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BOOKS Agar, Frederick A. Democracy and Huntington, Ellsworth. World-Power the Church. New York and Chicago: and Evolution. New Haven: Yale Revell. Pp. 91. $0.60.

University Press. Pp. 287. $2.50. D'Alfonso, N. R. Il problema dell' Jacobs, Joseph. Jewish Contributions

alimentazione come problema educa- to Civilization. An Estimate. Philativo. Milano: Società Editrice Li- delphia: Jewish Publication Society braria. Pp. 32.

of America. Pp. 334. $1.50. Andress, James Mace. Health Educa- Lambert, Henri. Pax economica. Free

tion in Rural Schools. Boston: dom of international exchange the sole

Houghton. Pp. xii+321. $1.60. method for the permanent and uniBaylor, Courtenay. Remaking a Man: versal abolition of war. Boston:

One Successful Method of Mental International Free Trade League. Refitting. New York: Moffat Yard Pp. 157. $0.75. & Co. Pp. viii+106. $1.25.

Lane, Ralph N. A. The British RevoBrunner, Edmund de Schweinitz. The lution and the American Democracy.

Country Church in the New World An interpretation of British labor proOrder. New York: Association Press.

grams. New York: Huebsch. Pp. Pp. xi +164. $1.00.

xix+319. $1.50. Butler, Ralph. The New Eastern Lay, Wilfrid. The Child's Unconscious

Europe. New York: Longmans. Pp. Mind. The relations of psychoanalyvii+176. $3.50.

sis to education; a book for teachers Butterfield, Kenyon Leech. The Farmer and parents. New York: Dodd.

and the New Day. New York: Mac- Pp. 329. $2.00. millan. Pp. 311. $2.00.

Leitch, John. Man-to-Man. The story Chang, Tso-Shuen. History and Analy- of industrial democracy. New York:

sis of the Commission and City Mana- B. C. Forbes. Pp. 250. $2.00. ger Plans of Municipal Government in Levine, Isaac Don. The Resurrected the United States. "Iowa City: Uni- Nations. Short histories of the peoples

versity of Iowa. Pp. 290. $2.50. freed by the Great War and statements Davenport, Charles B., and Scudder, of their national claims. New York:

Mary F. Naval Officers. Their He- F. A. Stokes & Co. Pp. 309. Maps. redity and Development. (Station $1.60. for Experimental Evolution No. 259.) Lointier, F. Par eux essai sur la société Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Inst. des nations. Paris: Editions “PubPp. 29. $3.00.

lius.” Pp. 217. Fr. 4.50. Davis, Ozora S. The Gospel in the Light McConnell, Francis J. Democratic

of the Great War. Chicago: University Christianity. Some problems of the

of Chicago Press. Pp. vi+219. $1.25. church in the days just ahead. New Di Forino. Stato e societa: prima e dopo York: Macmillan. Pp. ix+87. $0.60.

la tempesta. Napoli: Società Editrice Moors, John Farwell. The Great Issue. Partenopeo. Pp. 135.

Disclosed by the leaders and the Dilnot, Frank. The New America. By plain people in Europe and America.

an Englishman. New York: Mac- Boston: M. Jones Co. Pp. 47.

millan. Pp. 145. $1.25. Hamilton, Sir lan. The Millennium. Myers, William Starr. Socialism and

New York: Longmans. Pp. iii +156. American Ideals. Princeton, N.J.: $1.00.

Princeton University Press. Pp. 100. Harrison, Frederick. On Society. New

$1.00. York: Macmillan. Pp. xii+444. Odencrantz, Louise C. Italian Women $5.00.

in Industry. A study of conditions in Hart, A. J. The Sex Ritual. Detroit: New York City. New York: Russell

Physical Information Bureau. Pp. Sage Foundation. Pp. 345. $1.50. 199. $.150.

Patton, Cornelius Howard. World Facts Hobson, Richmond P. Alcohol and the and America's Responsibility. New

Human Race. New York and Chi- York: Association Press. Pp. ut cago: Revell. Pp. 205. $1.25.

236. $1.00.


Russell, Bertrand. Proposed Roads to

Freedom, Socialism, Anarchism and
Syndicalism. New York: Holt. Pp.

xviii+218. $1.50.
Talmey, Bernard S. Love. A treatise

on the science of sex-attraction, for the use of physicians and students of medical jurisprudence (3d rev. ed.). New York: Practitioners' Pub., 171 W. 126th St. Pp. 10+438. $4.00.

Trowbridge, E. D. Mexico Today and

Tomorrow. New York: Macmillan,
Pp. 282. $2.00.
Wheeler, W. Reginald. China and the

World-War. New York: Macmillan.
Pp. ix+ 263. $1.75.
Whittemore, Thomas. (ed. and tr.).

Ivan Speaks. Translated from the
Russian. Boston: Houghton. Pp.
47. $0.75.

