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Under-price, Spottpreis ; under-valuation, zu geringe Schäßung, S. unter dem

Werthe. Underwriter, Assecurateur. Undue, noch nicht fällig. Unhousing, Wegschaffen aus dem Magazin, die Unfosten dafür. Uninvested, todt, unangelegt (von Capitalien). Unprotected, nicht honorirt (von Wechseln). Unseaworthy, seeuntüchtig; unseaworthiness, Seeuntüchtigkeit (von Schiffen). Unsettled account, offenstehende Rechnung. Usance, Uso (von Wechseln). Valorem, ad —, nach dem Werthe; duty, Werthzon. Valuation, Taration, Schäßung; Tratte. Value, to tariren, schäßen; trassiren (to upon any one for ...). Value, Werth, Valuta (in Wechseln); — received, W. empfangen; in account,

W. in Rechnung; in myself (ourselves), W. in mir (uns) selbst. Vendue, to sell at vendue, verauftioniren (in den Colonien). Vessel, Schiff; vessels steht zuweilen für lighters (s. d.). Voucher, ein schriftlicher Ausweis. Voyage, Seereise; out oder outwards, Aus- oder Hinreise; home oder in,

Her- oder Heimreise; out and home, Hin- und Herreise. Waggon, by per Fuhre, per Achse; by fly -, per Gilfuhre; free on the —,

frei auf die Fuhre. Ware - house, Lagerhaus, Magazin; bonded Zollmagazin, Entrepot; king's

oder queen's — , fönigl. L.; rent, Lagermiethe; warehousing, in das Ma. gazin bringen, Unkosten dafür. Warrant, Bürge; of interest, Zinscoupon. Waste-book, Brouillon, Strazze. Waveson, seetriftiges Gut. Weigh, to —, wiegen; weighing gross (net), wiegend brutto (netto); weighing

inwards (outwards), (linkosten für), Wiegen beim Eingange (betm' Ausgange!.
Weight, Gewicht; by —, nach dem Gewicht (1. auch Gross und Net).
Wharfage, Werftgeld, Quaigeld, Ufergebühr.
Wholesale, Handel im Großen, Grosso - Handel; by — , im Ganzen ; to deal —,

im Großen verkaufen ; dealer oder merchant, Großhändler; grocer, Colonialwaarenhändler en gros; price, Engros - Preis.

2. Formulare kaufmännischer Papiere.

(Forms of commercial Papers.) 1. Eine Eratte (Draft) in Prima_und Secunda, mit Accept, Noth:

adrefsen, Indofsamenten und Quittung des Teßten Inhabers. Exchange for € 400.

New York, Aug. 15th, 1852. Sixty days after sight of this First of Exchange (Second and Third unpaid) pay to Mr. Joan Davis or order the sum of Four hundred Pounds. Value received and place the same to account as advised by Messrs JAMES MORRISON & Co.,

WILLIAM DRAPER. 15, London Wall,

Accepted, Aug. 31st


Exchange for € 400.

New York, Aug. 15th, 1852. Sixty days after sight of this Seoond of Exchange (First and Third unpaid) pay to Mr. John Davis or order the sum of Four hundred Pounds. Value received and place the same to account as advised by Messrs JAMES MORRISON & Co.,

15, London Wall,

In case of need, with

(delivered to Mess!s HALLE BROTHERS *) The First for acceptance with Mr. LEWIS HIND.

(Auf der Rüdseite.)
Pay to the order of John RYDER, Esq. Value in account.
New York, 18th Aug. 1852.

John Davis.
Order Mr. HENRY TOMBLESON. Value received.
New Orleans, 25th Aug. 1852.

Pay to Mess? HALLE BROTHERS. Value in account.
Liverpool, Sept. 10th, 1852.

Contents received, Oct. 30th


2. Ein eigener oder trodener Wechsel (Solawechsel) oder Promissory

Note (Note of hand).

Bath, August 6th, 1852. Three months after date I promise to pay to Mr. ALFRED BROWN, of 20, Oxford-street, London, or his order, the sum of Fifty Pounds, for value received. € 50.

