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the babe of Bethlehem was laid: it was an heart-ten- ing, and immediately after a weighty and interesting

dering uniting season, in which solemn supplication, communication, a very unseasonable proposal was rainder of the Narrative relative to the thanksgiving, and praise, were offered to the Lord. made to proceed to the business, accompanied with Feparation of the Meetings belonging to When the opportunity closed, the women Friends a statement that the meeting was destitute of a clerk, Purchase Quarterly Meeting.

proceeded to an apartment in the dwelling-house, as the person who had served in that capacity had

which had been kindly offered, and prepared for disqualified himself, by going off with many others [See pages 376,7, and 8.]

their reception, where they held their monthly meet- present at the time of the yearly meeting in a very xth day, 6th month, 13th, was held at York ing with peace and comfort. The men's meeting was disorderly manner, with considerable more in the æn, the monthly meeting of Amawalk. In the conducted with brotherly harmony and feeling. Se. same strain, in which much excitement was shown; at ting for worship there was much said by way of veral important subjects, arising from the peculiar the same time adding, he wished Samuel Barnes 10 istry, most of it of a character subversive of sound state of things, were considered and resulted with go to the table and act as clerk, thus improperly intrine, and, of course, promotive of that spirit of becoming solemnity and religious weight. It was truding on the solemnity of the meeting. As soon, rchy and misrule which is the natural result of concluded to break off all Society connexion with however, as he had ceased to speak, a desire was ex: christian preaching. Immediately on the separa- the Hicksites, and Friends were authorized to hold pressed that Friends would not hasten, but keeps -e no clerk, and I would propose that Daniel Miller them, in such suitable places, as could be procured. saying, with great warmth, there would be nothing other comment can be necessary, than that at the veral little assemblies should seek for renewed ability, Samuel Barnes to proceed to the table, which benes enthly meeting immediately preceding, James humbly to prostrate themselves before the Lord, to tually did, though it was objected to by a number of own had been appointed clerk for the term of one worship him in spirit and in truth, as the only way to Friends. Their

disorderly conduct was clearly stated, ar, without a dissenting voice; that he had in his ensure the divine blessing, and by which our meet- and decidedly opposed, as being altogether inconsist ssession the records and papers of the meeting, ings can be held in the authority of Truth, which ent with the usage of Friends, and that it could not

be submitted to. It was justified, however, by the d that he actually did seat himself at the table is the power of God.” Friends separated under a

man who had made the move; he also reflected in a out the time it was so confidently and so untruly grateful sense of divine kindness, having concluded d, there was no clerk.” It was soon discovered house at Croton; that being the only one they would Friends personally. Here, it will be proper to state,

to hold their next monthly meeting in their meeting. very unhandsome and improper manner on some at here, as on the two preceding days, there was a

that the members of the meeting present consisted reconcerted determination, by the exercise of vio probably be permitted to occupy. nce and the prostration of all order, to prevent the

Since the preceding was written, the monthly of thirty-two persons; nine of these (three men, and gular clerk from acting. It was alleged that he meeting of Friends of Purchase has aguin been held. six women) were Hicksites

, of course there were ad disqualified himself by attending a separate A summary statement of the circumstances attending twenty-three Friends present, and five valuable memeeting, and when he would have made his defence it will furnish another melancholy proof of the nature bers were prevented attending by sickness. This gainst the unjust attack, he was told that he would of that spirit by which the Hicksites are governed, statement is made to show the great inconsistency of his time, forced himself to the table by clambering recollected that the monthly meeting had adjourned sion. That the majority ought to govern is their ver the back of a bench, was urged to proceed to the to meet at Mamaroneck at the usual time in seventh motto, and yet when it does not suit their schemes to usiness. So lost were these deluded and violent month. Previous to this time, the preparative meet. suffer it to be so, they pursue a course entirely at eople to all sense of propriety, that the Friend who ing of that place had been held in the meeting-house variance with their profession. In this instance the ad been appointed assistant clerk, and who, it had yard under the trees; the seceders holding their Hicksites were a small minority, and some of them been distinctly understood, should officiate as clerk meeting at the same time in the house, of whom a aged and infirm, and yet their determination and

demand was made by Friends of the use of the house violence of manner have rarely been surpassed. The on the absence of James Brown, and against whom no charge of having attended separate meetings, &c. for the monthly meeting. The persons who were de person who had been brought to the table in this discould be preferred, was not even requested to take puted to make the demand were told, however, by orderly manner, regardless of the concern and exposThis proper station. A valuable Friend of the meeting, those in the house, that they knew of no other tulation of Friends against it, now began to act, when upon whom the weight of its concerns had long rest

monthly meeting than the one which was to be held it was believed to be right to request the regular ed, now attempted to urge the long established usage

at Purchase the next week, (the separatists' meet-clerk of the meeting (who had been unanimously of Friends, and the direction of the discipline in such ing.)

appointed to that service for one year at the meeting cases against the turbulence and clamour of the ex.

