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them. Many persons think that, 11, spoke the brig Mexican, from by degrees, things will be so ma- New Orleans, 33 days out, and naged, that many of the disad- bound for Havre-de-Grace; sent vantages will be avoided: but a boat on board her with six of others are of opinion that the the stoutest of the Triton's men, system of high duties will be all in a fair way of recovery. modified or even abolished, because it will not produce to Prussia the revenue it expects, and is

FEBRUARY besides as inconsistent with a confederation of states as with 1. Monday week being the the act of the confederation. The day appointed to appeal against Russian and Polish merchants the supplementary charges on thought of conveying their goods windows in Bath, the commisthrough Bohemia, but first ap- sioners of that city unanimously plied at Berlin, and another regu- decided against the extra charges, lation was immediately made with declaring all Venetian windows respect to Russia and Poland. made previously to the year 1785

Greenock, Jan. 25.--Arrived chargeable only as one window, on Saturday last, the Highlander, and Venetian windows made subDonald, from Charleston, in 32 sequently to that period chargedays; experienced continued able as two windows only. The gales of wind during the pas- appellants, to the number of upsage. On the 8th inst., in lat. wards of 700, are, by this deci39.48. N. long. 39.4. W.spoke the sion, relieved; subject, however, Mondera, 7 days from Philadel- to a case for the opinion of the phia. On the 14th, in lat. 45.32 N. judges. long. 26. 4. W. at 7 A.M. saw a sail Portsmouth.-An experiment apparently in distress; bore down, has been tried in this dock-yard, and found her to be the Triton, to ascertain if a grass, the comHogarth, of North Shields, from mon produce of New Zealand, St. John's, N. B. She had sprung and which may be cut down three a leak on the 14th 'ult., and on times a year, is applicable to the 5th inst. became completely making large and small ropes. A water-logged ; same night car- favourable report, we understand, ried away her foremast, bowsprit, is made of it. The article is and main top-mast, boats, and strong and pliable, and very silky every thing on deck, and stove in in its nature. It can be brought her counter. At nine A. M. Capt. into this country at less than 8l. Donald lowered down his boat per ton; one-seventh of the cost (a heavy sea running) and took of hemp. Capt. Hogarth, eight men, and The quantity of fish caught and four boys, off the wreck, reduced cured this season at Newfoundalmost to skeletons, having been land does not amount to more ten days without either meat or than two-thirds of an average drink. James Gould and Andrew supply; which circumstance has Graham died the day previous to caused a great demand for the the rest being picked up, from cured fish of this country. Ports. fatigue, cold, and hunger, At mouth herrings have obtained a


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great preference in this demand, horse, lean as Rosinante, whose from the care taken in packing lank appearance, combined with them ; they are found to reach his own singular habiliments, even the West India islands in a formed together a spectacle of better state than the Scotch wretchedness fully equal to any herrings, which being roed, and thing described of the celebrated very luscious, do not keep so Elwes. In his last visit to Plysound. The French boats have mouth, a few weeks since, he purchased large quantities at seated himself on the steps of the Portsmouth, at a higher price Plymouth Telegraph office to eat than the curers of that town can an apple. His dress then conafford to give; but as they are sisted of a dirty night-cap round not allowed to salt them after the his head, surmounted by the poll Ist of February, the whole which of an old hat without a brim, a may be subsequently caught will rough waistcoat patched all over, come into the market.

greasy leather smallclothes, kept London, Feb. 1.- The solemn up by listing braces outside the and magnificent requiem of Mo- waistcoat, with wads of straw zart has seldom produced so round the bottoms of his legs. deep, an impression as at the In his land he wielded a large Spanish chapel on Saturday hedge-stick. Amidst all this morning, associated as it was seeming penury, he possessed with the sacred offices of reli- some very excellent "freebold gion, and the funeral obsequies estates in the above parish, well of the young queen of Spain.stocked; yet he chose to quit the The chapel was hung in black, family mansion, and lived in a and the coffin placed in the cen- small cottage in its vicinity, withtre with the crown over it, and out a pane of glass in the winthe arms of Spain and Portugal dows. He nightly entered it by at each side. The Catholic Bi- a ladder, which he drew after shop, Dr.Poynter, officiated. The him, and slept in a corner of one presence of the Duke of San of the rooms upon a wretched Carlos, Duke of Wellington, the pallet. French, Portuguese, Dutch, and The brig Ann, of Jersey, from Neapolitan ambassadors, accom- Whitehaven for St. Michael's, panied by their secretaries, the has been brought into St. Ives, Spanish officers, all in their state in distress. She had been out dresses, and the Spaniards re- 22 days, and was driven 600 miles siding in this capital, dressed in to the westward of her course, deep mourning, added to the and had carried away her foregrandeur and solemnity of the mast and main-topmast. She was scene.

