The Story of the Seer of Patmos

Ravenio Books, 1905 - 424 páginas

Stephen N. Haskell (1833–1922) was an evangelist, missionary and writer in the early days of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

This classic on the book of Revelation contains the following chapters:

1. The Seer of Patmos
2. The Author of the Revelation
3. The Message to the Churches. Ephesus
4. The Message to the Churches. — Continued
5. A Glimpse of Heaven
6. Who Is Worthy to Open the Book?
7. History in the Seals
8. The Sealing Work
9. The Trumpets
10. The Beginning of Woes
11. The Voice of a Mighty Angel
12. The Third Woe
13. The Great Controversy
14. The Beast From the Sea and the Beast From the Earth
15. The Three Angel’s Messages
16. Preparation for the Plagues
17. The Seven Last Plagues
18. Babylon, the Great Mystery
19. Be Ye Separate
20. The Two Suppers
21. The Judgment of the Wicked
22. The Glories of the New Jerusalem
23. The New Earth
24. The Sanctuary and Its Service


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