Albany, N. Y.; Prof. Dennison Olmsted, New Haven, Conn.; Hon. Levi Woodbury, Portsmouth, N. H.; Richard C. Taylor, Esq., Philadelphia ; Albert D. Wright, Esq., Brooklyn, N. Y.; H. C. Perkins, Esq., Newburyport, Mass., and Dr. J. B. S. Jackson, of Boston.

The Standing Committee, appointed at the last annual meeting, then offered the following resolution, which was, after some deliberation, postponed for the present, the draft of Constitution and Rules having previously been read from the chair.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association be presented to the committee appointed at the Boston meeting, in 1847, to draft a Constitution and Rules ; and that the draft prepared and circulated by said committee be adopted for the organization of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The Standing Committee also recommended that, for this day, the Association transact its business as a single body, in order to give time for receiving the titles of communications intended to be made to this meeting, and that the Standing Committee may be enabled to recommend such a division into sections, as the business before the Association may seem to require, which recommendation was agreed to.

The Secretary, Prof. JOHNSON, elected at the last annual meeting, then read the following communication :

Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia,

September 20, 1848. To the Secretary of the American

Association for the Advancement of Science.

Sir,- At a meeting of this Society, held last evening, the following resolution was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to address a letter to the officers of the American Association for the Advancement of Sci

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