On third day afternoon, the 7th of seventh month, immediately preceding, when the person now treatcited actors in this scene, but was told that s they the ministers and elders belonging to the monthly ing him in this rude manner spoke in his favour very did not wish to hear him;" that “he had no right to meeting who retain their attachment to our ancient fully) to take his seat at the table; he was, however, speak,” &c. The storm of indecency and passion had principles,* assembled at the meeting-house, it being prevented from doing so by the same active indivinow arrived at an awful height, when a Friend re

the regular time for holding their select preparative dual, who, immediately on the request for him to marked, "we have heard a great deal of preaching meeting. The doors, however, were locked, and the take his proper place, occupied the seat himself, for this morning nearly all of it has been from persons demand for entrance was now made of the persons however, to another table not used on such occasions

, house so fastened that Friends could not get in. A the purpose of keeping the clerk away. He went, derly manner are associated, and with whom they who had been appointed to have the care of the but did not enter on the business, it being thought profess to believe. Much has been said about humilis house, but was not complied with. There being no improper to participate in such a scene of disorder. ty--the excellency of it, and the necessity of a docile alternative, the ministers and elders retired to the

About this time a proposition was made to consider child-like state. Is this the humility alluded to? Are stable, where a few temporary seats were made, and which was the best course to be pursued under ex. these the fruits of such preaching?” Although the the meeting was held with satisfaction. On the 8th, isting circumstances; whether to sit quietly, and let Friend was not interrupted while making the state- Friends assembled to transact the business of the those people go on in their own disorderly way, ment, it was evident that even such an appea? pro- fastened against hem, they proceeded to the school part of the house, in order to transact the business in commenced again. Friends were now fully convinced house mentioned before in this narrative, where the quiet. The latter course being concluded on, the that there was no alternative for them but to quit this men and women sat down, and were favoured with men Friends rose and went into the part of the house sad scene of confusion. Such a proposition was made, the enjoyment of a precious heart-tendering oppor- where the women were sitting, it being reasonable and after a definite statement, tracing the effects to tunity together, at the close of which the men pro- to suppose that the six females mentioned before; their legitimate cause, the promulgation of unsound ceeded to the meeting-house ground, and being ac- and the few visiters who were with them, would and antichristian opinions; that, from the necessity of commodated with seats, some made of loose boards, have willingly removed to the place vacated for them. the case, the monthly meeting of Amawalk was about and some taken from the carriages, they were quite when the shutters might have been closed, and the to seek a place of quiet; and in so doing no rights content to sit down in the stable, which had been ocwere compromised, no claims were yielded; they cupied the day before, where the monthly meeting ceed in a manner the most agreeable to them, with:

persons on either side of them left at liberty to prostep was communicated to the women friends, who a murmur, it being felt to be enough that the “ dis- these said women positively refused to do so? it was found bad suffered

much abuse, perhaps even ciple be as his Master, and the servant as his Lord.” Strange as it may seem, it is, nevertheless, a faet; as soon as they could

with propriets, bearinghoven county, state of New York, composed of the three that they would not move; one of them, an area as they were withdrawing, the mobile vinaicrise yen monthly meetings of Purchase,

shapaqua, and Ama- ihftrem person, adding, unless I am carried

. Teig det opuse in the yaram attended with fingled interesting red its sitting for the ministers and elders on third day these women

, aided by one man, opposed it

, heddings premises of a Friend in the neighbourhooel, et ta this

. separation in the monthly meetings not affecting the thens that they should not be raised, telling Eriores

, of feeling ensued, affording the cheering and renewed evidence that the worship of the Supreme is not confined to time or place. And to some the recollection | longing to the monthly meeting is eighteen; thirteen really was ashamed of such conduct,) to induce them

• The whole number of ministers and elders be. There in downs party, na visiter (who manifested the team

Friends. Some endeavours were person of was peculiarly affecting that it was in a stable that of these are Friends, and five of them are Hicksites. ( to suffer the partition to be closed, but even his en

