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RIGHT Rev. the Bishop of St Asaph, 12, Hon, and Right Rev. the Bishop of Carlisle Charles-street, Mortimer-street'

Right Rev. the Bishop of Chichester, 19, Rev. Mr Andrews, Rector of St James's, Pic Wigmore-street cadilly

Right Rev. the Bishop of Cloyne Rev. Mr Adams, Putney

Right Rev. the Bishop of Cork, 23, Upper

Harley-street 7

Right Rev. the Bishop of Clogher Right Rev. the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 35, Rev. Mr Cambridge, prebendary of Ely, Curzon-street, May-fair

Twickenham Rev. Mr Backhouse, Rector of Deal, Kent Rev. Mr Clark, Hexham, Northumberland Mr Battell, Lambeth

Rev. Robert Trotman Coates, rector of SteeRev. Dr Bell, prebendary of Westminster ple-Langford, Sarum Thomas Brown, Esq. Tooting, Surrey - 2 Rev. Dr Conybeare, rector of St Botolph, Robert Brown, Esq. Cheapside

Bishopsgate Benjamin Brown, Esq. Cheapside

John Coggan, Esq. Laleham, Middlesex Rev. John Bussell, Portsmouth

Rev. Dr Cooke, President of C. C. C. OxRev. Mr Buck, Rector of Lavenham, Suffolk ford Rev. Mr Brandon, Lowel, Deal

Rev. Dr Chester, rector of Winterbourn, Bowman, Esq. Lombard-street

Wilts George Brown, Esq. Nicolas-lane

George Clark, Esq. Lombard-street Messrs Bodley and Etty, Lombard-street

Chatteris, Esq. Lombard-street Rev. Mr Brand, Rector of St. Mary-at-hill

Courtman, EsqSouth Lambeth Rev. Thomas Boys, Ampney-crucis, Glouces Rev. Mr Curteis, rector of Sevenoaks, Kent tershire

Rev. Mr Clark, minor. canon of Durham Rev. James Buckoll, Sydington, near Ciren Rev. Mr Caruthers, vicar of Christ-church cester

Rev. Dr Bingham, archdeacon of London Mrs Wm Croome, Cirencester, Gloucestersh.
Rev. Julius Brockman, Cheriton, Kent James Croome, Esq. do
Rev. Mr Barry, rector of Hatherley, Gloucester Robert Croome, Esq. do
Rev. Jos. Baylis, rector of St Mary-de-Crypt, Rev. R. Cumberland, Driffield, Cirencester-2

Mrs John Collins, Swansea
Rev. Samuel Commeline, rector of Hemp-

stead, Gloucester His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. George Cox Lambeth-palace

Rev. John Collins, Osmich, near Swansea


Ion, and Right Rev. the Earl of Normanton,

Archbishop of Dublin Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Dur

ham - 5 Right Rev. the Bishop of St David's, Durham Rev. Mr Durell, prebendary of Durham Rev. E. A. Drummond, DD. rector of Hadleigh Rev. Tho. Dyer, A B. Wadham-coll. Oxford Derby society Rev. R. Darke, Breedon, Worcestershire The dean and chapter of Durham Mr Henry Davies, Swansea Rev, Mr Duff, minister of Foveren, Aber


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Captain Honeywood, Sibton, Kent
Rev. Mr Hill, Red-lion-court, Watling-street
Charles Haddock, Esq. Wrotham, Kent
Rev. Mr Holmes, sub-dean of Chapel-royal,

and rector of Cripplegate,
Rev. Mr Handley, Chipping-norton, Oxfordsh,
Mr Hetherington, jun. Nicolas-lane
Rev. Dr Hardwicke, rector of Sopworth, Wilts
Mr Hetherington, sen. Nicolas-lane

Hammett, Esq. and Co. Lombard-street Rev. Mr Hatch, rector of St Matthew, Fri

Miss Harrison, Clapham, Surrey
Mr Hale, 7, George-yard, Lombard-street
Benjamin Hyelt, Esq. Gloucester
Mr Richard Helps, Gloucester

Hon. und Right Rev. the Bishop of Ely, Do

ver-street Right Rev. the Bishop of Exeter, Parliament

strect, William Edwards, Esq. Stock-exchange Rev. Dr Eveleigh, provost of Oriel college,

