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Estimate of the Population of the Province of Buenos Ayres, Cor.

dova, Tucuman, Mendoza or Cuyo, and Salta, under the Names of the different Towns or Districts which send Representatives to the Congress. By an imperfect census, taken, it is believed, in 1815, Buenos Ayres contained 93,105, excluding troops and transient persons, and Indians.

By more recent

Estimates, ex cluding Indians.

[blocks in formation]

Buenos Ayres.....
Santiago del Estero
Valle de Callamarea

105,000 120,000 250,000
75,000 75,000 100,000
45,000 45,000 20,000
45,000 60,000
36,000 40,000
20,000 20,000
34,000 34.000
38,000 88,000
16,000 16,000
25,000 25,000
50,000 50,000

San Juan .......
Mendoza .......

San Luis

489,000 523,000

Provinces of Upper Peru. Cochabamba

100,000 120,000 | 200,000 Potosi

112,000 112,000 250,000 Plata, or Choreaz

112,000 112,000 175,000 La Paz.....

800,000 Under the name of Santa Cruz de la.......


30,000 Sierra

150,000 Quiro




Banda Oriental and Entre Rios


A few incidents of later oc- February 25th he requested that currence remain to be noticed. it would proceed to the nominaPueyrredon, the Supreme Di- tion of his successor, recomrector of Buenos Ayres, an- mending only that their choice nounced, early in the year, his should fall on a military chaintention of retiring from office; racter, as the best calculated to and in a speech to Congress of guide them in safety through


The ap

the storms by which their infant number of provincial senators as state was menaced. After an in- there are provinces; of three miterval of hesitation, brigadier- litary senators, of one bishop, and general Rondeau was elected, three ecclesiastics ; of a repreand entered upon his functions sentative of each university, and on June 9th. An armistice was of the director whose period of concluded with Artigas, chief of government is ended. Montevideo, and the Bandar pointment of the senators is for Oriental, which appears not to twelve years, and they must at have been since broken, though their nomination have attained no alliance was formed between the age of thirty, having been the parties. A treaty with the nine years a citizen. The legisrepublic of Chili was formed, the lature is to sit for about six articles of which will be found months in the year : they have amongst our state-papers, and freedom of speech, and other nethe union of the states of Buenos cessary privileges. They have Ayres, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and the power of citing the ministers Corrientes, has been consolidated before them, to obtain any requiby a definitive league. The con. site information. Any of them stitution, consisting of 138 arti- may originate laws. When the cles, clearly and concisely drawn, projects of law have been agreed has been published and received to by both houses, they are to be the assent of the people. The transmitted to the director for following are its most important his sanction, who must return provisions :

them in fifteen days, either with The legislative power is to be his approbation or objections. If exercised by a national congress he approves, the bill becomes a composed of two houses, that of law; if he states objections, these Representatives and that of Se- objections are considered; but if nators. The former is composed two-thirds of the members of of delegates elected in the pro- both Houses support the original portion of one for every district project, their votes constitute a containing 25,000 inhabitants. final sanction without a second The deputy must be upward of application to the director. The twenty-six years of age, must supreme director is elected by have been seven years a citizen the two Houses assembled. He previous to his nomination, and is to be supreme chief of all the must possess 4,000 dollars of pro- land and sea forces. He is to perty, or some equivalent which open the sittings of the Legislais not well defined in the article. ture; he appoints all the officers The representatives sit for four of the public force, envoys, con. years, but a half of the chamber suls, and others; he chooses and is renewed every two years. The dismisses his ministers, who are House of Deputies originates all responsible for their conduct money bills, and has the special while employed under him; all right of impeaching ministers and objects of finance, police, public, the high officers of state. The national, and scientific establishSenate is to consist of the same ments, as well as all those formed Vol. LXI.



and supported by the funds of left without other resource than the state, are confided to his su- that of accepting the honourable preme charge and inspection. He terms of capitulation offered by has the power of pardon, except the Independent general to the in cases of state conviction. The last forlorn relics of a Spanish

power force in Chili. state is to reside in a supreme Lord Cochrane, vice-admiral of court, consisting of seven judges the republic, sailed from Valpaand two recorders, nominated by raiso in the month of January the director; every one of whom with four of his largest vessels, must have been a regular barrister with the intention of attacking eight years, and have attained two Spanish frigates in the harthe fortieth year of his age. This bour of Callao. In this attempt court shall