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treaties were fruitless. After continuing for some compromised, no privileges relinquished; that it was afflicted state of the Society, that notwithstanding the
time in this very trying situation, as Friends could the legitimate quarterly meeting of Friends of Pur- deep trials which have been endured by the friends
not oppose violence to violence, it was concluded to chase, that thus made a stand, and bore its testimony of order and sound principles, as described in the
be best to leave the meeting-house, and seek some against innovation and corrupt principles, Friends preceding narrative; and although many of the mem-
place of quiet, where the business of the meeting left the meeting-house in a quiet and becoming man-bers have connected themselves with the separatists,
could be suitably attended to, free from the intrusion ner. In the yard they were for some time exposed who have taken possession of all the meeting-houses
of the spirit whose nature and design had been so to the heat of the sun, before it could be determined within the limits of the quarterly meeting, except
fully manifested. All the members of the meeting where they would go, to attend to the concerns of one, (where their number was too small to attempt
present who are attached to the doctrines and bound the quarterly meeting. The suspense was occasioned it,) the monthly meetings respectively have been
to the order of the Society, together with the Friends by the following cause. Previously to the sitting of supported, and regularly held at the usual time in
of this character who were visiters, amounting to the quarterly meeting, such a result as was now ex- each month, with satisfaction, peace and quiet, the
thirty-five persons, accordingly withdrew, leaving in perienced had been anticipated, and in order to be diminution of numbers not having impaired their
the house sixteen persons, including the Hicksite provided for it, an unoccupied dwelling house in the weight, nor the prevalence of religious exercise.
visiters. Friends proceeded to an uninhabited dwell- neighbourhood had been engaged for the purpose. The meetings for worship, with one exception, have
ing-house in the neighbourhood, where they sat This place was readily obtained from a person, who also been sustained, and though in most places the
down together, and though deeply affected under a had an undoubted right to give possession of it. accommodations are poor, yet much relief has been
sense of the cause which has produced so distress. Possession had been given to the persons who ap- experienced by the separation.
ing a state of things, they were also comforted in plied, they had the key, and had supplied the house
the fresh evidence of heavenly goodness, by which with seats in case it would be wanted; another per-
they were united together in the unity of the Spirit son who had an equal right to dispose of the house,
and bond of peace, and enabled to transact the busi- at the very time that it was wanted, objected to its
ness of the meeting with quiet and satisfaction. being used by Friends for a meeting place, saying he

On 4th day, the 29th of 7th month, the quarterly was not willing " that the dwelling of his ancestors
meeting of Purchase was held. It was fully attended should be devoted to so unhallowed a purpose.". In

We have read, with much interest, an ac-
by the members, and there were also present a con- this state of things, though Friends had possession of count of the opening of Ohio yearly meeting,
siderable number of visiters, both Friends and Hicks. the house, and had it prepared for the purpose, they signed by Halliday Jackson; and it gives us
ites. The early sitting of the meeting was quiet, and were not easy to occupy it; and there being no choice much satisfaction to be able to say, that al-
it might have been hoped would produce serious im- spreading tree in the yard; the seats that had been though it is drawn up for the purpose of con-
pressions; it was evident, however, that such impres- prepared were removed as soon as it could be tradicting the statement which we publish-
sions were not made on the minds of all, for an un- done, and, together with such as were taken from ed in our 49th number, it confirms and es-
seasonable move to proceed to the business was made the carriages, accommodated the company tolerably tablishes it in every important particular. H.
by the same person, who was so active in the meet- well. There was however no disposition to murmur. J. commences his account by heavy charges
ing of ministers and elders the day before, almost as Friends had taken this important step from a sense
soon as a Friend had finished an interesting and so- of religious duty, and were thankful to be accounted against the writers in “ 'The Friend,” as
lemn address. Unseasonable as it was, the shutters worthy to suffer for the name of Christ! After a so-

deeply skilled in the art of misrepresentawere accordingly closed, and the same man immedi- lemn and impressive pause under the friendly shade, tion and falsehood, and superlatively possessately stated that it was necessary to appoint a clerk, the meeting proceeded to its business, (having the ed of the weapons of slander and defamation;" as the meeting was destitute of one. Here it will be clerk and records;) much unanimity and Christian possessing " faculties for inventing misrepreproper to state, in order that a correct view may be condescension were manifested during the progress sentation and slander, truly great;” being had, that at the last quarterly meeting near the close of the business, and several subjects of vital import: * convicted of falsehood,” and other equally the subject, and report a suitable person for clerk to Friends were discussed and resulted. Soon after the opprobrious and angry accusations, while in the present meeting; the Friend who had served the meeting was organized in the yard, a deputation was the midst of these modest epithets, he says he meeting with much acceptance for more than twelve sent to the women's meeting to inform them of the hopes to be preserved from returning railyears, having requested to be released. Such

how: steps the men had taken, and to render them such as ing for railing."
ever is the haste and impetuosity of the spirit, against sistance as they could; their meeting was found to be
which the regular order of the Society forms no bar in a state of great trial; the same high handed and

We pass by the calumnious charges of H.J.,
rier, that every thing must yield to its will
. This vio- unchristian measures were adopted, and pursued, as

being assured that they will prove entirely lation of order was promptly noticed, and the Friend had been the case in the men's meeting, and execut- harmless; and at the same time assure him who had served us so long, and so faithfully, who ed in a manner not less allied to ranterism. The that we know full well what we do and say; had not yet been released, and in whose case the clerk had been prevented from taking her seat at the and that it is because we do know, that we are committee had not reported, was requested to open table, another person having been placed there, in and organize the meeting, by calling the representa- the most disorderly manner, immediately on the enabled to make the accurate statements retives, (for the meeting had not been opened, neither shutters being closed, who had made some attempts specting the conduct of his party, which have was it known that the representatives were in attend- to proceed with the business. The sound part of their called forth so much vindictive declamation ance.) It was said, however, that the clerk should meeting were however firm in the cause of truth and from his

