The Sea-coast: (1) Destruction (2) Littoral Drift (3) Protection

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1902 - 361 páginas

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Página 11 - Fall, as the crest of some slow-arching wave Heard in dead night along that tableshore Drops flat, and after the great waters break Whitening for half a league, and thin themselves Far over sands marbled with moon and cloud, From less and less to nothing...
Página 292 - Coffin, is an area about three-quarters of a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, known as "Swampoodle...
Página 152 - Chisil is such, that as often as the wind bloweth strene, at south-est, so often the se betith it, and losith the bank, and breaketh it thorough it. So that if this might continually blow there, this bank should sone be beten away, and the se fully enter, and devide Portland making it an isle, as surely in tymes past it hath beene, as far as I can by any conjecture gather.
Página 15 - Society, 1834), and the statement has frequently been repeated, that with eight breakers a minute the effect on the beach is accumulative, but that with ten breakers a destructive action sets in. This rule, however, cannot be held to apply. The number of waves in a given period is an indication of their size, and fewer large waves break on a shore in a given time than small ones. With small waves the number frequently reaches from fifteen to twenty in a minute. As already stated, any disturbance...
Página 92 - ... to 1. Dry cohesive earth will stand at an angle of 45 degrees, or 1 to 1 ; some kind of wet clay is not to be depended on at an angle of about 18 degrees, or a slope of 3 to 1. The simplest formulae for ascertaining the horizontal pressure against a wall having a vertical back, where P = pressure, W = weight of earth, taken at 112 Ibs. the cubic foot, H = height of wall exposed above the surface of ground, Q = the natural angle of repose of the earth at the back of the wall, are — (1) For mud-pressure,...
Página 100 - The wall is 3J/2 miles long, 16 feet wide at the base and 5 feet at the top, which is 17 feet above low tide. The base is protected by granite blocks, extending out 27 feet into the Gulf. The concrete wall is reinforced by steel rods 9 feet long, set obliquely. In the construction of this sea wall, 150,000 tons of concrete, containing over 140,000 barrels of cement, were used...
Página 5 - ... no subject is entitled to destroy a natural barrier against the sea. And if the destruction of such natural barrier would cause an injury to a neighbouring landowner, he is entitled to an injunction to restrain it.
Página 197 - In the middle of the last century an attempt was made to open out the west harbour, under the advice of Captain Perry.
Página 183 - ... notwithstanding that at certain times the tide rose nearly three feet higher on the west than on the east side of the bank, and in heavy gales the waves ran up the slope as much as ten feet vertically. The largest shingle was generally found

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