, exclusively, take cog- he was unsuccessful, but he was nizance of all causes relating to able to give formidable interrupenvoys and consuls from foreign tion during several months to the nations, all causes in which a trade of the coast of Peru, and province may be a party, all those occasionally to make captures of concerning public functionaries, considerable value. In the month all those relating to crimes com- of July lord Cochrane declared mitted

against the law of nations, the port of Callao, and in fact the &c. The members exercise their whole Peruvian coast, in a state functions during good behaviour. of blockade, but his attempts The supreme court, as well as upon this important port all the other tribunals, is open to the proved ineffectual ; and it is propublic.

bably attributable to this failure, Chili.- This newly established that the Spaniards still hold Peru republic has completely succeed-in subjection, notwithstanding the ed in driving the Spanish forces revolutionary propensity which from its territory, General Bal- seems to have manifested itself carce, commander of the army in in this, as in the surrounding the south of Chili, having pos- countries. sessed himself without resistance General Macgregor, with a of the forts of Dos Angales and trifling force, carried in a few Nacimiento on the Indian fron- hours the town of Porto Bello, tier, came in contact with colonel notwithstanding the superior Sanchez, followed by about 480 numbers of the garrison; a rich men, the remains of an armament booty and a large supply of milisent from Cadiz. The colonel tary stores fell into his hands, was on his retreat to Valdiviâ, and he addressed on the occasion but the Araucan Indians had the following boastful proclamarefused to allow him to pass. He tion to his army: had lost all his baggage, and was « SOLDIERS ! - The army of also encumbered

with a helpless New Granada has covered itself train of women, including a con- with glory. Porto Bello, the vent of nuns with their confessor most famous fortress of South at their head. Under these cir- America, could only withstand a cumstances, he was apparently few hours the valour of our army,



The light brigade, under the or ship. His troops, notwithstandders of the gallant general Rafter, ing the desertion of their leader, overcame obstacles and difficul- made a gallant resistance and ties which only men animated obtained honourable terms of with your enthusiasm could have capitulation; but the place was attempted. The advance, led by recovered by the Spaniards and the brave captain Ross, attacked was a salutary

, check given to the the enemy with such intrepidity, audacity of these lawless adventhat they fled with fear and asto- turers. Macgregor, with the nishment to their walls.

wreck of his troops, repaired to “ The navy, under commodore Aux Çayes, where he remained Hudson, in covering the landing, for some months inactive, awaitand in the diversion he made in ing the arrival of British sucattacking the Spanish forts in the cours. Being at length in cirharbour, did every thing that cumstances for a new attempt, he their intrepidity gave me a right sailed from Aux Cayes with about to expect from them. The cap- 200 men, said to be the remnant tains and seamen of the transports of more than 1,200 British solare deserving of every praise for diers, who had perished through the exertions they made in land- hunger and disease, and bent his ing the troops.

course towards Rio de la Hache, • Soldiers !_Our first conquest a town of new Grenada to the has been glorious; it has opened west of the gulph of Maracaibo. the road to fortune and additional This place was carried by assault, fame. Panama invites our ap- with the loss however of one third proach, and the South Sea shall of the English troops; it was resoon behold upon her shore the captured after a few days with conquerors of the isthmus. the slaughter of nearly the whole

“ GREGOR M GREGOR. of the survivors. Macgregor him. “ Head-quarters, Porto Bello, self is stated to have remained April 10."

safely on board his ship till the

first action was over, and to have In the midst of these anticipa- returned to it before the comtions of glory and plunder, and mencement of the second. He on the eve of his departure for was afterwards deserted by his Panama, M Gregor was surprised surviving officers, and his disgraceby general Hone, the Spanish ful career is probably terminated commander at Panama, who ad- for ever. vanced unperceived by a circui- The Independents have for tous route through the thick some time past possessed so dewoods which flank the town. The cided a preponderance of mari. house in which Macgregor had time force on both shores of the taken up his quarters was entered Isthmus of Darien, that the before he had received the slightest Spaniards in these parts are comintimation of the approach of the pelled to endure without redress enemy, and he saved his life by the outrages of the swarm of leaping out of a window and after- pirates who now infest the seas. wards swimming on board his Commodore Aury, one of the moșt formidable of the class, ob- man, 1,500 serons of indigo, and tained, early in the summer, the 300,000 dollars in specie. The complete command of the Gulf exploits of an Aury or a Macof Dulse, where he carried on a gregor, though utterly insignifishocking system of pillage. cant to the final decision of the Amongst other places, he made great question of South Amehimself master of the forts of St. rican independence, may yet be Philip and Isabel which he quitted permitted to claim a place in at the end of two days, having in contemporary history as concothat short



of time collect- mitants of a state of turbulence, ed, and without the loss of a revolution, and civil war.



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