pen, not proceed with the business. It may be observed, good order, and after a time of patient labour, and As H.J. wrote his account, for the purpose that the Hicksites make free use of the term “ sepa- Christian opposition to these turbulent measures of of refuting the statement which we made, it ratists,” and are quite disposed to represent Friends the Hicksites, they, too, left the meeting-house, and as such; at this time, occasion was taken to show were conducted to a school house in the vicinity,

was to be expected that he would flatly conwhat constitutes a separatist; “That it does not con- where they held the quarterly meeting with much tradict every thing, which tended to expose the sist in Friends leaving their meeting-houses, in order satisfaction, rejoicing that they were thus relieved outrages of his own party, and we were thereto obtain peace and quiet, but that they are the se: from the spirit of anarchy and confusion which so fore quite prepared to see a total denial of paratists, whether few or many, who have departed sorrowfully prevails.

the whole affair; and an assertion that the from the principles and doctrines of the Society, and When the other business of the meeting was finishare prostrating its order." ed, it became a subject of consideration where to

scene was one of perfect calmness and good Samuel Barnes was proposed by a part of the com- hold the next quarterly meeting, as Friends were feeling on the part of the Hicksites, the only mittee that had been appointed, to serve as clerk; it now deprived of the use of their meeting-house, and acts of imprudence or violence being commitwas objected to by the Friends on that appointment

, as it was considered to be a subject of much interest ted by an insignificant minority of Friends." as the meeting had not yet been regularly opened, and weight, and involving principle; Friends were But after reading his essay several times over, and of course the committee could not be called on for their report. This person did, however, actually meeting, for the quarterly meeting of Purchase to be and with considerable care, we have not been take possession of the table, and enter his own name held. It was therefore agreed to request the month. able to perceive that he absolutely denies a as clerk. By this time the reader will have become ly meeting of Purchase to use such means as were in single important fact, which our narrative confamiliar with the name of Samuel Barnes; having its power, in order to accommodate the quarterly tains. True, he says, that “in the very thresbeen brought forward by the Hicksites as their clerk meeting, as near to its own meeting-house as practi- hold of our account we are convicted of falseso frequently. The violence and determination of cable; and after a solemn pause, in which the uniting hood,” because we placed the name of Pristhese people to carry their points by prostrating all power of truth was felt and gratefully acknowledged, order, imposed on Friends the necessity of retiring the meeting adjourned to the usual time, without cilla Cadwallader among the separatists, who from the scene, and after a clear and full statement place! On°5th day the 30th, a public meeting for convened at Mount Pleasant, to attend the was made of the cause which had produced such sor- worship was held in and about the school house, yearly meeting; and this is the most he can rowful results; tracing this disorganizing conduct to mentioned before. It was attended by many serious say, respecting the whole narrative; which, by unsound principles, and the spread of antichristian persons of other professions, and was a season of re- the by, we had ourselves corrected before his opinions, that in order to avoid a participation in newed favour. them, Friends were under the necessity of seeking a In conclusion, it may be said, and probably will statement was published. Now it is perfectly place of quietude; that in so doing no rights were | afford satisfaction to those who are interested in the immaterial, as regards the disgraceful conduct

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the followers of Elias Hicks, whether P.C. and plain statement of matters of fact, that hind the clerk's table, which had been barred, s at Mount Pleasant or not. The facts came under his notice!!" From the tenor of was opened, by whom he knows nol;" and that ich relate to their outrages, are not in the his narrative, it would seem, that" the people "some, from the preachers' gallery, rushed allest degree affected by her presence or standing on the benches,” and he “ being through a doorway in the partition, into the sence; we could scarcely ask a stronger down on the floor of the house," as he says, women's apartment;" that « David Hilles yet nfirmation of the truth of them, coming - prevented him from seeing what passed” remaining near the stove, some of the rash om the source it does, than the testimony during the greater part of the meeting; and young men, DETERMINED to take him to the H. Jackson.

probably to this cause, and his taking so much table AT ALL HAZARDS, and at length he was Wholesale charges of “misrepresentation, on the information of others, on his own “be- FORCED up into the gallery near the table;" Tsehood, defamation, slander, &c. pass for lief,and the “beliefof others, arə to be at- that “ the table being yet in possession of the othing, where matters of fact are at issue. If tributed the errors into which he has fallen. orthodox members,"