GEORGE TWYNER. (Die Form der Indossamente auf den Promissory Notes ist der der Indossamente auf den Drafts gleich.)

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3. Eine Promissory Note unter 5 €**). € 3. 10 s.

· London, Aug. 1st, 1852. Twenty-one days after date I promise to pay to ALFRED BOWRING of Coventry, or order, the sum of Three Pounds ten shillings, value received.

Witness, GEORGE Cox.


10th August 1852.

5, High-street, Coventry. Pay the contents to Mr. GEORGE GRAVES, of Bank - street, Leeds, or his order.


*). Wenn, gegen Vorzeigung der Secunda, die Prima von Halle Brothers bei Hind in Empfang genommen wird, streicht Legterer die Worte: for Hind aus, und feßt an deren Stelle: delivered Brothers.

**) In England ist jede Tratte und jeder eigene Wechsel, unter 20 s., gånglich ungültig; alle Tratten, so wie alle eigenen Wechsel, unter 5 €, müssen inners halb 21 Tagen nach dem Tage der Ausstellung zahlbar und die Unterschriften des Ausstellers, so wie der Indossanten müssen durch Zeugen bestätigt sein.

4. Ein folidarisch eigener Wechsel (a joint Promissory Note).

London, May 3rd, 1852. Three weeks after date we promise to pay to JOHN ROSCOE Esq., or bearer, the sum of Five hundred Pounds, value received.

Taos. TALBOT. € 500.


No. ...

*) No. Jan. 1. 1852. G. Brogden. € 100.

5. Formular eines Bank-Cheque.

Edinburgh, Jan. 1st, 1852.
To the Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland.
Pay to Mr. GEORGE BROGDEN or Bearer One hundred Pounds.
. 100.


6. Formular eines Cheque auf einen Banker. No...

London, May 1st, 1851. Messrs DUNALLAN & Co., Lombard -street. Pay John MUNROE Esq., or Bearer the sum of One hundred Pounds. € 100.


7. Formular eines Empfangsscheins oder einer Quittung (Receipt).

February 11th, 1852. Received of Mr. LEWIS Brown the sum of One hundred and thirty nine Pounds, ten shillings, on account (oder: being the balance of his account, wenn pr. Saldo gezahlt wird). London.


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(Unter eine Rechnung quittirt man durch: „Paid“ oder: „Contents received (recd )“ oder: „Received“).

8. Formular einer in doppelten Eremplaren ausgestellten Quittung.

I hereby declare, twice for once, to have received this day from Mr. ROBERT THOMSON, for account of Mr. JACOB RYDER of Paris, the sum of Three hundred and fifteen Pounds, ten shillings, six penoe. London, Aug. 31st, 1852.


€ 315. 10. 6.

pence. Signed two receipts

Oder: Received this day from for one. London, &c.

9. Formular eines Schuldscheins (Bond). I hereby acknowledge that I have received this day from Mr. JAMES Knight of this city, the sum of Five hundred Pounds as a loan at the annual interest of five per Cent, and I engage to return the said principal of Five hundred Pounds at the expiration of twelve months from the date hereafter. London, the 30th of January 1852. CHARLES OWEN



*) Dieser Coupon bleibt im Cheque-Book des Ausstellers (Woollen) zurüd.

Oder in der in England üblichern Form:

KNOW all men by these presents that I JOHN MORRISON of this city do owe and am indebted to Mr. JAMES Knight the sum of Five hundred Pounds to be paid with the interest at five per Cent per Annum unto the said Mr. JAMES Knight, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns on or before the 30th January 1853; to which payment, well and truly to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators. London, the 30th January 1852. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of CHARLES OWEN Witnesses.


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10. Notification der verweigerten Annahme einer Eratte (Notice of dishonour of a bill by non-acceptance).

