Cooper's Novels: Lionel Lincoln


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Página 478 - Suddenly, while musing on the remarkable position in which he was placed, Middleton felt the hand which he held grasp his own with incredible power, and the old man, supported on either side by his friends, rose upright to his feet. For a moment he looked about him, as if to invite all in presence to listen (the lingering remnant of human frailty), and then, with a fine military elevation of the head, and with a voice that might be heard in every part of that numerous assembly, he pronounced the...
Página 286 - The clouds and sunbeams, o'er his eye That once their shades and glory threw Have left in yonder silent sky No vestige where they flew.
Página 302 - God in Heaven protect us !" cried 'Middleton, catching Inez to his bosom, under the instant impression of the imminence of their danger. " There is no time to lose, old man ; each instant is a day; let us fly.
Página 302 - I seen a richer rising of the sun." "Rising of the sun!" slowly repeated the old man, lifting his tall person from its seat with a deliberate and abstracted air, while he kept his eye riveted on the changing, and certainly beautiful tints, that were garnishing the vault of heaven. "Rising of the sun!
Página 308 - cried the amazed Middleton ; " are you not bringing the enemy nigher to us instead of avoiding it ? " " Do you scorch so easily ? your gran'ther had a tougher skin. But we shall live to see — we shall all live to see." The experience of the trapper was in the right. As the fire gained strength and heat, it began to spread on three sides, dying of itself on the fourth, for want of aliment. As it increased, and the sullen roaring announced its power, it cleared everything before it, leaving the...
Página 96 - The Teton, and the Pawnee, and the Konza, and men of a dozen other tribes, claim to own these naked fields." " Natur' gives them the lie in their teeth. The air, the water, and the ground, are free gifts to man, and no one has the power to portion them out in parcels. Man must drink and breathe, and walk, and therefore each has a right to his share of 'arth. Why do not the surveyors of the States set their compasses and run their...
Página 305 - The examination, which his companions so instantly and so intently made, rather served to assure them of their desperate situation than to appease their fears. Huge columns of smoke were rolling up from the plain, and thickening in gloomy masses around the horizon. The red glow, which gleamed upon...
Página 309 - Old trapper," cried Paul, thrusting his fingers through his shaggy locks, "I have lined many a loaded bee into his hole, and know something of the nature of the woods, but this is robbing a hornet of his sting without touching the insect!
Página 349 - I am not prone to weeping, as our sex Commonly are,— " — But I have that honorable Grief lodged here, which burns worse than Tears drown

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