* another attempt was alliday Jackson really knew that our relation H. J. admits in the course of his narrative, made to place it before David Hilles;” in as incorrect, it was easy for him to point out that Elias Hicks was furnished by Friends of which they “ literally pulled it to pieces; that ne particulars; to explain the several dis- Mount Pleasant, with the minute of Jericho after this feat was accomplished, “a little raceful scenes in which his party are said to and Westbury monthly meeting, expressive pause now took place, and David Hilles was ave been engaged, and to show their inno- of their dissatisfaction with his travelling as a requested to proceed with the business of ence, for instance, as regards the rush of the minister, and requiring him to return home; their meeting, which he did, by reading the rst company into the meeting house, and that these Friends gave hiin and others in the opening minute again”-that Benjamin w. neir breaking open the door; the loud cries company to understand, that they could not Ladd made a proposition for the yearly meetf“ Forward, forward; move on, move on,” be admitted into the select meeting; that they ing of Friends to adjourn to ten o'clock next c.; the frantic act of the Hicksite, who pre- (the separatists) did go notwithstanding, and day, and to ascertain the mind of the MEET. ipitated himself headlong upon Friends; the attempted to enter the meeting, but being re- Ing, had the names of the persons who had vild speech of another who mounted the stove, fused admission held their meeting beside the answered as (Friends'] representatives calland declared they were determined to restore yard; and that "their number was small;" ed over, who were desired to express, one bg the God of love to the galleries; the huzzaing that they met on 7th day afternoon previously one, whether they were consenting to it. They of the party, when their desperate struggles to the yearly meeting, to consult what should generally answered in the affirmative, and seiad brought them into the gallery; the furious be done on 2d day morning, that he and veral did not answer at all, and one or two, he attack on the clerk by which he was so seri- others of his party were regularly served with thinks, objected to it”-That “this conclusion ously injured, with many others which he si- legal notices, warning them not to trespass was communicated to the women's meeting," Bently passes over; conscious that while con on the property of Friends, (he having been that he [H. Jackson] about this time, mount. tradiction was useless, an attempt at explana- disowned,) that notwithstanding this notice, ed on a bench, and made his proposition for tion would only involve his partisans in deeper he “repaired to the meeting as though no- an accommodation; and that B. W. Ladd reguilt.

thing had crossed his path;” that “the day plied that he was an intruder. Whether H.J. sets out with asserting that he intends was wet and the people kept rushing into the Friends withdrew from the house or not he “ to give a simple and plain statement of mat. meeting house," that considerable noise does not say, perhaps “the people standing ters of fact that came under his notice during and loud talking occurred about one of the on the benches prevented him from seeing the yearly meeting;" but instead of doing this, doors, occasioned, as he believes, by the com- what passed at this juncture.” he occupies about two columns in detailing mittee endeavouring to prevent some from en- Our readers will readily perceive, from the some hearsay reports, which he received from tering," and that it is believed many got above extract of the principal facts detailed one of his party, respecting Stillwater quar into the house, who had no claim to a right by Halliday Jackson, that he fully corroboter; in relation to another matter, he says, among Friends." That A. Peisley and E. rates the general features of the account con: “what they had been legislating upon I can- Dawson “ endeavoured to get through the tained in The Friend, No. 49. In truth, they not tell, only I was informed, &c.;" and another crowd as well as they could;" that Israel are so similar, that our readers might almost circumstance did not occur, lo his know- French proposed the appointmentof some per- imagine we had been quoting from the pages ledge.” As relates to the preconcerted attack son as clerk instead of Jonathan Taylor, the of The Friend, instead of a paper drawn up on the house, he admits that “ a considerable Friend regularly under appointment for that by one of the followers of Elias Hicks, who number” of the party convened “at a school service, who was then in his place; that b. was a party to the riotous proceedings. He house in the village, to consult what was to Hilles was named, and called upon to go to the evinces, throughout the whole of his narrabe done,” but “knows of no other conclusion table; that the regular clerk proceeded during tive, a consciousness that the conduct of his that was formed,” but “ to go to the house at this time to open the meeting and call the re- party was grossly reprehensible, and even the usual time, and endeavour peaceably to presentatives, who generally answered. That styles the proceedings “ the sorrowful conenter, and take their seats, and there wait for - D. Hilles, who was in a remote corner of the fict,” - the contest,'s so the scufle," " the divine counsel how to proceed;" (are we to house, was again urged to come forward to the tumult;” and in his speech, describes them as understand from this, that their disgraceful table; but haviny, through the assistance of unparalleled scenes of disorder.” He seems assault on Friends, and the various disorder- some young men, perhaps more rash than pru- fully aware also that such outrages must nely acts which he fully admits, were in the “di-dent,"« proceeded through the crowd as far cessarily bring upon his party vine counsel?” this is indeed putting dark- as the stove," so made a minute at the stove of odium and reproach; and, anxious torto ness for light!") and then winds up the ac- opening their Y.M.”--that soon after, « fur- lieve them of a portion of it

, endeavours to count by saying, that " at least, no knowledge ther efforts to get David Hilles to the clerk's represent Friends as being equally active in

. Friend”'] being there formed, was possessed that prevailed about the table and galleries, a ceptions of very doubtful authority, he faile ve by me.