PAMPHLETS Anderson, B. M., Jr. When_Prices Monograph No. 5.) Framingham,

Drop. New York: National Bank of Mass.: Community Health Station. Commerce. Pp. 18.

Pp. 35. Bawden, William T. The Cooperative Industrial Commission of Ohio. Statis

School. (U.S. Industrial Education tics of Mines and Quarries in Ohio; Circular No. 2.) Washington, D.C.: 1917. Columbus, Ohio: Industrial Govt. Prt. Office. Pp. 10.

Commission of Ohio. Pp. 98. Beard, Margaret Kent. The Relation Industrial Commission of Ohio. Union

between Dependency and Retardation; Scale of Wages and Hours in Ohio on a Study of 1,351 Public School Children May 15, 1918. Columbus, Ohio: InKnown to the Minneapolis Associated dustrial Commission of Ohio. Pp. 47. Charities. Minneapolis, Minn.: Uni- Laidler, Harry W. Study Courses in versity of Minnesota. Pp. 17. $0.25. Socialism. Compiled for the InterBlanchard, Florence Butler. Censor- collegiate Socialist Society. New

ship of Motion Pictures. Report com- York: Intercollegiate Socialist Socipiled for the Civics Department of the ety, 70 Fifth Ave. Pp. 32. $0.10. General Federation of Women's Clubs. National Industrial Conference Board. Chicago: Englewood Print Shop, 417 Problems of Industrial Readjustment W. 63d St. Pp. 24.

in the United States. Boston, Mass.: Bradley, Frances S., and Williamson, National Industrial Conference Board. Margaretta A. Rural Children in

Pp. 58. $1.00. Selected Counties of North Carolina. National Industrial Conference Board. (U.S. Children's Bureau Publication Wartime Changes in the Cost of No. 33.) Washington, D.C.: Govt. Living: July, 1914, to November, Prt. Office. Pp. 118.

1918. Boston, Mass.: National InBritish Minister of Labor. Report of an dustrial Conference Board, 15 Beacon

Inquiry as to Works Committees. St. Pp. 33. $1.00.
Industrial Relations Division, United Nesbit, Florence. The Chicago Standard
States Shipping Board, Emergency Budget for Dependent Families. Chi-
Fleet Corporation. Pp. 131.

cago: Chicago Council of Social Clark, Lindley D., and Norton, Augus- Agencies, 168 N. Michigan Ave. Pp. tus P. Decisions of Courts Affecting

39, $0.25. Labor: 1917. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Norton, William J. The Social Unit Statistics Bulletin No. 246.) Wash- Organization of Cincinnati. Cincinington, D.C.: Govt. Prt. Office. Pp. nati, Ohio: Helen S. Trounstine 299. $0.25.

Foundation. Pp. 7. $0.15. Dempsey, Mary V. Infant Mortality: Pennsylvania Commission on Old Age

Results of a Field Study in Brockton, Pensions. Report of the Pennsylvania Mass., Based on Births in One Year. Commission of Old Age Pensions. (U.S. Children's Bureau Publication Harrisburg, Pa.: J. L. L. Kuhn, printNo. 37.) Washington, D.C.: Govt. er to the Commonwealth. Pp. 293. Prt. Office. Pp. 82. $0.10.

Recht, Charles. American Deportation Fisher, Irving. Stabilizing the Purchas- and Exclusion Laws. A report sub

ing Power of the Dollar. New York: mitted to the New York Bureau of E. P. Dutton & Co. Pp. 30.

Legal Advice. New York: National Framingham Health Demonstration. Civil Liberties Bureau, 41 Union

Tuberculosis Findings. (Framingham Square. Pp. 33.

Squires, Benjamin M. Operation of the

Industrial Disputes Act of Canada.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bul-
letin No. 233. Washington, D.C.:

Govt. Prt. Office. Pp. 150.
State Charities Aid Association. The

Year's Work against Tuberculosis. An-
nual Report of the Committee on the
Prevention of Tuberculosis of the State
Charities Aid Association. New York:

State Charities Aid Association. Pp. 18.
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Proceedings of the Employment Mana-
gers' Conference, Rochester, N.Y.,
May 9, 10, and 11, 1918. Washington,
D.C.: Govt. Prt. Office. Pp. 249. $0.20.

United States Children's Bureau.

Bureau Publication No. 54. An Out-
line for a Birth-Registration Test.
Washington, D.C.: Govt. Prt. Office.

Pp. 13
United States Department of Labor,

Working Conditions Service. Treat-
ment of Industrial Problems by
Constructive Methods. Washington,

D.C.: Govt. Prt. Office. Pp. 15.
Waugh, Frank A. A Plan for the

Development of the Village of Grand
Canyon, Ariz. (U.S. Forest Service.)
Washington, D.C.: Govt. Prt. Office.
Pp. 23.


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Reformatory Institution in the Elimi.
nation of Prostitution. Soc. Hyg. 5:
19, Jan. '19.

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