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tical and proportional arrangement of acute, grave and mixed sounds. This art, by a series of experiments, is reduced to a demonstrative science, with respect to tones, and the intervals of sound. It inquires into the nature of coneords and discords, and enables us to find out the proportion between them by numbers.


Astronomy is that divine art, by which we are taught to read the wisdom, strength and beauty of the Almighty Creator, in those sacred pages the celestial hemisphere. Assisted by astronomy, we can observe the motions, measure the distances, comprehend the magnitudes, and calculate the periods and eclipses, of the heavenly bodies. By it we learn the use of the globes, the system of the world, and the preliminary law of nature. While we are employed in the study of this science, we must perceive unparalleled instances of wisdom and goodness, and, through the whole creation, trace the Glorious Author by his works.

of the Moral Advantages of Geometry. From this theme we proceed to illustrate the moral advantages of Geometry; a subject on which the following observations may not be un acceptable :

Geometry, the first and noblest of sciences, is the basis on which the superstructure of masonry is erected. By geometry, we may curiously trace nature, through her various windings, to her most concealed recesses. By it, we discover the power, the wisdom, and the goodness, of the Grand Artificer of the Universe, and view with delight the proportions which connect this vast machine. By it we discover how the planets move in their different orbits, and demonstrate their various revolutions. "By it we account for the return of seasons, and the variety of scenes which each season displays to the discerning eye. Numberless worlds are around us, all framed by the same Divine Artist, which roll through the vast expanse, and are all conducted by the same unerring laws of nature.

A survey of nature, and the observation of her beautiful proportions, first determined man to imitate the divine plan, and study symmetry and order. This gave rise to societies, and birth to every useful art. The architect began to design, and the plans which he laid down, being improved by experience and time, have produced works which are the admiration of every age.

The lapse of time, the ruthless hand of ignorance, and the devastations of war, have laid waste and destroyed many valuable monuments of antiquity, on which the utmost exertions of hu-man genius have been employed. Even the Temple of Solomon, so spacious and magnificent, and constructed by so many celebrated artists, escaped not the unsparing ravages of barbarous force. Freemasonry, notwithstanding, has still survived. The attentive ear receives the sound from the ina structive tongue, and the mysteries of masonry are safely lodged in the repository of faithful breasts. Tools and implements of architecture are selected by the fraternity, to imprint on the memory wise and serious truths ; and thus, through a succession of ages, are transmitted unimpaired the excellent tenets of our institution.

Thus end the two sections of the second lecture, which, with the ceremony used at opening and elosing the lodge, comprehend the whole of the second degree of masonry. This lecture contains a regular system of science, demonstrated on the clearest principles, and established on the firmest foundation.

Charge at Initiation into the Second Degree. BROTHER,

Being advanced to the second degree of masonry, we congratulate you on your preferment. The internal, and not the external qualifications of a man, are what masonry regards. As you inerease in knowledge, you will improve in social intercourse.

It is unpecessary to recapitulate the duties which as a mason you are bound to discharge ; or en. large on the necessity of a strict adherence to them, as your own experience must have established their value.

Our laws and regulations you are strenuously to support ; and be always ready to assist in seeing them duly executed. You are not to palliate, or aggravate, the offences of your brethren ; but, in the decision of every trespass against our rules, you are to judge with candour, admonish with friendship, and reprehend with justice.

The study of the liberal arts, that valuable branch of education, which tends so effectually to polish and adorn the mind, is earnestly recommended to your consideration ; especially the science of geometry, which is established as the basis of our art. Geometry, or masonry, originally synonymous terms, being of a divine and moral nature, is enriched with the most useful knowledge ; while it proves the wonderful properties of nature, it demonstrates the more important truths of morality.

Your past behaviour and regular deportment have merited the honour which we have now conferred ; and in your new character it is expected

that you will conform to the principles of the order, by steadily persevering in the practice of every commendable virtue.

Such is the nature of your engagements as a fellow craft, and to these duties you are bound by the most sacred ties.

CHAPTER X. Remarks on the Third Degree. FROM this class the rulers of regular bodies of masons, in the first three degrees, are selected ; as it is only from those who are capable of giving instruction, that we can properly expect to receive it. The lecture of this degree, considered separately from the duties and ceremonies appertaining to the degree of presiding or past-master, is divided into three sections.

The First Section. The ceremony of initiation into the third degree is particularly specified in this branch of the lecture, and here many other useful instructions are given.

Such is the importance of this section, that we may safely declare, that the person who is unac;


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