Another part of his account rests on his hav- noise, and near the same time, a temporary in firmly keeping their seats and stations: ing “ been credibly informed;" in some in- bench was broken in another part of the house, and

refusing to leave them, until dragged on other assertions are hazarded on the more sons crying out the galleries were coming important facts stated by H. J., which of the stances, he <- believes” certain things occurred

; which raised
a general alarm, and some per pushed away by actual force

. There che non tion to some of the scandalous conduct of the was the consequence; the people crushed out attack made on the yearly meeting in consi

a great share

he the benches prevented me from seeing what that the alarm was soon discovered to be school house in the village, that afternoon, informed, &c. So much for the "simple still," it was accidental"_" that the door be- &c.;" and though he represents that "it


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finally resulted in a conclusion that it would his friends at home," but was prevented from estly besought him not to identify himself be right” to go to the house, and there wait attending by a severe attack of illness, which with the party to his own disgrace, and that for divine counsel how to proceed,” it is but confined him to the house, from seventh day of his family, and while expostulating with too apparent that it was determined before- evening to fourth day morning.

him on the subject, laid his hand on his arm, hand what that " divine counsel” should be. H. J. very meekly expresses a “hope that as is the practice with many persons.

This This was neither more nor less, than to get he may be preserved from returning railing act of Christian friendship has been variousthe control of the house into their own hands, for railing," feeling it a duty devolved upon ly distorted and misrepresented to his injury, and to place their own clerk at the table; him” “ to give a simple and plain statement and from it has been raised the calumny to which would be done “peaceably," of course, of the matters of fact that came under his no- which Halliday Jackson is now giving curprovided three-fourths of the meeting would tice during the yearly meeting;" and yet, only rency in his essay. quietly permit the remaining one-fourth, a few pages after, he leaves this matter-of- It is worthy of observation, that Halliday (many of whom were disowned,) to do as they fact business, to detail some flying rumours, Jackson says, their representatives " had repleased: but" at all hazards,” to use a phrase with a view of injuring the character of ports from all the divided quarters, and the geof H. J.'s, they were determined" to carry Friends; telling us that, although he could nuine one from Redstone quarterly meeting;" their measures; and, after thus “despising not see it himself," he was afterwards inform- from this it would seein that all their reports, order and trampling the discipline under foot," ed that an orthodox member had struck ano- except that from Redstone, were spurious. as says their epistle, “ even claim the authori- ther Friend, and that an orthodox elder of His memory seems to be very defective in ty of the Holy Spirit for the unbridled indul- Short Creek had violently seized a young some particulars

, especially where he gives us gence of their own delusions,” by coolly tell. man, jerked him down, and tore his clothes," an account of his own speech. Whether his ing us, that they went to meeting to wait for &c. Yet even while relating these stories of modesty embarrasses him in speaking of himDivine counsel how to proceed:” a more im- what neither himself nor any one else saw, it self, so as to confuse his recollection, we must pious moekery, or flagrant instance of hypo- is evident he does not believe them, for be fol leave our readers to judge. His statement of crisy, could scarcely be imagined.

lows it up with saying, “ It is easy, however, to what passed between him and B. W. Ladd He tells, moreover, “ that Elias Hicks discern, that both parties were using too much and Wm. Evans is very incorrect. It had was not at the meeting on this day, [second violence.” Showing, in the clearest manner, been proposed that the yearly meeting should day,] being engaged in writing to his friends that those unfounded reports are foisted in, adjourn, when H. J. rose, and, after some at home, and especially in replying to some merely to give some colour of probability to preliminary remarks, asserted that “ a separanovel communications he had lately received the equally groundless charge, that Friends lion had been proposed, and, as Friends seeinfrom Long Islanu.” To this fact we would were as culpable as his own party. ed very tenacious of the house. he thought especially call the attention of our readers. One circumstance which he has described, they might accommodate each other, by one It is certainly most extraordinary, that a man even if his own account of it be true, betrays party meeting in the morning and the other who had left his home, and travelled more a bitterness of spirit which does him no credit. in the afternoon.” These are nearly his prethan four hundred miles, under the profession on the same heresay authority he says that a cise words. It was well known to Friends of religious concern to attend this meeting; Friend, whom he takes care to designate so there, that H. J. had been regularly disownwho had attempted to attend the select meet- that he shall not be mistaken, though he does ed, and of course had not a right to sit in the ing on seventh day, and did attend the two not mention the name, “having, I suppose, meetings of discipline of Friends, and he had meetings for worship on first day, all show- been electrified by the general excitement been regularly served with a notice that ing his intention to be present at the yearly that prevailed (at Stillwater,] laid violent morning, warning him not to intrude in the meeting, should stay away from it on second hands on a Friend, and pulled him towards meeting, which he acknowledges; B. W. Ladd day, to " urile to his friends at home.This the door, and called for help to take him out," therefore rose, and observed that “H. Jackis too improbable-too unlike the man-to but desisted, “and afterwards apologized for son was an intruder, and he hoped no reply admit of believing for a single moment that his rash conduct.” Now, admitting it were would be made to bim.” Wm. B. Irish folhis “ being engaged in writing” was the cause true that the aged Friend” had acted im- lowed, and said " he hoped that if B. W. of his absence. No. It is strong, and to our properly, and subsequently made an apology Ladd spoke again, he would be taken out of minds conclusive evidence that the plot had for his conduct, it is certainly most ungener- the house." Wm. Evans then observed, that been laid that his party had determined to ous and unchristian in H.J. thus to drag him " H.Jackson's statement was not true in itself use violence to accomplish their sinister pur- before the public, and endeavour to represent - he had asserted that a separation had been poses, and in order to secure him from the the circumstance to his injury. How contrary proposed, when no such proposition had been odium which they knew must result from to the benign spirit of the blessed Redeemer, made-that the proposition was, for the yeartheir outrageous demeanour, had advised him who commanded his followers that if a bro- ly meeting to adjourn." The remarks of W. to keep out of the way. The mail closes at ther trespassed even • seventy times seven,” Évans were exclusively applied to the attempt Mount Pleasant for the east on first and sixth and “ turned again, saying, I repent,” they made by H. Jackson to produce the impresdays; and between second and sixth day there should pass it by! But we are fully prepared sion that Friends had proposed a separation, would have been ample time, we should sup- to say, from a relation of the facts given by not one word being said by him in objection pose, to -6 write to his friends at home," es- the " aged Friend” himself, and several other to H. J.'s proposal about the house. Yet in pecially as but one sitting was held in a day: credible witnesses who were present at the his statement he has contrived to misrepreIt seems rather surprising, too, that he should tiine alluded to, that the whole story is a most sent the matter so as to make W. Evans the