4, Cornhill, London, 5th May 1852. Sir, The bill of exchange for € 200. —., dated Hamburgh, April 30th, 1852, drawn by Messrs JOHN BUSH & Co. upon Mr. ADAM JAMESON, and by you endorsed to me, has been presented to ADAM JAMESON for acceptance, and refused acceptance by him; I therefore demand, and shall look to you for payment.

Yours, &c.

N. N.

11. Notification der verweigerten Zahlung einer Tratte (Notice of

dishonour of a bill by non-payment).

10, London Wall, London, Jan. 10th, 1852. Gentlemen, The bill of exchange for € 450. dated the 10th December, 1851, drawn by you upon and accepted by Mr. David S. ARMSTRONG, and by you endorsed to me, has been presented to the said DAVID S. ARMSTRONG, for payment and is dishonoured, and now lies here due and unpaid. I therefore demand, and shall look to you for payment.

Yours, &c.
Messrs BENTHAM & Co., &c.

N. N.

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12. Formular eines Protestes Mangel Bablung.

On this day the


one thousand eight hundred and at the request of

the bearer of the Bill of Exchange, whereof a true copy is on the other side written, I of

Notary Public by royal authority, duly admitted and sworn, went to the house *) of

on whom the said Bill is drawn, and there speaking with the said **)

produced and exhibited to him, the said Bill of Exchange and demanded payment thereof, to which he answered that ***)

Wherefore I the said Notary, at the request aforesaid have protested, and by these presents do solemnly protest as well as against the drawer

of the said bill, as all others whom it may concern

Oder: Counting-house.
Oder: the clerk of the said.
Hierher kommt die dem Notar ertheilte Antwort zu stehen.


for exchange, re-exchange and all costs, charges, damages and interest suffered and to be suffered for want of payment of the said Bill. Thus done and protested in the presence of


Witnesses, In testimonium veritatis.

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Notary Public.


(Nun folgt die Copie des Wechsels.)

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13. Formular eines Connofsaments*) (Bill of Lading). SHIPPED in good Order and well conditioned by Mr. James Mc Lean in and upon the good Steam Ship the Countess of Lonsdale, whereof is Master John Draper, now lying in the Port of London and bound for Hamburgh

R. C. D. Two Hundred Bags Coffee,
N. 1 to 200. Gross Cwt. 259. -. 22.

Net Cwt. 249. 3. 10. being marked and numbered as in the Margin and to be delivered in the like good Order and Condition at the said Port of llamburgh, free of Heligoland Pilotage, the Act of all and every Dangers and Accidents of the Seas, Rivers, and Steam - Navigation of what nature or kind soever excepted unto Mr. William Schemmann or his Assigns, he or they paying Freight for the said Goods

15 s. pr. Ton Gross & 10 % with Primage and Average accustomed. In Witness whereof the Master of the said Ship hath signed Three Bills of Lading all of this Tenor and Date one of which being accomplished the others to stand void **). London, the 4th August 1852.

John Draper.

Contents unknown. The Goods to be taken out within twenty four hours after the Ship is reported at the Customhouse or ten Guineas a day demurrage.

14. Formular einer an den Accifebeamten voraus einzusendenden Notiz, über auszuführende berzollte Güter, behufs eines Drawback.

London, Jan. 1st, 1852. Notice to pack (books oder was es ist) for exportation, Jan. 2., 12 noon to be shipped from the port of N. N. To the Officer of the 24 division

J. A. of Excise.

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15. Formular eines Affidavit ***).

a) Englide Form. John Douglas of the City of London, Silk Mercer, maketh oath and saith that the said Edward Lindsay, Silk Mercer; in 139 Strand, London, the person against whom a Fiat in Bankruptcy has been late awarded

*) Nur das curfiv Gedruckte ist im Original geschrieben.

**) Acltere Formulare schließen mit den Worten: „And God send the good ship to her desired port in Safety. Amen.

***) Aus: „W. Inglis Book-keeping. Edinburgh, 1849“. Man bedient fich zu diesen Affidavits gedructer Formulare, in denen das Zufällige (hier cursiv) ausgefüdt wird.

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