A treatise on the breeding, training and management of horses [by W. Flint].

author, 1815 - 144 páginas

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Página 110 - ... sold, and actually receive the same, or give something in earnest to bind the contract, or in part payment, or unless some note or memorandum in writing of the contract or sale be signed by the party to be charged or his agent in that behalf.
Página 100 - Forth rush the jolly clan ; with tuneful throats They carol loud, and in grand chorus join'd Salute the new-born day. For not alone The vegetable world, but men and brutes Own his reviving influence, and joy At his approach. Fountain of light ! if chance Some envious cloud veil thy refulgent brow, In vain the Muses aid ; untouch'd, unstrung, Lies my mute harp, and thy desponding bard Sits darkly musing o'er th
Página 100 - First let the kennel be the huntsman's care, Upon some little eminence erect, And fronting to the ruddy dawn ; its courts On either hand wide opening to receive The Sun's all-cheering beams, when mild he shines, And gilds the mountain tops.
Página 98 - At one short poisonous gasp he breathes his last. Hence to the kennel, Muse! return, and view With heavy heart that hospital of woe; Where horror stalks at large ; insatiate death Sits growling o'er his prey: each hour presents A different scene of ruin and distress.
Página 110 - But property may also in some cases be transferred by sale, though the vendor hath none at all in the goods ; for it is expedient that the buyer, by taking proper precautions, may at all events be secure of his purchase ; otherwise all commerce between man and man must soon be at an end.
Página 97 - Incessant bays; and snuffs the' infectious breeze: This way and that he stares aghast, and starts At his own shade; jealous, as if he deem'd The world his foes. If haply tow'rd the stream He cast his roving eye, cold horror chills His soul; averse he flies, trembling, appall'd.
Página 114 - In contracts likewise for sales, it is constantly understood that the seller undertakes that the commodity he sells is his own ; and if it proves otherwise, an action on the case lies against him, to exact damages for this deceit.
Página 109 - Sale or exchange is a transmutation of property from one man to another, in consideration of some price or recompense in value: for there is no sale without a recompense; there must be quid pro quo.
Página 101 - O'er all let cleanliness preside, no scraps Bestrew the pavement, and no half-picked bones, To kindle fierce debate, or to disgust That nicer sense, on which the sportsman's hope, And all his future triumphs must depend. Soon as the growling pack with eager joy Have...
Página 117 - ... he discovers any of those defects, in order to maintain an action on the warranty, unless he has been induced to prolong the trial by any subsequent misrepresentation of the seller ; in such case, the term "trial

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