Oxford Rer. Dr Ekins, dean of Salisbury Rev. Mr Edwards, rector of St Bartholomew

the Great Rev. N. Earle, rector of Swerford, Oxfordsh. Eton-college library William Morgan Evans, Esq. Swansea Rev. James Edwards, Swansea John Elion, Esq. Gloucester A Lliis, Esq. Gloucester C. Evans, Esq. Gloucester

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Rev. Dr Foster, fellow of Eton-college kur. James Fawcett, B.D, Norrisian 'pro

fessor, Canabridge Irs Fendall, 30, Portland-street, Oxford-st. Wm Fendall, Esq. Matson, Gloucestershire Mi Fraser, Jamaica

Rev. Dr Jones, archdeacon of Hereford
Christopher Idle, Esq. Adelphi-terrace
Rev. B. Jones, Cheriton, Swansea
Rev. Mr. James, Penmaen, Swansea
Mr Rees Jones, land-surveyor, Swansea
Rev. E. Jonés, rector of Rudford, Gloucester,
Rev. Ms Johnes, Bristol ..
J. Jelf, Esq. Gloucester
Mr John Jenkins, Swansea

The dean and chapter of Gloucestet :
Rev. Mr Gardner, F. A. S. Sansaw, near


Right Rev. the Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland Right Rev. the Bishop of Killalla, Ireland 2

Kensington, Esq. Lombard-street Miss Knowlys, at Mr Mayo's, Cloak-lane,


John Knowlys, Esq. Mincing-lanc
Rey. Mr Keble, Fairford, Gloucestershire
Captain Kemp, Mansfield, near Swansea

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Right Rev. the Bishop of Landaff
Hon. and Right Rev, the Bishop of Litchfield,

Hill-street, Berkeley-square
Right Rev. the Bishop of London, St James's

square Right Rev. the Bishop of Lincoln Rev. Mr Layton, Ipswich Miss Lawrence, 26, Lower Brook-street Lady Lyttelton, Great Malvern, Worcestersh. Rev. T. Leigh, Addlestrop, Gloucestershire

Langston, Esq. Clement's lane W. Lawrence, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucestersh. W. Lawrence, Esq. Sherington, Gloucestersh. John Lucas, Esq. Stouthall, Glamorganshire David Long, Esq. Swansea

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Peterborough James Allan Park, Esq. Lincoln's-inn Fields Wm Parnell, Esq. 6, Canterbury-place, Lam

beth Rev. Mr Philpot, rector of Ripple, Kent Mr Wm Prickett Rev. Mr Pulton, Windsor Mr Puckle, Nicolas-lane Rev. Dr Price, prebendary of Durham Joseph Pitt, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucestershire Mr Sylvanus Padley, Swansea — 2 I. Philpotts, jun. Esq. Gloucester Mrs James Pitts, do Mr Thomas Palin, do Rev. T. Parsons, do

Mrs Madan, Peterborough
Wm Merle, Esq. Bartholomew-close
Dr Moss, prebendary of St Paul's, Amen Cor-


Rev. C. Mordaunt
Rev. Rd Michell, B. D. Wadham-college,

George Munro, Esq. Nicolas-lane
Mr Morris, Lombard-street
Mr Maskew, Nicolas-lane
Rey. Mr Mackenzie, rector of Smarden, Kent

Munn, Esq. Upper Tooting, Surrey - 2 Charles Mayo, Esq. Cloak-lane R. Maskelyne, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucester

shire R. Morgan, Esq. Swansea

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Rochester
Rev. Dr Raine, master of the Charter-house

school John Reeves, Esq. Rich. Richards, Esq. sollicitor general to the

Queen - 2 Charles Rogers, Esq. Ludlow Rev. Dr Radcliffe, archdeacon of Canterbury Charles Raikes, Esq. Mincing-lane Thomas Raikes, Esq. Grosvenor-square Rev. Dr Rennell, dean of Winchester and

master of the Temple Rev. Dr Ridley, prebendary of Gloucester Robert Raikes, Esq. Gloucester Rev. R. Raikes, prebendary of St David's, do Rev. Sam. Rogers do


The Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Nor

wich Rev. Mr Newton, vicar of Little Bedwin,

Mrs Newton, ditto

T. M. Talbot, Esq. Penrioe-castle, Glamor

ganshire - 20

Rev. Mr. Underwood, prebendary of Ely
Rev. Dr Vincent, dean of Westminster
Rev. Mr Viner, Durham
Rev. Dr Vyse, rector of Lambeth and arch-

deacon of Lichfield Rev. Mr Van Mildert, rector of Bow, Cheap


The Right Rev. the Bishop of Salisbury
Admiral Sotheby
James Sadler, Esq.
Rev. S. Sadler, vicar of Sandhurst, do
Rev. P. Sandiford, rector of Fulmostone. Nor-

folk Rev. C. Sandiford, vicar of Awre, Gloucester

shire, and chaplain to the Bishop of Bath

and Wells
G. Sharp, Esq. 1, Garden-court, Temple
Sir Wm Scott, Doctor's Commons
Rev. Dr De Salis, chaplain in ordinary to his

Henry Soames, Esq. Wadham-college
Wm Stephens, Esq. 68, Broad-street
Rev. Mr Swabey, Lambeth-terrace
Mrs Swabey, do

Shone, Esq. Bedford-row
Rev. Martin Stafford Smith, Bath
Colonel Symonds, M. P. Pengatley, Here-

fordshire R. Selfe, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucestershire Rev. Mr Simpson, Bath John Stroud, Esq. Swansea 2 Mrs Stamford, Gloucester Charles Sylvester, Esq. do - 2

The Hon. and Right Rev, the Bishop of Win

chester - 2 Right Rev. the Bishop of Worcester, Har

tlebury-palace The dean and chapter of Wells Theoph. Walford, Esq. Waldershare, Kent Rev. Mr Wollaston, rector of Balsham, Cam

bridgeshire Rev. Mr Wood, B. D. rector of Herne, Kent Rev. Dr Willis, rector of Bloomsbury and pre

bendary of Rochester Sir Wm Wynne, Doctors Commons

Williams, Esq. Lombard-street

Williams, Esq. do Mrs Williams, 16, Canterbury-place Rev. Mr Whitaker, rector of St Mildred,

Canterbury Rev. Dr Weston, residentiary of St Paul's J. Wilkinson, Esq. 18, Guildford-street E. Wilbraham, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucester

shire Rev. C. Walker, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire Mr D. Walker, Gloucester Miss Williams, Swansea

Rev. Mr Todd, rector of Allhallow's, Lom

bard-street Rev. Dr Turner, dean of Norwich and mas

ter of Pembroke-hall, Cambridge Rev. Wm Tournay, B.D. warden of Wadhamcollege, Oxford

Tritton, Esq. Lombard-street Wm B. Tarbut, Esq. Bishopsgate-heath, En

glefield-green Rev. Mr Thomas, Sutton-lodge Rev. F. T. Travell, Swerford, Oxfordshire R. Timbrell, Esq. Cirencester, Gloucester

shire - 2

His Grace the Archbishop of York, South


Rev. Dr Zouch, prebendary of Durham






ISAI A H ix. 6. Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall

be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

The Evangelical Prophet in these words sees, as it were, the Son of God born of the Virgin, and the blessed Jesus laid in a manger; and, in a prophetic ecstasy, rather declares than foretells the birth of the Messiah : “ Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.*" Then

* "Singularis est Emphasis in voce, nobis; significat id, quod omnes sentiunt, nostro bono et commodo natum esse hunc Puerum Imperatorem. Vide Vitringa, in locum.

“ Impudenter Judæi hæc ad Ezechiam torquent. Nam, 1o. Hic natus est ante hoc Vaticinium. Vide 2 Reg. xvi. 2; xviii. 2. 2o. Nullum h. 1. Ezechiæ vestigium, nec verbum hactenus de eo probatum. 3o. Nativitas hujus Pueri lætitiam et liberationem attulit: non sic nativitas Ezechiæ. 4o. De ejus nativitate agitur, qui lucem attulit ambulantibus in tenebris Galilæis et Judæis : id quod nemo Ezechiæ adscripserit. 5o. Sequentia nomina et epitheta nulli mortali conveniunt.” Calovius. “ Christus hic dicitur puer; quoad humanam naturam, Matt. ii. 11. Puer; ergo homo est: et filius, idque sine adjectione, et xat' t&ogar, ut a reliquis hominibus discernatur, et constet alium a Dei filio non posse hîc intelligi: nec dubium est oraculum illud hîc respici. 2 Sam. vii. 14, ipse erit mihi filius.” Calvin, &c. Which last passage is emphatically ascribed to Christ by the author of the Hebrews, c. i. 5.



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