ond day morning for this malicious fabrication, invented to destroy the first person to reply to him, and to object to particular purpose. At 9 o'clock on third day reputation of an ancient and worthy man. his proposal. This is accompanied with some morning Elias was again at the head of his There are several versions of this slander, be- false and calumnious reflections on Friends party, occupying the house which they had side that which Halliday has given. One was, of Philadelphia respecting interments, &c. wrested from Friends, and associated with the that the “ aged Friend” actually attempted to We would ask, what has the interment of the actors and abettors in the riot, in holding their choke the man. We really marvel that H. J., dead in Philadelphia to do with the riot of meeting. The excuse they have invented for in his brotherly kindness, did not light on Elias Hicks' followers at Mount Pleasant? It his absence will not answer the purpose, and this statement, though perhaps he would have manifests a strange obliquity of mind and bitH.J. seems to be aware of this; for he tries to us to understand something of the kind, by his terness of feeling thus to leave his “simple cover it up, and divert the attention of his phrase of " laying violent hands.The fact and plain statement of matters of fact that readers from it, by lugging in another person, is simply this. The “ aged Friend” perceived came under his own notice," to scandalize the and asking " How comes it to pass, that they that an individual

, whose family he knew and peaceable citizens of Philadelphia. This cando not complain also of Jonathan Evans' ab. respected, was about to unite with those riot-not, it is true, be called “returning railing sence from that meeting?” We answer, for ous persons at Stillwater, in their outrageous for railing," from which he hoped to be prea very good reason; J. E. did not stay away conduct. Anxious that he should be preserved served”—but it is unprovoked railing. from the yearly meeting to "write letters to from so disreputable an association, he earn- With regard to the relative numbers of each

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ty, H.J. is greatly puzzled; his difficulty which the benign rule to which they affect to deviatingly been our aim. In a few, very few Solving the problem is easily explained; it appeal, not only does not apply, but is ren- instances, slight inaccuracies have occurred, Jecause he knows that Friends had a ma- dered impracticable.

G. but these have always been promptly rectiity, and therefore he “cannot form a cor

fied as soon as discovered. With this except judgment.” Had there only been " a jority of Hicksites,” his arithmetic would

tion, we can without any reserve re-assert THE TRIEND,

our conviction, that all the statements we n have expelled all his doubts and difficul

have made, are not only true, but that their B, and the five sixths,” “nine tenths,"

TENTH MONTH, 11, 1828.

truth can be fully substantiated upon testi“ ninety-nine hundredths,” would have

mony of the most respectable and unexcepen paraded before us with all the pomp To adapt the language of a celebrated estionable description. d circumstance" of triumphant exultation. sayist to our own case, the conductors of It remains to inform our subscribers, that a is “ well assured,” however, that Friends - The Friend” “ • having now rounded one the present number completes the first vohave rated their numbers much too high,” revolving year, may consider themselves as lume, and that we shall enter upon the sed tells us that the general opinion” of acquaintances of some standing with their cond year with fresh alacrity from the encou

party, “he believes, was, that the men readers, and may venture to offer to them ragement of the past. The journal will be are about equally divided, and the women their respects, with the freedom of intimacy under the direction of the same conductors,