prevented from going on shore to 2. Died lately, at Notter, near the westward of St. Ives, by the Landrake, lieutenant-col. O'Dog- intrepidity of the pilots, who venherty, of the Royal Marines, one tured to her assistance in a treof the most eccentric characters mendous sea, and thus saved not in England, who for more than only the vessel and cargo, but, in 20 years occasionally visited Ply- all probability, the lives of the mouth-market on an old white crew; as, had the vessel grounded, there was scarcely a possibility drid. A great part of the Spaof their being preserved.


nish claims had been bought by Paris, Feb. 2. The commis- Frenchmen, on the faith of treasioners sent from Spain, to charter ties. Almost at the same motransports for the expedition ment when the Spanish governwhich is said to be preparing at ment itself permits these flagrant Cadiz, had made a contract to acts of immorality, it opens a loan that effect with a mercantile for 3,000,000 of dollars in Cadiz, house at Bourdeaux. As soon and thereby betrays the insidious as this was known among the policy with which it sets up commerchants there, it was severely panies and juntas of merchants reprobated, and the Chamber of at Cadiz, for the special purpose Commerce made a formal repre- of entering into contracts under sentation against the measure. their responsibility, for procuring The head of the house which had transports and other articles. made the contract travelled post 2. A letter in Glasgow, dated to Paris, to counteract the repre- the 22nd ult., at Bangor, in Iresentation of the Chamber of Com- land, from an officer on board of merce : but the president of the the Seaforth, belonging to Messrs. Council of Ministers had been Gladstone, of Liverpool, and informed beforehand, and on the which sailed from thence on the same day laid the affair before 2nd ult., states, that that ship the council; they unanimously during the late storm encountered resolved not to permit con- extreme danger, and suffered tracts of this sort. The merchant very considerable damage, and from Bourdeaux had then the was driven successively into the prudence to desist from his pre- islands of Colonsay, and Isla, and tensions. What, however, is more latterly into Bangor. The hurrisingular, is what came out subse- cane that prevailed exceeded any quently, namely, that the court thing that the oldest seaman on of Madrid, for the purpose of board had ever witnessed. It is paying the one-third of the melancholy to relate, that during freight, which was to be paid the tempest two vessels were obdown in cash, had ordered its served to go down within a consul at Paris to realize the quarter of a mile of the Seaforth, liquidated claims of Spanish sub- the names of which could not be jects, and to pay over the pro- learned, as the crews of both ceeds to the commissioners for perished. chartering transports.

It was

It blew heavy gales of wind at further discovered, that the con- Plymouth on Saturday and Sunsul had already sold on 'Change day. On Sunday night the storm from 70 to 90,000 francs of rentes. increased almost to a hurricane, This produced much irritation, and continued to blow with treand the French government has mendous violence through the taken measures to put a stop to whole of Monday. Although it these scandalous proceedings, was difficult, from the force of until proper explanations are re- the tempest, to approach the ceived from the cabinet of Ma- coast, many persons ventured to



stations commanding a view of fourth class, where there are no the Breakwater, in order to ob- parts entirely level. The proserve the sublime spectacle of portions of the different classes that vast erection throwing off the he found to be as under :-Out of seas which the Atlantic was dash- 1,000 flues, 910 are of the first ing against it. The foam was class, 50 of the second, 30 of the seen Aying at least 80 feet above third, and 10 of the fourth. the Breakwater. On this day the Advices have been received Heron sloop of war was from Ceylon, by the way of standing in under bare poles, and Madras, communicating the inanchoring just within the Break- telligence of the capture of the water : she owed her safety en- Malabar chief, pretender to the tirely to its protection. The crown of Candy, who is supposed scene was interesting almost be- to have been the chief cause of yond description. Several of the the insurrection which has so long boats which ventured out in the prevailed in that island. Togeharbour, on Monday, were upset, ther with him was made prisoner, but happily the persons on board his prime minister, Kappitipola. were all picked up, so that no 6. Intelligence from Constantilives were lost.