did not hear estimated, only that some and the cordiality of friendship.” The recur- under the same plan of supervision, and the hat the larger number” went to Short Creek rence of seasons which mark these annual Editor has satisfactory assurance of being eeting-house. It is evident, however, that revolutions, has always been considered as a amply supported by the same band of litera.J. i cannot,” as he says, “ form a correct fit occasion for retrospection and self-exami- ry coadjutors, with the additional advantage idgment:" or, rather, he is not willing to nation; and we have been induced to enter of an accession to the number. ate the plain and undeniable fact, that he into the profitable exercise. Weentered upon The subscription being to be paid in adnd his party were greatly in the minority, the duties which appertain to the editorial vance, of course is now due. Our subscribers Ithough they had been actively engaged, pre function with diffidence, and a full apprehen- therefore in the city, and also in the country ious to the yearly meeting, in mustering sion of the weight of responsibility which is not very remotely situated, will please forvery man that could be got to attend. After implied, and the difficulties which were to be ward the amount as usual, to John Richardson. lundering through this perplexing subject, encountered; difficulties exhanced in magni-.With respect to those at a greater distance, e proceeds to tells us something he does tude when viewed in connexion with inexpe- it is proper to state, that we have appointed now. "I know, however, that after the serience and want of practice. But conscious agents, authorized to receive subscriptions, in varation, the meeting of Friends (Hicksites) of integrity of purpose, and sanguine in the different convenient situations, a list of whom was large, and many valuable and active belief, that the plan, if properly conducted, we intend to insert in our next number. members in Society remaining, the assembly would be productive of extensive usefulness, gathered into the quiet; and although there we set out with the determination, that, whathad been a mighty troubling of the waters, a ever might be our deficiencies in respect to ral recent symptoms of our literary corps be

We have been much delighted with sevegreat calm was experienced, and the meeting other qualifications, we would leave no reason proceeded with order and decorum in the for just complaint on the score of honest zeal ing strengthened, and afresh stimulated.

No. 2 of " Reminiscences of a voyage to Kransaction of its business."

.. In reference to the excited and agitated however, have embarked in the enterprise, India” is received, and a place assigned for feelings which Halliday Jackson and those had we not been sustained in the assurance who acted with him had so recently expe- of being ably supported by a competent list sketch, headed " The Assassin or Ismaelians rienced, the metaphor of the “ troubling of of literary friends. In this assurance we have of Persia,” has also come to hand, and will the waters” seems not inaptly introduced, and not been disappointed, and with pleasure we have an early insertion. to be of an analogous signification to the fol- embrace the present occasion, to offer our

In the beautiful piece over the signature Y, Bowing sentences, wherein the same figure is most grateful acknowledgments, for the li- on our 2d page of to-day, we at once recog. used:-“like the troubled sea when it cannot beral aid which has been thence derived. It nised one who has before contributed to enrich rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt”- is likewise obligatory upon us to tender our

our columns. We venture to hold it up to view ** raging waves of the sea, foaming out their hearty thanks to subscribers generally, for as a chaste, finished production, glowing with " the ,

the fervour of true poetical conception;may well be credited, as the natural result of which they had given to the undertaking, so short flight, but indicating strength of wing, ahat exhaustion and debility which always that, without boasting, it is in our power to adequate to attempts bolder, and more excur

sive. follow violent muscular and mental action. exhibit a subscription roll, which, in point of

We would be glad to be upon a more Halliday Jackson, in noticing the applica- individual respectability, can seldom be sur- familiar footing with the author,but if it please tion of friends for the interposition of the ci- passed, and which, in respect to numbers, is him best to remain incog., and provided he vil authority, falls into the usual strain of the steadily increasing.

continue to favour us with his musings, we new sect, in respect to the disingenuous man- How far we have realized the expectations shall of course have no right to complain. ner in which they treat the subject of going of our patrons, it is for them to say; but on a

We have on file a number of articles, both to law. In the case in question, Friends of review of our career, we perceive little rea- prose and verse, which have been crowded Ohio would have been short in duty to them- son for regret, and so far as conclusions may matter. One of the latter, - Youth's Fond selves, and to the government from which be drawn from many intimations received matter. they derive protection, had they done less from various quarters, a very general appro- Hope," appears to-day, and will doubtless

have its admirers. than they did; and we dissent entirely from bation may be inferred. the position, that the course pursued was con- From the peculiar and almost unexampled trary either to discipline or apostolic advice state of things in our religious Society, our One of the great arts of escaping superflu--for both these refer to differences between task in conducting one department of the pa- ous uneasiness, is to free our minds from the brethren in religious fellowship, professors of per, has been arduous, requiring the exercise habit of comparing our condition with that of the same faith, and bound by the same obli- of the greatest circumspection. We can, how-others on whom the blessings of life are more gations. But Halliday Jackson and his party ever, with the utmost sincerity aver, that we bountifully bestowed, or with imaginary have departed from the faith and discipline have constantly endeavoured to move in the states of delight and security, perhaps unat: of the

Society-have broken the bond of bro- difficult path, with a firm and resolute, but tainable by mortals. Few are placed in a sitherhood—have severed the ties of church cautious step; and in reference to the numer- tuation soʻgloomy and distressful, as not to fellowship-in fine, have rejected and

set at ous statements which we have believed our- see every day beings yet more forlorn and paught the terms of the compact, and thus selves called upon to exhibit, fidelity, and the miserable, from whom they may learn to rehave placed themselves in a condition, in strictest regard to the truth of facts, have un joice in their own lot.-Johnson.

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