nople, dated the 24th December, 3. The Report of colonel Ste- states, that the chief of the phenson, surveyor-general of the Wechabites, Abdallah, and his Board of Works, as to the prac- Iman, were brought prisoners into ticability of superseding the prac- that capital on the 16th of the tice of climbing-boys by the use same month. After being led of machinery, is on the whole in chains through the principal favourable to the use of machines, streets, they were taken to prison though the result of the experi- and put to the torture. On the ments is, that the three Royal following , morning, they were architects concur in opinion, that brought before the sultan, and climbing-boys cannot be at pre- beheaded. Their naked bodies sent totally dispensed with. Co- were exposed during three days, lonel Stephenson directed an in- and then delivered to the poputelligent clerk, Mr. Davis, to su- lace. perintend experiments, in order 8. In the Moniteur of the 3rd, to ascertain the truth. Mr. Davis there is a report addressed to the reports, that the flues of the me- King, by M. de Cazes, as Minister tropolis may be divided into four of the Interior, having for its obclasses. For the first class, the ject the general improvement of machines now in use are quite agriculture throughout France. efficient; for part of the second To this report is subjoined a class, they are also competent ; royal ordinance, giving effect to and for the remainder of this class the measures recommended in it. the ball and brush are perfectly A council of agriculture is to be efficient. In the third class, established, under the superinwhere the ascent is at all pre- tendence of the Minister of the served, the ball and brush act ef- Interior, consisting of ten memfectually, as they do even in the bers. With this council a corres

ponding ponding member for each depart. temperature of the air seemed to ment is to communicate, upon all agree with them. They were to subjects connected with agricul- be drawn from Marinpol to Theotural improvement. The names dosia, and there embarked for of the persons composing the France.” council are also given in the Mo- The subjects for the prizes niteur. Among them are the given by the representatives in duke de la Rochefoucault, count parliament for the university of Chaptal, and baron Ramond. Cambridge for the present year,

8. Irun.—The report in circu- are, for the Senior Bachelors, lation that the king had appointed “ Quænam fuerit Oraculorum a successor to general Elio in the vera indoles ac natura ?”—Middle government of Valencia, is not Bachelors, “ Inter veterum phiconfirmed. The number of per- losophorum sectas, cuinam potissons arrested and detained in the simum tribuenda sit laus veræ saprisons of Valencia is consider- pientiæ ?”The subject of the able, and the most perfect calm Seatonian prize poem for the prereigns in that city; but those who sent year is, “ Moses receiving know the character of the Valen- the Tables of the Law.” cians place no reliance on this de- 13. Sierra Leone, Dec. 15.ceitful tranquillity. The people Sir George Collier has arrived on of that province are both the most the coast, in his Majesty's ship irascible, and the most capable of Tartar; and it is hoped he will dissembling their rage, in the prove successful, not only in whole monarchy.

clearing those seas from the numeThe sea, from Cape Ortegal to rous pirates which have infested Santa Maria, near Cadiz, is co- the whole line of coast from hence vered with Insurgent cruisers, who to Bonna, during the last two occasion incalculable mischief to years, but that we shall hear no our commerce.

more of the slave trade, which, 11. Accounts from Marinpol, during the same period, has been in the government of Catharina- carried on with such success and slaw, of the 17th December, say, facility, by the Spaniards, French, that “the Chevalier Joubert, who and Portuguese, for want of a has been sent by the French go- man of war. vernment to Cachemire, to con- Since February, 1818, no vessel duct from that country to France of war has appeared at the British a number of the Cachemire goats, settlements on the Gold Coast : of whose wool the valuable the last arrival of any force was shawls are made, has arrived at his Majesty's ship Semiramis, Marinpol on his return. The commodore sir James Yeo; since Hock of goats that he has brought whose return the slave-ships have with him amounts to 1,300. They anchored, and carried on their were almost all of them white. abominable trade within sight of When they were drawn through the British forts, to the number Marinpol, the cold was at 15 de- of six, seven, and eight vessels at grees of Reaumur, and the snow a time, with impunity. half an arskeen deep, and this Our gold trade has declined

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